.. The lights were on in the second story bedroom in the house at the end of the street. The house no one ever wanted to goto, or ever seen anyone come out of during the day. Always during the night. There were two specific people always seen exiting and entering the house at wierd hours throughout the night. A white haired young women.. and a black haired young man. Strange really.

This evening is going to be different, it's in the air. It's the way the food is tasteing. Something's going to change. Something big is going to change. The male and female go by the names of James and Raquel, and they seem to be normal people. Seeming and being are two different things though. Take a walk with me, into thier world. Let me be your guide.. I promise, they won't bite.. hard.

Chapter 1:

Raquel's eyes open slightly, just as the sun goes down in the west. She yawns softly, focusing to find James in bed beside her. With a smile, she leans over.. softly placing a kiss upon his lips, quietly repeating the words "Morning Angel". With another yawn, she sits up in the bed.. glancing over the room. It looks like a complete mess, from the events of last eve. James starts to strir a bit.. reaching for Raquel with a "mmm" kind of sound.. not really wanting to wake up just yet. Eyes moving back to James, she chuckles softly.. "wakey, wakey sleepyhead".. One of his eyes opened a moment, to give her a look like "Your on crack" before he closed it again. Sitting there in bed, sheets being held up to cover herself, with James' arm around her waist.. she breathes in the scent in the night air.. mind reeling over last eve's events.. and.. what's to happen this eve.

'Fun.. it's going to be fun tonight. ' She leans over, pokeing James in the forehead.. 'lemmie go.. I need to go have a shower.. ' .. with somewhat of a whine, he finally lets her go.. and she slides off the bed. She blows a kiss at him.. and trots off to the bathroom.. trailed with James saying " fuck, your hot "..10 minutes pass, Raquel's still not out of the shower.. and James needs his "Morning Release". He glances around, knowing he's not exactly allowed to pleasure himself, unless Raq says so.. he takes a hold of his cock.. fingers wrapping around the shaft. Another look around, and he's satisfied she's not watching. He can still hear the shower running.. he'll do it, and be done before she gets out. Slowly, he moves so his back is against the wall. His legs spreading slightly.. hand still holding himself. Not even a full moment passes, before he slowly starts to slowly jerk himself off.

Raquel mind you, now steps out of the shower.. grabbing for the black towel hanging on the rack. She rings her hair out a bit, before stepping out of the bathroom quietly, incase James went back to sleep. What she's greeted with, is something better than a sleeping angel. She stands against the wall.. eyes watching his hands. She did not give him permission to do this, but she'll let it slide just this once. Quietly..she stands.. waiting a moment. He continues to stroke himself.. his pace speeding up.. to double what it was.. letting out a quiet moan.. Raq steps forward silently.. slipping down to her knees.. her tounge carressing the tip of his penis, as he strokes himself off.. As soon as her tounge makes contact with his cock, the air is filled with a low rumbling purrish moan from James.. his hand working all the more.. Raquel's hand massaging his balls.. James moans out "I'm gonna cum"... just before his hips jerk once.. and he lets out yet another low moan.. his seed shooting fourth.. into Raquel's mouth.

After this ordeal, Raq looks up to James with a smile, licking a little dribble from her lip.. 'God that's the best breakfast a chick could get.. '.. now, James thinking Raq'd be mad, smiles faintly. 'Yeah? Glad you like it, love'. Raq stood up, reached for James' hand.. and pulled him off the bed.. ' We've got stuff to do, so get dressed '.. James nods his head, and streaches his to die for alabaster form. 'What am I gonna wear tonight, Raq?' she looks over, a tiny bit confused.. '.. Something to match me?..' He smirks quietly, as he pulls on a pair of black silk boxers.. 'I'll think about it.. '. Finally dressed, the two descend the stairs, Raquel infront of James.. both sets of combat boots thunking on the hardwood floors. Out into the night they go, off to hunt.. to work.. and to fuck..

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