tagMind ControlDangerous Paths Ch. 02

Dangerous Paths Ch. 02


Part 2

Chapter 5

Mark picked up the ringing phone," Rutherford."

"Santiago just left Holloway's house. He was in there for a good long time." The cop laughed.

"Just don't let him out of your sight. And Peters?"


"Be careful. This man is extremely dangerous. DO NOT let him know you"re on his tail."

"Don't worry he wont have a clue."

Mark sat up in bed," Shit, Trinity, I thought you'd be smarter than this."

He made his way inside the bathroom and began splashing water on his face. "God help me! I can't get her out of my mind! Every time I close my damn eyes she's there invading my head." After he finished with the water he got dressed. Since Peters was going to be tailing Santiago he figured he would keep an eye on Trinity's place just in case something was to go down. In truth he knew he just needed to see her again. Somehow she had gotten into his system and he was having trouble getting her out. If he ever would.

Almost every light was out, except one, at Trinity's apartment. That one window leading into her bedroom was where Mark found her once again crying. His gut twisted. He wanted to help her so badly it hurt. But he didn't know how far inside Santiago's operation she was. All his research told him was that she was a good citizen, not even a traffic ticket on her record. She graduated with honors from Syracuse University majoring in Biology, so she was intelligent. The only thing he found was that she never got to go to med. school because of her mother's sudden illness. Even though Trinity had a full scholarship to the University of Buffalo, one of the state's leading med. schools. The fact that she passed up the opportunity to finish school to take care of her mother told him she was dedicated to her family. Not to mention the fact that her mother was the only family she had left, and according to her mother's medical records she had less than six months to live. Cancer was eating her alive.

"Maybe that's why she sits up there all the time and cries." Mark thought.

If only he knew.

If he knew the true reason she was crying now, he might not feel so sorry for her. She was crying because of the mess she had made out of her life. The fact that her mother would never see her graduate from medical school, if she even got the chance to go back. She cried because she didn't know if she would live to see another day. She had seen first hand that once Rob started wondering about a person's loyalty he usually ended up killing that person to be on the safe side. If he killed her she didn't know who would take care of her mother. Even though her mother is ill and only has a short time left Trinity wants to be there when her times comes.

"I have to get away from Rob." She breaking the silence of the room." But how can I?"

She looked down to the street and seen a strange car. Her defenses immediately raised, she raced out of the window and ran to lock all the doors and windows.

"SHIT!" Mark cussed himself. He was busted and he knew it. He sat in the car trying to plan his next move. Now that Trinity knew she was being watched he would have to be very careful.

Trinity didn't know what to do. She sat in the chair farthest from the window."How the hell did he find out where I live?" She asked herself. She realized then Mark Rutherford must know more about her than she thought. Although she hadn't broken any laws literally, she still knew a lot about Rob's operation and the crimes he had committed. She held the answers to a lot of unsolved crime in the city. Apparently both Rob and Mark Rutherford knew that. That in itself was a reason for Trinity to be nervous.

When the knock came at her door, at first, she didn't know what to do. She knew it had to be the cop. Trinity knew if he stayed in the hallway someone was bound to see him in her apartment building and talk. She figured she better let him say what he came to say and then get him out of here fast. She opened the door and quickly pulled him inside.

"Damn you Mark Rutherford! You're going to get me killed!"

"No I'm trying to save your life!"

Trinity closed all the blinds in her apartment," I've been through enough because of you already!"

"What do you mean? Did Rob hurt you?"

"What do you care?"

"I care alright!" He spat," If you knew how much you'd laugh."

"What are you talking about if I knew how much?"

"Don't worry yourself over that, a woman like yourself wouldn't care......"

"A woman like myself......." She interrupted," What the fuck do you mean by that?"

"Nothing...I forgot you're the virtuous one aren't you?"

"If you're asking if I fuck Robert Santiago," She turned her back to him, "Then your answer is I do what I have to to survive."

"Do you love him?"

"You don't love a man like him. You fear him. You do what you're told and don't ask questions. You ask question or even get caught talking with a cop and you're dead."

"Leave him." The statement came out as a plea.

"Why the hell do you care?" She asked again.

"Look, I'm here to help you, Trinity. I can get you out of this."

Tears welled up in her eyes, " Nobody leaves Rob. Nobody leaves and lives that is. The only way you get away from him is in the form of a body bag. I don't wanna go that route. I'm fine right here."

"Then why do you sit in your window sill and cry every night?" Mark asked, " It can't be because you're happy being his bitch."

His words struck home. That was exactly what Rob called her earlier and she knew he was right. She is his bitch, but Mark was right as well, she isn't happy about it.

"There's things you don't know about me. Why I do what I do. Do you have any family Mr. Rutherford?"

" Yes I do." He looked into her beautiful amber eyes," I know about your mother. I know how sick she is. Is that why you stay with Santiago?"

Trinity knew then that she was under investigation and the thought scared the hell out of her, but it also made her angry," So you're checking up on me? Investigating me? I haven't done anything. I told you I do what I need to so I can survive."

"You take blood money. Money people have been killed for."

A tear fell down her cheek," I do what I have to. Do you know how expensive medical bills can be, Mr. Rutherford?"

He knew that close to fifty thousand dollars had been spent on her mother's illness alone. That cost didn't include any utility bills or other house hold bills there may be concerning Ms. Margaret Holloway, her mother. Mark knew more about Trinity than even she could have guessed. He was being torn apart inside. He knew she was bad news to get involved with, but a part of him didn't care, a big part. He would gladly welcome her trouble if he could have her. He had to have her. Nothing had been the same since he met her. Honestly since he first had been assigned the case and seen her pictures.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"I'm sorry Trinity. I can't help myself." Was all he said before he crushed his lips down on hers.

Trinity was blown away by the power in his kiss. She had never been kissed with such passion. It was the kind of kiss she had been waiting for all her life. He was the kind of man she had always dreamed of. He tasted of stale whiskey, but she had never tasted a sweeter taste. Their tongues danced as they made love with only their mouths. Mark was fast loosing control over himself. His hands roamed over the curves of her body. She moaned when his hand found one of her breasts.

"Oh God Trinity, I don't care I have to have you." He whispered in her ear with a light nip.

Reality came rushing back to her and she pushed him away. " I can't do this. Shit what am I doing?" She began to pace the living room.

"Please let me help you get out of all of this."

"I told you before there is no escape. This is my life. Deal with it, I have."

"You deserve a better life. I can give you that."

"Why would you want to? This isn't your problem. It's mine." She started laughing. " Fuck!"

"What?" Mark asked.

"This is all for the collar isn't it? So you can have the glory of bringing Robert Santiago down! You know you need me to do that. This is all a trick! A fucking trick! Rob was right! You come into my house and tell me what you think I want to hear. That you can rescue me. I almost fell for it! You son of a bitch get the hell out of my house!"

Mark could tell he had hit a nerve with her. He could see the anguish in her stormy eyes. Tell in the way she was trying to hold back her tears. How her nails were biting into her palms of her slender hands.

"This isn't a trick. If you want to know the truth, I wish this was a fucking trick! I wish I could turn off this craving you started inside me. I have never felt this intensely about a woman! I have been following you for months. Each time I seen you this feeling gets worse. Every time I see you with Santiago the knife gets twisted harder. All the nights I have watched you sit in your window and cry have killed me. Please you have to trust me."

Trinity didn't know what to say. She was so confused her head was starting to hurt. "Why are you doing this to me? Why are you trying to hurt me?"

"I would never hurt you." He caressed her cheek with his hand. "Please you must believe me."

"You have to go. If you are seen here we'll both be dead."

"I can help you, Trinity."

"No one can help me. I am as good as dead as it is."

Shock registered on his face," What are you talking about?"

"Rob knows about our little meeting the other day. One of his lackeys has been following me as well. He reported back to Rob and now he is started to suspect that I am a traitor. So you see you have already killed me." She walked away from his touch. " The part of me Rob killed was the last part of the real me left." When she thought about the anal rape she had been through she wanted to puke. "So you see Mark, I am already dead." Trinity grabbed Mark and kissed him deep and hard. Then she pushed him away.

Mark wrote an address down on his card. "If you want my help be at this address tomorrow at two a.m., if you can't make it because of Santiago, but still want my help leave a message with the woman is apartment 16B."

"Why the woman in apartment 16B?"

"She is an undercover detective who is also on the Santiago case."

Trinity wondered again just how long she had been watched by the police. She was about to say something, but Mark laid the card down on the table and left. She looked at the address on the card. It was a little cafe on the other side of town. Rob's men didn't like to go to that part of town as it is heavily protected by the police. Her lips still tingled from the kiss she had shared with Mark. Although she was confused, her instincts told her that Mark was telling her the truth. A last glimmer of hope started inside her.

Chapter 6

The next day she was still trying to decide if she could risk going to see Mark. If she could get away with it. This would be the first time she had crossed Rob. She couldn't stop herself from shaking.

It was close to noon when Rob walked through the door. He was the last person she wanted to see today. But after the initial shock she decided she could do this. She had to. She walked over to the chair he was sitting in and started rubbing his shoulders.

"I take it you are feeling better today, my dear."

"I feel fine. Why do you ask?" She kissed the top of his head.

"I have been worried about you lately. I was afraid you were switching sides on me. Forgetting who has taken care of you for the last three years."

"I'm sorry, Baby. I've just been worried about Mother. Don't worry I know which side I'm on."

"And your cop friend? Have you seen him anymore since his last visit?"

"The stupid son of a bitch was sitting outside my window last night. He came up here, but I didn't let him in or tell him anything. I wont betray you, Rob."

"You owe me for yours and your mothers life, don't you ever forget that."

"You wont ever let me." She wanted to say, but instead said," I know Baby. I wont."

He grabbed Trinity and pulled her down on his lap." Things are going to be different around here from now on. I am making arrangements for you to move into the guest house, my love."

"The guest house?"

"Yeah the one behind my house. That way whenever I need your sweet pussy," He laughed," Or ass all I have to do is walk right out my back door. What do you think of that idea?"

He didn't miss the anger that flashed in her eyes," What about your wife?"

"You know she is too afraid to oppose me." He rubbed his hands together," Besides I have plans for the two of you. Let's just say two pussies are better than one, especially if you have them both at the same time."

"Whatever you think is best. If you want me closer than I will move into your guest house. I just don't want any trouble with your wife."

"Don't worry about her. It'll all be taken care of by the end of the week. But before you start packing I need some attention."

He unbuttoned her shirt and ripped off her bra looking right into her eyes. He bit down hard on her nipple breaking the skin. A low scream escaped from her.

"Please Baby don't hurt me no more." She pleaded with him.

A cruel smile formed on his face," I'll do whatever I want to you. I thought you knew that."

Trinity closed her eyes to try to escape from the pain he was causing her. Rob was suckling loudly on her tits and biting her nipples while roughly fingering her now exposed pussy. He started pinching her clit harder than he ever did before and Trinity knew she was still getting punished for meeting with Mark. She could only hope he didn't know about last night. He unzipped his pants and impaled her down on his cock. He continued impaling her for a few minutes before throwing her onto the floor.

"Roll over, Bitch!" He sneered when she landed on her back.

Slowly she rolled over trying to control her tears. Once on her hands and knees with her ass high in the air Rob fucked her pussy again. He was rutting in her like an animal. Sweat from his cubby body pouring all over her back. All of a sudden he pulled his cock out and viciously penetrated her still tender ass. Trinity received a brutal slap to the ass when she let out a piercing scream.

"Deal with it, Slut.: He told her as he bit down hard on her back leaving a near perfect dental impression and bruising almost immediately.

Trinity bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming anymore and tried to relax her sphincter to alleviate some of the pain. She cursed herself when she started fucking him back. Taking all of his thick cock in her ass. She could feel her hole tearing, but it seemed a part of her was enjoying the anal fuck, a big part. Tears of shame fell from her eyes as she had a violent orgasm and fell to the floor gasping for air.

"Get back up, Bitch, I'm not finished with you yet."

She tried to get back up on her hands and knees but couldn't. Her body was shaking too hard. Rob picked her up and threw her over the arm of the couch. Trinity was like a rag doll in his hands. After he has her exactly how he wanted her he plunged back inside her ass. He gave a few more thrusts inside her tight ass and then shot his load deep into her bowls.

"You little whore! You fucking got off on me sodomizing your ass! Your little slut!" He smacked her hard across the face.

Trinity just laid still exactly where she was. She didn't move from fear of more abuse. She tasted blood on her lips and the taste made her nauseous. She heard Rob fixing his pants, but as she looked over to make sure she saw him slipping his belt out of them. Before she knew what hit her the leather belt crack down hard across her ass checks. Then again across her back, legs and finally after turning her over her tits and vagina.

"You better learn that I am not one to be crossed Trinity! That cop he was in here last night. What you didn't learn from the first experience?" He grabbed her face and pulled her into his face," Why the fuck did you let him in here? You stupid little cunt!"

"He was watching outside my window. I seen him and then he came up here. I didn't know what to do, I swear! I didn't say anything to him. Nothing about you I swear. He just wants to fuck me nothing more. I think he's a dirty cop trying to get into your good graces. He gave me this card to give to you." She picked the card off the table and handed it to him," He told me to tell you if you needed anything to give him a call that...That he could make charges disappear for a price. He wants on your payroll." She lied like her life depended on it.... Which indeed it did.

Rob stopped the belt in mid air," If what you say is true then set up a meeting between me and your dirty cop friend. If it isn't you won't live long enough to lie to me again." He turned and walked out of her apartment with the belt still in his hand.

Trinity staggered into her bathroom turned the shower on and without bothering to remove her clothes got under the flow of the water. The entire time wondering how she was going to be able to pull this off between Mark and Rob. The water, at first, stung her back, but after a few minutes the cold water made her body go numb. The throbbing now just a memory she struggled out of her wet clothes, well what was left of them, and crawled into bed to sleep for the rest of the day

Chapter three coming soon.

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