tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDelm: A Consensual...

Delm: A Consensual...


Delm: A Consensual "Rape"

It's a dark and moonless night. The kind, when you look up you can see every star in the Milky Way for a "gazillion" miles! But I am not scanning the skies tonight. No, the brightest star out tonight, is walking just two meters ahead of me. Her name is Delm and I've been following her for the past Kilometer, biding my time, waiting for the right opportunity to strike!

I first met her a while ago, on the internet and we started emailing each other about our sexual fantasies. Well, tonight was the night when we both got our biggest fantasy fulfilled: I was going to "rape" this lovely woman and there was nothing she could do about it!

I waited for her to walk down a particular dark alley-way, where I knew I could grab her without being discovered by anyone so i could put my plan into action. My plan being, the total Domination of her will to mine! I was going to turn her into My willing sex slave!

In the darkest part of the back street I spring upon you, dragging you down to the ground, tearing off your skirt. And what's this I see, you're not wearing any panties! And your pussy has been waxed, too! Ahhhh, wonderful! A smooth hairless cunt and asshole! My two favorite things to play with!

I wrap the skirt around your eyes and bind your wrists with the rope I brought with me and drag your body with me to my home! Once there, I tie you to my bed and now that you're securely immobilized.

I get the torn skirt off your face and replace it with a real blindfold which I keep in a special trunk near my bed for just such an occasion.

Now, I can take my time, torturing your body. But since I'm sooo fucking horny, I don't know if I'll be able to hold off too long.

I start licking your pussy, from your anus to your clit. And your pussy shows its appreciation for my efforts, right away, by beginning to flow copiously!


I lick up all of the moisture that seeps from your cunt hole and drill my pointed tongue into your orifice, literally, fucking your pussy with my tongue. This drives you wild and I can tell that any fear you may have been feeling when I dragged you into my home before, is now, long since forgotten. Your consistent orgasms have seen to that.

Now that your head is swimming in a constant sea of confusion and climaxes, I can climb on top of your body and have my way with you.

I place my erection at the opening of your juicy cunt and thrust it in, all the way, in one stroke! Ohhh, but you're so tight! But because I'm so hard and you're so wet, it goes in to your deepest, darkest recesses without much difficulty! And once I hit bottom, I grind my curly pubic hairs into your exposed, shaved cuntlips. This torture works because your clitoris is so excited, it's engorged with blood --much like my erection-- making it so sensitive that it fires every neuron in your brain toward a crashing orgasm!

I can only imagine the colors that are shooting off in your eyes behind that blindfold but I can certainly hear your voice, as you cum, screaming!

And before your orgasm ends, I begin to pull my cock from your pussy and shove it back in. I continue to fuck you as hard and with as much force as I can. I can hear the bed start to squeak and groan under the force of my assault on your cunt! I can feel my urge to cum beginning to boil in my balls so I pull out, not wanting this raping of your body to end, just yet!

I untie your hands, flip you onto your stomach and place a pillow under your hips, so that your ass is sticking up in the air. I then grab the bottle of lube from beside my bed and pour a liberal amount onto my fingers which I then insert in your smooth asshole! Yes, your anus is sooo damned tight that I figure it'll take a few minutes to relax your inhibitions enough just to get my hard dick up it!

I tell you, in a soft, soothing voice, to relax. I also blow cool then hot breaths on your asshole. When I diddle your clit, I see your sphincter quiver, then visibly relax enough for me to insert a finger! Then two fingers! Then a third finger slides in! Now, that your anus is properly slick, I know it's time to try to resume the fucking!

So I climb back up over your body and push the head of my slickened erection into your anal opening. And before I'll allow it to close around me again, I go for broke and push onward, past the rings of your anus, to the hilt!

Even though I remember that this started out as a rape, my intentions were never to hurt you, so I wait for your body to become accustomed to the invader in your rectum. Once, after a few minutes, your breathing returns to a semblance of normalcy, I pull my dick an inch out of your stuffed ass, only to plunge it back in again! This has the desired affect as I hear you gasp in pre-orgasmic shock. I reach around with a free hand and plunge a finger inside your dripping pussy and put that finger into your mouth. You instinctively clamp your lips around the digit and suck on it, like it was a dick! The heat from your mouth and tongue fires my brain into over-drive and I grab your hip with my other hand and start to pull out of your ass---only to thrust inward again!

Picking up the pace, I continue to fuck your ass as you continue to suck my finger, as if trying to get it to cum down your throat! And after fucking your pussy, then your ass for ten minutes, I feel myself starting to cum! I pull out of your asshole and quickly walk to the head of the bed and aim my hard dick at your mouth and tell you to open up! Your lips part, just as I shoot a huge splash of sperm into your mouth! Then I shove my spurting cock into your mouth and down your throat, as I rape your mouth, to finish the act!

As I shoot spurt after spurt of cum in your mouth, I tell you to clean my cock off with your tongue! Once the cum and saliva and the juices from your ass are sufficiently cleaned off my dick, I pull it from your lips and tuck it back in my pants. Then I grab your torn skirt from the floor and re-tie it over your face, untie your wrists and pick your heaving body off of my bed and take you back to the dark alley, where I found you! I put your nearly-unconscious body behind the dumpster there and walk away from you. Leaving you to wonder, how you got there, when you wake up in a few hours.

I see you walking to work the next day and ask you, innocently, how your night was....

Your response to me is one of sly sarcasm, saying that you wonder if you'll ever meet the man who stole your heart. Then you punch me in the arm, saying you knew it was me the whole time!

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