tagIncest/TabooDad's The Man Ch. 09

Dad's The Man Ch. 09


Mar. 27/09

My dearest smutty is asleep in her bed, about fifteen feet away while I sit at her makeup desk with my laptop to write this. It's been a bit of a hair raising night, all in all, and after we were done our playtime with one another and fell asleep, I woke up almost two hours later and stayed awake. Figured I may as well write.

We went to Gulliver's again, that sports restaurant she'd discovered and actually likes for some reason, where I had a coffee and Gina had a small meal. She'd picked me up right after her shift at Jaybirds, the dark clouds in the sky that obscured what remained of the daylight reinforcing my leaden mood. It just settled in about halfway through the day when I thought of spending the evening and tomorrow with her but, unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of talking about the problem, do I? So, I had to put on a brave face. The worst part is how I have no right to enjoy the great time I always have with her.

We did some light shopping and saw a movie. After that, we came here to her place and spent a little time online playing with master dragoneye's little mind and getting a great kick out of it.

"I gotta say, there is something to all this BDSM crap that I like," I commented as we watched him play with himself on his cam.

"Like what?"

" ... The control aspect."

"Well, duh! That's what it's all about," Gina laughed.

"It's more than just that, though. Imagine if you actually had someone that you could rely on to take care of you. Someone who could make you know what a good little helper you are, someone who's actually worth serving and taking care of in return, kinda like the Gorean chickies do. Someone who's in control."

"Well, I wouldn't be too quick to run to this one's arms, if I were you, she advised.

"God, no! This one's a pathetic loser. Besides, a real man, a true Master would never need to run around calling himself that, or invent some stupid, self aggrandizing title, he'd just be what a man is supposed to be,... with nothing to prove."

"So," Gina replied with an interested smile, "You're not into all the bondage and stuff?"

"Who says I'm not into bondage? I don't think I'd want to be treated like some submissives, being whipped and humiliated and all that crazy stuff, but tied and spanked sounds pretty nice."

Obviously, I have an aversion to being tied up," she explained, "but I know what you mean. You know, men who like to assert control for the sake of it have serious inferiority and insecurity issues. Take this worm, give him half the chance and he'll have you staying up three days in a row just to see if you will, I've seen it. But now look at him, so desperate for our attention he's willing to do almost anything if he thinks it pleases a couple of beautiful lesbians who like to hang around topless on cam."

"Yeah, I pretty much got that," I said, glancing at him and back at Gina, adding, "Most of the so-called dominants on here are so far from being real men, they're not even boys."

"Not even girls."

"Worms, like you said."

"Yep, with bloated egos that blind them to the reality of what they really are."

"Quite pathetic, really," I noted.

"Totally. But, tell me this: Even though you're clearly the submissive type, does the idea of control for yourself not,... lure you at all?

"Hmmm,... maybe. But not in the way you might expect."

"Ooooh, do tell, slutty."

"Uh uh."

"Oh, come on!"

"You'd misunderstand."

"No, I wouldn't!"

"Yes, you would. I don't even understand it myself, it's just a weird little fantasy that means nothing."

"Fantasy, eh? ... Weird, eh? Tellmetellmetellmetellmetellme-"

"Alright! You know how I hate that!"


"Okay, this is just a fantasy, alright? It's not something I'd like to happen in reality, so you have to remember that."

"That's the thing about fantasy," Gina said. "You might enjoy the idea, or the thought of something, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't repel it with all you are in reality."

"Well,... let's hope you can remember that. ... I have this little fantasy of control where, um,... (giggle) where you're at the mercy of five men who do whatever I tell them to do with you."

" ... Uhh,... Oh. Oh, my."

"You asked."

"Yeah,... hey, you know that would be a horrible thing to do to me, right? I mean it wouldn't be like how it goes in porn, it would-"

"Smutty, if any man ever tried to force you to do anything, if anyone ever hurts you at all, I'll break their heads myself."

"That doesn't sound very submissive. Certainly reassuring, though, in light of your little fantasy," Gina said with a good natured smile.

"Well, before you feel too reassured; in the fantasy, it's the fact that you don't like it that makes it so good."

" ... Maybe I should start calling you, Mistress Slutty?"

"You could do worse."

She laughed about this, but then said, "I'd like all the stuff you'd do, it wouldn't be as good for you."

"Yeah?" I asked with a devious grin, just before turning and grabbing her nipples, giving them a nice pinchytwist.

She screamed and laughed like I do when Daddy does it to me, not daring to try to rip my fingers away as I forced her down on the couch underneath me, still grinning deviously.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!! Slutty, STOOOOOOOOOOOPPP!!"


"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, get off me you crazy little biiiith!! Ahhhhhhhhhh-haaaaaa-haaaaaaa!!"

After about fifteen seconds I let go, glancing around in time to see dragoneye frantically jerking himself as he watched our antics. Soon, her cries of pain and laughter turned into moans of pleasure as she held her boobies, still lying on the couch. I watched with an adoring smile as she enjoyed herself.

"Uhhh,... okay, I didn't like the first part, but that second part was,... very nice," Gina finished with a giggle.

With my superkitten voice, I accused, "You're a very smutty woman, Gina!" giggling afterward.

" ... Fuck, I love when you do that. Do it again."

"I wanna lick your wet pussy."

" ... Oooooh, it's getting there, baby."

"Want him to watch me do it?"

"Mmmm,... Not tonight."

"Another glass of wine would change your mi- Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!" I screamed when she suddenly gave me a pinchytwist.

I cried out in pain with a big smile as I watched her hold my boobies, sitting up on the pulled down cups of my black pushup bra. She was smiling and chuckling a little, obviously enjoying this.

"Now, what did I say, slutty?"

"Not tonight, not tonight!" I managed hysterically.

"Not tonight, Mistress Gina," she corrected.

"Not tonight, Mistress Gina!" I piped, grabbing miffy and squeezing her.

"That's better," she purred. "If you keep on being a good girl, I'll tie you to my bed later and take all your clothes off, hmm?"


"I'll stuff your little cunt full of dildo," she promised with a threatening leer.

"Oh, yeaaaah!"

She finally let go and watched me enjoy myself . When it was over and I was giggling and horny, I suggested we get rid of the so-called man on the computer.

"Go ahead. I'm going to get us each a second glass, anyway. You tell him goodbye while I get them, okay?"

I looked at the screen and said, "Goodbye," before simply logging out.

"Hey!" she laughed, paused midway in the act of getting up. "That wasn't very nice!"

"We'll just tell him that his totally awesome dominance overwhelmed your laptop. The fool will probably want to believe it, too."

She shook her head and gave me a funny smile as she went on her way again, topless and wearing only a short, black skirt as I reclined on the couch, wearing nothing but my downturned bra and matching panties.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked after she returned with two refreshed wine glasses.

" ... You seem different lately, I guess."

"I do?"

"Yeah. Kind of more relaxed, but not. I mean, you're not as shy around me as you were when we first met, but that's to be expected. And I suppose dancing is responsible for a certain kind of confidence you have when we're out now and you definitely seem a lot more centered lately, but sometimes you seem,... depressed or something."


"Yes, and,... I've noticed that you've been using the bigger one."

" ... Huh?"

"That big dildo? That first one I got you? You're wider down there."

"Oh. Well,..."

I looked down and shrugged my shoulders before taking another sip of Gina's white wine.

"It's okay, Kat, it's your body. I just wonder why you would, is all."

"I needed to see what it would feel like."

She nodded, looking into her own glass for a second, then back up at me to say, "Uh, you're not going to,... A woman can get some pretty big dildos and I'm just hoping you don't make an empty room of yourself."

"Empty room?" I asked, not understanding this reference.

"It's a term that men sometimes use when talking about a, um,... well used woman. 'It was like throwing a crowbar into an empty room.' Get it?"

I looked at her solemnly for a few seconds before I suddenly thought of Norah and busted out laughing, she hesitantly joining me.

"Okay, no," I assured her, still chuckling. I won't make an empty room out of myself."

"Good," she said, caressing my arm. "But, is there anything you'd like to talk about?"


"Are you sure? Because sometimes, like I say, it seems you're a little down about something on the inside. I can tell, you know."

I could only paste on a smile and shake my head.

" ... I hope you're not messed up about maybe hurting me sometime in the future, like we've discussed before?"

" ... I try not to be. I love you a lot and it's hard not to worry about what's inside me sometimes." I said, lowering my head at my own unintentional double meaning.

"Kat, the things that go through your head are no different than that little fantasy you have about me. Please stop worrying about that and just,... enjoy us. What we have is special. I know it is."

This was awful and I felt tears rising. I put my glass down beside her laptop and gently hugged her, resting my chin on her shoulder while I fought back the waterworks, trying to get a grip on my guilt driven emotions. She didn't say anything, only rubbed my back with her free hand as we sat there in each other's arms for a little while before making out and eventually ending up in her bed.

I hate how I can't wait to get away from her and my guilt. I hate how I'll use Daddy to help alleviate that guilt and I hate deceiving them both like I've been doing. What am I going to do?



Apr. 01/09

I didn't play any practical jokes on Gina, or Daddy today. I figure I've already been doing a good enough job at that. Daddy, however, got me like he does every year, whether I'm expecting it, or not. This time, though, he added a sexual overtone to his little prank that I can't help but appreciate now. Now that I'm cleaned up.

He'd snuck into my room at some point, stripped my bed, covered the mattress with plastic vapour barrier, then remade the bed, spreading god knows how much Vaseline all over the bottom sheet before making the rest of the bed up again. Of course, I hopped into bed the way I usually do, quickly and throwing the covers over me before burrowing down in the sheets to get all snuggly warm before I noticed there was something very wrong in a very slimy way.

I sat right up, realizing I was covered in ick, screaming, "DAAADDYYYYY!!"

He must have been out in the hall waiting, because he immediately burst through the door with the broom, tentatively swinging it around as if there might be a burglar.

"What? What happened, kitten?" he asked, trying to act like he was in a panic around a growing smile that wouldn't be denied.

"You know what, Daddy! I'm all icky!" I cried, starting to laugh myself at his ridiculous behaviour, standing there with his feet spread in 'action stance', as if he would even bother with the broom if there really was a home intruder in my room.

"Oh my god, I'm too late!" he wailed, dropping the broom and walking closer. "My beautiful, innocent daughter defiled by,... by,...! Fuck, that looks sexy as hell, kitten. I haven't seen that nightie before, have I?"


Now he was smiling for a different reason as he slowly peeled the rest of the sheet down from me, looking at me in my opaque, white babydoll, no panties, now covered in Vaseline.

"Whoa. The things ya see when ya don't have a camera."

"You,...ickied meee!"

"Yeah,... Ya know what? Not yet, I haven't."

He began taking his clothes off, his smile turning to a hungry leer.

This distracted me and, as I felt the Vaseline working its way between my bum cheeks, I suddenly fell into a little game we like to play lately, gasping and looking at Daddy in surprise.

"Oh, but you shouldn't be taking your pants off in front of your daughter! Ohhh, Daddy, what's that?"

"That's Daddy's cock, sweetie. You're about to become very familiar with it."

"You're a bad Daddy!" I said with my 'superkitten' voice, giggling afterward and suddenly turned on by the coating of ick all over my body.

"I'll show you bad," he said, naked and getting into my twin bed with me, pushing me down and throwing the covers over us as I laughed wildly.

The slippery fun that happened after was something we both promised the other that we'd repeat sometime soon. Can't be soon enough for me.



Apr. 02/09

Gina showed up for a surprise visit today, right after supper.

"You!" she said, pointing at Daddy as soon as she was in the door.

"Me?" he asked with a smirk, making me look from one to the other, wondering what was going on.

"Yes, you! You're the one who did it!" she charged, the slightest grin on her face. "I don't know how, I don't know when, but you made my car stink!"

"Ohh, Daddy!"

He broke out laughing at this, slapping his thigh as he sat on the couch with the coffee he insisted on making and bringing himself.

"Why would I do something like that to a witch like you?"

"For April fool's day! Because of how I let you out of your truck at the plant that day! You said you'd get me and I was dumb enough to forget about that! What'd ya do, cowboy!?"

He only laughed harder, finally managing, "I sprayed a bunch of black enamel paint up your tailpipes. Pretty ingenious, huh?"

"Pretty smelly and embarrassing!"

"Yeah, I'll bet. Don't worry, it'll go away soon. Probably! Haaaaaaaaaaa!"

"You should know that I'm here for revenge."

"Revenge? What the fuck ya gonna do? Beat me up? Aheh!"

"Something like that, yeah," she said as she advanced on him.

"Six of you couldn't take me, why don't you do go do something productive with your energy, like duct-tape a wire brush to your broom handle and clean your pipes, you silly little witch? Oh, and don't forget to wear your beret." He advised, laughing even harder.

"Oh, very funny, John boy. Kat, hold him for me."

I was on him in a flash, wrapping my arms around him as Gina sprinted in, hopping the coffee table to tackle him with me. The couch became the scene of an all out struggle, Daddy laughing while we grunted and strained against him, trying to get him down under us. I found myself tiring against him quickly, despite my new found physical fitness and Gina's help.

It came down to having to pull his hair. We both had a fistful, Gina trying to hold his arms while I straddled his chest. He yelled in pain and grabbed a fistful of our hair and pulled. There we were, the three of us screaming and begging each other to stop. Finally, he agreed to at least help her clean her tailpipes out, if not do the whole thing himself.

We were all still laughing about it when we came back in from the garage, where we nosed Gina's car in to clean up Daddy's mess, but there was something else going on in my mind.

I couldn't help but notice Gina's erected nipples when the wrestling was over, wondering if Daddy had also noticed. Mine were erect as well and I was quite surprised that I wasn't overcome with insane jealousy. No, it turned me on quite a bit, in fact, and images of Daddy and Gina having sex began popping into my mind, turning into little fantasy scenes while we worked in the garage. Also, I noticed Gina looking at Daddy with a funny expression more than once out there.

As an added kick, we all ended up watching a documentary about Wal-Mart together, Daddy lying on the couch on his side, me on top of him and,... Gina lying in front of him with his arm around her middle!

It all just happened so naturally, like the other times we snuggled up with him, watching TV. I couldn't help but wonder what they were thinking of each other and I was dying to find out somehow, becoming hornier by the minute, more and more amazed at my total lack of jealousy.

"Hey," Gina asked as we were driving to her place later, "do you think John would help me with an exercise machine like yours? I can get an exercycle and buy all the stuff."

"Yeah, probably. He likes you."

"Hm,... Y'know, slutty,... If I ever did want a man, it'd be him."

" ... Really?"

"Absolutely. It's no wonder at all that your standards are so high. There's,... something about him, you know. You probably can't see it because you're his daughter, but I'm surprised some woman hasn't grabbed him by now. Too bad you can't. Uh, don't worry. I'm not gonna become your step mother, or anything," she assured with a nervous laugh before pointing at herself and proclaiming, "Lesbian, remember."

That really got me to thinking.


Apr. 12/09

After Gina dropped me off tonight, I went around back, feeling better than I have in a long time concerning my little predicament, anticipating a nice quiet evening at home with Daddy, his cock and my horny.

Just before I opened the door, I heard voices inside. I froze, then put my ear to the door to listen, finding that Aunt Peggy was the mystery visitor. I quietly opened the door, stepped in and closed it just as quietly behind me, putting my overnight bag down on the floor and listening, wondering how the old drunk even knew I'd be gone.

"John, don't get mad at me, I'm only trying to tell you that she's changed. She's not a little girl anymore."

"Obviously not, she's grown up and people change when they've grown up, don't they?" Daddy answered with a notable lack of patience in his tone.

"Grown up!" she scoffed. "You don't understand,... Don't you find it odd that she dyed her hair blonde? Knowing how she'd look, knowing how everyone feels about her mother?"

"So, she's not allowed to dye her hair blonde because of the crimes of Sheila? Is that what you're saying?"

"(sigh!) No, that's- John,... She really has become a lot like her mother. Don't you see that?"

"Well, shit, she's bound to have some personality traits that come from-"

"She doesn't just have 'some personality traits'. She's,... She's her. She's Sheila Burchell, part two."

"Fuck sakes, listen to yourself, Peg! Sheila was an opportunistic little tramp, Kat is a good girl, the way I raised her!"

"Ah, yes," she chuckled without humour. "I remember what you thought of Sheila before the end, too. Before she changed your mind about what a 'good woman' she was. She sure as hell taught you better, didn't she? I tried to warn you about her near the end of it, but you wouldn't listen. I'm trying to tell you the same things now and, still, you won't listen."

"So far, you haven't been telling me much of anything! You've just been trash talking my daughter and I've about had enough of it!"

"God dammit, John! I'm telling you, she's more like her mother than you think! Worse, even! She's a horny, scheming little trouble maker, smarter and more devious and calculating than her mother ever was, running around acting like some poor lost little girl, and she has you wrapped around her little finger like Sheila never did! Now she's hanging around with a stripper and, for all you know, she's probably doing it now herself!"

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