Daisy and the Dad

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Daisy seduces her best friend's father.
10.2k words
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This is an entry for the Summer Lovin Contest. If you like it please vote. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Tony sat on the deck and sipped an ice-cold beer as he watched the girls play volleyball in the backyard. His daughter and her friends were hardly girls anymore. It seemed like just yesterday he was driving them to girl scouts and taking them fishing on the river. Now they were high school graduates soon to be college freshman. How and when had he gotten so old?

He took another sip of beer and sighed. Forty five wasn't old but it was a lot older than eighteen. And he would only get older.

Tony shook his head and got up from his seat to flip the burgers and hot dogs. It was still difficult to accept that at the end of the summer his daughter would be gone. The house would be quiet without her and her friends. What would his life be like then?

Once upon a time his life had revolved around the race track and the car he dreamt of taking to victory but the randomness of life had changed all that. His wife had died and left him with their wonderful daughter Miranda. Racing didn't seem so important after that. In fact it didn't hold a candle to being a father.

It had not always been easy but he would not have traded it for anything in the world. He sighed and drank more of the beer. Did every parent feel like their heart was being ripped in half?

His eyes glanced back to the girls again and he smiled. Miranda wouldn't go off to college until the end of summer. He wouldn't squander that time by moping around the house trying to relive their past.

"Make sure you girl's drink some water," He said. "it's a thousand degrees out here."

Miranda smacked the ball over the net and landed gracefully. "Sure thing dad."

"Somebody cover my spot I have to pee."

Out of the corner of his eye Tony watched his daughter's friend Daisy jog across the backyard toward the deck. A tingle ran down his spine and he turned to see her better. He knew he shouldn't have but he could not help it. Especially not when it was Daisy.

She was tall and gorgeous with a tan athletic frame, sky blue eyes that complimented her charming smile and a pair of full breasts to match her thick rear. It all combined to make her look much older than she really was and it drove him crazy with lust.

He had been worried at first when Miranda had started to hang out with Daisy. The girl had a reputation for sleeping around and partying. There was even a rumor going around the PTA that she had slept with the wood shop teacher Mr. Sánchez. He trusted his daughter's judgement though and over time came to accept the gorgeous eighteen year old.

That didn't stop him from fantasizing about her though. To his shame he thought about the girl more often than he would have liked to admit. Usually it was on those lonely nights when he laid in bed missing his wife or the touch of a woman in general. He would imagine her beside him and stroke his cock until the idea of Daisy brought him to climax.

Daisy reached the deck and jogged up the steps her tits bouncing in her tight blue bikini top. His cock hardened at the sight and he turned back to the grill to distract himself from the fantasies that raced through his head.

"Hey Mr. B," Daisy said. "where's the cooler?"

He pointed with the barbecue tongs and said "over there in the corner."

She walked over to the large white cooler tucked against the deck railing and bent over to open it. He held his breath and glanced at the thick round shape of her ass and fought the urges inside of him. What he wouldn't give to press himself against her and have her body accept him.

There had been a few women since his wife's death but none of them had looked like Daisy. None of them had been a fun energetic young woman who could tire him out in minutes. He sighed and forced his eyes back to the grill.

Daisy stood up and twisted the cap off the water bottle and took a long drink. She turned and looked at the grill and inevitably her eyes swept over Miranda's dad. Tony, she liked the name but he did not seem like much of a Tony to her.

Tony's were usually fun and adventurous. The kind of guys who would drop everything on a moments notice and go in search of a thrill. Miranda's dad was none of those things.

He was handsome enough though with salt and pepper hair and dark green eyes but life had crept into every sun-baked wrinkle and crease on his face and he was far to responsible to be a Tony.

She drank her water as he busied himself with the food and imagined what he had been like when he was young. Either Miranda didn't remember much or it was just to painful but she rarely spoke about her youth. Daisy figured it was a combination of both but she never pushed the subject.

She knew all to well the pain of growing up without a parent. She didn't think Tony was as cruel as her mother had become but there were bound to be hard times, especially in the early years of adjustment. In her experience the weight of single parenthood either hardened people like steel or left them cracked and sagging under the weight.

"Food's almost ready," Tony said. "I hope you girls are hungry."

"I don't know about the other twigs but I'm starving," Daisy said.

"Then grab a plate," Tony said. "I've got a few burgers done."

Daisy grabbed a styro foam plate from the table and a bun then stood beside Tony. He was dressed in a blue t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and a pair of white shorts but it did little to combat the Florida heat. It did however give Daisy a view of the firm muscles that filled his arms.

What did he do for a living again? Miranda had mentioned something when they first met but she couldn't remember for the life of her. She stared a second longer and her left hand crept over to touch his bicep. She stopped herself before he noticed and held the plate out to him.

Tony picked up a hamburger that was finished cooking and dropped it onto the bun on her plate. "Ketchup and mustard are over there on the table," He said.

Barbecue tongs in hand he watched the sway of Daisy's hips as she walked back to the table and thought of how good she would feel wrapped around his body.

"Dad, is food done?"

Tony jerked his head away from Daisy's rear and looked over the railing at his daughter.

"Yeah sweet heart," He said. "come and get it."

The girls dropped the volley ball on the grass and jogged over to the deck. They were all slender and young but none of them held a candle to Daisy. One by one they grabbed a plate and gathered around him like a pack of wolves. He filled their plates careful not to ogle them too much then got a plate of his own.

Once their initial hunger pangs wore off the girls relaxed in the plastic deck chairs and fell into conversation. Tony was quiet through most of it.

He had learned longed ago they did not want an old man's opinion and if he was quiet enough they would start to talk as if he wasn't even there. He had learned more than a few secrets about his daughter's life that way and as a single father he would take any advantage he could to keep her safe from the world and her own hasty choices.

Daisy finished eating and wiped her thin lips clean with a napkin. "May I use the phone?" Daisy said. "I'm suppose to check in with my mother."

Miranda laughed, "You're such a dork."

"This coming from the Queen of Teddy bears," Daisy said.

All the girls laughed and Tony sat quietly until Daisy asked again. "Yeah sure it's right in the kitchen."

Daisy grabbed her plate and carried it towards the house. She looked over her shoulder at Tony and smiled. "Thanks sugar," She said.

Miranda rolled her eyes and groaned. "God she's such a flirt," She said.

"She was just being polite," Tony said. "I'm an old man."

"You're more handsome than you think Mr. Kleegan," Miranda's friend Becky said.

"Gross Becky that's my dad," Miranda said.

"What I'm just being honest," Becky said.

"Well be honest about something else," Miranda said.

"I'm flattered girls," Tony said. "it'll give me new-found confidence when I go play bingo with the rest of the old bitties."

"I love bingo," Becky said.

Miranda kicked the girl under the table and Becky yelped. "Dad do you need help cleaning up?" Miranda said.

"No you guys go finish your game," He said. "I've got this."

The girls pushed their chairs back and Miranda gave him a peck on the cheek then raced off to finish their game. He sat and finished his food while they played and felt bad about checking out Becky's plump ass.

Maybe he wasn't as old as he thought he was. Then again teenage girls were often liberal with their flirtations. They were young and still developing their technique. To them it was just a fun game, like toddlers knocking over blocks. They got off on the reaction they invoked and the power they possessed over men. But it didn't mean anything. Their simple probes were nothing but practice runs for when they met somebody they really wanted.

Tony collected their plates then carried the mustard and ketchup inside. He walked down the hall barefooted and stopped short of the kitchen door.

"No mom I'm not inviting Mr. Kleegan over for dinner," Daisy said. "no it's not because I want him for myself. He's Miranda's dad. Well maybe if you didn't get drunk every morning more men would want to date you. So can I stay the night or not?"

Tony frowned and shook his head. Miranda had told him the girl's home life was rough but he had never understood just how bad it was.

He cleared his throat and stepped into the kitchen making as much noise as possible. Her scowling face melted into her usual happy grin and she waved at him. He raised the ketchup bottle in salute and walked over to the fridge and put the condiments away.

He should have given the girl some privacy but he couldn't bring himself to do it. He wanted to be there for her as a pillar of support even if it was a silent one.

Daisy turned away and spoke a little lower but he heard every word. "Please mom let me stay," Daisy said. "No I don't want to go to the bar with you". The girl sighed and rolled her eyes. "I dunno mom I'll probably meet a guy when I go to college. Yes mom I know its expensive."

Tony tapped her on the shoulder and motioned for her to hand over the phone. Confused she did as he asked and waited while he spoke to her mother.

"Hey this is Tony, Miranda's dad," He said. "I'm sorry I know its short notice but my daughter would love it if Daisy could stay the night."

"Oh well I don't know," Daisy's mother said slurring her words. "we usually go to the bar on Fridays."

What kind of mother would take her teenager to the bar? He ignored the woman's drunken ignorance and kept his annoyance in check.

"I know how you feel, I take Miranda fishing every summer and I hate missing out on that," He said. "but the girls were really looking forward to watching movies tonight."

"She can see them any time," She said. "I'm her mother."

"Actually, most of the girls are leaving for college at the end of summer," Tony said. "so they're kind of anxious to hang out while they can."

The woman sighed and he heard a beer can crack open in the background. "Can you put Daisy back on?" She said.

Tony cringed. Desperate times called for desperate measures. He couldn't let Daisy suffer because of her drunk mother's issues.

"Say I've got an idea, how about you and I get a drink sometime," He said. "How's next Friday sound?"

"Well..I.. I guess we could grab a beer," She said.

"Perfect," Tony said. "consider it an apology for ruining your mother daughter time."

"Alright then I'll see you next Friday sugar,"

Tony started to hand the phone back to Daisy but the line went dead. "She hung up," He said.

"I'm sorry Mr. Kleegan," She said. "you didn't have to do that."

"I don't mind," He said. "you shouldn't have to miss out on movie night just because your mother wants to drink. I'm sorry that was rude."

"No you're right," Daisy said. "that was really cool of you Mr. Kleegan."

"I just felt bad," He said. "you know if you ever need to talk or something I'll listen."

Her smile widened and Daisy put a hand on his arm and squeezed it gently. "That's really sweet," She said. "you don't actually have to go to the bar with my mom though."

He laughed and scratched his forehead. "Well if she looks anything like you it won't be complete torture," He said. He stammered and looked away from the teen. "That came out wrong."

Daisy laughed and touched his arm again. "It's okay Mr. Kleegan I don't mind," She said. "a lot of guys look at me."

"It was wrong and I apologize," He said. "you're a young woman and I shouldn't have said anything."

"Oh please it's not like I don't look at you," She said.

Tony swallowed a lump in his throat and stepped toward the sink. He turned the water on and started to wash his hands. Things were taking an odd turn and while she might have been harmlessly flirting his body was reading way to much into the situation.

Daisy smiled and moved close to him hugging him from behind. He started to speak but the words caught in his throat and her nipples, stiff from the air conditioning, pressed into his back.

"Thank you Mr. Kleegan," She said.

He stood still with the water rushing over his hands and prayed she did not notice the erection that strained against his shorts.

"You're welcome Daisy," He said. "it was nothing."

She left him in the kitchen and Tony leaned against the counter top with his heart pounding and his cock harder than it had been in a long time.

The poor girl. How bad must it have been for her to be so grateful for a simple act of kindness? His wife had been friendly with Daisy's mother but he knew little about the woman other than town gossip and what he had heard on the phone.

If Daisy was anything like her mother he might be in for a night of heated debauchery.

He shook his head and cursed his perverted mind. She was a young woman from a broken home. He couldn't take advantage of her. Even if she wanted him to.

Whatever feelings Daisy invoked in him were natural but he would have to settle for fantasies and the familiar touch of his own hand to appease his lust. Daisy was his daughter's friend. Daisy was off-limits.

He repeated the thought like a mantra but each time the words felt more and more hollow in his head. He repeated it one more time and went back out to the deck.

Soon night fell and the girls gathered around the living room to watch movies. While the previews ran Tony made a few bags of pop corn and dumped them into large brightly colored bowls his wife and Miranda had painted long ago.

His wife had been the one to institute movie night. She had claimed it would make them closer as a family and it had. He realized later it was her way of getting him to come home from the bar but the manipulation never bothered him. Some of his fondest memories were watching movies with her and Miranda and he was happy to share the experience with her friends.

He leaned against the counter and lowered his head. What would his wife think about their daughter now? Had he done a good job of raising her? What if he hadn't prepared her for life?

The nervous ball in his stomach twisted into a knot and he took a few deep breaths. He had faced death three times during his race career and never once had he been scared yet the thought of failing his daughter ruined him inside.

"Hey Mr. Kleegan do you guys have any paper towels?"

Tony composed himself and turned around to see Becky behind him. "Yes over by the microwave," He said.

She pulled off two sheets and smiled at him. "Thanks, I spilled a little soda on the table," She said. "I'm such a klutz."

"It's not a problem," He said.

Tony followed her with the bowls of popcorn and set them on the coffee table. Becky stopped in front of him and bent over to clean up her drink. Tony turned away from the proximity of her ass before his cock could harden again and sat down on the couch.

"What are we watching?" He said.

Miranda grabbed the DVD case off the table and read the title aloud. "Forget Me Not," She said.

"Never heard of it," Tony said.

"It's got Chris Evans and Eva Longoria in it," Miranda said. "sorry dad but you're in for a chick flick."

He stretched his legs out and leaned back in his seat. "I don't mind honey," He said. "your mother made me watch a million of them."

Becky shoveled popcorn into her mouth and said "What was she like?"

He considered the question for a second and smiled at the girl. "She was sweet," He said. "I didn't deserve her that's for sure."

On the sofa to the right of the couch Daisy flashed a smile at him. "It sounds like you loved her a lot," She said.

He met her eyes and his body warmed. She had changed into a pair of grey sweat pants and a white tank top but she was still tempting to his eyes. His cock stirred in his pants and a fresh wave of shame rushed over him. Sometimes he hated his penis.

"I was on my way to Daytona when I met her," He said. "She took one look at my race car and told me she'd never go out with me."

"You had a race car?" Daisy said. "that's awesome."

"Yeah I did a little dirt track racing when I was your age," Tony said.

"He won a few trophies to," Miranda said.

"That's all in the past now," Tony said. "I gave it up to have a family. I don't regret it though. Best decision I ever made."

"Wow that's so sweet," Daisy said. "my dad wasn't so sentimental."

"Well you're a great kid," Tony said. "its his loss."

Daisy exhaled and grabbed a handful of popcorn. "I'm sorry for being a downer," She said. "lets watch the movie."

Miranda grabbed the remote before he could and pressed play. The girl's chatter died and silence engulfed the room as the movie started.

His eyes drifted over to Daisy and he put his hands over the growing bulge in his shorts. She sat quietly on the sofa smiling as if the whole world was a joke but he got the feeling she knew he was watching.

Daisy laid back and stretched her legs across Miranda's lap. Mr. Kleegan's eyes drifted over her body and settled on her full breasts straining against her tank top and she couldn't help but smile.

Was he hard? Did he want to fuck her? It was difficult to focus on the movie when her head was full of filthy thoughts. She imagined what it would be like to sit in his race car and feel the powerful growl of its engine vibrating up through her body.

Her breathing slowed and her body warmed. She slid her tank top up and moved her hand over the tan flesh of her stomach. She wanted him to watch and for his mind to roam to other things. Would he think about her hand sliding down her pants to tease the wet lips of her pussy? Would he imagine what it would feel like to have her hand touch him?

She had been fucking since the summer before ninth grade but the boys at school were mostly clumsy and to eager for it to be fun. Yet every now and again she found someone who could leave her a dripping wet mess of pleasure. And that was what she lived for.

Her wood shop teacher Mr. Sánchez had been the first, then Bobby Growe from the foot ball team, and Arnie Wiseman from the debate club. Could Mr. Kleegan be next?

She swallowed the lust in her throat and tried to clear her head. He was handsome and probably lonely but he was Miranda's dad. They had hung out at his house for over two years and he had never been anything but responsible and kind.

On screen Chris Evans planted a long kiss on Eva Longoria and Daisy bit down on her bottom lip. What kind of kisser was Mr. Kleegan? Most of her lovers kissed her soft at first then filled her mouth with tongue but she preferred the boys who kissed her with force. The boys who gave her no choice but to stand there and feel the force of their lust.