Danger Ch. 17


"Oh God!!! I wanna feel you cock in my pussy now!!!" she shouted as her orgasm approached. Danger was only to happy to oblige. Leanne led him to the massage table and laid down on her back allowing Danger to climb on top of her. His cock quickly found her moist slit and he slid into the hilt causing Leanne's hips to buck underneath him. "Ohhhh...fuck me! Fuck me hard!!!", she cooed as he began slowly pumping in and out of her tall, slender body. She raised her legs off the table and squeezed his sides with her thighs as he increased his pace. Her moaning became louder and louder with each thrust. Danger grabbed the end of the table and then began mercilessly fucking her cunt, thrusting into her as hard as he could.

"Oh yes!!! That's what I want!!! Harder!!! Harder!!!" Leanne screamed at him as she started to come. Her legs were now wrapped around Danger pushing him inside of her on each thrust and not letting him to fully withdraw. her hands began rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples bringing her orgasm to its full height even quicker. Danger could feel her whole body quivering and to Leanne it felt as though electric arcs were shooting from between her legs all her body. They were both sweating heavily now and it allowed their bodies to slide over each other more easily, allowing Danger to pump into even harder.

When Leanne came it was like a dam had broken. Her juice squirted out of her pussy from around Danger's shaft soiling the top of the massage table. Danger continued pounding her cunt until her orgasm subsided and she asked him to stop. He left his cock in her as it softened and continued humping her slowly. She was still moaning and had began running her hands over her sweaty, naked flesh.

When his dick came out of her cunt, Danger climbed off of the petite blonde and helped her up. They went back to the other room and began dressing.

"God I can't believe this really happened!" Leanne said incredulously. "I saw Britney Spears naked, ate her pussy, got fucked by the biggest cock I've ever seen, and then watched watched her take it also. God, my friends'll never believe any of this."

"Well take this as proof. She won't miss them," Danger said handing Leanne Britney's panties which were among the rest of the clothes scattered on the floor. "They've even got her initials monogrammed on them." Leanne looked at found Britney's initials in red on the front to the left.

"I couldn't steal her underwear," Leanne said before hesitating a moment and then finally stuffing them into her jeans pocket. "Well I need proof and I'm sure she can afford a new pair of underwear," she rationalized as they left the dressing room to head home.

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