tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDebt Owed Ch. 03

Debt Owed Ch. 03


After I had cleaned myself up as well as possible, I went back into the living room. I heard the door to Emily's bedroom open and heard her enter the bathroom and turn on the shower. When I was sure she had gotten in, I eased down the hallway and into her room.

It was a typical teenage girl's room. Pictures of guys adorned the walls. A bulletin board with what seemed like hundreds of pictures of her and her friends were tacked to it. I approached her chest of drawers and opened the top one. She had a few folded shirts in that one. The middle drawer held some other garments like gloves, scarves, and other accessories. The bottom drawer had a lot of notebooks, papers, and several cloth items stuffed into the back corner. I removed what turned out to be a wadded up t-shirt revealing a plastic zip-lock bag. Pulling the bag out, I saw what appeared to be at least an ounce of marijuana.

Smiling, I put the bag in my pocket and closed the drawer. I was sitting on the couch when Emily emerged from the bathroom—a towel wrapped around her body barely making it to mid-thigh and a towel wrapped around her hair.

I stood and said, "Emily, just a second."

"Yes," she said a little hesitant to carry on a conversation at that moment in what she had on.

"Earlier, while you were in the shower, your mother told me that I could find a pen and a notebook in the bottom drawer of your chest of drawers," I lied. Her breathing immediately slowed and instantly I could tell that she was wondering if I had found her stash. I reached in my pocket and continued, "While I did find what I was looking for, I also found this," I handed her the bag of marijuana.

"You shouldn't have gone through my things," she began before I cut her off.

"I wasn't exactly going through your things and even if I were, it wasn't as if you had it well hidden," I added.

"Are you going to tell my parents?" she asked now very worried, "They would absolutely kill me."

"We will talk about it later. For now, it will be our little secret. You just remember what I am doing for you by keeping my mouth shut," I replied.

"Thanks Joe. I really appreciate that," she said, her spirits lifting immediately, "I have to go get dressed to help mom in the kitchen."

She turned and closed the door to her room. I decided to walk out on the back patio to take in some fresh air. I had been in the house all day and was tired of being cooped up. I opened the patio door and stepped out onto the brick deck that ran around the pool. The nice swing seat I was planning to sit in was occupied by Leigh, to my delight.

"Hello, Leigh. What brings you out here?" I asked her sitting next to her.

"Not much. I was just getting out of the house," she replied, "I'm tired of being here already!"

"Something bothering you," I asked nonchalantly, attempting to act as if I knew nothing of what happened earlier.

"No," she replied quickly while turning to look the other way.

"You know Leigh, I have two daughters of my own," I lied, "The oldest is 17. I know when something is up with you young ladies. Why don't you just tell me—it'll make you feel better by getting it off your chest."

Then her cell phone rang. She jumped at the sound and quickly turned it off. I looked at her, and she at me, both knowing that she wasn't suppose to have the phone.

"I thought I heard your mom say something about you not being allowed to use your cell phone," I said in a low, deep voice.

She said nothing.

"How about we make this our little secret, BUT ONLY IF you talk to me about what's wrong," I continued.

She looked at me briefly and said, "Mom and I got into a fight earlier. I said some things I shouldn't have—but they were true—and then dad jumped in on her side without listening to me and now I am grounded for like two weeks."

I noticed that she had left out the whole part about having to drop her pants to take a butt whipping.

"Sometimes, though it sucks, we have to do what we're told to do or act a certain way. And sometimes we have to respect people we don't necessarily want to respect at a particular time—maybe ever," I offered.

She looked at me, "The fight was sort of about you."

I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing.

"I think mom likes you," Leigh continued, "She did not have a bra on earlier and she ALWAYS wears a bra. And by the looks of the jeans she had on, she didn't have any panties—unless she had MY thongs on because she doesn't own any thongs."

She paused, "Joe, do you think my mom is pretty?"

I was taken aback by the direct question, "Well, to be honest, I do."

"Do you think I am pretty?" she continued.

"Leigh, darling, I think you are absolutely beautiful," I replied.

"Oh, you are just saying that, but thanks anyway," she said giggling a little.

"Leigh, I think you look like what your mom probably looked like at 19 with a few exceptions," I added.

"Oh? What are those exceptions?" she asked quickly. She could tell that I was a little uneasy with the prospect of answering, "Please, Joe, I promise I won't be upset or anything. Just be honest—you wanted me to talk, now I'm talking."

I couldn't argue with that, so I said, "Actually, I think you are going to be prettier in the face than your mom. You have dimples on both cheeks—like your dad. You have a cute smallish nose and little ears that add to your beauty. You have a beautiful smile and a contagious laugh. And..."

I tried to catch myself but that last 'and' slipped out.

"And???" she asked.

"And...welllll, I hope you don't think I am a bad person for saying this. I am simply answering your question."

"Okay, I promise I won't be upset," she replied.

"You have a great ass and your breasts seem to already be larger than your mom's—both assets you already have over your mom's," I replied sort of sheepishly, not knowing how she would react.

She was quite for a second looking directly at me, "Wow. No one has ever told me all that before. And if I don't say so myself, Joe, you have a nice ass yourself!" she said giggling.

"So you have checked out my mom?" she asked.

"Of course! I am a man aren't I?" I replied laughing.

She laughed back. I turned my body more towards her and leaned over her pressing my lips to hers. It was sudden and without any prior indication whatsoever. She returned the kiss for a few moments and then pushed me away.

"Joe! I I I I don't know what to say! Er, ah, I have a boyfriend. But," she continued to stutter and stumble, "I'm soooo sorry if I led on that I wanted you to kiss me."

"Leigh," I said cutting her off, "I should be the one to apologize. I just got too carried away in our conversation. I'm terribly sorry."

"Don't be sorry, Joe," she said hurriedly, "It was nice. That was the best kiss I've ever had."

I leaned towards her again, this time reaching around her and pulling her close. We kissed again, only she moved around in front of me and took over. My hands moved to her back, caressing it through her tight, dark blue Abercrombie t-shirt. Soon my hands moved down to her ass. I had a cheek in each hand, squeezing and pulling them as much as possible through tight blue jeans.

Finally I sat her back down next to me, though we continued to make out.

"Tell me more about what happened," I said as I began to explore her small tits.

She looked at me and hesitated, "Well, when dad got in my room, mom told him what I said. He got really angry and told me to drop my pants and panties and lean over the bed. I couldn't believe it! He had NEVER whipped me!"

She said this as my right hand moved between her legs and cupped her 19 year old pussy through the tight jeans.

"Leigh, are you a virgin?" I asked.

"No," she replied.

"How many people have you been with?" I continued.

"Just Tommy. We have only been together three times," she replied.

"Has he ever gotten you off?"

"No. I usually finger myself when I get home," she replied.

"Have you ever been with a woman?" I asked.

She immediately said no. "Have you ever thought about trying it one day?" I continued.

She paused as if she were thinking, "Yes, I have thought about it. But I could never do something like that."

I continued to squeeze her pussy through the blue jeans and rub her tits. We made out like two high schoolers for about another ten minutes before she decided it was time for her to go get dressed to help with supper.

Before she got up I said, "Leigh, this whole conversation stays between us."

She nodded yes.

"I won't tell your folks about the cell phone either," I continued, "And since you can't hang out with Tommy for the next couple of weeks, why don't you and I hang out. I am sure I can get your parents to ease off the grounding if need be."

She smiled and said, "That sounds like fun."

"Great, then, you are my date for the next few weeks. When and where ever I want you, right?" I asked.

"Sure!" she said smiling. She turned and walked into the house.

Dinner finally rolled around. Leigh and Emily were both wearing mid-thigh skirts. Leigh was wearing a blue jean skirt while Emily was in a khaki colored one. Leigh wore a tight, red short sleeved shirt and Emily was in a long sleeve, dark colored fleece type shirt—no doubt she had a push-up bra on because the plunging neckline showed more cleavage than I imagined she had naturally.

Margaret Jean was in khaki pants and a light blue, light sweatshirt top. Stuart had dressed in a white, long-sleeved button down shirt, black business pants and a tie. I had chosen to wear a black blazer with a long-sleeve, grey, button-down shirt, tie, and khakis.

When everyone had gotten seated, I remarked, "Everyone looks so wonderful. The food looks great as well."

"Let's eat," Stuart said following me immediately.

The meal went well, though I could feel a bit of unrest amongst the group—of course there would be. I had drugs hanging over Emily's head and then, well, of course, you know the rest.

"Okay, everyone go to the living room. Let's let our food settle for a moment!" I suggested, "We'll clean up the kitchen in a few minutes."

As everyone moved into the living room, I grabbed Leigh and said, "Do you want to get back at your mom for earlier today?"

She didn't immediately reply, seemingly attempting to wrap her mind around what I just said, "Yeah—that would be nice."

"Okay, great. When we get into the living room, do EXACTLY what I tell you—don't hesitate. Okay?" I asked making sure she understood.

"Yes!" she said smiling, but having no clue as to what I was going to do.

I took a seat on one of the sofas and Leigh plopped down right next to me. Stuart was in the recliner and Margaret Jean and Emily were on the other sofa. The only thing between the two sofas was a nice, thick rug that covered ¾ of the room. We all watched the television for a moment before I began.

"Margaret, stand up and drop your pants," I said as nonchalantly as I could. Everyone froze, except Margaret Jean who stood up, unbuckled her belt, unsnapped and unzipped her khakis and pushed them to the floor. Of course she had no panties on because I told her not to wear them. But her daughters didn't know that, nor did they know that she had a shaved pussy.

"Mom!" Emily beat Leigh to the punch, "you are shaved?!? Oh My God!"


"QUIET! I hollered. Everyone settled down, "Now, Margaret, turn and lay across Emily's lap with your ass pointed this way—I was sitting directly across from Emily giving me a perfect view of her ass and her peaking pussy. I unbuckled my belt and handed it to Leigh, "I didn't like the way you punished Leigh earlier and now I am giving her a chance to get you back."

By this time Margaret was bent over like I had ordered. She had her face in Emily's skirt covered crotch.

"Stuart," I called. He froze knowing what that meant, "NOW!"

He didn't hesitate further. With all eyes on him, he got out of his chair and dropped to his knees between my legs. He unzipped my khakis and pulled out my throbbing cock.

"Daddy! What are you doing!?!" Emily said stunned. Leigh's mouth was hanging open, equally stunned.

"He's doing what he enjoys most," I said this as he devoured my cock.

"That's sick!" Emily replied making a face.

"It's not so bad," I replied enjoying the feeling of Stuie's mouth around my cock. For a moment, Leigh watched her father take my cock in his mouth. I'm not sure if it was my cock she was fascinated with or her father sucking it or both. She soon snapped out of it and began to wear her mother's ass out. She had received ten licks, Margaret Jean received twenty.

I watched as Leigh turned Margaret Jean's milky white ass cheeks and the tops of her thighs into streaks of red.

"Everything I said was true and you still let daddy whip me!" Leigh shouted when she was finished.

"Calm down, Leigh," I interjected, "Let that be the end of it."

She quieted down, "That's enough for now Stuie." He stood up and moved back to his chair, wiping the spit from his lips and chin, "But you should go ahead and strip."

I ordered Margaret Jean to sit on my lap. She had nothing but that little fleece type shirt on, which covered nothing from the waist down. When Stuart finished stripping, I immediately ordered him to bend over.

"Stuie, show everyone your little surprise," I taunted him. He looked at me for just a second with a face that begged me not to make him, but he soon relented and turned. He bended at the waist and pulled both ass cheeks open revealing to his daughters the butt plug that he had been wearing.

"What is that?" Leigh asked. Emily was just as uncertain about what it was.

"It's a three inch butt plug," I answered them, "About as long as my pinky finger." I held up my finger.

"That doesn't hurt?" Emily asked.

I looked at Stuart for a response and he responded saying, "You get used to it."

I leaned over to Leigh, who was sitting next to me and whispered for her to go get my black bag. She returned a minute later. I opened it and pulled out a dildo harness and an 8 inch dildo.

"That isn't what I think it is, is it?" Emily asked looking at the plastic phallus.

"What do you think it is?" I asked her.

"A dildo?" she answered with a question.

"Yes my darling, it's a dildo and this is the harness for it," I replied, sliding the dildo into the harness. I looked at Stuart who was jacking off slowly and watching me with worry lines all across his forehead. I handed the strap-on to Leigh and had Margaret Jean move from my lap. I then stood up.

"Emily, come here," I ordered her. She hesitated a moment before doing as she was told. When she was standing in front of me, I placed my left hand behind her neck and pulled her in for a deep kiss.

She immediately pushed me away, "What the hell are you doing?"

I glared at her, "You WILL NOT make that mistake again Emily!"

She stared at me for a moment as I moved to pull her in for another kiss. This time she didn't push me away. I kissed her lips and then her cheeks, to her ear and whispered, "Remember our little secret. Let's keep it a secret."

She got the message. I stepped back from her and looked her beautiful 18 year old body up and down.

"Emily, have you ever had sex?" I asked suddenly.

Her eyes got wide, registering her shock at the question, "Ah, NO!"

"Have you ever let a boy touch you in any way?" I pressed.

She paused, "My last boyfriend and I touched a little."

"What's a little?" I asked quickly stepping towards her wrapping my arms around her waist.

"Well, it was on top of our clothes. He touched my breast..." I put my hands on her breasts and began squeezing them.

"Like this," I said squeezing her breasts and tweaking her nipples.

"No!" she said slapping my hands. I glared at her.

"It wasn't that much, just a little feel," she replied.

"What about your ass?" I asked suddenly moving my hands down to her skirt covered ass.

"Yes, he touched me—just a squeeze though," she added.

"Anywhere else," I asked raising my eyebrow.

"NO! That's it," she replied.

"Did you ever touch him?" I continued my questioning. Stuart continued to jack off and I had noticed that his little cock was pretty hard.

"Well, uhmm, yeah. I felt his ass a little," she said hesitantly.

"Is that all?" I pressed.

"He grabbed my hand once and pressed it to his thing," she replied after a moments hesitation.

I bursted out laughing, "His 'thing'? It's a COCK. Say it!"

"CCCCock," she repeated blushing.

"That's what you will call it from now on," I replied, "Have you never seen a naked man other than your old man here?"

"No." she replied looking at the floor.

"Enough of all this jabbering," I said pulling her chin up to force her to look me in the eyes, "Emily, it's time for you to see a real cock. Take off my clothes."

She was completely stunned for a moment, not moving a muscle. I repeated my command before she finally moved to pull my blazer off my shoulders and down my arms. Slowly, she loosened my tie and took it off. Then my shirt, t-shirt, and pants followed leaving me in nothing but boxers.

"That's enough for the moment. Take your seat," I told Emily. I turned to Leigh and pulled her in for a kiss—not the first one for us on that day. She quickly responded kissing me passionately back. I moved my hands down to untuck her shirt and pull it over her head. I then reached behind her to unclasp her bra.

She looked at me as seductively as a 19 year old girl could and allowed the straps to fall down her arms while holding the cups to her tits. She then let first her left bra cup fall and then the right. I reached out for the bra.

"32B. I guessed correctly, you do have larger breasts than your mom--though barely!" I smiled at her. I then unbuttoned and unzipped the skirt which then allowed me to slide them down and off her legs. She was sitting next to me in nothing but a light blue cotton low-rise thong. She looked delicious!

Stuart's eyes were riveted on his daughter's nearly naked body.

"Margaret Jean, stand up, take your shirt off, and stand in front of Leigh," I ordered.

She did what she was told exposing her size 38A tits to the room. She was now completely naked.

When she was on her knees I said, "Slide Leigh's panties off."

Leigh lifted her hips to allow her mother to do so exposing Leigh's shaved pussy, "Like mother like daughter," I said referring to both of them having completely shaved snatches, "Now Margaret Jean, I want you to lick Leigh's pussy."

"Joe!" they both said at the same time, "I can't do that!" Margaret Jean finished the statement.

"You will do it NOW!" I screamed, "I am sick of hesitation! That's another punishment Margaret Jean!"

Margaret Jean immediately began lapping at her daughter's pussy. For a moment, Leigh didn't respond. But soon her head rolled back onto the back of the couch and her eyes closed. Soon her breathing began to labor as she reached out and pulled her mom's head even further into her snatch.

Stuart was jacking off really fast by this point, grinding his ass into the chair—seemingly trying to push the three inch butt plug even further into his ass.

Soon it became obvious that she was about to cum and so I stopped them.

"NO! I was almost there!" Leigh said snapping her head up.

"I know you were. Patience my darling," I said handing her the strap-on. I helped her put it on, "Looks funny having a dick doesn't it?"

She giggled looking down on the phallus attached at her pussy, still exhausted from her near orgasm, "Yes. It's funny looking."

"Stuart," I said calmly, "Lay down on the floor."

He got up from the chair and did as he was told, "Pull your legs back."

Everyone in the room was transfixed on this naked fifty year old man holding himself open at the knees.

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