tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDangerous Liaisons. Pt. 2

Dangerous Liaisons. Pt. 2


Lisa obsessed about her handsome young lover, all night, praying that Paul had forgiven her indiscretions or might have thought twice about bringing his brother over. ‘God! What have I said?’ She thought, over and over, as her mind replayed her confessions to her youthful, slow?witted lover. Her mind was scrambled with guilt as she arose.

“I didn’t tell him anything about Daddy, thank the Lord.” Lisa whispered aloud. “Maybe it’ll be alright?”

Nervously she stepped into the shower, more convinced than ever that she’d made a huge mistake in being so honest about her other lover’s little eccentricities. What if Tim was smarter than Paul? The pair of them might decide to blackmail John and Hank, her father’s most loyal and trusted associates. ‘God! I can’t afford to let that happen!’ She agonised. ‘Daddy would kill me, if he ever found out.’

Before dressing Lisa looked into the mirror, fearing the effects of a broken night’s sleep. Her plan was to look as good as she could when her visitors arrived, hoping to convince Paul’s brother that she was a decent lady, who truly loved Paul, hoping he would see that it was all a dreadful mistake. Choosing a sophisticated dress that disguised her weight, she put on her fanciest underwear before putting her hair up. Lisa eased her legs into a new pair of self supporting stockings and then picked a pair of high?heeled shoes that made her legs appear longer. It took Lisa over an hour to get fully prepared. She hadn’t taken this much trouble over her appearance for years. Lisa checked in the mirror, admiring the more slender image she presented, before she wobbled her way out to the lounge. One of John’s gifts, an ornate chiming clock, revealed that she had fifteen minutes to wait. Lisa’s nerves almost reached breaking point, remembering that it was John’s turn to come over that night. ‘I hope I can sort this out by then.’

She treated herself to a tall glass of Jack Daniels whiskey with lots of lemonade, not wanting to taint her breath with alcohol.

“Like Daddy.” She cooed out loud, thinking about his long time love affair with booze. He never came to see her anymore, preferring to get plastered with his drinking buddies rather than chance another embarrassment when his erection failed yet again. Impotent from years of substance abuse, Lisa was aware of his real problem, at long last.

She sipped her drink daintily, watching the clock, straining her ears for her lover’s expected arrival. Every sound increased anticipation.

At eleven, much to her disappointment, nothing happened. She had time for another whiskey, to calm her shattered nerves.

It was ten minutes to twelve when she heard car doors slam shut and loud voices outside. Lisa ran downstairs, eagerly unlocking the door for them, even before the doorbell actually rang, greeting her young lover graciously with a welcoming smile. Paul and his younger brother stared at her dress, looking slightly disappointed she thought. They walked straight past her and mounted the stairs without saying a word to her. ‘Tim’s so young.’ She thought. ‘Barely out of high school.’

She locked the door, following the two young men upstairs regardless, feeling strangely excited and wondering what they thought of her well groomed presentation. Tim was a tall, well built young man who seemed to have little to say to her, directly. Paul introduced Tim to her.

“This is my brother Tim, Babe. Remember what I said yesterday?”

“Pleased to meet you, I’m sure.” Lisa held her down turned hand toward him, waiting for acknowledgement and putting it back down with an embarrassed smile when Tim didn’t respond, as expected. The young man sat on her couch and openly undressed her with his eyes, leering at her bodice intently. Tim hardly said a word and Paul made himself comfortable in her favourite chair, putting his dirty feet up on the only other chair, denying her a place to sit.

“Would you like a cold beer or something?” She asked awkwardly, smiling at Tim’s impassive face. “Maybe a whisky?”

“Got no use for that.” He stared at her tits, grinning. “Don’t drink, anyway.”

She stood there, uncomfortably, not knowing quite what to say. It was increasingly obvious that the younger brother hadn’t come there for a social chat. Paul lit up a smoke, passing one to Tim as well, before he sat down again. Both men seemed to be waiting for Lisa to make the first move. In the meanwhile they slouched around over her couch and chairs, smoking and dropping ash, all over her expensive carpet. They stared at her, as they messed up her lounge, silently daring Lisa to complain about their arrogant behaviour, ogling at her ample cleavage and making their intentions all too obvious. Lisa’s original plan was clearly a waste of time. She overheard a snide remark from Tim.

“She’s got tits, right enough Paul.” He leaned over, whispering in his ear just loud enough for Lisa to hear, snickering. “When’s she going to show them to us and let me fuck her, like you promised.” He turned back around toward her, grinning while he continued to stare.

Instead of speaking to her Tim made eye signals to Paul, as though he was getting bored. Lisa wondered how to go about this impasse. Surely they didn’t expect to visit a girl and make love to her one after the other, without some socializing first. Lisa fidgeted with a button on her dress, expecting Paul to make some suggestions on her behalf. The tense atmosphere was electric by then, pregnant with unfulfilled need on both sides.

“Wait up for a bit.” Paul signalled to his brother, getting out of his chair. He led her into the bedroom, grasping her hand, and sat down on the edge of the bed making her stand, right in front of him.

“This is it!” He urged softly. “ Let’s get that fancy gear off, right now!” He roared. “Tim wants to see what he’s getting, before he fucks you, just like Hank and John do.” he added softly with a scowl. Troubled by the latest development, Lisa decided to ask him outright.

“You want me totally naked for him?” She asked tentatively, her whole body starting to tremble for the first time. The reference to Hank and John convinced Lisa that she had to comply with his demands.

“I want to show Tim what an obedient slut you are, baby.”

“Why, darling? I agreed to let him fuck me.” She pleaded. “Why are you being so cruel about it?” Her voice trailed away.

He started ripping the buttons of her bodice open without any further word of encouragement. She raised her arms while he pulled her dress off, anxious not to damage the dress any further. His eyes gleamed as he undid her bra. Lisa clutched the unsupported pieces of cloth over her breasts, shaking nervously, her eyes pleading for compassion.

“That’ll about do it!” He grinned at her, raising the volume to call his brother. “Come on in, Tim.????See, I weren’t lying about her?”

Lisa’s shock was apparent when her frightened eyes looked toward the door and saw Tim relaxing against the door jamb, his lustful eyes roving over her body from top to toe. Paul grabbed her bra strap from behind tearing the flimsy garment from her grasp, ripping it as well.

“C’mon gal, we ain’t got all day.” He drawled, tossing her bra carelessly aside. “Get them frilly panties off and pose for Timmy by your Island gal, like you did the first time I saw you.” He snickered as he turned to Tim. “Wait till you see Lisa’s bald cunt, Timmy. This crazy old lawyer client of hers likes licking it, remember?”

Lisa’s heart sank as she realised that Paul had been bragging to Tim about his intimate knowledge of her body and spilling the beans about her private affairs as well.

Lisa glowered at Paul as she slipped off her panties and stepped out of them, posing as her lover ordered, with her eyes lowered, blushing furiously as she fought to keep her balance in the high heeled shoes.

“Put your hands on top of your head, Lisa!” Paul ordered. “Your tits are sagging.” He sneered. “Straighten yourself up!” He barked at her, looking to Tim for approval. “That’s how you handle women. See!” He turned back. “Pull your fucking stomach in, so we can both take a good look at that bald cunt of yours. Show Tim properly!”

Although this was humiliating she followed his instructions, blushing as she held herself straight, attempting to smile her way through the embarrassment at being put on display to his younger brother, in this undignified manner. Paul ran his index finger between her outer lips and pulled them apart, none too gently. Lisa arched her back, nearly falling over in shock when he invited Tim to take a real close look. While Tim examined her, Paul began caressing her breasts, spreading her legs wider apart with his knees, causing her to shift position in order to steady herself.

“Ask Tim if he wants to fuck you.” Paul squeezed her nipples.

“Fuck me.” She gasped. Lisa was reminded by an extra squeeze on her nipples. “If you want to, of course, Tim?”

“Shit!” Tim exclaimed. “I’ll never doubt your word again, Paul. Sure Babe. I’ll fuck you right enough.” He disappeared from her view.

The mesmerized young man got to his knees, gazing at her shaved vulva as though fascinated by her moistened lips. She felt Tim’s hot breath against her tender skin, bracing herself for the expected feel of his fingers, exploring her exposed private parts. Lisa knew he was still there, by his hot breath, but he didn’t touch her inflamed pussy.

“Nary a hair in sight, right enough.” He mumbled from below.

Lisa trembled as Paul played with her breasts. The familiar touch of his callused fingers made her nipples grow alarmingly. Lisa was sure she was wet down below. Paul guided Lisa over toward the freshly made bed, making her stand beside the bed, turning her about like a store mannequin to display the whip marks to his brother, as well.

“This is from that banker who whips her.” He pointed out. “Some of the bruises are from when I slapped her yesterday, before I fucked her ass, though. Paul ran his hand over her bottom, explaining their most recent encounter in glorious detail. “She likes a bit of pain at times, Timmy.” Her slapped her right cheek hard. “See what I mean?”

Tears welled up in her eyes but she refused to cry out in pain.

“Where’s that old prick keep the whip.” Tim asked Paul, smiling at Lisa but otherwise ignoring her, as he had all along.

“He totes it with him, as fur as I kin tell.” Paul drawled dryly.

Lisa began to sob, but not from the pain. She realised that Paul had told his brother that she was just a whore. Getting dressed up in all her finery had been a complete waste of time. It was obvious that her star pupil had no respect for her at all. She looked around and tried to control her emotions while she decided what to do next.

Paul and Tim were calmly taking their clothes off, ready to fuck her. She kicked off her high heeled shoes and quickly rolled her stockings off as she turned down the duvet, preparing to jump under the covers, expecting that Tim would probably want to fuck her first, making way for Paul, just to complete her humiliation.

“Not so fast, Lisa.” Paul yelled. “Tim’s got to lay there first so you can git atop of him.” He smiled. “I might do it in your ass again, so you better git yourself lubricated up before you screw Tim. Stay bent over just like that, sweetheart.” Paul sounded conciliatory but she was certain that he only intended to humiliate her, even more.

“See how keen she is to fuck you?” Paul nudged his brother. “Go get that jar on the dresser and make her fat ass nice and greasy for me.” He raised his voice. “You don’t mind if Timmy attends to that do you, sweetheart?” He chuckled proudly, showing his masterful approach to the opposite sex.

She froze, with one knee already up on the bed, unable to speak. Her first inclination was to argue but she thought better of it. If she showed them both a good time, they might not think about blackmailing her father’s best friends. Paul answered for her, in the end.

“Go on Timmy, she’s willing right enough.”

She sighed and spread both legs out wider, supporting her upper body on both hands, resigned to letting Tim’s eager fingers explore her butt.

“Is this what you want, my darling?” She turned her head to Paul and smiled obligingly. Deep down she was furious at him but knew that she couldn’t afford to show her anger.

Tim approached Lisa cautiously. She sensed the youth’s nervousness as he parted her cheeks and applied a generous blob of Vaseline, way too high. Paul came alongside and showed him how to push it right inside her bottom, using his finger. Lisa began to understand that this was probably Tim’s first intimate encounter with a woman, for all of his earlier bravado.

She relaxed and co?operated, retrieving as much dignity as she could in the process.

His touch was far more gentle than Paul’s and as he pushed his finger inside her bottom she squirmed with delight, encouraging him with a gentle sigh. Once he got more confident, Timmy took advantage of the golden opportunity to feel her up, rotating his right finger as his left hand inched toward her heated love nest. He was getting excited.

“That’s enough.” Paul chuckled. “Git up on her bed, like we saw in them dirty photos of Paw’s, so Lisa kin get up atop of you.”

Lisa had a chance to size Tim up as he climbed up and lay flat on his back. She noted that his penis was fully erect, dripping with seminal fluid, but he seemed smaller than Paul. She co?operated by wriggling herself up on the bed into the female superior position and mounting Tim without further delay. She squatted down over his hips and helped insert his cock, watching his face carefully while she moved her hips slowly at first so that Tim didn’t cum too quick. His eager penis was twitching and Lisa was anxious to make Tim’s first real experience as enjoyable as possible, for both of them. Paul was watching closely as he got up behind her and gripped her hips looking for the easiest way to penetrate her at the same time. She managed to stifle a scream as the air rushed out of her lungs. Paul pushed his hard member past her sphincter muscle, ramming his cock forcefully and fully into her anal passage, without any warning. He gave it a final shove.

“You alright there sweetheart?” Paul mumbled apologetically.

“It’s alright.” She panted, nodding her head. “I can manage.”

Lisa had never been so completely fulfilled. Her pain gave way to joy as the two pulsating members jockeyed for position inside of her, moving slowly at first until all three established a rhythm that worked. Tim clutched at her breasts and sucked her nipples for comfort while the three of them moved together in unison. Even Paul’s attitude was more tender and loving as he eased his frantic grip over her bruised hips.

“That’s my baby.” He soothed in her ear. “God, you feel good.”

“So do you, darling.” She sighed. “I love you so much, babe.”

He kissed the back of her neck with each inward stroke, causing Lisa to shiver with genuine passion. Her orgasm was building as she worked her internal muscles, pleasing both of her young lovers simultaneously.

“God Lisa!” Tim arched. “I think I’m going to cum.” The youth spoke directly to her for the first time, clutching her tightly as he jerked spasmodically and then went limp.

“It’s alright, baby.” She soothed, clenching at Tim’s pulsating member and kissing his dried out lips as he flooded her vagina with a copious quantity of seed. This seemed to excite Paul, as he quickened his pace, moving more frantically inside her anal passage.

“My God!” She shuddered as she met his thrusts, pushing her ass back at him, out of control, as her orgasm peaked. She was thoroughly enjoying herself and wanted it to last forever. Sandwiched in between two lustful young men, she let herself go, screaming with uninhibited passion and joy as he erupted, flooding her colon with hot sperm.

Lisa looked at the wide eyed youngster below her, noting his interest in her dangling breasts, inches above his eyes. She smiled invitingly at him and rolled to one side. Paul followed his usual form. and laid on the other side of her, closing his eyes with a contented smile. It wasn’t long before Paul’s breathing evened out.

The younger man accepted Lisa’s invitation, sucking on both nipples alternately.

Tim started exploring her dripping love nest, wide eyed and much less bashful, once Paul began snoring. His soft delicate fingers stroked at her inner thighs so she parted her legs, raising her hips to allow the baby faced youngster more freedom to explore and learn.

“Lisa?” He began uncertainly, clearing his throat. “Was I a bit too quick to cum, before?” He croaked, blushing as he met her eyes.

“Not at all, my love.” She sighed, turning toward him. “Lots of men, older than you, don’t even make it inside a lady properly before they cum. You were simply wonderful, Tim.” She shuddered and steadied as his exploring fingers found her clitoris and rubbed it gently. “Oh Timmy, you’ll make some lucky girl a wonderful husband one day soon.” She sighed. “I’m certain you must have heaps of beautiful young girls chasing after you.” She whispered, flattering him deliberately. “You made me cum as well, you know.” She confided. “Oh Timmy, I do believe you’re doing it again.” She shivered, deliciously.

“Really!” His anxious face broke out into a wide smile. “Ladies cum too? Paul reckoned I needed to sow me some more wild oats before I go off to college next spring.” His voice dropped off to a whisper. “Cindy Lou won’t let me take her panties off.” He swallowed, blushing bright red. “It’s only my first time, being inside a lady properly, I mean.” His voice trailed off with embarrassment. “Do you mind?”

“No!” Lisa smiled inwardly, feigning shock. “I find that really hard to believe, Tim!” She whispered seductively. “I never would have realised that.”

Lisa’s hand reached out to find Tim’s tiny penis and gave it a gentle squeeze. Her breathing quickened when it started to respond, growing larger as she fondled it, hoping that she might be able to change his attitude toward her. It was important that Timmy liked her, at least.

“Does Cindy Lou suck on your penis, when she won’t let you make love to her, Tim?” She whispered, trying to excite him. “A lot of men like that, you know.” She gave the boy’s half inflated member another gentle squeeze. “Well! I do believe you’re getting hard again already young man.” She smiled invitingly. “Would you like to fuck me again?”

“Can I do it the same way as Paul, Ma?am?” He licked his lips. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to put it in your bottom, this time.” He blushed. “Can I Lisa?” He smiled sweetly, using her name this time.

“Of course you may, darling. I can see that you really know how to treat a lady.” She cooed with a triumphant smile. “Go ahead!”

She rolled over immediately raising her hips, helping him to enter her ass.

The youth rested, once he was fully inside her bottom, and delicately whispered in her ear, just as polite as could be.

“You know, I’d like to watch, while this John guy whips you, sometime.”

Lisa’s blood ran cold. Her mouth moved but no sound escaped.

“As long as you keep doing exactly what we want, Lisa, we won’t make any trouble for you or your clients, believe me!”

Tim began stroking a lot faster. Her worse fears were being realised.

The End.

I’m sure Lisa will have many intriguing adventures to look forward to in future. Let me know if you want to hear about them, preferably in the usual way. Barbara Anne. N. Z. G. S. K.

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