tagGroup SexDavy's On The Road Again Ch. 07

Davy's On The Road Again Ch. 07


Sorry for delivering this chapter a bit late but there have been a series of issues of which your narrator has had to deal. Thank you for all the emails and inquiries, I hope you enjoy the latest chapter and I promise to deliver more sooner.


We arose early and hit the road as quickly as we could. We noticed that Denis and Carla pulled out just before we did.

"Amy, I have learned an important lesson on this trip."

"And that is?

"And that is that nearly every RVer is a horny bastard."

"I'm beginning to see that - us included."

"Yeah, and my research is telling me that most are bisexual or curious. It's a whole secret subculture out there."

"Could be. I know I enjoyed last night. That was the first time I ever turned someone out and I took pleasure in it. She did a great job on me and we broke in her husband, too. Chalk up two more honey toads into the subculture." She searched the iPod.

"Give me your dirty love,
Like you might surrender to some dragon in your dreams.

Give me your dirty love,
Like a pink donation to the dragon in your dreams...

...The poodle bites! (come on, frenchie)
The poodle chews it! (snap it!)
The poodle bites! (come on, frenchie)
The poodle chews it! (snap it!)"

"Fucking Zappa always cracks me up! Poodle bites! What a sense of humor!"

It took several hours to get to the Skywalk and although not that far away, it was an indirect route over some snarky roads. But both of us wanted to do this and, like the rest of our trip, it was a case of what-the-hell-where-to-next. And I can tell you that we did it and we sent out postcards to prove it. It was an expensive ticket but the thrill of standing above the canyon and looking down was un-fucking-real. Amy grasped my hand tightly as we slowly strode around the big "U" shaped glass path overhanging the cliff. When we reached the center, we felt as though we were floating in space and it was a very cool experience. I suggested that maybe we should build one off the edge of the secret mountain lodge. Amy thought it unnecessary since all we had to do was have sex by the window and we were soaring. I nodded in complete agreement.

After walking Santo (and by the way, he doesn't care much for cliffs, canyons nor precipices - he likes the view but not the edge), we headed south to Peach Springs in order to pick up Route 66 to Kingman. Route 66 was like a road to nowhere that goes on forever. Sure, we passed some arcane gas stations and lots of interesting desert terrain, and a line of mail boxes that ran for a mile but it was fairly boring. Most of it looked like the Pixar film, Cars, only not as colorful until we approached Kingman. We stopped to take a picture of Amy standing by a big Route 66 sign. We stopped at a silly looking building and bought some Route 66 chachkes - key chains, a roach clip, a couple of t-shirts and some other crap that I can't remember but we seemed to be filling up a junk drawer in the trailer.

Catching 95 South to Lake Havasu City was a pretty fast trip. We parked near a good view of London Bridge and had lunch - the last of our refrigerated cache of Aspen's culinary delights. Santo liked this place and was more comfortable walking lakeside rather than precipice-side.

It would take us all afternoon to get to Palm Springs but that was our next stop. As we traveled through Havasu, Amy had a great Wi-Fi connection. I asked her to find an RV dealer in Palm Springs to have the trailer cleaned, lubed and tweaked while we were at the spa. She found a place and gave them a call. A few minutes later, she told me that everything was set; tomorrow, the dealership would meet me at the spa and take the trailer in exchange for a car. It sounded good to me.

"That works for me, A. I'm sure it costs a bit more for all the service, but I feel like pissing some away. You know, what the fuck, it's only a buck!"

"Davy, baby, don't worry about money, okay? We're both on this trip together and we're also both loaded, so who fucking cares. As I see it, we've saved a ton of money so far - and we bypassed Vegas!"

"God, do I hate Las Vegas - unless, of course, they book me there."

"I hate Las Vegas, too. I've never been there and don't ever want to go. I just hate the idea of it - so ersatz. It's creepy to me."

Havasu to I-10 was not that hard a ride and before long, we were passing Joshua Tree State Park. In honor of Gram Parsons, I pulled over and we sang "Hickory Wind", "Hot Burrito #2", and "Wild Horses." Santo did his business (symbolically, he put out Gram's immolation) and having fulfilled my mission to pay my respects, it was a jaunt up to The Rancho in Desert Hot Springs and the temporary end of our road for a few days.

We were greeted by several doormen who helped us unload our stuff. While we left a lot in the trailer, there were other items (computer, guitar, dog and food, etc.) we took with us. We checked in and were led to our suite, the best one in the place. This suite had a large second floor terrace with an interior daybed overlooking the facility, the gardens and the mountains. It was late at night by the time we checked in and the sky was breathtakingly covered in stars.

This resort was very luxurious, to say the least. It was highly recommended by Hotels.com and The New York Times and other travel and tourism sites and magazines. On our way to the suite, we passed several nude couples and we smiled at each other. The valet informed us that the pool and hot tub were open and, if we liked, we could stroll the gardens. We flopped on the king sized bed and stretched out. Santo found the couch to his liking. I set out his bowls and rinsed myself off in the huge multi-headed shower. Amy joined me and suggested we go for a dip and a tub to unwind. I agreed after smoking one of the half-joints we'd clinched.

Leaving Santo in the room was not a problem as he was stretched out and snoring away. Amy and I draped ourselves in the complimentary robes and sandals and left to reconnoiter. We walked through the desert gardens and marveled at the sky. We passed several nude couples and soon our robes were untied and, like us, hanging loose. The cool, dry night air felt good. We passed another couple sitting on a small platform doing the deed. At first, I took little notice but when Amy whispered that it was a well-known TV actress, I did a double-take. Damn, if she wasn't fine! I should start watching more TV! Not!

We made it over to the pool and took a few laps. There were a few other people in the pool and a very friendly attitude seemed pervasive. The hot tub was next and it removed any residual driving stress I might have been feeling. Finally, it was off to bed - a super king-sized bed with lots of room to roll around! Santo liked the bed, too, because, in the morning, he was down on the bottom, under our feet.

Breakfast and coffee were delivered as I was preparing to walk Santo. The Room Service valet offered to have someone come by to walk him for us. A few minutes later, a pretty woman came for him and introduced herself as Callie. She offered to stop by several times a day to take him out. When she returned from her walk, she asked if she could keep Santo with her and her own dog during the day. She explained that they really liked each other and it would be no big deal, that her dog would love the company and that the hotel had a private dog run to play in, with a shaded and watered area. I told her that I would bring Santo down to her office and we would check it out. Amy said that she would meet me at the spa as we had a massage appointment.

Enrobed, I walked Santo down to the main office. It seems that our dog walker was the daughter-in-law of the spa owners and they had built the dog facilities for their own pets. Callie, who actually ran the resort, was very gracious and welcoming to Santo who was busy sniffing her dog, Roxy. The dog run was as luxurious as the rest of the place with lots of shade and I agreed to let him stay there. He didn't even notice me leaving.

I met Amy at the spa entrance where she was in conversation with two other couples. Amy's robe was loose but they were nude and well-oiled. Breaking from them, we walked in.

"They said that our Tandem Massage will be awesome."

"Tandem massage?"

"Yes, we're both getting massaged together. And then after that, we have a yoga class and then lunch and then you can suntan and lay around while I get waxed. This stubble is starting to itch and bother me. I think I'll get rid of the landing strip, too.

"Ok, baby, lead me on. You know, I thought I had a rash on my face but now I realize what it was."

"Liar, liar, pants on fire."

We were taken to a quiet room that was open to the desert gardens. We tossed our robes on hooks and lay down on massage tables facing each other. The room smelled of lilacs and the sound of a waterfall outside made us both instantly relaxed. Hector and Julie entered the room. Hector was a strapping Latino with a powerful upper physique. Julie was a wiry Latina, very pretty and small featured. Both wore professional white - Hector in pants and Julie in pants and a bra.

"If you like, I will start on you, Mr. Harper and Julie will start on the lady. If you like, we can change places at any time. Our massage is a full and sensual massage and, again, if you like, you can always set the limits to whatever you are comfortable with, Many of our guests enjoy the full body massage."

"Take us where you want to go, Hector. We're putty in your hands."

"Very good, Sir."

Amy's head was about six inches from mine and we smiled at each other as their hands began to work our legs, backs and arms. After our fingers were stretched and kneaded, they rolled the tables apart and began on our necks, shoulders and heads. After finishing, they exchanged places. Julie went from my neck down to my toes. She dripped oil on my buttocks and began to work on them. The oil dripped down to my testicles. I heard Amy give out a sigh and I assumed the same was happening to her. Julie's hand slowly moved down between my butt cheeks and she massaged my rectum. I parted my legs to give her more access but she slapped my butt and asked me to roll over.

Julie had dropped her pants and was in a small white thong. Hector was also thonged and his dick was pushing against the small cloth front leaving a clear impression. He was obviously enjoying Amy's body. I rolled over sporting a woody and damn proud of it. Julie oiled me up and went back to work after rolling the table around so I could see Amy, with our faces opposite each other. Hector was working her legs and thighs and Amy's five o'clock shadowed mound looked tempting. Julie was moving around my body but just always missing my dick.

"Do you mind if we get nude, too," asked Hector.

"Not at all. Go for it," I mumbled.

Julie stripped down to her shaved pubes and small pointy-nipped tits. Hector was hanging to the side and rubbing Amy's chest. Amy's hand was already around his fat, uncircumcised cock. Julie rubbed my chest and then got onto the table above me where she proceeded to use her body as a massager. Her hard nipples brushed against my chest as my nipples hardened. She straddled me and my dick ran between her ass cheeks. My hand caressed her soft little ass. As I was just beginning to enjoy it, they traded places again.

Julie went right to work on Amy's breasts and seemed to take an extra delight in their heft. Meanwhile, Hector was oiling my crotch. With one hand, he rubbed and tweaked my nipples and with the other hand, he stroked my dick. Meanwhile, Amy was getting a similar treatment.

"Would you like me to finish you off, Sir?"

"Actually, no, Hector, if you will just rub me down again, that will be fine."

"Very good, Sir, your yoga class follows this. We will take you to it."

Amy didn't have the same choice as I watched Julie expertly finger her to a small orgasm. We lay limp as they sponge bathed us. Then we followed them to the yoga center. I went to tip Hector and he refused it saying that our suite included everything including a 25% gratuity for all services...and worth every penny.

The yoga room was already filled with people. We found a spot toward the back and sat down on mats fully prepared for the typical stretching exercises. An older woman, perhaps in her early seventies, with a gentle voice and demeanor walked to the front of the room.

"Hello everyone. My name is Lillian and I will be your instructor. Our exercises are designed to help you increase your stamina and your concentration during intimacy with your partner. If you feel uncomfortable in anything we do, you need not participate. However, I suggest you do participate because you will thank me later. First, we want to stretch the body and center the mind. If you will please remove your garments, you can hang them on the hooks along the wall."

As we started our stretching, I looked around the room and surveyed just how many good looking people were present, and there were quite a few. A couple of pleasingly pudgies but no fatties, a few with odd shapes and features but no creeps - in short, a pretty good looking bunch. I was distracted by the bodies around me as it is difficult to focus inwardly when you are gazing up someone's vagina as they bend over. The couple closest to me were young and in superb physical shape. Unfortunately, my mind was fondling with firm breasts.

Amy commented to me that she was having the same problem only with his nine-incher when Lillian asked for our attention.

"Now, I realize that most of you have never experienced group nude yoga and it must be very distracting for you to see all these beautiful bodies around you. So before we continue, I'd like to take a moment for you to meet each other. If we can go around the room and introduce ourselves, some of the self-consciousness and discomfort will disappear. You start."

We went around he room with each person identifying themselves and where they call home. As each person went in turn, all eyes were upon them and their bodies. After some nervousness, it did seem to relax everyone a bit. Then it was back to stretching. This went on for twenty minutes or so. By now, I'd stopped sneaking glances and was focused upon centering myself.

"Ok. very good. Now if you will all sit, please. This yoga class is part of your three-day schedule if you choose it to be. Each day, we will focus upon different sensual exercises. Today, I want to help you to focus on the sensuality of look and touch. Please sit opposite your partner and next to the nearest couple so that your knees just touch. That's right, form a long line. Good. Now concentrate on the sensation of the person in front of you...you feel their knees touching you, right?...Not pushing but just lightly touching...Now feel the sensation of the person on your left...good...now the person on your right...very good...now imagine all the knees in this room touching each other and feel the energy...close your eyes and feel the connection you share with those around you...now touch your fingertips to the fingertips of the person in front of you...very lightly...yes, that's good...breathe in that energy and breathe out...breathe in that energy and breathe out...very good...please continue."

This exercise graduated to holding hands and then to rotating to the left and then the right. Each time, the sensation of group energy seemed to increase. She broke us into smaller groups and had us sit in a circle. With our palms outward, she had us cross our arms and connect our palms to the person next to us. In order to do that, we had to make the circle tighter and so body parts sometimes got in the way but eventually, we completed the circle and sat there in a collective - breathing and feeling. It was very relaxing and, at the same time, powerfully sensual.

"All right. I want you all to break now. Go for lunch and whatever and I'll see you all back here at 3:30."

The crowd mingled for a few minutes and then broke for lunch. Amy and I returned to our suite and filled out our meal requests. There were a few notes: our trailer had been picked up and a red Prius was out in the lot for us; Callie wrote that Santo was fine and there was a note from someone named Mark. It read, "I saw you earlier and while you probably don't remember me, I played violin on one of your early recordings. It's a pleasure to see you again and I'll introduce myself at the pool."

I opened the laptop and checked my email which was full of comments about the YouTube video. I checked YouTube and the count was over 35,000 views. There were lots of positive comments, too, as well as more pleas from the business suit side which I skipped over. Danny wrote that he would tend to the suits for me. Lunch arrived at about the same time Denis and Carla walked over to our terrace. Like us, they were nude.

"Hiya guys. When did you get in?"

"About two hours ago. This place is great. We've been surveying the facilities."

"Denis, are you feeling self-conscious?"

"At first, Davy, but not anymore. I like walking around naked and seeing all the other naked people, too. You were right, Amy, it is very liberating. We played some touchy-feely with another couple in the pool."

We sat and chatted about the Skywalk and the ride to the resort. Amy asked Carla to join her at the spa for a wax and she agreed. They left and said they would meet us by the pool. Denis and I shared a nicely rolled number and talked about the freedom and luxury of the place. He was glad we had talked them into coming. Their smaller suite was right next to ours and had an adjoining door which we unlocked. Denis turned to me and touched my chest. Electricity flowed between us and he asked if I would be interested in a little sex before the pool. I thanked him but told him that I preferred to play with Amy present. I told him not to worry as we would play later which seemed to satisfy his urge. We headed over to the pool and lay down on lounges. The sun was strong and the air was warm and dry and it felt damned good. After a few minutes, a young woman came by and asked if we would like some sunblock. She rubbed sunblock all over us leaving nothing uncovered. "Nice touch," I thought to myself. A few minutes later, another young woman asked if we would like something from the bar. As I sipped my banana colada, I watched as nubile people frolicked and splashed.

After a while, the sun became too much for us and we moved into the shade. A tall thin man with wiry hair approached me, "Davy Harper, right?"

"Yes. Hello. Mark O'Flannery, right? Long time, man, long time. How are you?"

"I'm great, Davy. It's great to see you again. It's nice to hear your music again. I caught that YouTube clip from Aspen, it's all the talk in L.A. these days."

"Thanks, Mark. That was a fun night."

We talked about the resort. He and his wife, Deb, were frequent guests as it was a good escape from their home in Laurel Canyon. Mark had plenty of session work and had become one of L.A. most wanted players as well as a recording artist in his own right. Denis asked him about the kind of sex that goes on at the resort. Mark explained that, during the week, most of it goes on after dinner, after the day-tripping people leave. The weekends, he said, were very intense with lots of people. He preferred the place during the week when it was quieter and more laid back. We sat and shmoozed for a while and Mark pointed out all the celebrities in attendance. I pointed out that it was easy to miss them as you don't look at their faces. Finally, we saw Amy, Carla and another woman, small, blond and stacked, walking toward us.

"I see that Deb has made the acquaintance of your wives."

Oh, no, Amy and I aren't married but we are 'significant'," I responded.

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