Dani's New Life Ch. 01

byLauries Husband©

Alan slipped another finger into her lathered pussy and started drilling her hot, tight hole harder and faster than ever. Dani was right on the edge, willing her climax to overtake her when without warning, he stopped and removed his hand. She tried so hard not to whimper at the emptiness in her hungry cunt. Alan put his arm around her waist and they started to walk towards a curtain-covered sliding glass door that opened on to a small balcony.

"These people, the five new managers, have all worked closely with me and each other before." Alan slowly pulled the cord that drew the curtains back, exposing the L-shaped balcony along with the rest of the hotel rooms that looked out over the indoor pool/atrium area. The more glass he exposed, the more Dani's skin began to vibrate. "Oh my God…" she thought to herself, "I can't believe he's testing me already!"

"That's why I knew I could trust them not to fuck this up – for all of us. Of course," Alan continued as he finished with the curtain and reached for the door handle, "people like them…they work hard," he started to slide the door open and the sounds from the pool two floors below drifted into the suite, "and they play hard. And sometimes, special circumstances… like the amount of money this will generate, entitles them to special compensation."

Alan smiled when he heard the beautiful blond moan. He'd known all about her long before he had ever joined the company. Daughter of a ruthless and well-known lawyer, she had been in and out of the papers for years. The last major deal she'd done for the company had been praised in the WSJ only weeks before. He was thrilled that she was smart, brilliant even. It would ultimately enhance her arousal as he dominated her and, thankfully, also cut down the time he would need to explain things to her – like now, he could tell…she already knew that she would be part of their special compensation.

With the door opened, Alan put his strong hand firmly on the small of her back and guided the bra-and-panty clad young wife to the longer side of the balcony, to the right side as they walked out. Her skin was flushed…she kept telling herself that her skimpy underwear looked like a swimsuit as she tried to maintain her breathing. "Isn't this lovely, Daniella? Quite a view." He turned her slightly, making sure she saw several older men smoking on a balcony just one floor up and one room over. They were staring at her – she could feel the heat of their eyes on her flesh. The closest one was less than twenty feet away and she knew the sheer lace cups of her tiny bra did nothing to hide her dark pink nipples and she was trembling even harder under their intense scrutiny.

After a very long moment, Alan turned her back to them and slowly moved behind her, blocking the view of the smokers after just a glimpse of her panty-clad ass, and slowly moved her back towards the left side of the balcony. As they reached the area in front of the open glass door, he stopped and reached his arms around her. His fingers settled on the small clasp in the front of her bra. She felt a little faint as he unfastened the tiny bit of lace and metal and peeled the cups away from her full, firm breasts. The cool air shocked her nipples as they were uncovered. Hot blood filled them and they grew longer than ever before.

He tossed the bra into the room as he continued to speak. "The interesting thing about this particular balcony…" he moved her further to the left "…is it has a much more restricted view." They were almost at the end of the short area – Dani would swear her heart was beating outside of her chest – another step and her breasts would be on public display. "Christ, Cabo was nothing compared to this!" she thought as she neared the railing. "Look," he said as he moved directly behind her, "these tall planters (he turned her slightly to the right) keep this part hidden." She could feel the heat of his cock through his tailored pants as he pressed tightly against her back and forced her to the railing on the left. "Only people sitting in the hot tub can see this side." His hands covered hers on the thin metal rail, keeping her in place.

Dani forced herself to look down. Only fifty or sixty feet away and in clear sight were five very attractive people, athletic-looking thirty-somethings, sitting either in or on the edge of the bubbling sunken tub. Two light-haired men sat next to each other on the deck above the steaming, bubbling water. They were, in fact, brothers - though not the twins they first appeared to be. Next to them, seated in the tub was a strong looking military type with short black hair in a severe brush cut.

"Uhhhhhhhhhh!" The usually conservative lawyer gasped as her eyes shifted further right. On the deck next to the ex-Marine, stood a stunning young woman in a strikingly high-cut white tank suit. Her short, dark hair was feathered around her exotic face and her tanned, trim, athletic body was perfectly displayed in the skin-tight suit. Although Dani had felt no strong attraction in the past (once out of school anyway) for other members of her sex, she did recognize desire in the dark girl's eyes.

The fifth manager was a tall, lean Asian man. His hairless body looked like the result of countless hours in the gym – he was sculpted to perfection Each one was staring directly at her and it made her nipples so stiff it was like torture to the young, married suburban lawyer. Dani held their gaze as she moaned and felt her pussy juice start to leak down her inner thigh. Alan lifted his right hand off of hers – she had made no effort to pull away at all – and took the small knife from his pocket. He unfolded the shiny silver blade and put it into her hand. She noticed how the balcony lights reflected off the polished metal and shone on the bare, warm flesh of her exposed breasts.

"Those five, Daniella, the ones looking at you," he said softly in her ear, "are my new managers. But of course you've already figured that out, haven't you?" Dani felt another moan starting deep inside her. "You've probably figured out many things already, my dear, and yet you're still here, aren't you?" The moan grew louder and her pussy leaked even more. Alan wound his hand in her long, blond hair and pulled back; Dani was forced into an upright position, her breasts pointing straight out. "Use the knife, Daniella…show them their special compensation."

It wasn't that she didn't want to do it – her climax had started, physically unaided, and she just couldn't move. She knew where she was and exactly what her situation was, but all she could see were fireworks exploding on the back of her eyelids. A firm tug on her long, lustrous hair brought her back and she mumbled, "Yes, Alan." She looked down past her extended nipples and over her flat tummy. She realized that the tiny, soaking wet piece of very expensive lace covering her bare mound was fully exposed over the top of the low railing to the piercing eyes of her new co-workers below.

Nothing before in her life had ever felt more intense or more compelling to the young corporate counsel. Only one incident, more than five years earlier, even began to compare to what Dani was feeling as she slid the shiny blade under the thin string on her right hip. Incredibly, unbelievably to her, her orgasm continued to roll through her the entire time. She closed her eyes and a 'sensory' memory took over for just a moment – the actual event lasted a bit longer…


Shortly before their wedding, Dani and Jimmy had been out dancing at one of the hot new clubs on the north side of the city. Dani had dressed appropriately, but it was really pushing her almost prudish fiancé's envelope. By the end of the night, Jimmy was hot and bothered thinking Dani was exposing way too much of herself (she wasn't really); and for sure, he really didn't appreciate the way the fellows around her had reacted to her dancing. Driving back to her apartment, he let her know exactly what he thought. Dani could tell he was getting angrier and she wanted to calm him down. She'd kept apologizing and she even started crying – she knew he couldn't stand that. She told him to pull into the entrance of a Forest Preserve parking lot near her place where they had 'parked' several times before. She said she would make it special for him if he forgave her.

Even though the first parking lot was deserted, she had him drive through to the next empty set of spaces and park at the far end near a picnic table, away from the tall lamp poles at the other end. Dani turned towards him and slipped the straps of her halter top over her shoulders, baring her breasts to him. He was entranced by the firm, white globes and light pink nipples. They were both still virgins and strangely (she'd thought), he had never pressed to go further than making out and touching her breasts for a long time. For his birthday a few months earlier, Dani let him put his hard cock in her mouth for a quick minute and then jerked him off – that was as far as they had gone. But that night he told her it was going to take more than her tits to lessen his anger. She looked at the table and told him to go sit down on it. He got out of the car and sat on the table top, his feet on the bench seat.

After looking all around and seeing no one, Dani removed her halter and got out of the car; she knelt on the bench between his feet and slowly pulled his zipper down. Jimmy groaned as she wrapped her small hand around him and took his stiff prick out of his pants. "I can't fuckin' believe how slutty you were tonight, Dani." He was totally turned on – her perfect tits were plainly visible in the combination of pale moonlight and the soft glow of the pole lamps. He was also extremely nervous and a little afraid of being exposed outside. "I don't know if I can spend the rest of my life worrying about what a tramp you can be."

She couldn't believe what she was hearing – the wedding was coming up soon and everything was already planned, arranged and paid for. She thought she loved him – she probably did on some level – and she really wanted to get married as scheduled. The determined young woman took his hands and put them on her breasts. "I promise, Jimmy, I'll only be your slut…whatever you want, honey…you know I love you so much." She put her hands over his and made him squeeze her tit-flesh hard as she bent down and dropped her open mouth over his erection.

Before she met her future husband, Dani had been a popular girl – she dated a lot in college and law school prior to knowing Jimmy. She'd kept her virginity, but it was at the expense of her talented tongue and lips. She had never let anyone finish in her mouth, but once, after some young man unloaded prematurely, making her gag terribly, she'd always insisted she be warned by her dates in time to pull off and finish them by hand. On his birthday, when she finally let Jimmy put his dick between her lips, he was very aware that cumming in her mouth was not an option – not then…not ever.

But that night Dani was afraid and she wanted some reassurance. Keeping her soft pink lips tight against him, she drew back up his meager stalk until his head popped out of her mouth. She gave him her nastiest, dirty little girl look and said, "Tell me you're gonna marry me, Jimmy…" she curled her long tongue around the sensitive ridge of his cockhead, "…and I'll suck your dick 'til you cum in my mouth. Don't you love me, baby?" Dani dropped down again and swallowed his dick whole. She was sucking him and listening to his moans and groans and declarations of his love when a sudden burst of light almost blinded her.

"Please don't move…put your hands over your heads…slowly." The loud, flat and very serious voice belonged to a Park Ranger who was now standing about ten feet away, his service revolver in his right hand aimed at the semi-naked couple in front of him, suddenly illuminated by the powerful flashlight in his left. Dani and Jimmy started to speak at the same time creating noise instead of words and the policeman quickly shut them up. He had them stand up facing him; Dani covered her exposed, bare breasts with her hands while he told her fiancé to 'put his little toy away.' He let them explain who they were and that they were engaged to be married. He moved closer to examine the contents of Jimmy's wallet and Dani found herself trembling with the kind of excitement she hadn't felt since her trip to Mexico. No longer frightened by the intruder, Dani felt her pussy start to vibrate. She was almost naked in front of a strange man – her fiancé was there, but powerless to interfere.

This was the closest Dani's real life had ever come to one of her many masturbation fantasy scenarios and she was tingling all over – but mostly deep in her virgin cunt. From only a few feet away, he told her to move her hands off of her chest – he needed to make sure she was unhurt and uninjured. She protested, saying that aside from her top being off, they were still dressed. He insisted and she slowly took her hands away, exposing her firm round breasts. He lit them up with the flashlight and moved closer to inspect her perfect tits for any signs of injury.

Dani's virgin pussy was creaming and her skin felt like it was on fire – he was so close she could feel his breath on her burning flesh. After what seemed like a lifetime, he backed up a little and moved his light downward. He told her to pull up her skirt – let him see that she was really still dressed. Dani's heart had never beat faster. Jimmy finally started to protest and the cop shined the light directly into his frightened eyes. He asked Jimmy if he would like to be cuffed and put inside the car – the boy didn't say another word as the bright light moved back to Dani.

She closed her eyes as her fingers moved to the bottom of her miniskirt. She was wearing a tiny white lace thong and she just knew that by now, her pussy juice would have made it nearly transparent. When she felt her hem raised up to her waist, she opened her eyes to see the Ranger staring directly at her well-lit pussy. She looked down and saw she was right; her breathing stopped completely. Between the moisture and the bright light, the stranger could see her smooth, bare mound and even the dark pink hood at the top of her wet, shiny slit. Dani gasped as she realized how naked she was and then, somehow, her eyes locked directly on the stranger's. As she got closer and closer to a monster climax, more than anything she wanted to slip her fingers beneath her sexy little panties and get herself off in front of him…but she knew that would never happen. And then, only a moment later, he told her to get dressed and gave them both the mandatory lecture before he let them leave.

The net results of that incident were: 1) Jimmy's insistence that Dani finish what she'd started. So she sucked his cock when they got to her apartment for about 2 minutes before he unloaded in her mouth. She found his taste bitter and vowed to herself that he would never do that to her again. 2) Instead of loosening up, Jimmy became even more staid and conservative in almost every facet of his life, especially where Dani was concerned. And 3), their wedding took place as scheduled.


Dani opened her deep green eyes and immediately locked on to the stare of one of the people below. She moaned as Alan pulled back on her hair – not enough to hurt her, just enough to remind her who was in control. She groaned out loud when he reached around and pulled her extended nipple out, stretching her swollen breast. Finally, her eyes still locked on the man sixty feet away, she flicked the blade through the satin string lying against her right hip. Her pussy was so wet, the tiny lace patch stuck to her. The waves of her orgasm were rocking her as she moved the blade to her left hip. She saw her admirer smile as she sliced through the final barrier to her willing submission.

Her mouth was bone dry again but she had to speak. "Alan?" she whispered, suddenly aware of his thick, hard maleness pressed against her ass. "Please…kiss me? Please?" He twisted her hair, pulling her face around and with a hunger she was not familiar with, his lips found hers and his tongue devoured her. As quickly as that happened, he broke their embrace and twisted her back. She found her admirer's eyes once more and held them with hers as her fingers slowly peeled her soaked panties away from her moist flesh. "Oh God! I don't believe this," she thought to herself, "I'm fucking showing them my cunt!"

Dani was so consumed by the electric buzz that was shocking every nerve in her body that she didn't hear Alan unzip his pants and withdraw his erect cock. She barely noticed when he spread her feet farther apart with his, her climax was so close to peaking completely. Then she felt his hot hand burning against her breast and when he pinched her swollen nipple between his fingers, she was transported to the penultimate peak of her blossoming sexuality.

"Oh! Ahhh!" She thought she felt something rubbing against her lust-swollen pussy lips just before Alan brutally fucked his thick, rock-hard cock all the way up inside her tight, wet cunt. "UhhHHH!!!" Her pretty little pussy had never been stretched like this before. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…." The man Dani was staring at exploded in a brilliant rainbow of neon colors as every cell in her body reacted to the most powerful and overwhelming orgasm of her life. She heard the low, keening moan long before she realized it was coming from her. She took her hand off the railing and moved it to her convulsing cunt – when she felt him…her fingers sliding along his crème-covered shaft…she knew it was real. And then the neon rainbow and the sounds of her moaning all faded away.

Alan felt her body go limp and he held her tightly in his strong arms as he extracted his hard, slick cock from her spasming cunt. He lifted her effortlessly, carried her inside the suite, and laid her gently down in the middle of his bed. He walked over to the bar and poured himself a fresh drink. After a long swallow, he picked up his cell phone, walked back out to the balcony and punched a single key. He smiled at his staff as one of them picked up his phone. He thanked them for being there – he said he would introduce them to Dani after they wrapped up the conference the next day. He closed his phone and went back inside the suite. Quietly, as he moved around the room, he put a latin jazz cd in the hotel player, stripped down to his black silk boxers and dragged a chair close to the bed.

When Dani opened her eyes a few minutes later, Alan's tanned, handsome face was the first thing she saw. He was sitting in a straight-back chair about five feet from the side of the bed. The pleased look he had on his face and the smile in his sky blue eyes caused a deep and reassuring warmth to spread through her. As she sat up slowly, bringing herself back to her newly altered reality, scenes of what had just occurred began to flash through her mind's eye and she started to tremble all over again. As soon as he saw her mouth move, Alan cut her off with a quick hand gesture, knowing she would have forgotten his rules.

"I know, Daniella…you don't need to tell me. It had to be spectacular if it made you pass out." He finished his scotch and put the empty glass on the floor. "Come here, Counselor. I have a little something for you." Dani looked at him again, aware of the powerfully physical appeal of the man. The low lighting in the room showed her he was deeply tanned all over his trim, almost hairless athletic body. She slid off the side of his bed and took the step between them. He stood up directly in front of her, dragging his right hand roughly up her left side until it covered her swollen breast. Once again he pinched her already abused nipple and although she had no idea why, Dani felt pleasure in the sudden, sharp pain. When she felt his other hand pressing down on her shoulder, she knew immediately what he would make her do.

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