Dee's Misadventure


"I . . . I don't think . . .!" he smiled down at her.

"You will," he said forcefully, "and while you suck my cock!" Dee looked up at his shrunken member and the awareness of where it had been overcame her.

"I can't," she mumbled, "not . . . Not after . . . ."

"You can Dee, of course you can. And you WILL!" he ended sternly. Again she felt that feeling of helplessness. She had no choice really. She was at their mercy. Dee's hand tentatively reached for his cock and pulled it to her lips. Dee had seen this on the odd porn video but she had never contemplated it -- well she had never been fucked in the arse before! She was aware of Trevor behind her, felt his hands caressing her bottom cheeks. She opened her mouth, tongue just tasting the tip of his cock. Strawberries! Strawberries and a very special cream, she thought with a smile. Of course! She suddenly realised. Lubrication, they had used flavoured lubrication! It wasn't bad at all, just a slight bitterness but that was overcome by the flavour and the taste of cum. She took all of his shrunken cock into her mouth and used her tongue to wash it clean. It began to harden! Was there no end to their stamina, she thought with a smile?

The smile quickly disappeared as she felt the tip of Trevor's cock against her anus. She gasped as he pushed forcefully forward and slipped the head past the tight sphincter.

"Oh FUCK!" she cried, "Please! No! It's too bigggggggg!"

She heard Trevor laugh, "Never too big sweetheart," he said, "you will take it. Take it all! Now relax and open your arse." His tone was playful but there was underlying steel in his voice. Dee took a deep breath around the cock hardening in her mouth and relaxed.

"Leave her be Dave," said Trevor to his brother. "She can do that in a minute or two. Let her concentrate on getting well and truly buggered!"

Dee took another breath as the cock left her mouth then moaned loudly as Trevor eased three inches of cock into her. "Oh god! Please. It hurts!" She could feel the ring of her anus stretching to accommodate the girth of Trevor's cock. Her back passage seemed on fire and she could feel every bump and vein on his erection. "Oh, oh, oh, oh," she moaned in time with his surprisingly gentle fucking. Just half his cock now, getting her used to the size. Trevor looked down to see his cock slipping in and out of her tightness. Her anus seemingly reluctant to let him go then surrendering completely as he thrust back inside. He knew he had to go slow -- he was large and he didn't really want to hurt her just get her used to his cock so she could enjoy later. Trevor's ploy was to push just a tiny bit deeper on each forward thrust. Dee moaned softly and wiggled her arse as if getting used to the intruder's size.

"OHMYGOD!" she finally screamed as Trevor thrust the last inch or so of his cock inside her. "Oh no, no, no," she moaned in time with his deep thrusts. "It's too much! Too BIGGGGGG! Take it out please!"

She heard Trevor's chuckle, "Absolutely no chance Dee. You have an arse to die for and I am going to fuck it. Fuck it not just once but over and over again. So get used to it Dee darling for your arse is going to know my cock!"

Dee shuddered. She felt her anus, tight and griping, stretched around the base of his cock. She remembered it in her mouth, how big? At least he was going slow she thought as Trevor continued his slow fucking of the glorious woman's fabulous arse.

"Good Bro," smiled Dave as he watched for the subtle changes in Dee's position and expression that meant she was getting used to being buggered by his brother. He saw her begin to move ever so slightly back onto Trevor's cock. He saw her expression change from pain to slight discomfort then her eyes widen as the discomfort turned to pleasure. Finally a smile and a harder thrust back onto the rampant invader. "She's all yours Bro," said Dave with a big grin, "give her the works!"

Trevor began to fuck Dee's arse in earnest now. Long, hard, and deep. She felt his hands on her hips pulling her on to his cock as he thrust forward. He teased her, just the tip of his cock breaching the not so tight ring of her sphincter, then a sudden deep thrust that drove all the breath from her body.

"Oh, oh, oh, oh! Yesssssssss!!! Oh! Don't stop! Please!" cried Dee as she began to ride the road to pleasure. Trevor looked down at this wonderful woman, this glorious arse, and it was too much. He felt his balls tighten and spunk begin to rise again. He swelled and he pulsed and Dee screamed. She felt the warm spunk drench her bowels mixing with the load already left there by his brother. Her body exploded in an ecstasy of pleasure, the feeling coursing all over her. Trevor left five pulses of spunk inside her before his cock was expelled from her heavenly arsehole. Dee felt every one of them as his cock swelled and pulsed. He moved round in front of her and offered is shrinking cock to her mouth. She took it inside gladly, savouring the strawberry flavour mixed with his cum. He pulled away after a while and both brothers gently laid her down and began to kiss and stroke her body. They could see the sensual trail of spunk leaking from her loosened anus. Exchanging glances they began to consider her last 'initiation'.

Dee lay there, her bottom full with two loads of cum, and felt great! Two cocks in her mouth, two cocks in her pussy, she had had before. Now she had had two in her arse and it felt wonderful. She lay there contemplating what might happen next when Trevor turned to her. "Do you want to tidy up?" he asked with a smile.

"Mmm," Dee replied languidly as she felt the trickle of cum from her arsehole. Her legs were a bit wobbly as they both helped her up and she did feel just a little tender back there but not to bad considering it was her first time. Dee found the bathroom and got rid of the spunk then tidied up. She wasn't at all concerned as she returned to the bedroom to find the two men sitting in the middle of the bed. The both smiled. Dee knew then that she was going to take both of them at the same time and she shivered in both apprehension and anticipation.

"Come here Dee darling," whispered Trevor. Dee, almost mesmerised, fell into his arms. Both men then began yet another seduction. Hands and mouths covered her body. Her clit was sucked and nipped, her pussy invaded by tongue and fingers. Even her not so tight anus was licked and probed. Dee was in seventh heaven as she rolled about the bed. Her orgasm seemed almost constant as they teased her erogenous zones over and over. Finally Trevor laid on his back and they both eased Dee over him. Dee took a deep breath. She enjoyed being on top, always had liked cowgirl, both forward and reverse, but now she was nervous. Both cocks were back at the ready and, as she looked, seemed even bigger.

Trevor looked up at this gorgeous mature woman as the tip of his cock found her swollen pussy lips. Dee sighed in pleasure as she sank down on his cock taking it all inside in one swift downward thrust.

"Oh yes!" she cried, "yes!" She began to move on Trevor's cock bouncing up and down, moving her bottom to tease his cock. She was enjoying this but then she felt a movement on the bed. Glancing backwards she saw Dave moving into position behind. He straddled his brother's legs, cock sticking proudly upward, and began to probe her bottom hole.

Dee moaned. "Oh NO! I can't take both of you! Oh please!" her confidence disappearing at the prospect of being filled by two cocks at the same time.

Trevor smiled up at her, "You will Dee my darling -- and you will enjoy it!" Dee felt the coolness of lubrication dripped onto her anus the a finger gently working it in. That finger felt enormous with Trevor's cock filling her cunt. What would a cock feel like there? She was about to find out for Dave has coated his erection with lube and how the tip was at her arse.

"PLEASE! Oh no!" moaned Dee as Dave's cock penetrated past the tight muscle and slipped half inside. She was looser now so, despite the cock in her cunt, it was easier. "Aaaaggggghhhhh! OHMYGOD!!!!" screamed Dee as he continued to fill her arsehole with his erection. Trevor was still, allowing her to get used to two cocks, over 16 inches of cock, filling her two holes. Dee fell forward onto Trevor thereby opening herself even more to Dave's forcefull entry. Both brothers could feel the other's cock rubbing through the thin membrane separating the two channels. Soon Dave was deep inside, all his cock filling her tight arsehole. They began to fuck her then, fuck her in tandem. She was full with two cocks slipping back and forth.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" was about all she could manage then as she almost passed out from the feelings being generated in her body. They were obviously experienced for sometimes both would be in together then out together, sometimes they would alternate. Dee, beginning to be overcome by what was happening to her for the first time, was starting to find some pleasure in being used by these two men. She was so full. They seemed to go on for a long time. Dee, breathing deeply, finally surrendered her body to the crushing orgasm that saw her screaming their names. It was too much for them as well as her body reacted and squeezed both cunt and arsehole. She felt them both cum, spunk shooting into both holes, warming her insides and prolonging her pleasure.

Both were spent pretty quickly and the cock in her arse was soon expelled. She was carefully lifted off Trevor softening cock and eased onto her back. Dee felt completely and utterly satisfied. She could feel cum in her pussy and her arse and smiled up at the two men as they both looked down on her.

"Well?" asked Trevor with a smile.

Dee smiled back. "When can we do it again?" she asked archly.

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