Dear Karen Pt. 05



Dear Karen,

Following my successful luncheon, I was simply giddy with success. One result of this was I became man hungry. I wanted the warm, full feeling that only a hard cock could provide but I didn't want to demean myself by submitting to being fucked by my sissy husband. In fact, I could hardly imagine submitting to being used by any man for his pleasure. What a dilemma these contradictory feelings put me in. While I was struggling with this dilemma, I ran into an attorney from another law firm in a bar where I'd met a client for a drink. Shortly, the client had to leave to catch her train and I noticed Frank. Frank is a handsome man who looks athletic and has a pleasant disposition. I thought maybe Frank could be the answer to my dilemma. I went over and said hello. Frank invited me to sit down and have a drink with him, which I did. After several drinks it became apparent that we were getting on very well and I asked him if he'd like to come up to my condo, which was a short walk away. Frank grinned like guys do when they think they've just gotten lucky and said he'd love to see my condo. A bit tipsy we left the bar and walked to the building where my condo was located.

We arrived at the door and I let us in. BJ had been preparing dinner and seemed surprised that I'd brought someone home with me. He asked if we had a guest for dinner and I told him to put dinner on hold for now. I led Frank into the living room and told BJ to mix us some drinks. When BJ arrived with the drinks Frank and I were kissing and pressing body parts. I could feel his cock swelling in his trousers and knew that he was nicely endowed. Ideas for how I might get control of this situation began running rampant in my head. I wanted his cock but I wanted to maintain some control. I decided the first thing I needed to do was cool him down a bit. I unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his pants and pulled then down exposing his under shorts. His rigid cock was now highly evident and his kisses were becoming very passionate and insistent. I slipped his short down so that he now stood with his clothing around his ankles and his member charged and ready for action. I called BJ over. I asked Frank if he'd mind if my sissy husband found out what a handful of balls on a real man felt like. Frank looked a bit taken aback and looked at BJ as if for the first time. I could tell he was unsure whether I was serious about BJ being my sissy husband but he as too aroused to really care and nodded agreement.

I took BJ's hand and guided it to Frank's balls and told him to get a good feel, which he did. I then moved his hand up to Frank's cock and told BJ to wrap his hand around it. The look in BJ's eyes and his breathing told me that he was turned on. I moved behind him and pressed down on his shoulders. I had pushed him down to service my cunt so often by now that BJ dropped to his knees reflexively. I told Frank that we were going to get started by my sissy husband giving him a blowjob. Frank was so horny that he was ready for anything that would give him some relief. I told BJ to suck Frank's cock. He looked at me as if to ask, "what?" I told BJ, I promised Frank a blowjob and that I love to watch a cock getting sucked, so that the only way we were both going to be happy was for him to suck Frank off while I watched. I told him we'd already established that he would eat cum from my hand and it wouldn't be that big a jump to take cum from the source. As I knew he would BJ submissively leaned forward, opened his mouth and engulfed Frank's member. This little scene and conversation with BJ had Frank in a near frenzy. He let BJ suck and lick on his cock for a few moments and then couldn't stand passively accepting BJ's attentions. Frank grabbed BJ's face between his large well-manicured hands and took control. Soon he was face-fucking BJ like his mouth was the greatest piece of pussy his cock had ever encountered. I had sat down on a chair close to the action and hiked up my dress, pulled down my panties and plunged a finger deep into my dripping wet cunt.

I heard Frank grunt and saw his cock spasm as he shoved it about as deep into BJ's mouth as it would go. Frank's body jerked several times as his balls pumped cum through his dick and into BJ's mouth. Frank finally collapsed back onto the couch that was behind him pulling his still rigid cock from BJ's mouth. BJ turned toward me and I could see that he was holding a mouth full of cum uncertain what to do next. I told him to swallow it all and get busy cleaning Frank up. BJ gulped down the load he was holding in his mouth and moved over to where he could lick Frank's cock clean. Frank definitely looked cooled down now.

Next, I needed to get him aroused again so I could make use of his cock. I told BJ to get over here and eat my pussy, which he dutifully did. Frank sat collapsed back into the couch and watched as BJ sucked and licked my sloppy wet pussy. I commanded BJ to put his tongue as deep into my pussy as he could and I humped his face and tongue until I shuddered with an orgasm. I pushed BJ away and looked at Frank. As I had hoped, he had gotten aroused watching BJ go down on me and his member was at attention again. I got up and went over to the couch and told him to stretch out. Frank was now in a more passive frame of mind and did so. I climbed up on him and positioned my dripping cunt over his erect member. I slowly lowered myself down on his stiff pole. The soft plump head of his cock gently spread me open and his rigid shaft followed the head deep into my body. It was an exquisite feeling that I had not experienced in some time. Once Frank was fully embedded in me, I fucked myself silly on his rod while he lay beneath me and held onto my tits, which he gently massaged. I must have had another half dozen orgasms but Frank never reached a second climax, which was not unexpected since men seem to be so limited in the amount of pleasure they can sustain.

I collapsed on top of Frank and after a short respite from my arduous activity; I got up and looked around for BJ. He was sitting in a chair and had apparently been watching. He seemed to be highly aroused by the escapade but was being a good little boy bitch and had not played with my toy. I told him to get over to the couch and to clean Frank up and that he could play with my toy while he did it. He was soon licking and sucking on Frank's member, which in spite of BJ's ministrations was melting down. BJ was at the same time eagerly playing with my toy. I told him to catch his sissy juice in his hand and not to get any of it on my carpet. Soon enough he shot his little batch of sissy juice into his hand and slumped down with Frank's limp dick in his mouth. I gave them a minute and then told BJ to go take a shower. I told Frank that I thought his luck had run out and he needed to be on his way. After Frank left BJ and I had a nice dinner and discussed our little adventure.



To be continued...

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