Date Night With Mom: Albert's Date

byL.A. Wicker©

He held Tabby's ass and Dan was fucking the holy, living shit out of his sexy daughter. "Go baby, cum for daddy! Cum on my big cock! Cum on daddy's...big...hard...cock!" he growled moving faster and neither of them heard the back door open.

Tabby held the bed, as daddy hammered her cunt and she pushed to him. "Go...daddy! Go daddy! Oh fuck...I'm...I'm...oh my fucking god!" she screamed as her cunt locked on daddy and she came hard. Her body started to shake and quiver. "Yeah...I'm cuming...daddy! Oh god! Oh god, daddy...I love...fuckin'!" she screamed and felt something nice. Daddy's long cock starting cuming with her and it was beautiful.

His cock started squirting up Tabby's pussy and it felt as if the head of it had blown off. "Yeah baby girl! Cum with your...daddy! Cum on daddy's hard cock!" he moaned loud and didn't see anyone but Tabby.

She stood in the doorway of Tabitha's room and her heart broke in two. Her husband and daughter were making love to each other. "How long...has...this" she stopped to sniff and wipe her eyes. "This been...going...on?" she cried as they jumped and Dan pulled his dick from Tabitha's pussy. "You make me fucking sick! I hate you, Dan!" Martha screamed, turned and she ran to the kitchen. "I hate you...both! I can't believe that you...would do that with...your own daughter!" she cried and sat on the floor, sobbing and crying hard.

"I told you, daddy! I told you no and look what we did to mom! Are you happy now? Are you happy?" Tabby screamed, drew back her hand and slapped him with all of her might. "I hate you for this! I hate you for hurting mom!" she screamed again, quickly got dressed and went to find her mom.

Mom was sitting on the floor crying, when Tabitha found her and she sat down with her. "Mom, I'm sorry and he told me it was fine and that you would understand." Tabitha said as tears ran from her eyes. "He told me that since you were sick, I needed to help or he'd find someone that would and leave us," she lied and hoped that mom would believe her.

"I heard you, Tabitha and you enjoyed it! You liked him...fucking you and I hate you too!"

Tabitha started her act and hoped mom believed her. Their family had a history of mental illness, but Tabitha had never shown any signs of having it and mom was always asking her odd questions. "Mom, I started hearing the weird voices, what you told me about and...and...I couldn't," she started crying, not really, covered her face and mom quickly hugged her.

"Oh! Not my baby, not my baby!" Martha cried and rocked Tabitha in her arms. "Did daddy hurt you? Did he, baby? Mommy will take care of him and you'll never have to worry about him ever again." Martha heard him walk into the kitchen and she stood up. "You dirty...mother...fucker! How could you make her do this with you?" she yelled and walked to him.

"It wasn't just me! She did it too!" Dan said, but he could see that Martha was ready to explode and kill him. "Tell her Tabitha. Tell her about the voice in your head and that it told you to do bad things! Tell her you couldn't stop and...!" he yelled at Tabitha, but he knew she wasn't going to say anything and he was in deep shit.

Martha heard him and was ready to kill him. "'She told me about the voice and you should have stopped, called me or my doctor! But screwed her after she tells you that! How could you? How could you?" Martha screamed so hard, she felt something in her throat tear and coughed.


"Fuck you, Dan! You are so sick and a pervert! We're going to the police right now and you're turning yourself in."

He heard Martha and there was no way he was doing that. "No! I'm not taking all the blame for this shit! She made that crap about the voices up and I'm not lying! I'm not going to the cops and if you try to go..." Dan said with a cold look and he was ready to beat Tabitha's ass.

"You're going to love being in jail. They love guys like you and you're gunna be some big, ugly guy's bitch!" Martha laughed and loved the look on his face. "Is that supposed to scare me or what?" she laughed more and Dan tried to grab her arm. She jumped back, quickly reached in her purse, pulled out a small pistol and pointed it at his face. "Back the fuck up and get on the floor!"

Dan saw Martha's pistol and thought she was going to shoot him on the spot. "Be careful with that thing and don't shoot me," he said and dropped to the floor.

"I'm taking Tabitha to the police and tell them. If you try to stop us...I'll blow you away Dan! Go to the car baby and start it. I'll be right behind you. I hate you Dan," she growled, hit him in the head with a frying pan and ran out to the car. "Let's go baby and get this over with." Martha said as they drove away and didn't see Dan running towards his car.

Dan sat up and shook his head. "Oh god...I'm going to kill that bitch and little whore!" he growled and ran from the house. "I'll kill us all...before that ever happens!" he laughed and raced after them.


She jumped up, wishing she could forget that night and the fiery crash that killed mom and dad. 'Oh god...I hate dreaming about that.' Tabitha thought and tried clearing her mind. 'I'm just so thankful that I was thrown clear of it or...I wouldn't have my handsome son or my new lover!' she thought with a smile and her pussy was on fire for him. 'Time for me to get ready and go to him!' she thought again and went to shower.

Albert was on his bed, wondering if mom was ever going to get over dad's death and make it with him again, when he heard a light knock on his door. "Yes," he said and turned to see mom. She was wearing the sheer, white gown and a pair of sheer white panties. "Hey there," he said with a smile, felt his cock starting to grow and he hoped that she was there for sex.

Tabitha saw him, he was naked and he was growing hard. "Hi baby," she whispered and moved to his bed. "I'm sorry that I haven't came to you, but...I'm here to make it up to you and after tonight, you're moving into my bedroom," she said with a low, sexy voice, pulled her gown up and lay on top him. Albert's throbbing cock was under her aching cunt, resting against her wet panties and hard as a rock.

"Oh god, really mom? That will be awesome!" he smiled, hugged her and squeezed mom's ass.

"Yes it will and you can enjoy me anytime you want." Tabitha purred, kissed him and his young cock grew under her. "Mmmm, it feels like you've missed me and you need inside me. Do you want to love me? Hum?" she whispered, as they kissed and she slowly ground her hips against his hard shaft. "Do you need to go back inside your mom?" Tabitha moaned, as they kissed deeper and with more need.

"Yes!" he moaned between kisses and Albert could feel her wet pussy rubbing his cock. Mom was flooded with juices and she needed him just as badly. They kissed long and deep, as he squeezed and caressed her ass.

She kissed him, continued to hump against his young cock and it was time. "I'm ready for you and um...this," she smiled, reached down and guided him inside her body. "Oh yes, oh baby...yes!" Tabitha whimpered as Albert's hard cock eased inside and it sank to her core.

"Oh mom...I love you! I love you so...much!" he moaned and pushed his hips up. "O god, you feel so...good! You feel damn good, mom!" Albert moaned as they kissed more and she started moving her sexy hips. "Mom, mom!" he moaned between kisses and he held her wonderful ass, pushing her down and made sure his cock stayed deep in her beautiful body.

Tabitha was in heaven as she slowly moved back and forth, screwing her handsome son and his stiff, young cock. "Yeah baby, it feels sooo good in me and you'll never go without again! Anytime you want me...I'll be! Anytime! Anytime!" Tabitha moaned and started rocking faster.

Juices were flowing from her, as mom moved faster and she kissed him deeper. "Oh mom, I'm getting close! Getting...close!" Albert moaned into her mouth as they kissed and her hips moved up and down. She was soaked and so tight, Albert could have sworn that mom was a virgin and this was her first time. "Oh mom, you're so tight! Oh shit!" he moaned, as she smiled and kept moving.

"It's for you, baby! I'm tight for and I want to make you...happy!" she whimpered and moved faster. "Yeah baby, you're my new...husband!" Tabitha moaned as she saw him smile and Albert released. "Oh my god, oh my baby, my husband! My husband!" she squealed as her son's cock unloaded three weeks of cum up her cunt and she lost control. "Yes, yes, yes!" Tabitha screamed as cum shot deep into her body and to the deepest part of her pussy. "I'm cuming, I'm cuming, baby! I'm cuming for you! I'm cuming for you!" she screamed louder and sat completely down on him.

Albert felt mom's pussy squeeze hard and he hugged her. "Go mom, cum, cum with me!" he moaned in her ear and starting thrusting his hips up to hers. "Come on baby, cum for me! Cum for!!" he moaned in her ear and mom moved faster. Her pussy locked on him, her juices shot on his cock and that wonderful slurping sound filled the room.

She heard him and Tabitha moved faster, as she enjoyed his powerful hips thrusting up and shoving his beautiful cock in her. "Yes, my husband! My husband, fuck me! Fuck your new...wife! Oh god yes...fuck you're new...wife!" Tabitha screamed as they held each other and shared a long kiss.

He kept thrusting up and Mom rested on him. Her soft moaning and low purring, told him he was doing a good job. "Oh Mom, that was great and the best yet!" he said and gently kissed her on the lips.

"I have to agree with that and say...I love you," she whispered and nestled her face into his neck. "Stay inside me as long as you can and hold me." Tabitha whispered, as she squeezed her muscles around Albert's stiff cock-shaft and hoped he would never let her go.

He hugged Mom and pushed his cock deep into her body. "I will Mom and I love you too!" he whispered back to her and they fell asleep holding each other.

The End.

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