tagErotic HorrorDamien Skylar Ch. 02

Damien Skylar Ch. 02


**Author's Note-Again, all character's and events are mine, do not steal. Another thing, this story contains non-consensual sex, I do not condone it, and it shouldn't be done, ever. And story is told from two different points of view, it will tell you when it switches. Enjoy ^_^**

'...' =thoughts.

--...POV-- =Change of point of view

Chapter 2.

*Part 4*

I feel my pulse racing as I chase after her. The pull and release of my muscles as I glide across the wet cobblestone, coming steadily towards her. I admire her naked body as she runs. A perfect specimen. I can sense her fear, her breath increasing, her blood spiked with adrenaline. No one can see us, and she runs deeper into the alley. 'Does she honestly think she can escape me?'

Just as I finish the thought I'm on top of her, pinning her roughly to the ground. I flip her over to face me, her expression showing nothing but fear. I feel her bare breasts brush against my chest as my erection pokes her belly.

"Why are you doing this to me Damien?" Her cries sound so wonderful to my ears. Tears start to fall down Selene's face and I smile maliciously. "I want you baby." I say licking the tears off her cheek. She tries to struggle out of my hold and fails. I squeeze her wrists tighter making her cry out in pain.

"Please Damien, stop. Please." She pleads with me. My smile fades as my erection grows as she begs. I stretch both hands above her head and hold her wrists with one hand while the other undoes my belt. I take it off and wrap it around her wrists, securing them together. I get off her and pick her up by her hair, causing her to cry out again. I drag her over to a drain pipe and take the belt and loop it around the buckle it so she's now tied to it with her back facing me.

The bulge in my jeans becomes tighter as her cries become louder. I undo my fly and take my pants off, kicking them aside. I come up behind Selene and admire her delicious ass. Perfectly round. I smile devilishly.

I start to rub my hand across her ass, then quickly pull my hand back and give it a hard slap. I hear her start to sob, so I give her another slap making her scream. Her ass is warm to the touch as the blood rises to the surface. After a few more slaps I place my index finger at the crack of her ass and start to make my way down. I feel her shudder as I come into contact with her tight little rosebud.

"I think I'll start here. What do you think?" I start to lightly push against the entrance of her asshole. She starts to struggle, pulling against her restraint. "No, please not there, anywhere but there. Please! I've never had one there!" Her begging enticing me even more. "Hmm, that's too bad, because I really want to fuck your ass babe." I push my finger slowly inside her tight virgin hole, and I hear her stifle a moan. I look up at her. "You like that, don't you?" She shakes her head vigorously, but by the way her face is starting to flush, I can tell otherwise.

"You're lying slut." I push harder, forcing my finger to the knuckle. This time she can't hide her moan.

I start to pump my finger inside her tight hole. I hear her gasping while she pleads. "N-no, st-stop it, please Da-Damien." I look down and smile. "You're getting wet slut." Her cunt dripping all over the cobblestone, juices pooling underneath her. I pull my finger out of her, and I see her relax. 'Does she think I'm done with her, or does she think I'm just going to fuck her cunt?'

I place the head of my cock against her pussy. 'What a surprise she's going to get.' I slowly push in, and I feel her involuntarily arch back into me, getting me deeper. I start to slowly pump into her, coating my cock with her juices. I feel her moan reverberate through her body. "You like this, don't you whore?" She nods slightly. I smile and I pull out, looking at my cock glistening with her juice. I place it against her puckered asshole. "No!" she screams and tries to pull away. I grab her hips and slam into her, going balls deep in her and she screams in pain.

I feel my claws extending, and my eyes start to glow unnaturally blue. My Daemon side taking over. I hear her sobs but no longer care. It's just complete and totally primal lust over taking me as I start to slam into her. Going fast and hard as I pump into her. Her screams echoing throughout the alley. My claws dig into her sides causing her to bleed.

"DAMIEN, PLEASE STOP! IT HURTS SO MUCH, STOP!" I pump harder, I extend my hands to her shoulders, and drag my claws down her spine, creating deep scratches. Her blood runs freely now. Down her sides, and the crack of her ass, adding more lubricant for my cock. Her struggles become weaker, her screams not as frequent and more hoarse. As I cum into her ass her legs give out and she falls to a heap onto the ground. I look down at her smiling, and watch the rest of my load shoot onto her corpse.

*Part 2*

I wake up gasping. I've never had a dream like that, it was so vivid. I feel some sick and twisted creature stir inside me. Something enjoyed that dream. I'm only half-human after all, but my Daemon side has never done anything like that. I can normally control it, but...

"Damien, what the hell are you doing, you still asleep or something?" a voice cuts across. I glance up as a woman barges through my door. Standing 5'4, short spiky dirty blond hair. "Shell, what are you doing here?" She saunters over to my bed. "Just wanted to know how your date went last night."

Shelley Madison is one of my best friends. Misfits stick together in this town. Me being a complete freak(as the populace see's me) and her being lesbian in a place full of homophobes and the extremely religious. We just band together. She's the only person who knows the real me.

"It was fine." I say, a smile playing across my face. Her face lights up and she laughs. "You got laid. Why Damien, I'm so proud." She says mockingly. "You seeing her again?" I nod.

"Yea, gonna see that movie playing in the drive in." She smiles wickedly. "Wanna double? I'm sure Valerie wanted to see it. And of course I get to meet, what was her name, Selene?"

I sigh. 'Shell and her protectiveness.' "Yea sure, we can meet up Tuesday." She gets off the bed.

"Great. See ya there."

I shake my head indulgingly as she flounces away. "Yea, see ya."


"Ok the movie absolutely sucked." Valerie complains. "I agree tenfold." Says Selene. I glance at her and smile. I was sorta worried when I agreed to the double thing. I didn't know if she would be alright with that, or the bigger one, if she was homophobic. But she was very happy, and she got along with Valerie great, which is surprising, Val doesn't get along with people that often.

"What did you think Shell." I ask, still looking at Selene. "It was fine." She replies quietly, and I quickly glance back at her a notice her staring at something. I look into the direction she's ogling and notice, she's not taking her eyes off Selene.

"Shell, are you alright." She snaps out of her reverie. "Ye-yea, I'm fine." She quickly walks ahead of me and grabs onto Valerie's arm. "I'm not feeling very well babe, can we head home now?" Val seems disappointed to leave so soon, as we were gonna go to a bar after the movie-but she says ok with all the grace she can muster. She loops her arm around Shell's waist, and wave to use as they head towards Val's apartment.

"I hope she's ok, she seemed really distant all the time she was with us." I glance at Selene. I shrug. "So do I, she was fine earlier, maybe she just caught a bug." I put my arm around her. "C'mon, lets head home." I smile seductively at her. She laughs. "I was waiting for you to say that." She pulls the front of my jacket, bringing my mouth to hers. I kiss her tenderly, all the while the back of my mind thinks of the dream.


--Shelley's POV--

"You sure you're ok baby?" Val asks concerned after I climb out of the bath she drew for me. I smile at her. "Yes I'm fine, I guess I ate to many Milk Duds at the movie, you know, me and chocolate have a love hate relationship." I lie, knowing perfectly well why I wanted to leave so soon. Thankfully Val notices nothing. "Yea, you sure do love that shit."

I sit on the bed and towel dry my hair. 'I'm so sorry Val-baby. I just needed to get away from her, I kept thinking of those perfect luscious lips, and how they would feel on me...' I shake my head, clearing the thoughts I didn't want to resurface. As soon as I met Selene, I felt like I was going to combust.

I love Val so much, but for whatever reason, Selene just got stuck in my head. I kept thinking what she would taste like.

*Part 3*

The towel is obscuring my eyes and I feel them tear up. 'Damn it, stop this now, get a hold of yourself.' I feel someone kneel in from of my and place their hands on my bare thighs. I look up and see Val, and I feel guilty for that small stab of sadness for hoping it was someone else.

"It's been awhile." She says smiling. I can see she's already pent up. I sigh internally, but smile at her. "I know. Do ya wanna...?" I leave the question open. I feel her hands go further up my thighs. She leans in and kisses me, while I feel her fingers probe my pussy. She pulls back and runs kisses down my throat and collar bone. "Lean back baby." I lay back on the bed. Val reaches up and releases the towel and lightly caresses my breasts. My eyes start to drift shut and I let out a small sigh.

She glides her hands down my belly and across my pelvis. Her finger gently caresses my clit and I shudder slightly. All of a sudden I get an image into my head. It's me, and what's happening now, is happening there, but instead of Valerie, its Selene. Selene kneeling between my legs, gently caressing me. She then takes her tongue and runs it up my slit causing me to moan. My hands curl around the sheets under me.

"Do you like that baby?" she asks me, running it up on my slit again. "Yes." I moan and she repeatedly does it. I push myself against her waiting mouth and she starts to roughly circle my clit, hitting all the right places, sending wave after wave of pleasure to course through me. I can already feel myself building closer.

I feel her tongue push into me. My cunt lightly shuddering around her. I moan as she starts to pump and lick around, drinking me in. She moves her attention back to my clit, she lightly nips it sending a shock through my system and I gasp. 'God, it feels so good.'

My eyes are shut tight and she continues lapping and nipping my clit. I feel her push two fingers inside. Her fingers feel bigger than they look. I start to thrust against them as she pumps them into me, increasing her speed gradually.

I feel that pressure in my belly become stronger. I'm so close. She curls her fingers inside of me and bites hard on my clit. Then I climax. Wave after wave of pleasure, I spasm around her fingers and call out her name.


I feel her stop and pull away. "What did you say?"

My eyes flow open. 'Shit, no.' I sit up and see Val staring at me open mouthed. "Val, I-I..." I see tears forming in her eyes. She never cries. I reach out to touch her and she pulls away and looks at me with disgust. She quickly stands up. "I see how it is, you just met that bitch and you're already fawning over her."

"No, wait its not what you think." She glares at me. "Yea? Then what is it?" I stare at her open mouthed not sure what to say. "That's what I thought." She turns and walks out, I hear the front door slam. I feel tears stream down my face.

"I'm sorry."

-Well there's chapter 2. I hope you enjoyed it. Feedback is welcome, and I should be making a 3rd chapter soon.-

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