tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDaddy, No Please?

Daddy, No Please?


"Thank you for dinner, Gurly. I noticed you didn't eat much. It is not wise for you to go to bed on an empty stomach. By the way, cute panties. Blue. Did I say it was a Color Night?"

"Thank you. I mean, n-n-n-n-oooo, Daddy. You did not say it was a Color Night. Don't you like them?"

"I prefer black on you. You do know that. Take those off. Now."

Standing and peeling off the blue, lacy panties.

"Turn around. Slowly. Lift your ass and jiggle it."

Turning, pausing, jiggling my nervous ass cheeks.

"Daddy? Am I in trouble, Daddy?"

"Trouble? Nope. You are in Training. Pay attention."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Bend over. Grab your ankles. Show me what you covered up with unauthorized blue panties. You know what I want to see."

Bending, grabbing ankles.

"Come closer. Back up and do not stand up. Walk backwards. Slowly. Hands on ankles."

Stepping backwards, one step at a time, tentatively.

"Stop. Look at me, between your legs. Tell me you will do whatever I want."

His finger probing my asshole...fixing my eyes on his, looking up at him from between my legs as he sits on the side of the bed.

"Daddy, I will do anything for you. Whatever you want."

"Good girl. We shall test that, now. First, a spanking for the blue panties. Lie across my lap. Good. Move your hands. Count them out."

Spanking begins.

"One, Daddy...two...threeeee, Daddy! Owww! Daddy? Daddy that was a good one."

"I do not need for you to grade me. The only sound you will make is to count. Continue."


Grinding against his thigh....


My hands being clasped in his free hand as I reached to touch my pussy....


"Stand. Face me. Do not wear colors again unless I ask for color. And do not try to touch yourself unless you ask, first. Understood?"

"Yes, Daddy. eyes lowered "No more colored panties unless you ask. No more touching my pussy unless I ask, first."

"I want you to remember that I make the rules. This is not the first time you have purposely bent a little rule. If you twist the little rules, you will not be able to respect the big ones. I give you rules for good reason. I still have so much to put you through. You will get a lesson tonight that you will not soon forget. Since you did not eat, I will feed you something of my choice. You will remember it and you will do as I say. Clear?"

"Y-y-y-esss, Daddy. We are clear. What do you want me to do now, Daddy?"

"I want you to obey. Everything. Every time. Kneel and obey. You will drink my piss, now. Swallow every drop."

"Daddy, oh, gosh, Daddy! D-d-drink your piss? I have never!!! I can't Daddy...oh, please do not make me drink your piss."

"Ahhh, but you can. And you will. You belong to me and you will do what I ask. Do you not belong to me?"

Wide eyed...not sure what I am to say...offering...

"Yes, Daddy. Yes, I do belong to you. I will do anything you say...except drink your piss, please? Daddy, I do not know how. I don't think I can do that."

"Don't think. Just obey. Open your mouth."

Feeling his fingers prying my jaw open, probing inside my mouth with two fingers

"Relax. Do not close your mouth."

"Whimper! Daddy?"

Panting, ...shaking, a bit, on my knees...hypnotized by his control.

"Shhhhh. No talking. Ready? Ready for my piss?"

Nodding yes, then shaking my head in a "no", eyes fixed on his, looking up and not sure what he may really do.

"This is not optional. Drink it. Swallow. Look at me. Do you like the taste?"

Oh, gosh! His piss, gurgling in the back of my throat. Scared to swallow, scared not to swallow. Testing the taste. And...liking it!

"Gulp! Goodness! Daddy? Daddy, I like that! More please?"

"More what? Tell me what you want, Gurly. Look into the camera and tell me what you want."

Looking dead in the lens, smiling and licking my first taste of his piss.

"More piss, Daddy. Please? I want to drink more of your piss, please."

"That's it. Say it again...and get ready to swallow until I am done."

Pleading to the cam for all his piss.

"Piss in my mouth, Daddy. Feed me. I will drink you all up."

Gulping, nearly gagging and loving the warm piss running down my chin. Him, looking down, nodding approval and draining every drop of his piss into my mouth. Wanting more.

"Daddy? More please? May I please have some more of your piss?"

Him, smiling down at my wet face, wiping me with a towel.

"All gone, Gurly. All gone. Wash your face and get in bed and maybe I will spoon that ass a minute."

"Oooooh, would you, Daddy? Would you please spoon my ass?"

"Yep. Right after you wash my dick off with your tongue and a warm rag. Oh, and turn off the camera. I have everything we need, there."

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