Mandy is a cheerleader. She's the epitome of cheerleaders everywhere. Other cheerleaders look to her to see what a real cheerleader should look like. She's blonde, platinum blonde, of course, with bright blue eyes. Eighteen, pushing nineteen, and well respected and well liked. She has the perfect figure for cheerleading. A nice tush and a notable bust that wasn't too big, but big enough to be bouncy. Boys would walk into lampposts or buildings they're so busy looking at her instead of where they're going. She's also quite intelligent, doing really well in all her classes.

I can't stand her. It's not jealousy on my part. I have a pretty decent figure myself, even if I am a brunette, and I've never aspired to cheerleading. I like science. I'm an honours student and quite a bit smarter than Mandy.

The reason I don't like her is because she's a complete cu . . . ah, bitch. She's a vicious, backstabbing, vixen who'll gut a competitor and dance on their bleeding body. She is totally ruthless and hides it behind a charming smile.

I'm also scared stiff of her. Normally if two girls fight they use their tongues, cutting each other to pieces. On the few occasions that things degenerate into a physical brawl they pull hair, scratch, and bite. I have this nasty feeling that if Mandy ever got into a real fight she wouldn't waste time pulling hair and scratching. She'd start up with punching, probably with knuckledusters, and continue with kicking. If she had an opponent down she'd probably take time to change her shoes to boots so she could kick harder.

You've heard the saying never kick a man when he's down? Mandy wouldn't understand that. Her reply would be, "Why not? It's easier to kick them then."

That's why I'm scared of her. I beat her as dux of the school and she's not going to forget or forgive. Don't worry about congratulations, the best girl won. It was a case of, "How dare you? You knew I wanted that. You will pay."

The reason I was dux is simple. I'm smarter than her. A lot smarter. Just not smart enough to throw the exams so she could win. She had a go at me verbally but that was playing to my strengths. I backed her off quite easily. If she'd ranted and raved about it I would have been happier than what she did do. She just went very quiet and nodded to me. Now I was waiting for my doom to fall upon me and I was making sure I avoided her at all times.

It was a Sunday afternoon when she managed to catch up with me. I was just strolling through the park on my way home, minding my own business. Then I got hit by a scud missile that came flying out of nowhere and knocked me head over heels onto the grass. I sat up, feeling rather dazed, and looked around to see who had the missile launcher.

It was fucking Mandy, of course. She didn't actually have a missile launcher but that was the only good news. I later worked out that she'd seen me walking along and there was no-one else around and she'd lowered her shoulder and charged into me, hitting me full force. Being totally unprepared I just went ass over crop.

I didn't get a chance to stand up before she launched a kick that caught me on the shoulder and put me on my back again. She looked down at me laughing.

"Every time you try to get up I'm going to knock you back down," she sneered at me. "If you stay down I'm going to trample you. I'm going to kick your pussy so hard that you won't need a dick to lose your virginity. My foot will do it for you."

I was scrabbling backwards, trying to get away from her, absolutely terrified. She was laughing and moving closer to me so she was in decent kicking range when she fell over. I took the opportunity to scramble to my feet and backed up against this whacking great tree. I figured that all I'd have to do was keep the tree between me and her and there would be nothing she could do.

I saw her getting to her feet and then she fell forward onto her face again. The reason for her falling suddenly became a lot clearer. I'd been so focused on Mandy that I hadn't even noticed Nate was there.

Nate is one of those odd characters that every school has. Basically a loner he didn't go in for team sports, keeping to himself and a few close friends. He was quite big, one of the biggest students in the school, and that's including the guys who considered themselves muscle men. I'd never noticed any of them trying to monster Nate, even though everyone else seemed to be fair game.

"I like Cecelia," Nate told Mandy, which was probably news to Mandy. It was certainly news to me. "She's a nice young lady and I don't approve of you assaulting her."

"Fuck off," was Mandy's less than polite reply. "She an arrogant know-it-all and I'm going to teach her a lesson and you aren't going to stop me."

"I've already stopped you," pointed out Nate.

"Bullshit. You've just delayed it. I'll find her again when you're not around."

The terrible part was that she probably would.

"How about I appeal to your better nature? Far better for all of us if you don't try again."

Mandy just sneered at him, silently defying him.

"So you're not going to be reasonable. I suppose threats won't make any difference as you probably feel I wouldn't follow through with them. Maybe a practical demonstration of the penalties that might be applied will assist you to make up your mind the right way."

It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon and Mandy wasn't dressed to impress. She was just dressed to wander down the street to buy a bottle of milk or something like that. Basically she was wearing tights and a top.

Nate, I discovered, could move awfully fast when he wanted to. One moment he was standing in front of Mandy who was still sitting on the ground daring him to do his worst and then he took a step forward, bent down, and Mandy's tights and panties were down around her knees and going lower before she could react. As a disinterested bystander it seemed to me that Mandy had gone from sitting there, fully dressed, to sitting there, half naked, with Nate now on one knee between her legs.

"It seems to me that you're one of those people who have to learn things the hard way," he said quietly, and I noticed that he was undoing his belt as he spoke.

I looked around, surprised that no-one had noticed us, but Mandy had chosen her place of attack well. If Nate hadn't chanced by I'd probably be a bleeding heap on the ground with Mandy walking away humming. (Not singing. I've heard her sing and I doubt she'd sing if she had a choice.)

I wasn't the only one noticing Nate undoing his belt. Mandy was looking at him with her eyes wide and both hands covering her groin. She wasn't going to go down without a fight, apparently.

Nate's trousers went down and his cock went up, rising in the air like a cobra getting ready to strike. The look on Mandy's face suggested she thought the same thing, with the slight difference being that the snake was right in front of her and hypnotising her.

Nate reached out and tapped Mandy's hands. Not trying to catch hold of them to move them, just lightly tapping them with one finger.

"Don't be silly," he reproved. "Put your hands by your sides and lie back."

I was thinking, oh yeah, she's going to do that, I don't think, when Mandy promptly proved that I don't know what I'm talking about. She eased back until she was lying flat on her back, her hands deserting her groin, moving to her sides and leaving her completely exposed. Her eyes didn't move from Nate's erection the entire time.

Ever found yourself in a situation where you are totally irrelevant to what's going on? That's the situation I was now in. I might just as well not be there. I could get up and walk away and I would lay odds neither of them would have noticed. So why didn't I?

Simple answer, and it's not that I'm a voyeur, was that it was a case of fucking Mandy was really going to be fucking Mandy, and I wanted to see her get what was coming. I just leaned back against my tree, silent and watching.

Nate pushed Mandy's top up, exposing her bra. You noticed I didn't say he eased it up. It was a case of grab and hoick and her top was crowded up around her neck. Her bra promptly joined her top, with Nate not even bothering to undo it. Mandy's breasts just spilled out as he shoved the bra over them.

The funny thing was that Mandy wasn't struggling or protesting or doing anything apart from lying there and letting it happen. I'd like to think that in a similar situation I'd be fighting like a wildcat.

Nate rubbed her breasts, quite roughly, I thought, then pushed her legs even further apart. He reached for Mandy, spreading her lips, and then his cock was pushing into her. He wasn't easing himself in, nice and gentle like. He was driving in quite forcefully and, to be honest, he seemed to have an abundance of cock to drive in. As soon as he started pushing in Mandy made an inarticulate sound and her back arched and her bottom lifted so high as she pushed to meet him that I could see daylight between her bottom and the grass.

I could scarcely believe what I was seeing. Did I mention that I was a virgin? Well, I am. Now I was getting a virgin eye view of a horny male serving it up to randy Mandy. His hands were all over her breasts while his hips were humping up and down and I could see his cock charging into her with her hurrying him along, humping her own hips as she rose to meet him, two animals going at it for all they were worth.

They weren't exactly silent about it either. Well, Nate was, apart from the sound of his cock and groin slapping against Mandy's groin each time he buried himself, but Mandy? She was carrying on like a two bob watch. She was bouncing, and clinging to Nate, her legs wrapped around him, sounding out her enthusiasm and exhorting him to greater efforts. Not really the sort of behaviour expected from a young lady being raped.

I'll tell you this, if that was what I had to look forward to for my first time I'd be a virgin for a long time yet. Like for the next sixty years.

I guessed things were winding up to a finish when Mandy started yelling, "Yes, yes, yes, now, now, now," and then jammed a hand in her mouth to muffle what I suspected was a potentially very loud scream. She seemed to be actually shaking as she screamed and Nate didn't seem to be much better, jerking frantically against her rather than display that smooth style with which he'd been handling her.

The pair of them just lay there for a few moments and then Nate opened his big mouth.

"You will leave Cecelia alone in the future, now won't you?" he said. I couldn't help but notice that he was breathing hard while speaking.

Mandy's whole body seemed to jerk. I think she'd forgotten about me up until then and now she was remembering and realising just what I'd witnessed.

"All right," she hissed, looking at me. "I'll leave you alone but if you breathe one word about this I'll have you buried in a sewerage farm."

"Deal," I said, smiling. "You leave me alone and the words randy Mandy will never cross my lips. Thank you for your assistance, Nate. It was very timely."

With that I beat a hasty retreat. For some reason I was feeling all hot and bothered and the thoughtful way Nate was looking at me didn't do anything to calm me down. While I probably wouldn't have to worry about Mandy I suspected that it might be wiser to avoid Nate for a while.

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