tagIncest/TabooDaddy's Punishment Ch. 05

Daddy's Punishment Ch. 05


My daughter, Beth was bound down firmly to my bed with her legs and arms stretched to either corner; I left her waiting anxiously for me to enter at any given moment. But how long was I planning on keeping her waiting? That was for me to know and for her find out.

Stepping out of the shower I dried off with a towel before wiping the mirror free of fog leaving streaks from my fingers. Looking at my reflection I ran my hand underneath my chin against the roughness of my scruffy beard. I wasn't against growing a beard, just always felt it wasn't a clean look. But it was a new day, perhaps a new me.

Taking electric trimmers I was careful not to cut too short and leave a nice short even trim all the way across. Dropping the towel off into the dirty laundry hamper, I then made my way into the kitchen.

Time to execute the first part of my plan; I opened the freezer and immediately felt a chill breeze over my broad chest, still damp from the shower the chill sent a shiver down my arms.

I reached inside and plucked out a few ice cubes, quickly realizing that the cold was only going to get worse on my hands. I reached into a nearby cabinet and pulled out a bowl, making my way back to the freezer I filled the bowl with the frozen cubes.

Leaving the kitchen I made my way back into my bedroom. My naked daughter still remained on the bed, squirming a little now having heard my approach.

She whimpered softly in excitement and curiosity. I sat down on the bed, placing the bowl next to me. Careful not to let the chilled bowl touch me or her, not wanting to give her a hint as to what was coming. I reached up and peeled off the tape slowly from her lips, and tugged at the fabric of her panties sticking out.

Beth took a moment to swirl her tongue around her mouth, "I wasn't sure when you were coming back." Her voice almost quivered with eagerness.

Saying nothing and leaving her guessing as to what I was about to do, knowing her mind must be desperately trying to piece together the puzzle of what was to come left a sly smirk on my face.

I reached inside the bowl, grasping an ice cube between my fingers and dangling it only inches from my daughter's stomach. The ice cube already slowly melting began dribbling cold drops down onto my daughter's exposed skin.

Beth sucked air in between her teeth, "Ah, it's cold!" Her voice raised to a squeal.

"I bet it is," I told her, moving the ice now over her chest before lowering it down and rubbing it in circles over her vulnerable nipples.

"Ah, ah... Cold, cold..." Gasping out, Beth, pulled on her restraints.

I took the ice cube off her nipple and placed it to her lips, now half the size she took it into her mouth before chewing on it.

"Good girl," Commending her.

Shifting through the ice to one further down for one still solid, I pulled out another one, held firmly between my fingers.

Taking the ice, I lowered it directly onto her stomach. Beth groaned through her chewing on the previous ice chips. Quick to swallow it she let out gasps of excitement and discomfort from the biting cold.

Keeping the ice firmly pressed against her skin, I moved it gently down to her abdomen and further still towards her pussy.

"No, no, no, no, no." Beth pleaded with me when she was quick to realize where I was about to move the ice.

My fingers still holding the cold cube began to sting and numb over, but I was enjoying this too much to let it go. I wanted to watch my daughter squirm, to wiggle and try as best she could to avoid the inevitable.

Gliding the ice cube down, leaving wet streaks glistening behind. I moved it over her pussy mound and right onto her stiff clit.

Beth strained against the ropes and cloth wrapped around her ankles, she grunted when I began swirling the cold ice cube around her little nub. Melting it away until it was entirely gone.

I felt I needed to warm my fingers up. Moving them down her slit I found the awaiting slippery hole where I pressed two ridged fingers in firmly. She was tight, but her pussy accepted the two cold fingers allowing me to press deeper and deeper.

Beth now was spreading her knees apart trying to allow my fingers to explore further inside. Her hands had wrapped around the ropes on either side that was holding her arms above her head, pulling against them with her excitement building.

"Oh, daddy. Your fingers feel so good." Beth moaned out.

I gave a half chuckle, "Yeah? Well, your pussy doesn't feel half bad either."

I wiggled my fingers inside for a few sinful moments before pulling them completely out, leaving her whimpering for more.

"Tsk, tsk. No getting to feel good just yet, this is daddies play time and your punishment." Reminding her of why she was here.

"Yes, Daddy," Beth replied in dismay.

Not wanting to make to much of a puddle in my bed, although I believe, Beth, was already past that point with her dipping sex soaking between her legs. I moved the bowl of ice over towards the table stand next to my bedside and moved around so I was kneeling beside her head. While my daughter was still blindfolded, I took my semi-hard cock and placed it over her lips.

Beth didn't even have to think about it as her lustful desires took over, my chubby daughter quickly opened her mouth and began worshiping the underside of my cock with her soft full lips. Gentle kisses and moans escaped Beth's lips with my cock resting across her mouth.

Enjoying the feeling of power over my daughter, I decided to try something else that I had always wanted too. Lifting a leg I swung it over the other side of my daughter's head, with my cock now having shifted from her mouth over her nose.

I then scooted so my large balls were placed right at her lips, "open wide baby girl."

Beth opened her mouth and accepted my balls with yearning and I dropped my weight over her face. My balls were welcomed with a swirling tongue as it filled her mouth, the wet warm feeling washing over my sack was nothing short of everything I had wanted it to be.

"Mmm, baby girl. Your mother would be so proud, she would love to watch you swallow your daddies balls." I spoke in means to encourage her further.

I looked down at my daughter who was making muffled moans as her tongue slithered around and explored every inch of her father's balls as if trying to lick every side of an ice cream cone before it melted.

Lifting up my balls popped out of her mouth with a suction-like sound. Beth licked her lips, "Daddy, I want you to use me like you did mom."

I shook my head knowing she couldn't see it, "My sweet angel, you don't have to ask such things. I am going to fuck every single one of your holes until you go numb."

Beth groaned out, "Daddy. Start with my pussy, please... please use my pussy, I promise to be a good girl from now on. I will listen to what you say, what you tell me, everything if you just fuck me raw and hard!"

Caught a bit off guard by the sudden request, I thought for the briefest of moments before moving down between my daughter's legs.

"Alright, Kitten. You want a good hard fucking, I will give you one. But you are going to promise me, no matter what daddy says from now on. You will do exactly as I say."

"Yessss, please daddy fuck my pussy raw!" Beth hissed between her teeth.

I leaned down and placed the unprotected helmet shaped head into her slit. Finding that tight little hole oozing with taboo lust, I pressed forward and eased myself into my daughters barely legal pussy.

I felt my cock press further and further inside of my daughter. The sensation was indescribable; inching further and further inside the baby girl you helped create and raise is a feeling like no other.

Beth enjoyed every inch her father gave her; mouth gaped and air squeaking out, I continued to slide deeper and deeper inside of her. Beth had never felt so full in her entire life, almost a little painful and discomforting at how tight her pussy was wrapping my cock.

Finally, my balls rested against my beautiful bound daughter's ass cheeks and I took a moment to soak in the feeling. Taking a deep breath I slowly pulled out; my daughter's small cunt hole gripping and pulling against my slippery cock the whole way.

"Oh god, daddy! I am so fucking full, your dick is so god damn big! It feels so good, I want you to fuck me good and hard, Daddy!" Beth pleaded with such a cute breathless whimper.

I pulled nearly all the way out before pressing right back in with a more forceful thrust. Beth squeaked out at the sudden slam of thick meat right back into her newly spread hole.

"Ugh! It goes so deep inside, I can feel it spread me like a fucking whore for you daddy!" Beth groaned.

I repeated this action, hearing her breathless grunt once again made me feel warm inside. I was creating a pleasure for my daughter that very few fathers could experience, something primal and pure.

Over and over I slowly pulled out before ramming it back inside and forcing it as deep as I could, hearing my daughter grunt and groan each and every single time was ecstasy to my ears.

Feeling her velvet slick walls massage my shaft and pull at me with an eagerness. I watched my baby girls breasts bounce up and down each time, stirring something fierce in my saliva covered balls.

Little by little I began picking up the pace, soon I was thrusting long and hard into my daughter at a constant pace. Her legs and arms pulled and struggled against the restraints but they remained unwavering under the tension.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Beth cried out every time my cock pummeled right into her slippery cunt.

I could feel the sweat begin to bead up around my brow, my chest glistening from the constant speed and forceful thrusts into my daughters grasping pussy. My balls made a wonderful clap sound each time I bottomed out inside of her.

Beth screamed out in almost a gurgle of sounds as her body tensed up as much as it was able too, her pussy squeezed and sucked on my cock like it was begging for my entire load to dump inside of her.

Pressing forward as deep as I could I sat upright. Reaching over I unfastened the cloth bindings holding my daughter's ankles. Once they were free, I gripped each of her ankles into my strong hands and raised her feet into the air.

Her thick pale thighs pressed firmly against my stomach and feet propped against my chest, I wrapped my muscular arms around her legs and began fucking her hard once again. Her pussy felt even tighter in this position and her ass jiggled underneath the forceful thrust, absorbing more of the pounding now.

My breathing became heavier and Beth's groans were inaudible groans of pleasure; Beth couldn't even speak from the sheer orgasmic bliss that continuously crashed into her body and numbing her mind. Her eyes began rolling into the back of her head and her legs stiff against my chest. I grunted like an animal as I fucked my daughter harder and harder.

I wanted to cum; no, I needed to cum inside my baby girls pussy. She wanted it just as much as I did and I was giving her all I had. Shoving my cock in and out of, Beth's pussy I slammed into her ass without mercy. Feeling my own orgasm approaching soon; I continued to look below at my daughter who's orgasm had yet to subside and continuously rolled over into a new explosion of pleasure.

Finally, with sweat glistening off my body and my daughter's pussy squeezing me constantly; I reached my limit. My balls tightened and I felt the surge of my first thick load shoot out of my cock and deep into the sinful womb of my baby girl.

Spurt after spurt rocketed like jet streams through my entire thick shaft and directly into my daughters freshly raw fucked pussy. Feeling as if I was dropping ten pounds for the sheer amount I dumped inside Beth's cunt, I felt light headed and soon dropped her legs to the side and leaned over my baby girl's convulsing body.

Panting heavily I stared down at Beth's face, her mind lost in the tingling sensations of pleasure and ecstasy. I could feel the mess inside of her leaking out from the tight grip of her pussy and around my balls and her ass.

After a few more minutes, Beth gasped loudly and looked up at me with her blindfold still intact. "Oh my god! Daddy, that was... amazing just absolutely amazing!" She said between panted, and weak breaths. She seemed eager to express her feeling as best she could.

I chuckled at her, "I am glad you enjoyed it baby girl. You are one tight fuck, I can tell you that."

Panting along with me, Beth spread her legs and looked down as if trying to see the amount of cum leaking from her pussy lips. I groaned, sitting up and pulled back to let my limp cum covered cock fall free from her hole.

White cum seemed to slide down her pussy and into the crack of her ass, "God it feels like so much, daddy! Ugh, the thought of getting pregnant by you is making me fucking tingle so bad down below."

I quirked a brow at her, "Woah now, kitten. I don't think I am wanting another kid, I just got done fucking my daughter."

She tilted her head a bit at me, still unable to see. "I thought you said this was perfectly normal? If I get pregnant, and I have a daughter... I would want you to share with her what you have with me, it could be like our family tradition now."

She had a point. I did indeed convince her this was all healthy and right, and I didn't really see anything wrong with this. But another kid? She still had college to go through and I wanted her to have somewhat a normal like.

"Let's just talk about this later, okay? For now, we can go get you a pill or something tomorrow. I still am not done with you for the day." My voice falling back into a fatherly tone.

"Yes, Daddy." She giggled while biting the bottom of her lip, "Are you wanting a round two with my pussy?"

I shook my head forgetting she couldn't see it, "No, I think I will take your asshole next. Let's loosen it up good."

Beth chuckled, "Alright, but can I get a drink first?"

Sighing I agreed, I needed a good glass of water before our next session. Not to mention a little R&R before we go at it once again with that much vigor. I looked over at the bowl of ice melting on my bedside table.

Standing up I began laughing. Beth looked in my direction, unsure what exactly was so funny until the sudden splash of ice cold water drenched her body. Beth squealed out in shock as her body tensed up but unable to do much with her arms still tied.

"Oh my god! Daddy! That's fucking cold! Oh my god! Fucking freezing!" She shouted.

I set the bowl back down, "You're still being punished, don't forget. Let me go get something to drink and we can continue."

Beth squirmed around trying to get out of the cold soaked sheets as best she could as I left the room and headed into the kitchen. So much for not getting my bed completely soaked.

The rest of our night consisted of more fucking than I could count. I had never felt so exhausted before in my life, and my daughter was one sex freak that drained my very soul. But I was as happy as I could be.

Waking up in her bed the next morning, I looked over to see my large chested baby girl sound asleep on the bed. I smiled and brushed my hand over her hair and kissed her forehead.

Careful to not wake her, I slid out of bed and headed out of the room. A quick shower once again and back into my room, I began picking up around the room. Towels, sheets, covers, clothes, ropes, and even some whip cream cans. I tidied up the entire room, opening my closet I went to go fetch a shirt hanging when I noticed in the corner of the closet, the box had fallen.

Taking a hard swallow I went to my knees slowly and picked up the box to see that the contents had fallen out. Closing my eyes I took a deep breath, slowly releasing it and opening my eyes. I saw photos of my wife, small items like bracelets and jewelry she used to wear.

I slowly began picking everything up and gently setting it back into the box; taking my time with her photos I would give each one a good look over and smile at her beauty before placing it neatly inside.

Once everything was tucked away, I noticed the cell phone I had placed inside. Having forgotten all about it, I picked it up and ran my thumb over it. Just a small phone with a tiny crack on the front of it, luckily that was all it had from the car crash. I had been so reluctant to turn it on before, I wasn't quite sure I was ready for it now.

However, with everything moving so smoothly with, Beth. I decided perhaps it was time, I could at least peak at it, right?

Standing up I tucked the box away in the top of the closet and kept the phone in my other hand. Walking towards my bedside table, I reached into the drawer and grabbed my own iPhone charger. Plugging it into the wall, I connected it to my wife's iPhone and left it sitting on the table charging.

I took a deep breath, feeling as if it was a new chapter in my life. I headed into the kitchen to make breakfast. It was a quick breakfast with just scrambled eggs, toast, microwaved sausage, and a side of milk.

Beth woke up just as I was finished, having smelled food would be enough to wake her even from the dead. She stumbled in having to hold on to the wall, "Ugh, my asshole and pussy are so sore and raw."

I couldn't help but laugh, "You told me to fuck you raw, and I think I kept my end of the bargain."

Beth giggled as she made her way over to the table, "Ugh, you got that right."

She sat down with a wince and a whimper from the pain, "I think I need one of those fluffy doughnuts for my ass next time you are going to pound me like that."

I chuckled while bringing a hot plate of golden buttery eggs with fresh crisp toast and juicy sausage, "Alright, I will keep that in mind for next time."

I sat down across from my daughter and ate breakfast with her. Beth and I talked about what our plans were for the day and if I had any more punishments lined up, teasingly I told her "We'll see."

After breakfast, I told Beth to take a shower as I made my way into the bedroom. I closed the door behind me and sat on the edge of the bed having pulled the phone free from the charger.

Turning on the phone I felt a slight stir in my gut. Feelings were surfacing but I took a deep breath and pushed them down for now; this was something I was ready to move forward with.

The phone screen popped up to a lock screen, I swiped to the right and the background of apps cluttered the view. Shuffling through each one I glanced around and found what I was looking for, my wife's photo gallery.

Opening it I saw hundreds of photos of my wife, some I had never even seen before. It brought tears to my eyes to see my wife once again, her pictures around the house were one thing, but this was something different.

I smiled as I flipped further and further through, some of the pictures I recognized. Ones of her around the house, or when we went on vacation on the cruise, but others like her stepping out the shower with a risque look to it in just a towel.

Those I felt were for me but she just never got around to sending them. I continued to shuffle through more and more until suddenly, an alert popped up at the top.

Flashing across the top of the screen in bold letters, "New Message!"

I opened to see several alerts from friends and families, some were asking if she was okay, others were chatting about normal day to day things before they found out she had died.

I took a deep breath and began deleting the messages one by one, her sister, mother, other family, friends. But there was one message with the name replaced with just numbers from the phone call.

I began to delete it but felt it was a bit odd I didn't recognize the number. Opening it up I scrolled through the messages and my stomach began to churn with a sickly urge to vomit.

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