tagLoving WivesDating Again Ch. 02

Dating Again Ch. 02


My name is Barb. My husband, Bob, and I recently started a sexual relationship with Jim and Janice. Now that we have been with them four times, we have a very social and personal relationship. Jim is so very attentive and courteous to me that I look forward to our next meeting. He is a very good lover and my orgasms are fantastic.

Bob has suggested we expand our horizons by finding another couple. I wish he didn’t feel that way because we get along so well with Jim and Janice. He tells me that Jim and Janice were strangers not long ago, and now we feel very close to them It could be the same with another couple. Often when we are having sex, he will mention his name is Jo, Phil, or some other man’s name to see what my reaction will be. He gets so turned on that he cums right away. Of course, I am familiar with his technique and I can’t picture being in bed with another man, except for Jim. I know he wants me to have sex with others and I want to please him, but I wish we would restrict our sharing to just Jim and Janice.

One evening Bob came home from work to say, “Honey, I think I can arrange for us to meet another couple. Gregory seems to be a very nice guy. I really think you would like him.”

“Where did you meet him?”

“Oh, he works in the same office building where I work. I’ve had lunch with him now and then, and the subject finally came up about our sex likes and dislikes. He and his wife, Gladys, have never shared sex with anyone as yet, but have talked about it. He showed a picture of her to me and she looks so sweet and pretty. I’ve shown him your picture, the one of you wearing a bikini swim suit. His eyes really popped out and said he would sure like to meet you. I think he was getting an erection just looking at your picture.”

Barb looked Bob in the eyes, “I don’t know if I want to get in bed with another stranger. I know it turns you on. Can’t we just have our own sex and still meet Jim and Janice, too?”

“Hon, it turned out just fine with Jim and Janice, please give it a try with Greg and Gladys. Please!”

“I’ll have to think about it.”

That night in bed while Bob had his cock in me, he again asked, “Please, lets meet Greg and Gladys, maybe over lunch to see what you think of them. Maybe Gladys won’t like us either since this would be her first time.”

“I hadn’t thought about Gladys. OK, I’m willing to meet them for lunch someday. Maybe Gladys will not agree to meet us later and we can forget about it.”

Another evening when Bob came home, he said, “Greg and Gladys are willing to meet us tomorrow for lunch in the cafeteria of the building where we work.”

The next day at lunch when I walked in the cafeteria, I saw Bob sitting at a table with a couple. I walked over to greet Bob with a kiss. While eating lunch, the conversation became relaxed and we seemed to get along. I thought Greg was a handsome hunk. I caught him looking at my breasts several times, although my blouse covered them up. Bob seemed fascinated with Gladys. She did have that sweet innocent look. I wondered if she would be shy undressing in front of a stranger such as my husband. I was guessing she would refuse to meet us for sex.

That night Bob asked, “Well, what did you think of Greg and Gladys?”

“They seemed very nice. I think Greg is a handsome hunk and I could see you were doing your best to charm Gladys. I doubt she will want to meet us again, so you might as well forget it.”

“We’ll wait and see.”

The next evening when Bob came home, he was whistling a happy tune.

I asked, “You seem to be happy about something, what goes on?”

“Greg and I had lunch again today. They want to meet us.”

I looked at my husband with surprise.

He continued, “Greg said his wife was a little shy and wanted to take it slow. I told Greg how we switched partners for a date when we first went out with Jim and Janice. He thought that was a good idea and has already talked it over with Gladys. She wants privacy and wants to avoid same room activity. The plan is for Greg to pick you up and I’ll pick up Gladys to go to that nice resort hotel in the mountains. We’ll stay in the same hotel, but you and Greg will stay in a room together and Gladys will stay with me. I’ll see you now and then but you will be Greg’s date.”

I sighed with resignation. That’s what my husband wants so I’ll please him. I’ll do my best to think positive and enjoy the adventure.

Saturday morning arrived. Before I could get out of bed, Bob hugged me and moved his hand down to my crotch.

“Hon, let’s stay in bed a little longer. By the end of the day, you’re going to be Greg’s date. Let’s take advantage of our time right now.”

I knew he wanted sex. Sometimes I like sex in the morning and sometimes I don’t. I didn’t feel very sexy right now, but we were going to be separated for a couple of days. It would be nice to have his familiar cock in me before I have a strange one.

Bob rolled me on my back, then got on top of me. I quickly aimed his erection at my hole.

As he started back and forth movements, he said, “Greg is soon going to be doing this. Doesn’t it feel good?”

I wanted to make positive comments, so I said, “Yes, Greg it does feel good.”

When I called him Greg, he nearly exploded in me. He pulled out to cool off a little.

He said, “I don’t want to cum until you’ve had a chance.”

He moved down to suck my clit until I had an orgasm. He then mounted me again.

I thought it would turn him on again if I called him Greg. “Greg, fuck me harder.” He immediately shot his load in me.

We took showers, ate breakfast and prepared to get dressed. We had agreed the guys would pick up each other’s wife at eleven AM. I noticed Bob watched as I dressed. I put on a brief panty because I was going to wear shorts and top. Bob knew that Greg would be seeing me naked later in the day.

“Sweetheart, you look so sexy in those shorts and top. Greg will be embarrassed with a hard on just looking at you in the day time. While with you this afternoon, he will be undressing you in his mind and will be eagerly waiting to strip you tonight.”

“Yes, dear husband, and I know you will be drooling over that sweet innocent looking Gladys, waiting to get your cock in her.”

Soon it was time for Bob to leave to pick up his date for the weekend. He kissed me good bye and said he would see me at the hotel. Probably the four of us would have lunch together. It would be about an hour’s drive to the hotel.

I heard Bob start the car in the garage, back out and drive away. Now I would wait for my date to arrive. It wasn’t long before I heard a car pull into my drive way. The door bell rang.

I thought to myself, “Well, here goes nothing. This is what my husband wants, so I’ll go along with it. I just hope he is a good lover and treats me with respect. I don’t feel like a whore.”

I invited him in. He looked me up and down and said, “You are a beautiful lady. I came here to pick up my date and I’m looking forward to a fun weekend. Hope you are too.”

“I’m ready to go.”

We carried on a pleasant conversation while driving the one hour to the hotel. A couple of times while he was talking, he let his hand lightly roam my bare leg for a second or two. I didn’t object. We arrived at the hotel, unloaded our luggage and checked in. When we were in our room, we looked out the window at the scenic mountains. Since we were standing side by side, he put his arm around my waist. We made idle talk for a minute or so, then he turned to kiss me. Our first kiss was very light, then the second one was very sexy. Our tongues danced. Maybe Greg was going to be a good lover.

We decided to go down for lunch. While we were eating, my husband, Bob, and Gladys joined us. I could see Bob was ogling Gladys’ nearly naked body. For being such a shy person, she was wearing a very skimpy top and shorts. Maybe she wasn’t shy after all.

Greg asked me, “Would you like to change to our swim wear and relax by the pool?”

“Yes, that sounds good.”

I looked at Bob and Gladys, “What mischief are you two going to do this afternoon?”

Gladys replied, “Bob and I are going to explore the forest trails.”.

When in our room, Greg took me in his arms and kissed me several times. I could feel his erection rubbing against me.

I broke the last kiss to say, “Let’s don’t get too worked up until later. Remember, we are going out by the swimming pool. I’ll change to my swim suit in the bathroom while you change here.”

I took my bikini suit with me and shut the bathroom door. When I came back out, Greg was wearing his swim trunks.

He looked at me, “Wow, you really look great. You have a beautiful figure.” He added, “and you’re showing it all.”

“Thank you for the complements. You look very handsome yourself.”

He held me again for more kisses. His hands were roaming my body and I could feel his very hard erection rubbing against me. One of his hands pulled my top down to expose my nipples. He immediately took one in his mouth. It did feel good, but I thought he was rushing it. One hand roamed between my legs trying to move my bikini to one side to feel my pussy.

I broke the kiss, “Don’t you think we are rushing it a little? Shouldn’t we wait until this evening for sex?”

“I know we are ready to go out to the pool, but you are so sexy, it is difficult for me to wait any longer.”

He continued to kiss me. I thought, “I came here for sex with this handsome stranger, so why not cooperate. Also, that is what my husband wants me to do.”

I hugged him tight and gave him the sexiest kiss I could. He picked me up, laid me on the bed, and pulled off my bikini top and bottom. Now I was completely naked with this man I hardly knew. He kissed my breasts, moved down kissing my body all the way to my crotch, then sucked my clit. He was very experienced with his tongue and mouth. I soon had a very satisfying orgasm.

He moved on top of me and said, “I wanted to satisfy you first. I am so sexually hot that I know I will cum very soon.”

I held his cock to aim it. I felt the head, probing, and spreading me as he grunted. My hands were now on his hips to feel him flexing his buttocks as he made small back and forth movements. His erection was opening me, moving easily through our combined juices. I could feel his long, hot shaft going deeper in me.

He was slowly rotating his hips as he pushed deeper. As his pelvis pushed against mine I knew our pubic hair was intertwined and his cock was fully buried in me. He briefly laid still for me to feel his throbbing cock as I pulsated my pussy on it.

I then thought, “My husband approves of this. I’m fucking this stranger, a man I recently met. And, I am enjoying it. This is the way adultery should be.”

It was fully daylight in the room and I could see his face. He face was strained and red as he was fucking me. He made a few pull backs and plunges, then I could feel his cock jerk as he grunted and groaned with each spurt of cum. His body was shaking as I kept pushing up to him. He continued to fill me with cum which seemed to go on and on. Finally, with a loud groan, his body went limp, then rolled over on his back pulling me up on top of him. His cock was still in me, but it soon became very soft and I couldn’t feel it anymore. Luckily, I could reach some tissues to catch his cum as I let his limp cock slip out of me.

Bob always liked for me to take his limp cock in my mouth, so I decided to do the same for Greg. As I took it in my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue, he moaned with pleasure while he watched. I sucked on it, pulled back and let it slip out of my mouth with a plopping sound.

He exclaimed, “You are wonderful. How did I get so lucky to be here with you. You are so very sexy, it’s unbelievable.”

I laid in his arms until I finally said, “We were going out by the pool, weren’t we?”

He laughed, “We were a little delayed. Let’s put on our suits and go out.”

Greg went swimming while I lounged in a comfortable chair and watched. I didn’t want to get my hair wet. Later, we sat by the pool to have a cocktail. My husband and Gladys returned from their hike in the forest to join us for another round of drinks. I had an opportunity to have a short private conversation with my husband when both Gladys and Greg excused themselves to find a bathroom.

I asked, “Well, did you and Gladys make out in the woods?”

“Not much, she was rather shy and about all we did was kiss. I decided not to rush her. How did you do?”

“Guess I might as well tell you the truth. He was very eager and couldn’t wait until tonight. He didn’t force me or anything like that, but he practically insisted we have sex before we came down to the pool. His cum is still oozing out of me a little bit. It is a little embarrassing since I’m wearing this bikini suit. I expect he is going to want more when we go up to change for dinner. I know you wanted me to cooperate with him.”

Bob looked surprised that I already had sex with Greg this early in the day.

“That’s OK, hun, we came here for sex, so enjoy it. When we go up to the room to change for dinner, I’m going to see if I can overcome Gladys’ shyness.”

“Good luck, dear husband!”

The day was getting later and it was time to go to our respective rooms for some leisure time to dress for dinner. Greg and I parted company with my husband and Gladys We agreed to meet for dinner in a couple of hours.

Once Greg and I shut the door behind us, he put his arm around my waist and walked us to the look out the window at the beautiful mountain view. Then we kissed. I knew he wanted more sex even though I would just as soon wait until tonight. His kisses were sexy causing me to get in the mood. He removed my bikini suit leaving me naked while the evening sunshine was coming in the window. He quickly dropped his swim trunks allowing his erection to stick straight out ready for action.

I asked him, “Gladys seems rather shy. Do you think she will allow my husband to strip her just like you did to me?”

“She seems shy, but when it’s time to be in the bedroom, she seems to lose her shyness. She prides herself to show her nakedness to me.”

“But you are her husband. She is in the other room with a stranger.”

“I know, but she told me she would cooperate with Bob. I believe they will have a good time.”

Greg then laid me on the bed to kiss my nipples. He rolled me on top of him in a six nine position. Now his very hard erection was just a few inches from my face. I moved one hand to feel his balls, then squeezed his cock. Since the big purple head was very close to my mouth, I circled my tongue around it, then took the head in my mouth. That seemed to excite him because he pushed up to me as if asking me to go down on him. I went down as far as I could, used my hand to fondle his balls, then pulled back up to lick around the head. He was moaning while I could feel his tongue going up and down my slit. His body jerked some as if he was about to cum. I took my mouth off his cock to allow him to cool down a little bit. I didn’t want him to cum this quick. He sucked my clit while I occasionally went down on his cock. I mostly fondled his balls and licked around the head without getting him too excited. When I could feel that an orgasm was building up in my body, I started going up and down on his cock to let him cum in my mouth. We both had an orgasm about the same time. Cum was gushing in my mouth with each jerk of his cock. Both our bodies were straining and shaking.

We relaxed while lying side by side without saying anything, each with our own thoughts. I was wondering if my husband was having sex with Gladys. Maybe he had overcome her shyness. We both drifted off into a relaxed nap. In a little while, I woke up to feel Greg’s hand at my crotch with a finger in me. He faced me for a kiss. I wasn’t in the mood, but when I reached for his cock, it was already hard. I jacked it a little bit.

I said, “From the way this feels, I think you are ready for more.”

“You are so sexy, I can’t seem to get enough of you. Aren’t you ready for more?”

I responded, “Not really this soon, but if you want more right now, roll up here on top before we get dressed.”

I spread my legs and pulled them up to give him plenty of access.

I aimed his cock and said, “Go ahead and ease it in. I’m still juicy from the cum you deposited in me earlier today.”

He began to slowly fuck me. Since he had cum just an hour ago, he could hold back without cumming too soon. He fucked me for several minutes before he blasted cum in me again.

Once he rolled off, I said, “We better get up and get dressed if we are going to meet my husband and your wife on time.”

Greg quickly dressed, then watched me dress in my panties and bra, then my blouse and skirt. If that would give him a thrill, I was willing to let him watch.

My husband and Gladys already had a table for us when we came down to the dining room.

Bob grinned and spoke, “You’re a little late, guess you were having a good time.”

Greg responded, “Yes, we were a little slow in getting dress. We assume you and Gladys enjoyed yourselves, too.”

Gladys blushed as Bob said, “Oh yes, we enjoyed ourselves.”

I could only assume they were successful with their sexual interlude.

It looked as if service was going to be slow. Bob and Greg decided to walk over to the bar to get the drinks.

While Bob and Greg were standing at the bar waiting for drinks, Greg asked, “Bob, I’ve been a little concerned just how Gladys would responded to another man. How did you make out? Was she responding to you?”

“She seemed shy at first, but then when I darkened the room a little, she let me undress her. I thought her breasts were really nice and she seemed to get really turned on when I sucked on them.”

“Yes, her nipples are very sensitive.”

Bob continued in a low voice so that others could not hear, “Your wife can give a good blow job, one of the best. She was very sexy once I got her worked up.”

Greg commented, “Glad it worked out for both of you. Did she have an orgasm?”

Bob said, “Yes, I pounded her pussy. I think she had two orgasms before I cum in her.”

Greg responded, “Wow, you did get her hot.”

Bob now asked, “How did you and my wife make out?”

Greg said, “She is great, you have a very sexy wife. I had sex with her three times already today, although the last time she didn’t have an orgasm.”

“Yes, I know, a couple of orgasms in a day or evening is about her limit. But she always lets me have all the sex I want even though she doesn’t have an orgasm each time.”

“You have a very obliging wife.”

Bob and Greg walked back to the table with the drinks. Dinner service was slow, but this gave the two couples plenty of time to get better acquainted.

There was music for dancing. Greg first danced with me while Bob danced with his date. Then the guys traded to dance with their own wives.

While I was dancing with my husband, I asked, “Are you having a good time with Gladys. I assume you’ve already been in bed with her.”

“Yes, we had one romp in bed before coming down to dinner. What do you think of Greg as a lover?”

“He seems to be very nice and treats me with respect. He has lots of stamina and keeps wanting more and more sex. I think I am satisfying him alright. At the rate he is going, he may want to fuck me all night.”

Bob chuckled, “Well, I hope you get a little sleep before the night is over.”

We changed dance partners several times during the next half hour, then parted for our respective rooms.

Once in our room, Greg and I undressed and took a shower together. His cock seemed to be continually hard. I think he wanted me to give him a blow job in the shower, but I suggested we should wait until we dried off. When I was dry, I sat on the commode seat. He stood in front of me so that I could dry his cock and balls with the towel. He was close enough to me that his cock was just inches from my mouth. I was holding his balls when I took the head in my mouth.

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