tagMind ControlDelilah's Power Ch. 03

Delilah's Power Ch. 03


"You're such a fucking idiot. No one will ever have sex with you ever! You're ugly and geeky." Tiffany slapped Danny and then spun around to leave. Danny watched the sexy cheerleader leave his living room. He just sat on the couch and pouted. He hated how awkward he was. He hated that he had practically begged Tiffany go come over. She had been desperate for math help, which is the only reason she had said yes. The first few hours were great. She was listening carefully and he loved teaching her advanced calculus. She had moved a little closer to him and then he had rubbed her thigh. She was so consumed by trying to understand the math problem she hadn't noticed. Danny had interpreted that as her wanting sex. He had kissed her and then gotten the violent reaction.

Danny locked the front door and walked up the stairs to his room. His parents were away for the weekend and so the house was completely quiet. He took off his jeans and t-shirt and looked at himself in the mirror. He was short, five foot six, with shaggy brown hair and brown eyes. He was thin with almost no muscle. He used to wear glasses, but had gotten contact lens for his eighteenth birthday. Unfortunately, this made his eyes small and squinty. Danny slid into bed and closed his eyes. He wished he could have a girlfriend. He wished he could be flirty and sexy like those football players.

The next day, he sat in the cafeteria alone. He really had no friends, but he was fine with it. He ate his peanut butter sandwich and then finished up his orange juice. He looked around and saw Tiffany and her cheerleader friends hanging out on the other side of the cafeteria. She was wearing a pink skirt with matching top. She was sitting in Troy's lap while he fondled her butt. All her friends were laughing and giggling, each talking over each other. Danny didn't realize until the bell rang that he had spent the whole lunch period drooling over Tiffany. He still wanted her.

After school, Danny walked home. He only lived a few blocks away and liked the quiet time before going home. Once he got home, he knew that his parents would be nagging him about his social life. Danny was looking down at the ground and stopped suddenly. Beneath his foot was a crumbled piece of purple paper. He didn't know why, but he picked it up.

The paper was stained and had only a few words typed on it.

'Delilah Caldwell -- for the control you need, I can give it to you.'

Danny read the flyer over again. He glanced down at the bottom of the sheet and gasped. Written in tiny cursive writing were the words, 'Yes, Danny, that means you.'

Danny dropped the flyer and ran all the way home. His heart was pounding in his chest and he had no idea what the flyer meant. He ran home and ran up the stairs to his room. He tried to calm down, but there was no use. The moment before he stepped on the paper he had wished he could get some power to control Tiffany.


Danny walked down the dirty street. There was garbage all over the place and there was a lingering smell of spoiled food and rotting garbage. He stood outside the run down house and took a deep breath. This was where Delilah Caldwell lived. He had found her address in the phone book and knew right away that it was her house. He had called ahead of time and it was almost like she knew he would. He rang the doorbell and she answered.

Delilah was a woman in her sixties. She had gray hair and a thin face. She was wearing a purple jumpsuit with pink socks. Danny was a little nervous, but he stepped in anyway. Danny followed the older woman to her living room. They both sat down.

"I'm sorry I had to be so upfront about helping you. You're so timid that I knew you would never actively ask for help. I can help you get Tiffany, or any other girl you want."

"What do you mean?" Danny was clasping his hands in his lap.

"I can give you mind control powers. You can make Tiffany like you and have sex with you. You can make the whole cheerleading team want to suck your cock if you want. All you have to say to them is their name and the word 'doll.' Then think about what you want from them and it will happen."

Danny stared at the Delilah. She seemed so matter of fact about this. She didn't look drunk or drugged up. She didn't seem to show signs of any disease that would cause hallucinations. She really looked like a nice old woman who probably had grandchildren that she spoiled. Danny finally realized he had nothing to lose.

"How much? I'm sure there's a price right?"

"Twenty dollars."

Danny handed her the twenty-dollar bill from his ratty wallet and then got up.

"So that's it?"

"Yes dear. You can't let anyone at school know about this though. You can't tell anyone what happens when you use your power over them. No boasting about deflowering the cheerleading team."

"Yes ma'am."

Delilah grinned. He reminded her so much of her son Benjamin. "Your welcome." Delilah closed her door and watched the awkward shy man walk down the street. She hoped that she was doing the right thing.


Danny waited outside Tiffany's house. He had been watching her for a while and knew that on Saturday mornings, she walked down the street for her piano lessons. He also knew that her parents always went to the cottage on weekends so the house was empty. Danny got nervous as he watched the bubbly blonde skipping up the street. She slowed down as she saw him.

"What do you want Danny? I don't need any math help anymore."

Danny took a deep breath. "I'd like to come inside Tiffany doll. I think you owe me a blowjob." Danny said the words and thought hard about having sex with her. He wanted her so badly.

Tiffany blinked. She had this sudden urge to fuck. Recently, she had been having these urges, but normally would just masturbate. Now, she had Danny in front of her and wanted to fuck him.

"Let's go." Tiffany grabbed Danny's hand and dragged him inside. She yanked his pants down and sucked his cock into her mouth. She deep throated hard and fast. Danny moaned and gripped her long blonde hair. This was so fucking amazing. He could barely think. He wanted to enjoy this, but before he knew it he came in her mouth. He looked down and saw her swallow his cum. Her eyes were wide.

"Holy fuck, you're a good little cock sucker."

Danny let go of her hair and stepped back. The feeling he had was amazing. He knew that he could have whatever he wanted from this cheerleader. He had complete control over her. She was kneeling on the ground just staring at him. Some of his cum was dripping down her chin and he could see her hard nipples outlined on her shirt. Danny wanted more, but wanted to wait. He had ideas and plans for his little doll.

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