tagLoving WivesDebbie Ch. 01

Debbie Ch. 01


Wife's First Threesome

My wife Debbie and I always had a pretty open relationship, although she had never had sex with another guy she had always teased them, on one occasion she got to the point where she wanted to fuck some guy who had turned her on by sucking and playing with her tits and cunt, but she had never quite gone there for one reason or another.

Debbie was a good-looking woman with a 38 26 34 figure, she loved her tits and loved men looking at them, she loved it even more when they were sucking on them, it drove her wild. She never wore a bra and rarely ever wore panties and she loved the shortest skirts the thinnest tops and the tightest of hot pants. When she was walking down the street, if some guy was looking at her tits as they swayed she would look the guy in the eyes and give him a big smile.

My brother Tony had always fancied Debbie but would never quite say so. He would say how good looking she was and comment on her tits, telling her what he would like to do with them, but always in that joking embarrassed fashion. Debbie disliked Tony because as she put it "He was a male chauvinist pig" but she loved the way he lusted after her and wound him up something terrible often giving him a full flash when he was least expecting it but only if I was there which meant she was always in control. His comments and her reactions became second nature to us all and he was always put firmly in his place 'look but you don't ever touch'

I was a school caretaker and had organised the annual parents disco. My brother and his wife Julie with a few friends had got tickets and we were all seated at the same table.

We had been there about an hour and things were going well, as I had organised things I got free drinks for the night and Debbie had been knocking them back. She was in a strange mood, dressed in a gold sequined ¾ length top that was like chain mail, when she moved forward the top moved away from her body so if you were sitting down and she was standing beside you a good view of her tit's was guaranteed, she pointed this out to Tony and showed him the full length skirt that she was wearing, made of thin material and split right up to her thighs a slight movement displayed her black stockings and suspenders which she loved wearing,

After a while and several looks up Debbie's top Tony said, "What would you do if I touched your tits right now." Debbie looked at me with a smile passing the question to me, I knew what she wanted me to say

"Why don't you try it and see." I said. He didn't need telling twice and slowly put his hand up her top and gently stroked her tit, she looked him straight in the face and smiled while I looked at his wife who was sitting right next to him but she was chatting to someone else.

I swear Tony almost came on the spot as he finally got his hands on those elusive mammeries. The effect on Debbie of being groped by Tony in front of both his wife and me was electric, she visibly shook and after no more than a few seconds she pulled back and calmly asked me to have a dance with her, she gave Tony a big smile and we made our way to the dance floor.

We were dancing close "Did you enjoy that?" I asked.

She looked at me and said, "Why don't you find out for yourself." So I slid my hand down her thigh and slipped inside the slitted skirt to find her pussy was dripping with her juices.

"How did it make you feel seeing me being touched up by another man?" she asked.

Smiling I said, "I enjoyed every second of it, I have waited a long time for you to pluck up the courage to go that far in front of me."

"And what if I wanted to go further?" She asked with a grin

"You have always been free to enjoy herself in anyway you want" I replied, "It's always been that way." She smiled gave me a big kiss and we walked back to the table.

I have never felt so sorry for a man as I did the rest of that night, poor Tony didn't know what to do, every time he danced with Debbie he was grabbing a quick hand full of ass or tit but as soon as he got within reach of her cunt she walked away, all the time he was watching me, waiting for me to say something.

In the end he just came up to me and said, "What the hell is up with Debbie tonight she seems a bit high."

I answered as bluntly as possible, "I think she may want to fuck you bruv, and if I was you I would make the most of the opportunity as it may never happen again."

That was all he needed to hear. While I kept Julie busy he kept dancing and fondling Debbie, It was like that for the rest of the night with the occasional quick kiss and smile from Debbie to keep me going, she always with that little twinkle in her eye that said 'I have him right where I want him.'

The DJ called the last dance Debbie came up to me and asked, "How can we get Tony back to our place without his Julie,"

I said "Leave it to me."

I went up to Julie and said, "I'm bloody knackered and I have to clean the hall up before I finish, you don't mind if Tony gives me a hand do you?"

"No that's ok," she replied, "Steve will give me a lift home, I'm going home to bed."

I found Tony and said, "Can you give me a hand when they've all gone?"

"I'm too bloody knackered to do any work." he replied obviously as knackered as I was

"So am I." I said, "We were just going to go home why don't you join us, but don't tell Julie, ok."

Debbie was standing between us with an arm around me, her other hand went to his arse and gave a squeeze,

"Well I cant let you down bruv, of course I'll give you hand." he said rather quickly. So all was set.

Once everyone had left I locked the building and the three of us went to my house which was only a minute away on the school site. As soon as we got in I offered drinks all round while Debbie went and sat on the bed settee we had in the living room, Tony went to walk past and sit in a chair but she grabbed his hand and pulled him down beside her smiling. I took the drinks in and sat in the chair opposite, I had no idea what was going to happen and just let Debbie take control of the situation, following her lead.

After a couple of minutes Debbie stood up and said, "This thing weighs a ton, you don't mind if I get a little more comfortable do you guy's."

In unison we both said, "No....!"

Before we could say anything else she lifted the top over her head, "Ahhh that's much more comfortable." she said, and walked towards Tony throwing the top at me.

Tony's eye's were on stalk's but Debbie didn't stop there she straddled across his legs and sat with her tits inches from his face, as I was sitting slightly to one side I could see him clearly he was bright red mouth wide open and eyes glued to her tit's, at last after all these years he had what he had been lusting after.

It must have dawned on him that I was still present because he gulped and looked at me, I said, "For Christ sake you have waited all this time for the chance to get your hands on her, she is yours until she say's other wise."

That was it, he threw himself at her tits like it was his life, squeezing one while nipping at the nipple of the other, I knew that this would drive her wild, she loved having her tits in a mans mouth and pushed forward putting her them right in his face, his hand slipped towards her cunt but just when he thought he had made it she moved down sliding to the floor in front of him, she quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled his jeans and pants off almost yanking him off the settee his arse hanging over the edge.

She slid towards him and took his throbbing prick between her tits and started giving him a tit wank letting his prick get closer and closer to her mouth "Oh fucking hell." he sighed, as she played with his balls she moved around his prick so that she was facing me making sure I could see as she took his prick deep into her mouth, at this point I found it hard to believe that she was the same shy virgin that I had married and who had never been with another man but me.

By now Tony was rigid all over, it was obvious he was about to come his load and Debbie knew it, she gave a final quick thrust with her lips and then used her tongue to finish him off, he let out a huge loud sigh and spunked into her mouth and all over her face all the time she looked at me, smiling she ran her tongue around her lips taking all she could reach then she wiped the rest off her face with her hands and, still looking at me rubbed it into her tits which at this point seemed to be twice as big as usual, I knew that if she wanted me to join in she would say so. Even though my prick was in agony in my jeans I made no move to join in the fun, Tony was getting exactly what he deserved and wanted, a good seeing to by my wife.

As soon as Tony had got his breath back she took his hand and said, "You look like you need a drink get me one will you."

"Errr yes ok a drink fine yes right." he stammered, and went off into the kitchen like a pet dog.

Once he had gone Debbie came over to me and said, "Your loving this aren't you."

"I have waited for a long time to see you in full swing with another man, I always knew you would enjoy it." I replied.

"Don't worry," she said, "there will be plenty left for you by the time I am finished with Tony."

I smiled "I never doubted it. "

When Tony came back into the room he stopped in his tracks Debbie had opened up the sofa bed and was laying on top of it wearing only her black stockings and suspenders, he must have been in shock because when his prick suddenly stood up he realised he was still only half dressed,

Debbie took the drinks off him and said, "Why don't you take those clothes off and join me."

He did as she asked and a moment later they started kissing, his hands like a magnet went to those huge tits while her hand took his throbbing prick and gently teased the skin back etching lines with her long nails on the head, he edged down and teased her nipple with his tongue, her hand pushed his head down further making it plain what she wanted, he shuffled round and licked her thighs she spread her legs giving me a full view of her juiced up pussy, he kept going down till his tongue reached her clit and for the next few minutes he played with it licking then moving away, I could see it was driving her wild, she took his leg and positioned it so she could take his prick into her mouth again, from this point it was a race to see who would come first.

When they finally did come it was at the same time amid much thrashing and grunting I thought she would bite his prick off she swallowed his cum so avidly.

This time I went for the drinks, when I got back they were laying next to each other him running his hands across her suspenders and her cradling his semi limp prick in her hand giving the occasional squeeze, both smiling like cheshire cats.

After about ten minutes of smoking fags and general chit chat about what a brilliant fuck she was and how she knew he would have been better if he had been more relaxed, Debbie came over to me and started to remove my clothes, she had a cheeky smile on her face as she removed my jeans making sure she didn't catch my rock hard prick in the zip. Once I was naked she dipped her finger into her drink and ran it over my stiff prick and took me into her mouth deep and slow, she did this several times and then said to me, "It looks like Tony can't stand the pace, you will have to show him how."

At this Tony sat up and said, "I ain't finished yet." and I was surprised to see that he was as hard as ever,

"Well maybe you should find somewhere to put it then." she said to him. He didn't need telling twice. Feeling him behind her she moved up and kissed me hard as his prick slid into her waiting cunt the deeper his prick went into her, the deeper her tongue went down my throat, as he started thrusting into her she took my prick into her mouth and started sucking in rhythm with him.

Debbie had been in control all evening until now, as my prick stiffened nearer to orgasm I pushed her head harder onto my prick and said, "Give it to her hard bruv she likes it rough." he smiled and pushed even harder, she started letting out little cries getting louder and louder sucking faster and faster, Tony thrusting harder and deeper until all at once her whole body shook violently in orgasm, Tony came almost at the same time I went totally ridged and almost choked her on my throbbing prick, my juices gushing into her mouth.

I had never felt so much pleasurable pain in my life I thought I had blown the end of my prick down her throat. After a few seconds we looked at each other and burst into hysterical laughter while we untangled ourselves from each other.

We sat on the floor smoking a fag and now we all smiled like Cheshire cats. After a while Tony said he had better go home so with a final rub of his prick and last grope of her naked tits Debbie bid him farewell.

The minute he was gone Debbie took my hand led me to bed and gave me the best nights fucking I had ever had, it was eight o'clock in the morning before she let me go to sleep and I loved every minute of it.

This is all true and was the start of Debbie finding out about her own sexuality. But that's another story or two.

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