tagErotic CouplingsDanielle's Friends & Family Ch. 02

Danielle's Friends & Family Ch. 02


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Twenty minutes later, Danielle was washed and changed and driving to the county jail. She'd made Jack wait at home while she went to find out what had happened to Billy. They were both good boys who had just finished university and she couldn't think why he'd been arrested. She'd changed into a short skirt and another T-shirt which, if she hadn't been rushed, she might not have worn: it was an old white one, too small for her big tits and, as she'd been rushing and hadn't put a bra on, her nipples were clearly visible.

As she drove, she couldn't help thinking about what had just happened between herself and her son. In the space of a few minutes, her world had changed and she had committed incest with one of her boys. The strange thing was, though, she didn't regret it at all and, if she were honest with herself, she couldn't wait to do it again. The thought of Jack's monster cock in her pussy was making her wet even as she drove to the jail.

When she arrived at the jail, she told the deputy who she was and why she was here. The young officer had a hard time paying attention, his gaze glued to her tits all the while, but eventually gave her directions to the Captain's office which was on the floor above. Finding the door marked Captain Mark Ellis, she knocked and a voice from inside asked her to come in.

"Captain Ellis? I'm Danielle Kent. The deputy on the counter asked me to come up and see about getting my son released." She said as she walked in.

"Ah, yes, William Kent. Please, sit down." The Captain said, indicating a chair in front of his desk. He made no secret of staring at her huge tits as they jiggled slightly when she sat down. "Your son's in a bit of trouble, Mrs Kent." He said.

"It's Ms Kent. I'm not married." Danielle said.

"My mistake." He smiled at her and, despite his obvious gaze, she smiled back, liking him instantly. "As I said, Ms Kent, William's in some trouble. One of my deputies picked him and his girlfriend up round the back of the mall . . . er . . . well, they were having sex."

"Oh." Danielle said.

"You should be proud, though. My deputy almost arrested William for having a lethal weapon." Danielle looked at him strangely. "Your son's got quite the tool between his legs, apparently." Danielle couldn't help but grin; it looked like Jack and Billy were twins in every way. "Plus, he's got great taste in girls; the blonde he was with had a rack easily as big as . . . well, it was very big."

He'd almost said as big as her own, Danielle realised.

"And did your deputy arrest the girl as well?"

"Sure did. She's in one of the other cells right now. Name's . . ." he reached for a clipboard. "Name's Kayla Monroe." Danielle gasped. "You know her?"

"I . . . I thought that . . . that Billy had broken up with her . . . that's all." Danielle managed, but she could see the Captain didn't really believe her. "Has she . . . have her parents been alerted yet?"

"No, that's the strange thing. She said she'd wait for you."

Danielle wasn't really surprised; the girl Billy had been caught fucking was her niece! That made them cousins and the last thing they wanted was either the police or both Danielle and her sister Tanya finding out. For some reason, they'd thought they could trust Danielle.

"So how do I get them out?"

"Well, I know what kids are like. Me and the wife got one of our own. If you could see your way to donating two hundred for the pair of them, we can forget all about it."

Danielle reached for her purse to get the money, thankful that it would be straightforward, then realised in her hurry she hadn't brought it.

"I'm afraid I don't have any money with me. I . . . I was rushing, you see."

"Happens all the time, Ms Kent." Captain Ellis said, standing up. He walked round to the front of the desk, sitting on the edge, directly in front of her. "Worried parents want to get down here as quick as possible. Not the first time I've . . . negotiated . . . with a young mother."

They looked at each other for a moment, then Danielle glanced at his crotch which was right in front of her and clearly showed signs of being well stuffed.

"What do I have to . . . negotiate . . . with?" she asked. The Captain didn't answer, just stared at her big tits. With a grin, still turned on by the thought of sucking Jack's cock, Danielle slowly pulled her T-shirt up, revealing her jugs. "Will these do?"

"Oh yeah." The Captain said. "For a start." He reached down and groped her tits, pinching her stiff nipples. For the first time in eight years, she felt someone else's hands other than her own on her body and, having had one of her sons cum on her face not long before, it was enough to send her gasping to a huge orgasm. Captain Ellis kissed her, their tongues entwining as she grappled with his trousers, opened them and pulling them down, freeing the big piece of meat in his pants.

He leaned back, watching her grasp his cock and jerk it slowly. "Not as big as your son's, eh?" he asked, grinning as Danielle shook her head without thinking. "Why don't you see if it tastes as good." Danielle eagerly swallowed as much of the Captain's dick as she could, licking and slurping at it, covering it in spit. "Fuck you're good." He gasped. "You've had a lot of practice, Ms Kent. You practice on your son, huh?" He grabbed her hair and lifted her head off his dick. "Tell me: you ever sucked Billy's cock?"

She smiled at him. "Not yet." She said. He laughed and pushed her back in the chair, straddling her chest, sliding his cock between her tits. Danielle took hold of her big melons and pushed them around his length. "Go on, Captain, fuck my tits. Fuck my big titties." The Captain thrust his slippery cock in and out of her cleavage. "You like that? You like fucking my tits? Your wife got tits this big, Captain?"

"Not quite." He gasped. "But my . . . daughter has."

"You ever fuck your daughter's tits, Captain?" Danielle asked.

He grinned at her. "Not yet."

"I'd like to see it when you do." Danielle said. "I'd like to see you fuck your daughter's big fucking tits! Watch you cum all over them, just like you're gonna cum over mine tonight."

"Oh fuck yeah! I'm gonna cum!" The Captain groaned, his big dick lurching in her cleavage and shooting out a wad of jism. There wasn't as much as Jack had produced, but he still delivered a big load, grabbing his cock and jetting out thick ropes of spunk on to Danielle's tits. He leaned back as the last of his load went over her jugs. Danielle moved to scoop up his jism with her fingers but he stopped her. "I want your son to see you with my cum on your tits." The Captain said with a grin.

Danielle smiled and carefully pulled her T-shirt back down. The cum soaked through instantly turning the already thin cotton almost see through, leaving her nipples clearly visible.

"You know, if Billy sees me like this, there's no telling what he might do." She said with a chuckle.

"He's a lucky kid." The Captain said, putting his dick away and tidying himself up. "If you were my mom, I'd be fucking you every chance I got."

"You never know, you might get another chance. But first, I need to get my son and his . . . girlfriend home."

The Captain led her down to the cells where Billy sat looking very shamefaced in one with his cousin, Kayla, in the next one. They both stood up when Danielle entered, Billy's eyes widening at the sight of his mom's obviously cum soaked tits.

"Not a word out of either of you." Danielle said sternly. "Captain Ellis has told me what you've been up to and I think it's time we had a talk."

They were both let out of their cells and, after thanking the Captain again, Danielle took them both to her car.

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