tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDan's Dogging Disaster

Dan's Dogging Disaster


Dan Turner lay on his side gazing upon his gorgeous wife's naked body. The sight of her always turned him on. Her small, pert breast, the post-coital sheen of perspiration, her flat stomach and a single glob of gloriously white cum, his cum, on her fully shaven mound. He adored Shelly and she adored him. They had been married for a little over five years and they made love about twice a week and Dan thought that was not bad, especially when he heard the guys he works with talking, or rather moaning, about their lack of sex life.

The sex was always great and Shelly would have a small orgasm pretty much every time, which made Dan feel like a true man. They were not exactly trying to get pregnant but they used no protection. Their attitude was...what will happen will happen...and to date nothing had happened and they were both perfectly happy with that.

You might almost say that life for Dan and his Shelly was almost perfect. Dan fell slightly short of thinking that life was absolute perfection for one reason only. Despite the fact that the sex with Shelly was great and pretty damn regular it was all very much the same every time. They would kiss, he would go down on her then she would go down on him before they made love in either the missionary position or cowgirl position. It was almost always in bed but would occasionally be on the sofa in the lounge. As the years past by he got an increasing desire for a bit of something different, something exciting. Dan had a hidden desire to try a bit of exhibitionism, maybe dogging. Tonight was the night that he plucked up the courage to broach the subject with Shelly.


'Yes babes?'

'I, err, I, ahh...'

'What is it?' she smiled at him sweetly.

'I've been thinking that I would like to try, err, something a bit different.'

'What do you mean?'

'I would like to try something new sexually. You know, spice things up even more, keep things fresh.'

Her face dropped. 'Isn't making love to me enough?' She began to look annoyed. Dan almost gave up right there but he took a deep breath and pressed on.

'I adore you and I adore making love to you. It is truly wonderful. I just think it would be cool and sexy to maybe introduce something extra. Maybe letting someone watch us, you know, show off a little.'

'I can't believe you are suggesting that someone else sees me as only you have. What is wrong with you?' Her eyes were beginning to fill with tears.

'All I am asking is that you think about it. Don't say no straight away.'

The whole exchange had put a dampener on the evening and after a bit more arguing Shelly turned over, pulled the duvet up to her neck and pretended to go to sleep. Dan had an empty feeling in his stomach. He prayed that he had not spoiled his married bliss with his sexual greed. In fact he was pretty low for the next week or so. Whilst he tried to hide it and be positive Shelly sensed it very clearly and it had a profound affect on her. After the initial upset and annoyance at Dan's suggestion she began to think that maybe she should think about it if it was so important to him that her negative response made him so low. For the first time in their marriage they had not made love for a whole week. Before then they even made love when she was on her period.

By the end of the week she turned the television off and took Dan's hands in hers. 'Dan? If it is really what you want I will try and do it. For you.'

'What? You mean you will go dogging with me?' He immediately regretted using the phrase 'dogging' but Shelly seemed to let it pass. She was obviously trying hard and he loved her for it. So, they arranged to go to a dogging site about an hour away two weeks later.

The night came and they got ready. Dan wore easy to remove jogging pants and a t-shirt. Shelly wore a vest top and a short floaty skirt. She looked amazing. He loved her skinny legs. He walked up to her and kissed her deeply. 'I love you.'

'I love you to.' He could hear the nervousness in her voice. A quick pat of her cute ass told him she was not wearing any panties. She really was trying to do it properly for him. He led her to the car and drove the hour to the dogging site. It was very dark by the time they got there.

Dan leaned over and started to kiss Shelly. He quickly got quite passionate and she responded. He began to gently squeeze and massage her small tits, her nipples were hard, a result of her nervousness and arousal. Then he lowered his hand to her skirt, lifted it up slightly and started to play with her labia. They were already damp. They continued to kiss deeply and he slipped a finger inside her. After five minutes or so he gently pulled away. 'Are you ready to put on a show?'

'Okay' was all she said. Dan opened his car door and switched on the little light in the car ceiling. Then he lowered his jogging pants to reveal his proud six inches standing to attention. Shelly got out of her side of the car and walked around to the driver's side. By the time she got there about four sets of car headlights were trained on Dan and Shelly. Dan could just about make out six or seven people in silhouette.

Shelly bent over and gave Dan a little peck on the lips before bending right over and taking his cock in her mouth. Dan's mind was blown. He was truly the luckiest man in the world. He had the perfect wife who was beautiful and faithful and prepared to put on a show in front of a group of perverts just to satisfy Dan's perverse fantasies. Shelly took Dan's entire length in her mouth and sucked hard. Dan thought he would explode instantly but suddenly she would pull back and begin licking his tip, shaft and balls. Dan was incredibly turned on. He knew that the watchers would see the full length of Shelly's stunning legs but would be teased by her skirt length. It was short but just long enough to cover her privates when she bent over. They would be getting the occasional hint of ass when her skirt briefly floated up as her head bobbed up and down on his throbbing member.

Dan was in a world of his own until he noticed a guy walking over to their car. The guy was massive. Easily six foot six with huge muscles and what must have been an erect ten inch plus cock . The man stared Dan in the eyes. He had a mean look on his face. In fact he looked utterly mean. Dan was scared. Something about the way the man looked at him made him incapable of protesting.

Without a word and in one swift movement the monster lifted Shelly's skirt and inserted himself into her wet pussy. Shelly had not noticed the man approaching and so was completely shocked. She immediately stopped sucking Dan's cock. His cock was still in her mouth but she was gasping, she appeared to have forgotten all about Dan's shrinking manhood. As the man began to push his huge cock further into Shelly she began to get a little breathless. He breathing became short and fast. He stated to move his cock in and out of Shelly's stretched vagina. Dan saw that her eyes had lost focus and she began to moan as only Dan had ever heard her moan before.

After a minute of gentle sex the man finally got his full length inside Shelly. She was so full that his cock rubbed hard against her clitoris every stroke. He picked up pace and Shelly's moans got louder, more guttural and more frequent. Dan had never heard her this worked up. His own cock was only half solid now and he was already racked with intense jealousy. He knew he would never be able to recreate such a huge encounter for Shelly and she was obviously loving it.

The guy did not just have a huge member, he knew how to use it to. He had a rhythm, moving between slow and gentle through to hard and fast. Just the right duration of each to make Shelly go crazy with lust. All of the time the man did not take his eye's off Dan. It was as if he knew that this was not what Dan wanted but he was taunting him, daring him to try to make him stop, knowing that Dan was too pussy to do anything.

After about five minutes Shelly began to feel her most intense orgasm ever starting. Her breathing became more laboured still. The man's cock was getting more soaked by her juices. Shelly felt a burning fire start in her pussy and suddenly explode through her body, causing her muscles to spasm. Oh god, this was good. She was vaguely aware of a familiar voice.

'AAAAGHHHHH, FUCK.' Mid orgasm Shelly had bit down hard on Dan's half hard cock, forgetting it was in her mouth still. She was so into her wave after wave of pleasure that she did not stop biting until she had to moan again and she certainly did not stop the magician who was inside her. She just opened her mouth so Dan's cock could fall out and gave it not a single thought.

'Oh god that was good' Shelly murmured as the stranger continued to pump her. He was not ready to cum yet.

'You're so big. I feel so full. This is amazing. I have never felt like this. Oh god you are the best ever. I didn't know it could be this good.' These were some of the things that Shelly said to the lover she had not laid eyes on. Every single one of her comments drove a dagger through Dan's heart. What had he done? Why did he suggest this? His cock was agony and bleeding but he dared not move. The stranger had him completely intimidated. He just had to sit and watch him fuck his wife senseless whilst she was bent over Dan's knee.

Shelly felt her second orgasm coming. It was more intense than the last. The strange cock was relentless in its task. She never wanted it to end. Her spasms were stronger and she was screaming at the top of her voice as same came. Dan noticed a lot of liquid suddenly flowing down the guy's leg and realised that he had made Shelly squirt for the first time in her life. Then he saw the man's body stiffen as he forced his cock as deep as he could into Shelly. Dan knew he was emptying his seed into his wife's womb. It seemed to take forever. How much cum did this guy have?

Once he had finished he pulled out, pulled his pants up and walked off without a word. Shelly lay there for a few seconds more before getting up and walking round to the passenger side and getting in. Dan pulled his pants up. His cock was still bleeding a little and was so sore he could almost not stand it. He drive home in silence until...'Oh my god, that was the best sex ever. He was just so big I could hardly breath. If you made me feel like that I would be on you every day. Hell, what am I saying? I would be on you five times a day.' Dan sat silently. A different empty feeling in his stomach.

Over the next eight weeks things had been a little distant between Dan and Shelly. It was only two weeks ago that Dan managed to take a piss without being in total agony. It still stung but not as bad. He had been unable to have sex with Shelly but then she had not seemed in the slightest bit interested in Dan sexually since that night. Dan had even found a massive vibrator and knew that Shelly now had a taste for big and he did not cut it. He really regretted ever suggesting trying dogging but he had never expected it to turn out like it did. He was feeling so low and then the bottom completely fell out of his world. Shelly got home and said in a very excited tone, 'Honey, I'm pregnant.'

What had he done? Why did he do it? His life was over. He would never know whether the stranger was the father. Although in his heart he would always believe that that the stranger was the father. After all, Dan had unprotected sex with Shelly for five years and nothing happened. Then eight weeks after the night with the monster cock emptying inside her she is eight weeks pregnant.

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