tagInterracial LoveDead Heat: Shattered Hearts Ch. 07

Dead Heat: Shattered Hearts Ch. 07



The gymnasium erupted into the loudest roar I'd ever heard. The Varsity Championship had been won and Mykal Hughes, the Most Valuable Player of the game, leaped into the arms of his teammates, shouting his joy to the ceiling. Fyona's cry was loud in my ear, her arms clasping me and her laughter filling my soul. Mykal's eyes met mine and I gave him a 'thumbs-up' and a huge smile. He grinned back, laughingly giving me the 'white people's' OK sign.

Fyona didn't get upset that he hadn't acknowledged her. She knew that there would be time later. It was Mykal's time to enjoy the fruits of his labors. And our time to enjoy being alive.

It had been a long three months since the abduction.

Brad had released Mykal before I was able to get Fyona covered and the memory of the previous beating had set him off. Mykal had jumped on me, screaming at me and beating me mercilessly. He didn't immediately understand when I didn't release his mother but my gentle words finally reached him and he collapsed at my feet, sobbing and cursing his father, who was led away in cuffs. Brad gave me his shirt to cover Fyona until one of the ambulance attendants scrounged up a hospital gown.

Mykal and I wouldn't let her out of our sight at first. I put my arm around his shoulder when the ambulance attendant examined her and we clung to each other when they took her to x-ray. We both had a chance to see her before she left. She was still unconscious, had a huge lump near the back of her skull and various parts of her face and body were swollen. She didn't wake up for another thirty minutes and even then she was combative. It took two nurses and the attending physician to convince her that the conflict was over and that she was safe.

Her first request was to see Mykal and her second, to see me.

"I'm sorry." Her first words were a whisper to me, her eyes averted.

"Don't be."

"I ... I thought he would honor his word. I should have known better."

"Yes, you should have." I hadn't meant for my words to be so harsh but I was upset.

She sensed the anger in me. "Would you have given up on your only child?"

"No, Fyona, but I would not have offered Ronnie a second chance at me."

That made her even angrier. "So you think I liked it? That I asked to be raped again?"

I stepped closer to her, cupping her cheek. "No, but it will never happen again."

The fervor of her anger was short-lived. She was growing tired from the stress. "Pete?"


"Would you take care of Mykal until I get out of here?"

"Of course. You don't even have to ask."

"Yes, I do, and thank you."

I leaned down and pressed a kiss to her puffy face. "Sleep now, princess."

She remained in the hospital for three days and Mykal and I threw her a welcome home party. We cleaned the mostly clean house from top to bottom and filled every room with roses, her favorite flowers. When she was settled in, I quietly slipped away, giving her time and space to heal. It took her another nine weeks before she felt strong enough to reach out to me and she invited me to Mykal's Championship game.

"So ... "

"Yes?" I don't know if it was possible but she had gotten prettier. The bruises were gone and her eyes were sparkling again because her life was complete with Mykal.

"We never got to have that dinner."

My heart leaped in my chest. "No, we didn't."

She moved closer and I smelled her sweet scent. "Then why don't you take me home?" I searched her face and saw the beauty of a relationship with her in those dark eyes. She came into my arms without hesitation, her breath warm on my ear. "And let's skip dinner."

"Are you sure?" She was only three months clear of having been beaten and raped by her ex-husband.

"Pete, I'm not a rag doll." She laid her head against my chest, listening to my heartbeat. "What happened to me was very horrible but I'm not the same woman you knew back then. I'm much stronger." Fyona lifted her head, her eyes meeting mine. "And it's been a very long time since I've felt so strongly about someone ... "

I slid my fingers under her chin, tilting her mouth up to mine and slowly drank from its sweetness. I didn't think I'd ever tire of kissing her. "Fyona, if we do this ... I'm not a one-night stand kind of guy."

"I was counting on that." She started nibbling on my earlobe and my dick hardened to steel in a flash. "Take me home, Pete. Please."

"Okay. Let's find Mykal first." We found him in the midst of a locker room celebration. He hugged his mother so hard that she gasped for breath when he released her. I was very surprised and almost moved to tears when he hugged me as well.

"Congratulations, champ!"


"So what are your plans for tonight?"

Mykal laughed, his eyes sparkling. He hadn't missed the fact that his mother's arm was around my waist. "Maybe I should be asking you that question."

I laughed with him. "Why do you think I'm asking?"

He clapped me on the back. "No need to worry, Pete. I won't be home for quite awhile. I might even spend the night at Aaron's house." He smiled at Fyona. "I'll call and let you know, okay?"

"Okay." I put an arm around his and slipped a couple of twenties into his hand. "Have a good time."

"Pete, you don't have to do this."

"I know I don't but I want to."

"Thanks." Mykal gave me another hug. "Make her happy."

The car ride home was the longest I'd ever endured but it was well worth the wait. I opened the door for her and she nearly attacked me, ripping my shirt open and feasting on one of my nipples. I groaned, my cock throbbing even more. I had hoped to make this long and exciting for her but it was obvious that she had other ideas. I pulled her blouse open, gazed at her black-capped chocolate breasts and started sucking them like I was a thirsty baby searching for milk. She reacted naturally, pressing my face into her globes and urging me to suck harder.

I wrapped my lips around them and flicked my tongue over the dark pebbles, moving between each when the other started to soften back up a little. Blowing a little air over them drew a soft moan from her and I smiled up into her shadowed eyes. "Why don't we take this somewhere I can lay you down?"

Fyona nodded eagerly and after securing the door, led me up the stairs to a queen-size pillow-top bed. We laughed as we stripped down, tripping over hastily removed pants and flinging shoes every which way, but suddenly, all was serious again because she was standing naked before me. And I was floored. To say that Fyona was beautiful just didn't seem adequate. Her gorgeous brown skin covered those ample breasts, swung over a small hump of stomach and split down her curvy hips and legs.

"Oh, Fyona." My whisper brought her eyes to mine and I hoped that she was enjoying what she was seeing on me. My cock stood out proudly, even more so now that I was gazing on such beauty. I reached for her, pressing my prick into her furred juncture and captured her mouth again, pouring my appreciation into the sweep of my tongue. She trembled, standing on tiptoe to meet me, her nipples dragging across my chest and sending sensations directly to my cock.

It was so easy to lift her and deposit her on the bed, covering her with my bulk. Her arms went around my neck, pulling me down and I began with a gentle exploration of her lush body, my hands sliding over curves, my fingers slipping into valleys. She arched against me when I found her buried clit, her cry music to my ears. I took her mouth again, making love to her mouth as my fingers sought to do the same to her pussy. Her legs fell open, giving me better access and I spent a few moments concentrating on her clit, swallowing her screams as she came again and again. I let my middle finger burrow into her creamy slit and she tensed against me, waiting for my entry. I didn't make her wait to long but I inserted my thick middle as slowly as I could. She trembled so hard that it scared me. I rose up to look at her face and saw someone in the throes of a massive orgasm. It was most probably the greatest gift I'd ever been given.

"Pete." She gasped when I moved my finger in and out a few times, then raised the coated digit to my mouth and sniffed and tasted her juices. "Please."

"Please what?"

"Please don't make me wait." I wanted to use my tongue to explore that fragrant black pussy but my greedy cock had other ideas, especially when she reached down and gave it a squeeze, gently rubbing the head into the pink wetness of her chocolate gash. This time, I trembled.

"God, Fyona, don't."

"Why not?" She'd sensed something in my reaction. I really got off on her taking control. Her hand on my cock was making my blood boil. She pressed the fat head of my cock against her clit and shivered, then slid it up and down her slit again. "Feel how wet I am?" I answered with a groan, my cock growing even larger in her hand. "Want to come inside?" I couldn't answer this time because she hooked her leg over my hip and pressed my meat into her slick, wet canal.

Her velvet pussy was like heaven. Fyona took me to paradise by flipping me onto my back and taking me fully into her body. We groaned together and I reached up for her breasts, cupping their delicious weights and rolling the thick nipples between my fingers. She leaned back and moaned, her cunt tightening around me like a vise.

"God, yes." I hadn't even heard my own whisper but Fyona had. She completely straddled my hips, pressing all the way down until our pubes ground together, then put her hands on either side of my head and began to ride me like a wanton creature. I pulled one of her breasts down to my mouth, sucking the nipple and trying not to go crazy over the sight of her swaying above me, a Nubian goddess that belonged to me, a beautiful black woman that was ravishing me.

"Oh, Pete." She was close. Her pussy rippled around my steel, our liquids mingling together and coating my balls. Her wet heat was so exquisite; I knew that I wouldn't be able to get enough of her. I grabbed her hips and lifted her up and down on my prick, enjoying the absolute look of surrender on her face as her orgasm exploded, taking me over the edge with her.

We shouted together, my hips pressing my pistoning cock up into her as far as possible as my cum spurted into her hidden reaches. She collapsed against me and I held her close, our bodies tingling and trembling in concert. "Thank you."

"Don't thank me yet." I stroked her back, nibbling her sweaty neck and trying to slow the beat of my heart. "We're just beginning."

She lifted her head and met my eyes, softly stroking my cheek. The warmth in her voice flooded me with hope for the future and a chance to be at her side in that future.

"Yes, Pete. We are."

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