tagInterracial LoveDARK Submission: A Bisexual Journey

DARK Submission: A Bisexual Journey


Summary: Couple live out bisexual fantasies with dominant BLACK teens.

Note 1: This story is dedicated to TheOriginalAnonymous who suggested the idea and was a sounding board as this lengthy tale developed.

Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991, LeAnn and TheOriginalAnonymous for their editing.

Note 3: EROTIC MOVIE SCENES WATCHED ARE IN BOLD ITALICS; flashbacks and dreams are just in italics.

WARNING: Although this is in the INTERRACIAL category, there is a fair amount of gay sex (white coach submitting to his 18-year-old star black basketball player) and lesbian sex (coach's outgoing sexually aggressive white girlfriend submitting to an 18-year-old black cheerleader and twin sister to the black basketball player) in the story. Yet, the story really is about a young couple's journey into interracial submission but in a loving, supportive way. That said, if gay sex, lesbian sex, interracial submission and nasty language offend you, please don't read any further.

In conclusion, the heart of the story is a very, very, very unorthodox love story...just with a lot of gay, lesbian and interracial sex.

I hope you enjoy...JASMINE

Couple's Bi-sexual DARK Desires

1. A BIG Surprise

It's funny how you never really see things coming until they hit you right in the face.

My life was about as normal as possible. I am thirty-two, still in great physical shape, and a basketball coach at one of the top ten high school basketball programs in Texas. I have a younger girlfriend who keeps me on my toes and in great shape from all the sex. She is a nymphomaniac and very adventurous. My first sexual encounter in public, my first blow job while driving, and my first time having anal sex have all been with Ashley.

It wasn't like I didn't have lots of experience before Ashley, I was a basketball star in high school dating the prettiest cheerleader and getting plenty of sex with her. I had a scholarship to a college where I dated many hot coeds and since becoming a teacher I had bedded quite a few women before I met Ashley. I am gifted with a solid thick seven-inch cock that has impressed many of the ladies I have been with throughout the years. That said, even after an active sex life, being with Ashley made me realize that I had lived a rather vanilla sex life. I just assumed the girls in porn existed only in porn. Then I met Ashley.

I still remember our first meeting. We met at a bar, I was there with some buddies to watch the NCAA basketball playoffs, while she was there at a bachelorette party for a sorority sister of hers. She was nearing the end of her courses for a nursing degree at the time and was just finishing her residency. Her white pantyhose caught my eye, nylons being a weakness of mine. She quickly discovered this, and subsequently wore thigh high stockings for me on all our dates. She even surprised me one time on the carnival, showing me that she was going commando on the Tunnel of Love ride before riding me to a mutually enjoyable climax.

Besides being a sexual savant, she also loves basketball, understands the rules (rare for a woman in my experience), loves eighties pop music, is an avid reader and loves kids movies (although we eventually agreed to disagree on best animated film of all time: she is adamant it is Toy Story (which is a great choice), but I am just as adamant it is the rarely seen but equally brilliant Meet the Robinsons).

As I was saying, you never really know at the time when a seed has been planted. For our one year anniversary, Ashley insisted that instead of going out, we would spend the night indoors. She also insisted that we only buy each other one present and it must be a sex present. I, of course, wasn't convinced that she was serious, so I bought her some very nice jewelry (I long ago learned diamonds are a girl's best friend), but also bought her a slutty school girl outfit complete with plaid skirt and knee high stockings...another fantasy of mine (teaching high school seniors is often torture when some of the girls come to class dressed in tight sweaters, short skirts or, on rare occasion, wearing pantyhose. It hasn't helped that I am still a pretty good looking guy, if I do say so myself and have had my fair share of pretty students imply that they were more than willing to cross the inappropriate line between teacher and student...thankfully I have been able to resist the temptation).

I came home from work with flowers (flowers being a necessity for any sort of anniversary) and was surprised to see my beautiful blonde girlfriend in a tiny apron, beige thigh highs, and nothing else. She asked seductively, "Are you hungry?"

I stammered, "F-f-famished."

"Good, I have your favourite," she smiled, lifting up her apron to reveal her trimmed, ready to eat, pussy.

I love eating pussy. Some guys think it is disgusting, but to me it is just the gentlemanly thing to do. If I expected a blow job, I should be willing to give as well as receive.

Over time, I have gotten very good at it and, although most women loved my big cock, they loved my expert tongue even more. I loved to tease, get them revved up until they begged for release, or as in Ashley's case, she usually grabbed my head and fucked herself to orgasm on my face. Ashley looked prim, proper and sweet in public, but behind closed doors when her libido was running, which was almost always, she transformed into a powerful, insatiable nympho.

I moved to her and kissed her passionately. Breaking the kiss, I began to lower myself to her sweet nectar but she stopped me. "All in good time, my love. I really did make you your favourite meal."

We ate, my cock on constant alert, as we talked about basketball and this Friday's division championship game (a win and we would be going to the state championships in two weeks), about her crazy morning at the hospital (that included a women having quintuplets and a child swallowing a hot wheels car) and about our upcoming trip to Europe for Easter break.

Once dinner was done and we polished off the first bottle of wine, Ashley asked, "So what did you get me?"

I smiled, "Actually I got you two presents."

"You cheated," she said, slapping me, her breast almost falling out of her thin apron.

"I just wanted to show you how much you really mean to me," I answered, handing her the small box.

"You shouldn't have," she said, her eyes betraying how pleased she was that I had ignored her present perimeters.

"Yes I should've, you deserve to be treated like the perfection you are," I replied, realizing just how corny I sounded as soon as I heard my words aloud.

"Perfection am I?" She laughed, as she began opening the box.

"I teach math and coach basketball, flowery odes of love are not really my forte," I countered, defending myself.

"That is why I fell for you, Adam, your caveman romance," she quipped, opening the box. After a pause, as she stared at it, she said, "It-it-it is beautiful."

"As are you," I added, meaning it. Her crystal blue eyes, glowing red cheeks, adorable dimples and sultry sweet lips created the most beautiful woman I had ever known.

She took the promise ring out of the box and put it on her finger. "Wow!"

"So you like it?" I asked relieved. "It took me forever to choose the right one."

"It is perfect," she smiled radiantly. After a long, tender kiss, she said, "I really did only get you one sex present."

"That's okay, all I really need is you," I answered, meaning it. I didn't need presents, I just needed her love.

Grabbing my hand, she led me to the living room. "I didn't bother wrapping it," she explained, letting my hand go and going over to my blu ray player.

"Before we start, you still have to unwrap your other present," I pointed out.

"Give me, give me," she said, reaching for the package behind my back.

"I don't know," I teased, moving the package out of her reach, her firm small breasts crashing into me.

Demonstrating impressive flexibility, she swung around me and with lightning speed grabbed the box from me. She opened it and smiled, "You dirty, dirty man. You want me to dress up like some slutty little twelfth grader for you to fuck."

Her tone was playful and I loved it when she talked dirty. "Better you in a school girl outfit then some actual slutty eighteen-year-old, and trust me there are lots to choose from."

"I bet there are," she smirked playfully before kissing me hard. Breaking the kiss a minute later, she gave my stiff cock a firm squeeze through my pants and said with naughty promise, "I'll be back in five, Teach."

I watched her leave, my mind envisioning all the things I wanted her to do in my schoolgirl fantasy. Even though I had envisioned it in my head exactly what she would look like in the sexy outfit, nothing prepared me for what she actually looked like, especially since she had completed the image by putting her hair in pigtails.

"Holy shit," I elegantly complimented, my inner Neanderthal coming out in full force.

"Oh, you really do know how to flatter a girl," she teased, turning around to show me the outfit from behind.

"I can officially die and go to heaven now," I quipped back.

"Oh honey, you haven't seen anything yet," she purred, sauntering over to the blu ray player and putting a disc in. I stared at her legs in the sheer white knee-high nylon stockings; her pink painted toenails looking tantalizing and the pigtails driving me crazy. "Are you ready for your present, Mr. Jarvis?"

Hearing her address me as Mr. Jarvis, as my students do only enhanced the fantasy as I stammered, "y-y-yes, Ms. Grisham."

She pressed play and walked over to me slowly, with such a deliberate strut that I felt like I was the prey and she the hunter. She reached me and said, "When I saw this I instantly knew it was perfect for you."

On the screen, the movie started, it was a porno, called Teaching Teacher. I gasped, just as she sat beside me on the sofa, "You bought me porn."

"I did," she nodded, moving her mouth to my ear. "Do you like?"

"V-v-very much," I stammered, distracted by her hot breath on my ear and the beginning of the movie.

She tugged on my ear, before whispering, "I am going to make every fantasy you ever imagined come true, Mr. Jarvis."

My hand went to her leg, but she snapped her fingers and I stopped; I had learned to obey her commands. As I moved my hand away obediently, I really would do anything for this woman, she said, "First, the movie."

She sat back, put her hand in mine, and we began watching the movie as if it were Sleepless in Seattle or some other romantic comedy and not a porno called Teaching Teacher.

The scene started with a teacher at his desk grading papers at home. His wife, dressed in a fuck me skirt, stockings and boots, and leading a handsome black man, who we later learned was her boss, came into his home office and made idle chit chat with her husband. The boss's hand was clearly on the wife's ass and as he was looking at the husband, he put his hands on the pretty redhead's shoulders and wordlessly pushed her onto her knees. The husband gasped as his wife wordlessly unbuckled the black man's belt, pulled down his trousers, tugged down his underwear, and released a black python of a cock.

The massive cock slapped her in the face and the camera zoomed in on the stunned husband's face as he watched his wife open wide and take the nine-inch cock in her mouth. The camera panned back and forth between the wife, who was clearly not sucking the big cock for the first time and her husband, frozen in awe.

She bobbed greedily on the black dick before, finally, she took the huge cock out of her mouth. Shockingly, she then started trying to convince her husband to come join her in worshipping the black gentleman's perfect cock. The husband feebly protested, even though he was clearly in awe of both his wife's actions and the huge cock he couldn't take his eyes off of.

Reluctantly, after more sweet talk from his wife, the teacher walked over and joined his beautiful wife on his knees. He stared at the cock for an eternity before finally, after yet more encouragement from his wife, took it in his hand, barely wrapping his hand around the monstrous cock. His eyes went wide at its hardness and he slowly, tentatively opened his mouth and leaned forward. Being porn, after a few seconds of slow sucking, the teacher began to get into it and his wife held his hands behind his back as he really went to town.

I glimpsed over to Ashley whose mouth was watering and her hand had slid under her plaid skirt. My own cock was ridiculously hard and wanting some attention. I had never seen a guy suck another guy and much to my surprise it didn't gross me out like I thought it would.

Seeing me look at her, she looked at my crotch and assessed correctly, "Does Mr. Jarvis want to come out to play?"

"Desperately," I answered, as she reached over and fished my cock out of my pants. She gently stroked it as she returned her gaze to the gay oral sex scene currently playing on the screen.

The teacher was hungrily bobbing up and down while his wife shifted from soft encouragement to more taunting language. "You love that black cock deep down your throat, don't you?"

The husband moaned, oddly encouraged and turned on by the sudden shift to ridicule.

She rattled a litany of humiliating words at her husband as he pleasured the big black cock for her: "You love that chocolate stick, don't you, Cocksucker?" and "You were made to be on your knees," and "I can't wait to see that big cock up your ass, my little cock lover."

I personally had never considered another man of any race sexually, but somehow the odd thought of being on my knees sucking that huge erection undeniably popped into my head.

The black man grunted as he started coming, and he pulled out his cock, shooting rope after rope of cum onto the white teacher. Cum coated his hair, forehead, nose, mouth and chin. The teacher didn't hesitate as he took the pulsing cock back in his mouth to retrieve any lingering cum.

"Fuck that is hot," Ashley moaned, her one hand stroking my cock, while the other tended to her pussy; her plaid skirt was hiked up enough to reveal she went commando under her school girl uniform.

"What is?" I asked, wanting clarity, "the big black cock the size of Texas or the man on man sex?"

"Both?" She moaned.

"Gay sex turns you on?" I asked, yet another revelation into the kinky side of her.

"Of course," she shrugged. "You like watching two chicks go at it, don't you?"

"It is every man's fantasy," I joked.

"Well, for girls watching two guys go at it is equally hot," she explained.

"I have never heard that before," I responded, as the teacher's wife was now sucking the black man's cock again as her husband ate her out.

"It's true, at least for me anyways," she shrugged, leaning over and taking my cock in her mouth.

After bobbing up and down on my cock for a couple of minutes, she snapped her fingers and ordered, controlling the action as always, "Get undressed, Mr. Jarvis."

I stood up and obliged my eager student.

Ashley slid onto the floor and looked up and asked, "What can I do to earn an 'A', Mr. Jarvis?"

"Deep throating me, Ms. Grisham would be a good start," I answered, once I was completely naked, my seven-inch cock now completely at attention and staring her directly in her face.

"Mmmmmm, Mr. Jarvis, what a big cock you have," she purred, extending her tongue and licking my cock head.

"And what pretty cocksucking lips you have, Ms. Grisham," I countered.

"The better to please you with," she smiled as she took my cock back in her mouth and went to work on one of her earth-shattering, pleasure-inducing, knee-buckling blow jobs. I don't know how she did it, but unlike every other girl who had wrapped their lips around my cock, she created a watery sensation that was similar to fucking a pussy using both her tongue and lips. She could easily take all seven inches of me in her mouth without gagging or missing a beat.

My first load of the evening began boiling after only a couple of minutes of her deep throat sauna and as my breathing began to pick up, my own warning sign to Ashley that I was close to coming, I felt her hands squeeze my ass and was stunned when she slid a finger without warning deep up my ass.

The sensation was dual: a slight burn overwhelmed by an instant orgasm as she triggered my prostate. I grunted, "What the...shiiiiiit," as I filled her mouth with my cum.

As usual, she didn't lose a beat as she expertly swallowed every last drop of cum. As she took my cock out of her mouth once my load was fully retrieved, she asked innocently, her finger still lodged in my ass, "Was that okay, Mr. Jarvis?"

"Amazing, Ms. Grisham," I replied, "but usually I don't allow my students to violate my ass."

She shrugged, "It's just something I learned at band camp."

"Let me return the favour," I smiled, pulling her off her knees and guiding her to the couch.

Staying in character, she asked all innocently, as if she wasn't sure of my intentions, "What are you going to do to me, Mr. Jarvis?"

Dropping to my knees, between her tanned legs, I answered, "I am going to show you how a man shows a woman his gratitude."

I leaned forward and extended my tongue to her beautiful pussy. Already slightly wet, her addicting aroma was captured perfectly in her small bouquet of hair. I allowed myself to be enveloped in the intoxicating scent as I slowly began licking her pussy. I licked slowly, intending to thoroughly enjoy pleasuring her.

After a bit of teasing, my tongue parted her pussy lips and started her on her euphoric rise to orgasmic bliss. She moaned, "That feels so good, Mr. Jarvis."

I pleasured her pussy with paintbrush like tongue strokes until her breathing got heavier and she began getting animated, forgetting our role playing and shifting into her usual near orgasmic dominant personality. She crossed her ankles around my back, grabbed my head, and pulled me in deeper as she began grinding her pussy all over my face and cursing like a drunk sailor. "Yes, yes, lick my cunt, I'm going to fuck your face with my pussy. Oh yes, don't fucking slow down, yes, yes, yeeeeesssss."

She came like a gusher and when she came my face was covered with her pussy juice as it exploded out of her like a dam bursting. I hungrily swallowed as much of her sweet nectar as possible, being addicted to her pussy juices.

Finally, she let go of my head and snapped her fingers as she pointed to the TV and said, "I have got to watch this."

Curious, why she was so excited, I got off my knees and joined Ashley, her legs still trembling from the aftershocks of the orgasm I had just given her and I looked towards the TV.

The married teacher was now on all fours licking his wife's asshole, preparing it for the black man's huge cock.

"Holy shit," I gasped, looking at Ashley, "I can't imagine anyone taking a cock that big in their ass.

Ashley smiled, responded cryptically, "It's possible."

I stammered, "Y-y-you have taken a cock that big in your ass?"

"You fit nicely, don't you?" She asked in reply.

"Yes, but I'm seven inches, he's at least eight, maybe nine. The widescreen makes such judgements hard to make," I joked.

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