tagNonHumanDark Fever

Dark Fever


"Crap, what was that?" Maggie wondered aloud. The noise had been indistinct but loud enough to notice amidst the creaking and groaning of the old house. The wind moaned around the house and through the trees outside. Rain slanted in against the windows, maybe even hail. She couldn't really tell what direction the sound had come from or even describe it well.

The dog whined and cowered behind the recliner as she got up. She'd been watching the latest CSI episode and hated to leave during the middle of the drama but she needed to check it out.

"Don't worry honey, it's just a little wind and rain. This house has stood for over a hundred years. I doubt this will do much to us."

She went into the kitchen and pulled the big flashlight from under the kitchen sink then grabbed her big slicker raincoat from the peg by the door. "As long as we don't end up with a tree branch through a window."

Lightning wouldn't strike the house. At least, she didn't think so. There were lightning rods on the barn. Surely those would attract any stray bolts... right? At least the horses were tucked up securely for the night.

Best just make sure things were okay, even if it meant getting a little wet.

Maggie stepped into the backroom and turned on the light but it just as quickly went out. Was that the bulb? She flicked on the flashlight, walked back to the kitchen door and stuck her head back into the kitchen. Nope, everything was dark and silent.

O-kay. She went back into the kitchen and got down the hurricane lantern from the top of the cabinet in the corner. Better have that lit to take her wet clothes off by before she went out. She struck a match and pushed the lever to lift the glass in order to light the wick. Releasing the glass, Maggie blew out the match and flicked it into the sink before stepping back out into the backroom. She set the lantern on the old propane stove and pulled on her boots.

She didn't have far to go to find something the matter. As soon as she pulled the door in, something came with the rain and wind, landing on the floor. She started backwards. The hurricane lamp didn't provide enough light to see more than the fact that it was a person. She swept her flashlight down. A man was lying half in and half out of the doorway.

"That's gotta hurt," she said aloud. He was lying over the step down to the flagstone.

She bent over him and shone the flashlight over his face. He was completely impervious to any pain he might be feeling at the moment and he definitely wasn't going to be any help in getting him inside.

She set the flashlight down on the upper landing of the room and focused it on the pile at her feet. Drawing on every bit of strength she could muster, Maggie hooked her hands under his arms and heaved him up into the backroom. She had to at least get him out of the rain. Then she could call for some help.

"Good grief," Maggie gasped out as she hauled him up inside. She set him down and went around to his feet, accidentally looking into the flashlight herself. She shielded her eyes and blinked a few times then averted her eyes as she reached down and picked up his legs to swing them in out of the way of the door.

Maggie got the door shut and grabbed the flashlight, playing it over the body lying on the floor. He wore just sneakers with his jeans and a dark t-shirt under a lightweight jacket. What the heck had he been stumbling around out in this rain for? She couldn't see any obvious reasons for him to be out cold.

She played the flashlight over his face again and bent down. She ran her hand over his wet close-cropped hair, checking for bumps or sticky spots that would suggest blood. He was very wet, it dripped from his face, but no sticky patches.

Something must have happened to him but she didn't know what. Maggie kicked off her boots and shrugged out of her slicker then stepped into the kitchen. The cordless phone would be out but she always kept an old fashioned phone in the cupboard to plug in when something like this happened. She opened the cupboard and pulled out the old beige push button phone, unplugged the cordless from the jack and plugged in the old phone. She picked up the handset. No dial tone. She checked all the connections. No good. The phone was out too, and cell phones simply didn't work up here. There were no neighbors within several miles to go to for help either. Ugh.

She went back out to the backroom and looked at him again, not sure what to do with him. As she watched he seemed to stir a little then his eyelids fluttered. She knelt down beside him.

"Hey, hey hon, come on now, time to wake up." Maggie held the flashlight up above so it shone on his face but not right in his eyes.

His eyelashes fluttered then his eyes stayed open but they looked quite dazed, almost fevered, to Maggie.

"Where'm I?" he muttered. "Must've gahblownoffcourse."

"You're safe inside out of the storm," she reassured him. He must have had a car accident. She wondered if she should move him or not. Well, he'd made it this far and the chances of getting an ambulance out here tonight were pretty well nil. Knowing the roads, there were probably trees down along the route so getting out wasn't likely either. They'd have to do the best they could. "Let's get you up and into the house."

He took a deep breath and started to slowly sit up so Maggie put a supporting arm under his shoulders. With her help, he was able to get unsteadily to her feet and lean on her as they walked into the house. Maggie shone the flashlight in front of them to light the way. The dog had come out from her hiding place. She growled at first at the tall stranger but as they got nearer she quieted and started wagging her tail and even nuzzled his hand.

The dog followed as Maggie maneuvered him through the doorway into the guest bedroom downstairs. Maggie set the flashlight on a dresser to give them some light then eased him down onto the cedar chest at the foot of the bed.

"I think you need to get out of these wet clothes. Will you be okay if I leave you for a minute?"


Maggie wasn't so sure but she figured it was important to get him out of the wet clothes. She dashed upstairs and pulled out a pair of sweats with a drawstring waist and an oversize t-shirt along with the matching sweatshirt and a pair of her hunting socks. She hurried back downstairs and found him already sprawled backwards on the bed. Crap. The hurricane lamp might make this easier. She went out and got it and brought it into the bedroom, setting it on a dresser in the corner.

"C'mon mack, let's get you changed." She shook him a little but there was no response. He was breathing but out of it again completely. Double crap. She was going to have to get him out of these wet clothes on her own.

Maggie set down the dry clothes and knelt at his feet, starting with the shoes. She started to try to untie them but found the knots too tight and soaked so she worked them off, falling backward as the first one came free. She managed to stay upright with the second one. She peeled off his socks and flung them over to the patch of bare old-fashioned linoleum they couldn't soak into.

She tackled the jacket next, hauling him upright by the front of the jacket and then trying to figure out how to keep him there while stripping the jacket off.

"Why me?" she muttered and let him fall forward against her chest, his face pillowed in her cleavage so she could push the jacket back off his shoulders and reach down to either side to pull the arms off. She tossed that aside too.

"Might as well work with what we've got." She reached down and pulled up on his t-shirt so it was up under his armpits before she eased him back down onto the bed.

She pushed his arms up over his head and worked the t-shirt up over his broad shoulders and his head. She tossed the shirt aside and just looked at what she'd revealed. There was some real muscle definition there. Wow.

Maggie shook herself silently. Ogling a defenseless stranger in her house was not a nice thing to do. But she still had to take his pants off. She reached down to unbutton his jeans and looked back at his face. Please don't wake up while I'm doing this or I may die of embarrassment.

She unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans then straddled his legs to start working the wet denim down. His boxer shorts came with it of their own volition, revealing a very nice looking penis. Maggie bit her lip and looked back up at his face. His eyes were, thankfully, still closed. She worked his jeans down and off and dropped them in the pile of wet clothes she was creating.

"First time I've had a naked man in my house in ages and he's out cold." She rolled her eyes.

Maggie grabbed a towel from her bathroom and briskly toweled off every bit of him she could reach while trying not to focus on any one particular part. Then she took the sweatpants and knelt at his feet to work them on. She glanced up and found herself face to face with his limp cock and couldn't help wondering what it would look like fully erect. Stop that she scolded herself silently. She worked the sweats up as quickly as she could and rocked him from one side to the other to get the waistband under his ass. She tightened the drawstring at his waist. That would have to do.

T-shirt in hand, she worked it down his still upward stretched arms then over his head and down his torso. She moved his arms down to his side and considered the form before her. How to get him up onto the bed now? Technically, the upper part of his body was up on the bed already, just the wrong end. She contemplated getting behind him and putting her arms under his to haul him backward but she didn't think she'd be able to get good leverage. Finally, she decided on a plan. God, I hope this doesn't complicate any injuries he may already have.

She pushed up on his shoulders enough to get the blankets out from under him then pushed them all the way to one side. Getting her arms under his legs, she managed to lift them up enough to swing them around and onto the bed. It was messing up the sheet underneath him but she could straighten that a bit once she had him in bed, and if she couldn't he'd survive. She got him up on the bed and pulled him by the legs to straighten his body out and get him fully on the bed. She stuck a pillow under his head. He was lying with his head at the foot of the bed but she didn't think he minded at the moment. She pulled the covers over him.

Maggie gathered up his wet clothes and took them out to put over a drying rack near the woodstove. They'd be dry in a few hours but the jeans would probably be pretty stiff. If the electricity came back on, she could wash everything out for him, but she wasn't holding her breath.

There wasn't much more she could do for him right now. She decided to get into her nightshirt and robe then look in on him again. When she did, he seemed to be sleeping peacefully. Might as well try to do a little of that myself. She left the lamp on low in the corner so he wouldn't wake up in the dark in a strange place.

"Time for bed," she said to the dog and they headed upstairs together.


Maggie woke during the night as she usually did. She could hear the storm raging on outside with no sign that it had lessened in intensity at all. She groped for the flashlight on her bedside table and her watch. It was two am. Yawning, she threw the covers off and sat up. Wouldn't hurt to check on her guest.

Her robe on, Maggie headed downstairs. The dog padded ahead of her. No way was she staying up there by herself. Downstairs, the dog headed straight for her favorite position behind the recliner and Maggie went into the guest bedroom.

Her un-named guest was shifting restlessly on the bed, the bedclothes thrown off. He mumbled but when she drew near she saw he wasn't awake. There was a fine sheen of sweat on his face. She touched his forehead and was alarmed to find him burning up with fever.

Strangely, the heat seemed to radiate up her arm, as if she'd stuck her hand into a hot oven. His eyes shot open and Maggie felt herself held by his intense gaze. The heat continued its' path up her arm and into her body until she was suffused with it, tingling and... incredibly aroused. Her breasts felt heavy and she felt the juice beginning to seep from her cunt already.

He reached out and gripped her forearms. She didn't even think of resisting as he pulled her down to him and rolled her under him. He didn't seem weak any longer. She felt the heat radiating off of him as his body covered hers. His mouth closed over her lips and his tongue pressed against them. She opened her mouth and let him slip in. His velvet tongue stroked hers urgently. His hands, between them, opened her robe and cupped her sensitive breasts, making her moan into his mouth.

His lips left hers and traveled down over her neck, kissing and licking. He found an erect nipple through the thin fabric of her nightgown and started to suck.

"Oh God, yes, please," she moaned.

She felt him rear back and his strong hands simply rent the flimsy nightdress down the center, baring her to his hot touch. She reached up and yanked at the t-shirt, needing to feel his bare, hot skin. He quickly removed it for her then went back to kneading and sucking at her breasts. Her hands slid over his back, caressing the taut muscles. She dipped one hand into the back of his sweatpants and squeezed his firm ass.

One of his hands strayed down to her curly bush and pushed in, dipping into her hot core. First one finger, then two and finally three stroked into her as his palm rubbed her clit. She pushed against him with her hips and panted helplessly as her body seemed to explode in an orgasm. Bright lights danced behind her eyes.

When she came to her senses, his erection was pressing into her, the head just pushing past her cunt lips. She pushed up against his intrusion with her hips to help him slide in. He thrust in all the way with one push. Immediately, he began to pull out and stroke in using short, hard thrusts. She held onto his shoulders as he thrust harder and faster, hammering into her slick cunt.

Maggie felt another orgasm take hold of her and she rode the wave as he grunted and shot his come into her. She felt as if he were pouring hot liquid into her, just barely this side of painful. Her own orgasm swept her away and she knew no more.


Maggie woke to sunlight streaming through the window and into her face. She was wrapped in a pair of strong arms and held tightly, her back against him and his face pressed into her hair. One of his hands cupped her left breast and one of his legs was thrown over her left leg.

She remembered the heat of his body and realized that it was at least back to normal but... Oh dear! She felt an alarm frisson through her body. What had she done? Had sex with a stranger?

Well, yes, technically. Maggie heard a voice in her head but it wasn't her own. This did not serve to ease her growing fear. It was a male voice, deep and with a slight accent she couldn't place.

"Would it help if I spoke aloud for now?" he asked, his voice muffled in her hair.

"Wha... what?" she asked.

He pulled his face out of her hair and propped his chin on her shoulder, snuggling even closer. "I said, would it help if I spoke out loud? For now, at least? I am more comfortable with direct communication but I could get used to this if you prefer."

He pressed his lips against her bare shoulder.

"Who... what are you?"

"Well, the closest I can get to my name in your language is... Green."


"Yes, is that not a name in your language?"

"Not generally. What exactly are you?" She wished she could see his face and no sooner had she thought it then she felt him pull her around so they lay face to face. He smiled and smoothed the hair back from her face.

"Um, well, I don't think I can put it in terms you would understand." He smiled wryly. "I think I got a little blown off course in the storm but I am quite happy where I ended up."

He put a hand over her belly. "I cannot think of any species, besides my own, better suited to mate with. Our races are very compatible. We even have the same form in this dimension. I was very lucky to be here last night."

Maggie's mouth fell open but nothing came out at first. She cleared her throat and tried again. "Mate with?"

"Yes, the males of my species come into heat when it is time to mate. You seemed quite willing last night." Green's smile wavered and disappeared. He pulled his hands back. "You do not seem to share my happiness at our union. Did I misunderstand you last night? I would never..." He seemed to turn a little white. "I would never force myself on a female."

Maggie blushed as she remembered her own arousal the night before. "No, I was willing."

Green blew out the breath he'd been holding. He smiled tentatively. "I am glad."

"Maybe if we're lucky I didn't get pregnant last night." she replied.

Green frowned. "That would be highly unlikely. As I said, our species are very compatible. There have been many unions between our kind."

"There have?" How come she'd never heard of it?

"Certainly, but most couples do not... advertise it. My cousin mated with a woman from your dimension. That is how I know I will be quite happy here with you."

After all this time, there was a gorgeous guy in her bed, quite sure he'd just gotten her pregnant and planning to stick around. She looked at him.

"And our kid won't have green skin or anything?"

Green grinned. "No, he or she will appear to be a normal human. For all intents and purposes, the child will be a normal human."

Why look a gift horse in the mouth? She reached out and stroked a hand down his chest. "Want to go again, make sure we're properly mated?"

"That is not necessary but would be highly enjoyable. It is a much slower process when I am not in heat."

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