Daddy's Little Girl


"You just keep doing that, Danni,"

He said to her, and he began playing with her clit. Danni just about went crazy. She began shouting.

"Ohhh, Jesus, Mr. Neel, keep playing with my hot, wet cunt!"

Irene was transfixed, watching her idol exploding as my father fingered her. Jealous, I grabbed Daddy's cock in my hands and wrapped my lips around its fat head and started gnawing at it and stroking up and down the long, thick shaft. I made sure to let lots of saliva leak out of my mouth and run down his prick. Then I wrapped my tits around it and said.

"Look, Daddy, you're baby girl is about to titty fuck you."

This caught his attention!

He looked down at me as I began to move my tits along the length of his shaft. I didn’t do it the way that Danielle had suggested, I was mad that she told me what to do. But I squeezed my tits hard against him, and ran them up and down slowly, at first, on him. I looked up and saw him smiling, which made a smile come to me. I moved a little faster, and put my head down to his cock, taking the head back into his mouth. I heard him moan, and I moaned too. I popped his cock out of my mouth and looked at him again.

“Ooooo…Daddy, your cock feels so good on my tits!”

I placed his cock back in my mouth and looked up at him.

“And looking at you fuck your Daddy’s cock with your tits ain’t too bad either baby.”

I smiled, and went back to it. My pussy began to throb so bad with wanting his cock, that I could barely take it anymore.

“Daddy? Can I fuck you now please?”

“What about your friends. I bet they want to fuck me too.”

I pouted, I knew Daddy was having fun with this, but I felt so much jealousy to have his attention placed on the other two that I couldn’t help but feel a little angry.

“Yeah, but I asked for it!”

“Baby girl, baby girl, where are your manners?”

I looked down, he moved his hand off of Danielle, and lifted my chin up.

“Now, I think Irene needs to go first.”

I didn’t look up but nodded my head, and moved. Irene squealed in delight as she came over to straddle Daddy’s legs. Daddy spoke to her, as he positioned her over his cock, which was throbbing with pleasure.

"Irene, you've been quiet and a little neglected, don't you think, sweetie?"

"Yes, sir, Mr. Neel. Sorta."

"Danielle, why don't you grab my cock and help get it inside of Irene, baby."

Danni immediately set about her assigned task as I watched, somewhat perturbed.

"Jessi, baby, don't just sit there. Eat out Danni's cunt while she helps me out. One good turn deserves another. Have some manners!"

Still upset at not being favored by Daddy, I did as I was told. I kneeled beneath Danni as she grabbed a hold of my father's dark, throbbing prick and steadied it as Daddy slowly lowered Irene onto it. Irene was holding her thighs for support and biting her lower lip in anticipation while Daddy nipped at the back of her neck while impaling her with her back to him. As soon as his cockhead made contact with her soaking, tight slit, she released a low moaning sound that was totally different than her regular high-pitched voice. I wouldn't have known it was her if I hadn't seen her make the noise myself.

I lapped at Danielle’s cunt, now totally enthralled at watching Irene take Daddy’s big cock into her pussy. Danielle held on, as Irene began to bounce up and down, on just the first half of his cock. It didn’t seem to bother her, her low moans filled the room, and Daddy’s sounds of pleasure soon followed, as Danielle began to stroke the rest of his cock in her hand. My tongue began to move a little faster, and Danielle soon followed, joining her voice with the others.

When Irene’s breathing started to come more quickly, and when her body began to shake, Danielle let go of Daddy’s cock, and Irene fell down upon the rest of it. A long loud scream of delight filled the room, and for a moment Irene didn’t move at all. She sat there her body tight, her face scrunched, in what looked like a fit of pain, if one didn’t know better, but Daddy pulled her out of her shock. He grabbed her legs, which had been perched on the couch, and threw them out in front of her, so that they came in between his, and her feet touched the floor. He grabbed her hips, and rocked her back and forth, keeping his cock deep inside her pussy. She shook her head, and grabbed his hands, her hips stopped the back and forth motion, and she began to move her ass around in a circle, causing approving sounds from Daddy. She looked down at me, her eyes wide, with surprise at just how good Daddy’s cock felt, and then turned her head towards him, and gave off a big pleased smiled.

“Oh my God, Mr. Neel! Your cock is the best! It feels so good in my little pussy!”

Daddy said nothing to this, but moved his hand from her hips to her back. He pushed down on her, until her body had bent completely, and her hands touched the floor. Both Danielle and I gave moans of approval, and I wished that I was at a different angle so I could see his cock going into her pussy. Daddy could definitely see it, and his eyes stayed there as he got Irene to start bouncing on his cock again, as he thrust his hips up towards her. Another low moan came from her, followed by words that were surprising to hear her say.

“Oh, yes, just like that Mr. Neel! Oh God, fuck that pussy! C’mon! Use that fat fucking cock like it’s suppose to be! Ooooo…yes, that’s it, that feels so goddamned good! Fuck me Mr. Neel! Fuck me harder!”

Daddy grabbed her hips again, and began to throw her back into him, fucking her so hard that I could hear her breath leaving her in short gasps every time she flew backwards. Danielle was getting over heated by watching this, and her hand shot down to my head, pushing it harder into her pussy. She looked down at me and smiled as her hips began to thrust up to meet the movement of my tongue. She almost mimicked the words of Irene.

“C’mon on Jessi, lick that cunt! Just like that, oh, honey you’re going to make me cum! C’mon licked it! Make me cum all over your tongue!”

I caught her clit between my teeth, and as I nibbled on it, I moved my tongue hard and fast across it. She pushed my head harder, as her moans matched those of Irene’s.

Because I'd never been with a girl at all in the past, I wasn't sure if I'd like it. I thought I might not mind it if a girl did stuff to me, but I had my doubts about enjoying doing sex stuff to another girl. But, to my surprise, I was really beginning to get off on eating Danni's pussy! I felt a kind of power I'd never previously felt during sex. When I was fucking or sucking off a guy, he was always in charge, and that was fine. Then, when Daddy made me fuck him like the slut I apparently am, I got a taste of what sexual control could feel like. I mean, make no mistake, Daddy was in control when we fucked, but when he brought out my inner whore, there was a power there. But this was great! Fucking another girl was freeing. It's like we're equals and either one of could be in control. I decided to take advantage of it.

"Goddamn, Danni, you have a nice fuckin' pussy, baby! Do you like the way I'm licking your cunt?"

Danielle looked down at me and groaned.

"Ohhhh, God, Jessi, lick it, baby! You a good little pussy licker!"

I grabbed the cheeks of her fine ass and pulled her cunt against my face hard and buried myself in her cunt - chewing her pussy lips, biting her clit, running my tongue up and down and inside her tight, wet slit. I heard screams of approval coming from above my head, but I was entranced in my efforts to make this slut my bitch, and didn't slow down.

I paid no attention to Daddy and Irene, I could hear Irene’s screams of pleasure, and Daddy’s grunts of approval, but my focus was Danielle. I kept up licking, biting, and sucking on her oh so wet pussy, as her hips grinded against my mouth. I knew she was being driven into ecstasy, but I wanted more from her. I moved my hand to her opening and shot two fingers easily inside of her. I remembered were Daddy’s hand had been in me the day before, and found her g-spot. She screamed, and her hips bucked up hard. I smiled, and inserted another finger inside of her. She spread her legs just a little more, as I worked my fingers on her, and then I lifted my head.

I looked at her intently, as she looked back at me, her eyes wide with passion and surprise that I had quit licking her. I only smiled back, and wiggled my forth finger into her. She gasped, and I worked my hand, loosening up her pussy, until I was able to get my entire hand into her. Her body pulled back, and her face took on a slight look of pain, but I moved up, not letting her get away from me. I pushed my fist into her, not too hard, but hard enough to hear the sloshing sounds as my fist pumped into her soaked cunt. She relaxed after a bit, and her gasps turned back into moans. I kept looking at her, and watched as her eyes rolled back.

“Do you like this Danni? Do you like when I fist fuck you?”

She only nodded her head, which caused a spark of anger in me. I pushed my hand up harder, causing her to scream.

“Answer me bitch!”

“Yes! Yes! I love when you fist fuck me! My pussy is so full! It feels so fucking good Jessi!”

I smiled, and took my attention to my Daddy who was looking down at me in awe, though, the smile on his face let me know that he approved. I watched as Daddy whispered something to Irene while they both watched Danni and me, Irene was now sitting up right, with her back against Daddy's broad chest, and playing with her tits and grinding her hips as he fingered her clit.

Irene nodded and answered him.

"Yeah, she's amazing! She never wanted us to touch her before, but now... Wow!"

Knowing they were talking about me made me even hotter. I smiled at them as I fucked Danni's cunt with my fist. Danielle was making sputtering noises I'd never heard anyone make. She began pleading.

"No, Jessi, stop! Please, ooooooh ahhhh, please stop!"

I laughed to her and spoke.

"No, not yet, Danni. I'll stop when I'm ready to stop, bitch."

I shifted up and took one of her nipples between my lips and began to bite and chew sharply on it. Her tits were so big, and her nipples were large and fat, about as big around as a dime. Daddy, whose eyes never left me, spoke.

"Jessi, baby, make sure she's still tight when you're done with her. I still have to fuck her."

"Don't worry, Daddy. This whore has been fucked by half the school, and she's still tighter than shit."

"That's a good girl, baby."

I went back to biting and sucking on Danielle’s nipple, as my fist drove hard into her cunt. I could tell she was going to cum soon, and cum hard, probably harder than anyone had ever made her before. I sped up my movements, fucking her so hard that her ass lifted off the couch as I pumped my hand into her. She mumbled incoherently, and spit began to collect on the sides of her mouth. I smiled when I saw this and moved just a little faster.

“Are you gonna cum Danni? Hmmm….you gonna cum all over my fist you little slut?”

She nodded her head, and said something that I couldn’t understand.

“That’s a good girl. C’mon, I wanna see this cum fly from you!”

She screamed and her hips bucked up so hard that I was almost knocked over.

“Awwww…Fuck! Oh goddamn it! Jesus Christ, Jessi! Fuck that cunt! Oh my fucking God, shit, shit, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum Jessi!”

I smiled and cast my eyes down to her pussy. She repeated the word, “shit” several more times in such a high-pitched voice that I could barely hear it. I waited and watched I knew it was coming, I might have not fisted a girl before, but I had seen porn movies in which they had. Danielle fell silent, but her mouth stayed open as she tried to scream. And it came; I felt it run across my hand before her juices shot out around it. I squealed in delight as I watched the almost white cream come from her, and land on my arm. I looked up at her and smiled.

“Mmmmm….that’s a good baby. You should see all the cum that came from your pussy. It was magnificent.”

She gave a weak smile, and her body collapsed on the couch. I brought my hand from her cunt, and looked at all the juices on it, then raised it to her mouth.

“Lick my hand clean!”

She moved her head closer, and began to lick all her cum off of my fingers, I smiled and watched her.

“That’s a good girl, does it taste good? Do you like the taste of your own cum?”

She gave me a sound that said she did, but I didn’t like it. I moved my hand and grabbed her cheeks, pulling her head close to mine.

“What was that? I didn’t hear you? Speak to me, slut!”

She was too tired to have any real expression, but her eyes turned dark with fear and desire.

“I do like it. I love the taste of my own cum, and I love licking it off your hand.”

I pushed her head back releasing her, she wasn’t convincing, but I had other plans. I looked to Daddy, and saw Irene still bouncing happily on his cock. He still looked at me with a look of awe and approval. I smiled and moved my hand toward Irene’s pussy. I rubbed her clit as I spoke to Daddy.

“I want your cock now Daddy! My pussy is burning to feel your big dick stuffed deep inside of me!”

Daddy looked at Irene, and then grabbed her hips, stopping her movements.

“Time to get up and let these other two enjoy my cock for a while.”

Irene pouted, but gave up her position. Danielle still lay sleepily on the couch, but she wouldn’t be there for long. I took the same position that Irene had, and began to grind my pussy against Daddy, keeping him deep. I looked at Danielle.

“Come here and lick my pussy, while I fuck my Daddy.”

She gave a smile and came off the couch, coming between Daddy’s legs. She took her hand and spread my lips as far as she could, and began to lick my cunt, letting her tongue drop down to lick Daddy’s balls also. Irene stood there for a minute watching, and then decided that she didn’t want to be left out. She moved under Danielle, and kissed and licked at her pussy, while Danielle worked on mine.

As I sat there, grinding my hips on the hard, engorged cock of my Daddy, I felt his hands take hold of my breasts and begin to squeeze tightly. He let his long fingers find my nipples, and he rolled and pinched them while I observed the lusty scene before me.

Danielle was heating back up by giving me and my father head and Irene was doing the same to her. Danni's sexy ass was swinging back and forth and I could see Irene's legs twisting in excitement behind Danni. I'd never been part of an experience like this before, but you can bet I would be again - soon!

Daddy's hot breath was heavy on my neck as I fucked him. I could tell he was approaching orgasm. How had he lasted this long, I wondered. I wanted to be the one to make him spurt cum all over, but he had not stuck his meat into Danni yet. And I knew he wanted to fuck somebody's ass, as well. This sex stuff was more complicated than I'd realized before I became a slut.

I moved off of Daddy, though, I didn’t want to, but I wanted to make him happy. I looked down at the two girls, and out of the two, I knew it would be Danni who gave her ass to Daddy.

“Danielle, you get your sexy ass up here. I want your ass wiggling in the air!”

She positioned herself on the couch and I looked at Daddy, smiling down at him.

“Okay Daddy, I know how badly you want to feel a tight ass wrapped around your cock, and Danni here is going to be the one to give it to you.”

Danielle gave a squeal of delight, and moved her ass in the air, beckoning Daddy to it. He smiled and got up, stroking his cock as he got behind her. I got up on the couch, and watched as Daddy first placed his cock in her pussy. I moved my legs over Danni, and bent down, opened her firm cheeks, and spitting on her tight hole. She moaned, and I rubbed my finger over it, making her hips move more. I pushed a finger inside of her, and moved it around for a while, until Daddy grabbed my hand and moved it away.

“No, baby, that’s not how we do it to sluts like her.”

I smiled, and moaned as I watched Daddy move his cock up and down her ass, and then aim it at the hole. He began to push in, and Danielle gave a sound that was mixed with pain and pleasure. He kept pushing until the head of his cock was securely in her tight ass. He stopped, letting her move her ass around, letting the skin stretch around him, and then he took one deep breath, and thrust his hips hard, getting the rest of his cock in her ass. She let out a scream, and her body bucked up, trying to get away from his cock, but he grabbed her hips, and made her stay.

Irene had moved up, and watched with lustful eyes as Daddy moved his cock in and out of Danielle’s ass. Her whimpers of pain had turned into loud long moans of pleasure as her ass bucked back against Daddy. I moved and grabbed Irene. I lay on the couch under Danielle, and moved my lips up to her pussy. Irene went to go down between my legs, but I grabbed her arms, and moved her up so that she sat on me. I moved her hips around, telling her that I wanted her to grind her pussy against mine, as I watched Daddy’s cock move in Danielle’s ass, and tasted her cum on my tongue. Irene obliged, and began to move her hips up and down, making our clits hit with every up thrust.

As we fucked each other, Irene and I watched Daddy ram his cock in and out of Danni's ass. I'd never seen it done before, and I wondered about Irene.

"Hey, 'rene, have you ever let a guy fuck you in the ass?"

I was surprised when she answered.

"Ooooh, yeah, I have. It really rocks! It feels like nothing else, having a cock spreading your tight asshole open and moving in and out. It's so fuckin' hot, Jess! Ya gotta do it!"

As she spoke, my eyes were glued to my Daddy's prick as it plunged in and out of Danielle. His cock looked even fatter and redder than ever. I looked up at his face and his eyes were closed and he was muttering something I couldn't hear. I looked to Danni, and her eyes were rolling up into her head as she bucked back against my father and whispered.

"Come on, yeah...oooh, harder, harder, harder...oh, oh, oh."

Each thrust of his dick seemed to make her cum just a little bit. The room was thick with the sounds of flesh on flesh and moans and squeals. It was intoxicating.

The urge to be fucked in the ass grew in me but I brushed it off, by the look on Daddy’s face I knew he was too close to cumming to ask for him to stop, and Danielle was enjoying herself too much to make her give it up. But I watched with my eyes wide, and an orgasm building in me from Irene’s pussy. I would get fucked in the ass some day soon, and I’d ask Daddy if he would be the one to do it.

Danielle began to scream, her orgasm finally hitting her completely, and I moved my mouth to catch the juices that spilled from her pussy. I grew closer and then went over when Danielle began to talk loudly.

“Oh god, that’s it Mr. Neel, Oh yeah fuck my ass. It feels so fucking good, your big cock feels so fucking good in my tight little hole. Mmmmm..I’m cumming, Mr. Neel! I’m cumming all over your fat fucking dick!”

Daddy also gave a loud moan, and his hips thrust up one more time before his seed emptied into Danielle’s ass. She moaned and laughed as she felt him fill her ass, she moved it slowly, making Daddy’s body twitch as he came. He pulled out, and marched straight to Irene. He grabbed her head, and bent her down towards his cock.

“Clean it up!”

Irene didn’t hesitate, and began to lick Danni’s juices from him. He looked down at me, and smiled.

“You, clean Danni up!”

Danielle moved down, placing her ass to my mouth, and I gently licked the cum that had already begun to seep out. Daddy pulled his cock from Irene when he thought she’d done well enough, and then pushed Danielle off of me. All three of us sat on the couch, exhausted from pleasing Daddy. He smiled at all of us, and turned to take another shower before work. I whispered to my friends.

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