tagRomanceDancing Wildly: Wingman's Return

Dancing Wildly: Wingman's Return


On the drive over, I only hoped the day would be something special. So much time had passed. I mean, I hoped we would have fun. Kris and I have it hit it off well ever since the first night we met. But there was a lot more baggage for both of us to carry now.

That first weekend had been glorious, but I never thought it would be anything more than a single weekend. She went back to her world at U.N.I. and I stayed in mine. Without a car, the hour drive might as well have been ten. I thought about her, especially since Jason would not let it rest. But I let my own insecurities talk me into believing that it had been nothing more than an extended one night stand. I mean, she was really out of my league. I'm all right looking, but Kris is gorgeous. Once she got back to Waterloo, the guys would be all over her and I would become a footnote.

So the first letter was a surprise. I practically ran back to my room to read it, forgetting to act cool and unconcerned. I read it three times in an hour, wrote back to her that same day, and that started things on a new level. I wanted to visit her as soon as I could arrange the transportation and time. I knew she would welcome the visit, but things kept getting in the way. Between baseball season and finals, I never managed to get out to see her. Still, we talked and I made plans to stay in Iowa over the summer instead of going home.

Then the unimaginable happened. The Texas Rangers drafted me in the 19th round. I signed, of course. How could I give up that dream? I was sent to the short-season Spokane Indians in Washington and that was the end of my summer plans. Kris was disappointed, but she understood. By the time the season was over, it was back to school. I was a couple weeks late, but Coach Rima pulled some strings and the school was proud of my success, so I was OK. But my first few weekends were spent catching up. This meant I couldn't go see Kris.

Kris understood everything, but when we talked she also had that tone. A tone I interpreted as saying chances were slim for us to make up the lost time. Still, the chemistry between us was such that I had to try. Plus, you could never tell with her. She is so sarcastic, and without seeing her eyes I couldn't tell what was serious and what was a joke. It would have been easier if I could catch a teasing twinkle or that mischievous little smile

As I pulled up in front of her dorms the radio started playing Aerosmith's new song, the one that starts with, "There goes my old girlfriend…" I prayed it was not being prophetic.

I knocked on the door and Debbie answered. She gave a little screech and hugged me tight, and suddenly I felt better about my chances. But Kris was not there. Just a note and some directions to a spot down by the river. A little side road off of the 218. I knew it meant she was up to something, but Debbie was not giving up any hints. I headed back to the car, a mixture of fear and anticipation doing a cha-cha in my skull and my heart providing a strong dance beat from my chest. Kris wanted us to have complete privacy, without any chance of interruption. This was either going to turn out very good, or very bad.

I parked the car on the edge of the dirt road and headed through the trees like the note said. I knew she would have heard the car. She knew I was coming.


"Here Will, right over here."

I turned to my left as I emerged from the tree cover and saw her for the first time in six months. My heart caught as I realized that no picture could capture her. An organ slightly further south gave it's own opinion of how I really felt about her looks. She had the classic 'farmer's daughter' style going; cut off shorts and a shirt tied up to bare her navel. I had forgotten how she affected me…

"I've been waiting, Will. Six fucking months I've been waiting. And even for this you're late!" She spun around and showed me her back. Uh oh, I thought. This is not starting well.

"Kris, come on! You leave me a note and directions to someplace I've never been, in a city I've never visited? I was on time to the dorms! How was I supposed to know we were coming out here?" I reached up to put my hand on her shoulder as I pleaded that last, hoping I could calm her down. It played right into her hands.

I had forgotten her black belt in judo.

It took me a moment to realize what was happening as I tumbled forward onto the grass. Then she was on top of me, laughing. I had fallen for it. She wasn't angry. Her lips sought mine and proved it. Suddenly I was kissing her once again and I knew that I had been wrong. The magic of that first night was still there.

She had brought a picnic lunch, but it was forgotten. I kissed my way around her face and neck before slipping down to untie the country fashion statement of her shirt and bury my face in her breasts. The pink tips of them shuddered as I pulled them deep into my mouth. I pulled off her shorts to discover she had been planning for exactly this to happen. No panties to go with no bra. I pulled my own shirt off over my head, kicked off my shoes and slipped out of my jeans.

Both of us naked, in the open, on an Indian summer afternoon with the sun shining on our bare skin. Part of me wanted to take it slow. That part lost out as she attacked me and I responded.

"Fuck me, Will. Show me how much you missed me."

We tore into each other with a desperate abandon, letting our inner animals take over for this first time in so very long. There was no holding back. I couldn't have held back for long anyway, but Kris didn't care. She wanted me to come quickly, wanted to see how badly I wanted her. I collapsed on top of her and looked into eyes that were on the verge of tears. It scared me, until she told me it was a good thing.

The second time was gentler, and more loving. She pushed on my shoulder and I rolled onto my back at her direction while she kissed her way down my chest. My cock was still semi-hard from the first time as she took it in her mouth and bought it back. Her lips wrapped around me and her tongue tickled the underside of my shaft as I grew in her mouth. When I was fully hard again, I pulled her away and turned her. I held her hips as I moved back and forth, my fingernails tracing patterns on her back, my hands squeezing her ass. I slipped my thumb in her ass when her breathing quickened, and reached the other hand around to play with her clit.

We made love three times that afternoon. No one disturbed us and we never even heard a car. The last time I memorized every instant as I stared up at her silhouetted against the fading light, breasts bouncing as she rode me, her mouth gasping for air just before she collapsed on my chest as her arms gave out and her legs straightened beneath her with the force of her orgasm.

Afterwards, we lay in the grass and just talked for a couple of hours. We finally got to the picnic basket, and if the wine was a little warm, well, it didn't really matter. As the dark of the night deepened, we finally packed everything up and got in the car to head back to her campus.

It was so hard to say goodbye. It was well after midnight when we finally parted, and I had been kissing her goodnight for at least an hour. But I had to get back to school. I needed to graduate this winter so I could go to Arizona for spring training in February.

I was halfway back to Dubuque when I felt the need for a different kind of release, a need to celebrate. So I pulled the car over next to an already harvested field, turned it off and walked away from the road, into the field. I threw my arms wide as I screamed my love into the night sky. Afraid to believe in my own triumph, but knowing it was real, I understood why man invented music.

Sometimes you just have to dance.

Dancing wildly
beneath the eclipse
of the October harvest moon.
I throw wide my arms
in worship,
drinking in the stillness.
The only music
plays in my heart,
and is accompanied
by crickets
and rustling grasses.
The only light
that of the stars.
The only audience
a startled rabbit
who fled at my approach.
To untrained eyes
I seem to dance alone,
but whenever
I dance,
in noise
or silence,
you will be there.

This is a sequel to the 2004 Erotic Coupling Reader's Choice Story Wingman. It was written as a challenge for the Poetry boards here at Literotica in October 2004. The challenge was to turn an existing poem into a story. The poem at the end is the basis for the events that precede it.

After so long languishing on my hard drive, I thought it right it should finally be shared again...

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