tagMind ControlDee Doesn't Remember

Dee Doesn't Remember


"You will pay attention for a time, and soon your thoughts shall all be mine. Watch the pretty coin of gold, and you will do what you are told."


Dee awoke and stared straight ahead while her eyes adjusted to the bright lights. She had never had such a rejuvenating nap before, and it left her in a state of complete relaxation. Dee remained completely still as she took in the view ahead of her: the beautiful golden pendulum danced in front of her, occasionally allowing her a glimpse of the man on the other side of it as it spun and swayed.

"How do you feel, Dee?" her own voice asked her from inside her head. She became aware that the world was silent, and the only sounds she could hear were her own thoughts.

"I feel so good," Dee slowly mumbled without thinking as if still asleep, though she was now fully alert.

"Good," her own voice told her. At the same moment she caught a glimpse of the man behind the pendulum smiling. Something about the way he dressed was peculiar to Dee, but she couldn't put her finger on what it was.

The pendulum began to loose momentum. Dee's eyes were infatuated with the golden disc as it spun slower and slower and swung less and less. She could feel an urgency growing from deep inside of her. She wanted that pendulum to stop in the worst way, she wanted with all of her being to reach out and grab it to stop the momentum, but she could not move. As the disc got slower and slower the urgency inside of her grew. It made her toes curl and her muscles tense. Her breaths became short and shallow, and her vision blurred, but Dee never let her eye off of the swaying, dancing object in front of her. Her fingernails involuntarily dug into the seat of the hard wooden chair she was sitting in as the pendulum made its final quivers back and forth.

The golden disc stopped moving. Dee's eyes suddenly locked shut and she screamed silently in ecstasy as wave after wave of intense pleasure rippled through the body that she could no longer control. Her gorgeous, long, curly, red hair fell into her face as the sensations shook her body. Dee gave herself over completely as her entire body and mind was shook by the most extraordinary orgasm of her life.

Gradually, she became numb to the feelings. Dee struggled to catch her breath as the final waves rolled over her body. Her hands remained locked to her seat as she opened her eyes. The pendulum was gone now; this time it was the man's eyes that caught her entranced gaze. She stared into them as she became obsessed with how handsome the man was.

"He's sexy, the sexiest man alive."

Dee felt as though she never wanted to see another man again. She knew that he had just made her come, and now she wanted to reciprocate.

"Suck his dick," she seemingly suggested to herself.

He stepped toward her.

"Take off his pants and suck his dick."

Dee's hands immediately took tight hold of the elastic waistband holding up his big baggy pants and lowered them to his ankles. Her eyes grew wide as they feasted on the most gorgeous dick she had ever seen.

"Get on your knees and thank this man."

She watched the man step out of his pants and closer to her. She slowly pulled her heavy body out of the chair and sunk to her knees in front of him. She took the long thick member in her hand and squeezed gently. It was thick, heavy, soft, and begging to be sucked.

Dee pulled back his foreskin and licked the head of his cock.

"You love how that tastes."

Her taste buds screamed as her mouth opened and engulfed the most delicious object ever; she needed more. Her tongue ran laps around the fat cock while her lips slid up and down its length. She took it into her mouth as far as she could, it made her gag, but she needed more of it. She pulled back a moment and then tried again, this time taking the delicious dick all the way to the base of it.

"Get naked, Dee."

Dee dropped the slobbery cock and stood to face the man. She slowly raised her sweater over her head to free her perfect C cups. She shook out her messy red hair and let it fall over her tits. This made the man grin, the first sign of satisfaction he gave her.

"Make it a show."

Music began to play. Dee could not tell if it was just in her head or not, but she was immediately overpowered by the beat. Her hips began to gyrate like a slut's in the club. She turned her back to him, and looked over her shoulder naughtily while she unzipped the side of her skirt. She continued her pornographic dance as she slowly pulled the skirt down her ass, showing off the black thong she was wearing. She saw him longingly staring at her beautiful curvy body and felt even bolder. She turned back to face him again, and deviously smiled. She grabbed the waistband of the thong, the last article of clothing she wore, and with a jerk, ripped it right off of her body. She held up the ruined panties up to show him. He smiled with approval, his dick looking harder and more delicious than ever. She liked to please him, and she wanted to do everything in her power to do so.

"Good, now get back to work," she was commanded.

She turned back to face him. Biting her lip, she quickly resumed her position below him in front of the delicious tool and resumed where she left off. She licked, sucked, and teased it with all of her ability. She tickled his balls and stroked his length. She held nothing back. The better that she made it feel for him, the more turned on she got.

"Touch yourself."

As his breathing became more rapid, she found her hand teasing her clit. She moaned with his dick in her mouth over and over again, sending sultry sensations down his shaft. She put two fingers in her tight hole and gasped as she stretched herself. Dee was losing herself in ecstasy.

"Come, come right now, Dee."

Dee exploded. She didn't know if it was the taste of the impeccable cock, her rubbing her clit, or her own voice commanding her that made her come, but her entire body was suddenly in the throws of an even more intense orgasm. She lost all control of her body and mind as she writhed on the floor before him; the only thing she could do was to continue worshipping the flawless dick before her with her sloppy mouth.

Suddenly another voice entered her pleasure delirious mind. She heard a man's laugh and then a command from him:

"Open up, here it comes!"

Dee was confused but powerless to resist the order. She let the cock out of her mouth, but held it open. She continued to use her hand to tickle his balls and jerk her reward out. After a few short seconds of work Dee found herself covered in his sticky, sweet cum. She mindlessly continued to stroke him while licking at the cum that didn't make it into her mouth.

"Swallow." It was the man's voice again.

Dee swallowed the huge load.

"Look at me."

Dee looked up at the man she suddenly knew nothing about.

"You will not remember this." Dee listened to the words in her head, but watched the man's mouth move as if he were speaking them. She suddenly felt confused and incredibly sleepy. "You will not remember anything that just happened... Now sleep..."


Dee awoke to find herself naked and disoriented on the floor of her dressing room. She opened her eyes to catch what looked like a clown closing the door behind him as he left, but she quickly forgot about that as she became aware of a salty taste in the back of her mouth and something sticky below her right ear. She remembered that she had been having a very strangely pleasant dream, but all of the details of it escaped her.

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