tagNonHumanDead Heat: Death For Breakfast Ch. 01

Dead Heat: Death For Breakfast Ch. 01


Lauren’s hackles rose when she heard the creak in the hallway. It was five o’clock in the morning and her son, Jaime, wouldn’t be back from his father’s for another few hours, so she should be alone in the house. And the sound wasn’t from the house settling. She had lived in this house long enough to know its noises and this one was definitely man-made. Her hand reached for the 9mm beneath her pillow and pointed its snout towards the door, feigning sleep as she watched the door through slitted eyes.

The door swung open and Brodie quietly stepped through the portal, his eyes falling on her supine figure and his mouth watering. He had wanted her ever since they’d started working together. She was so smart and so sexy. His cock hardened as he thought of the way her fingers played upon blued steel, cleaning and lubing one of her weapons and it had been so sexual that he’d had to resort to jacking off in the men’s bathroom.

He attended her technical presentations, unable to focus on the minutiae but instead drawn to the way her flared skirt swirled around her thighs or the way her full lips formed words. He imagined those thighs wrapped around his waist or her mouth around his cock. Tonight, he just couldn’t stand it any longer. He had to taste. He had to feed his desire for her and nothing, including locked doors, would stand in his way.

“Hello, Brodie.” Lauren instantly recognized the broad body that entered her bedroom. She slowly sat up, moonlight glinting off the gun in her hand and lighting uncovered portions of her body. The white sheet pooled at her waist and her white skin gleamed, high breasts tipped with smudges of rose and her belly button disappearing into shadows. She saw the effect of her nakedness on him and tried her best not to smirk. She wanted him, too, but she wanted him on her terms. “Kind of early for a repair call, isn’t it?”

“Depends on what needs repairing.” He walked over to the window and looked out. The street remained silent and sleeping and just the slenderest of pink fingers was slicing the blue velvet of night, heralding the approaching dawn. Brodie turned back to her, licking his lips and in one movement, stripped the shirt from his torso, his pliable steel rippling under satiny skin. “I came here to fuck you.”

She slid the carriage back swiftly, loading a hollow point into the chute. “And what if I don’t want to be fucked?”

Brodie unbuckled his pants, reached in and pulled out his huge, rock-hard cock, giving it a fatherly stroke. “You’d pass this up?”

“I have vibrators bigger than that. You’ll have to convince me another way.”

He gave himself a few more strokes and his prick enlarged slightly, the mushroom head fattening and releasing a dribble of clear, sticky liquid. “Doesn’t this look tasty?”

“No.” She countered quickly. “Looks like snot.”

Brodie was growing more and more impatient the more he stroked himself and gazed at her succulent body. He wasn’t interested in witty banter; he just wanted to sink his cock into her pussy and fill her full of cum. He took a step towards her and she raised the gun a little higher, reminding him that she had the upper hand. He bit back his anger, kicking his shoes off and sliding the pants down. “You don’t want this inside you?”

“Maybe, but I’m not going to be raped into it.”

Lauren watched the tic in his face and knew that Brodie was trying to control his temper. She had been warned about this, about his predilection for violent sex but she was hungry for his unrestrained ardor and his legendary prowess. Part of her wanted to unleash the beast while the other part knew how dangerous it was to do so. She liked this part of her job; the edge, the grit in her mouth and the smell of blood in her nostrils as she faced certain death.

The aperture of her gun motioned him down and he reluctantly dropped to his knees, hating the control she held over him. He had known that it wouldn’t be easy, but he hadn’t expected this. In the office, she had fawned over his attentions like the others had, batting her eyes and responding with trembles to his kisses and touches. He had expected her to open her legs after seeing his prick and worship him like the king he was.

Soon, she would come to see who he was and she would appreciate every inch of him, even as he shoved it down her slender throat and snuffed the life out of her. Then, she would truly know.

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