tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDenise Dreams Of Jenna!

Denise Dreams Of Jenna!

byThe Legend©

Ahh . . . Denise Richards, that fine sexy tomcat that Charlie Sheen gets to bunk up with every night!

Lucky prick!

Who doesn't remember that sexy threesome with Neve Campbell and Matt Dillon in the movie, "Wild Things?"

I can never look at champagne the same way again!

Okay, here is how this happened,

Charlie was out doing publicity for his new television show and Denise was left at home.

That night, Denise was sitting on the couch in the living room and decided to watch a movie.

She got up and walked over to the theater room and went through the collection of DVDs

While going through the movies, she came across an adult rated movie titled "Brianna Loves Jenna."

The movie starred Brianna Banks and another fine blonde actress named Jenna Jameson.

Denise like everyone else has seen her in pictures, but never really saw any of her films.

She wondered why Charlie had so many porno films.

She was fascinated by the cover and decided to watch the film.

She fast forwarded the tape to an opening scene with Jenna sharing a lesbian scene with Brianna.

Denise began to tingle as she watched the scene.

She began to rub her breast as she watched Jenna eating Brianna's clit.

She bit her lip as she continued to look on.

She moved her hand down to her hip and then to her leg.

She started to slip her hand underneath her underwear as her eyes were glued to the screen.

Denise moaned as she slipped her index finger over her pussy and gently slid it in.

She moaned softly as she slid her finger in and out as she watched on.

She pulled off her underwear to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy.

She laid her back on the back of the chair as she continued to masturbate to the lesbian duo on the screen.

She thought about what Jenna might do if she had the opportunity to be with her for a night.

She continued to touch herself for half an hour.

After a few scenes of the DVD, she cleaned up and put the DVD back in the closet where she got it from.

It was 11:32 PM and went off to bed.

She nodded off to sleep thinking about Jenna.

She began to dream about Jenna that night.

Denise was in this large room with white walls, paintings on the walls, designer furniture all around.

This was someone's living room, but who?

"Do you want some champagne?" a soft, feminine voice spoke from the other room.

She was curious, but said yes reluctantly as she continued to examine the room.

She heard footsteps and as she turned around she saw Jenna approaching her with two glasses of champagne.

Jenna wore a sexy black spaghetti-strapped dress that ended just above her knees and matching high-heeled shoes.

"Can I get you anything else?"

"No, thank you, I'm fine!" Denise said with a smile.

She couldn't believe how beautiful everything was. The room, Jenna's clothes, even Jenna herself was as voluptuous as she had remembered in the movie.

"I love your home, its so beautiful!"

"Thank you, I love it too!"

Denise sat on the black leather couch as Jenna sat next to her.

"Is there anything that you want to do or want me to do before we start?" Jenna asked as she placed her hand on Denise's leg.

Almost choking on the champagne, "Uhh, no . . . not at all!"

Jenna leaned in to kiss Denise.

She spoke in her ear gently, "We're going to have a good time!"

They kissed passionately.

Jenna slid her hand up Denise's leg and continued up to her left breast.

She gently caressed it as Denise moaned softly.

Jenna reached behind her and unzipped Denise's white strapless dress.

Slowly she pulled the dress down to reveal Denise's perfect tits.

She began to massage Denise's breast gently as she began to play with her nipples with her tongue.

Denise moaned softly as her tits were being nuzzled on.

"Lay down here for me!"

Denise laid back on the couch as Jenna slipped Denise's dress down farther, revealing her white lace underwear.

Jenna slid off the underwear and began to run her tongue over the small brush of Denise's pussy.

Jenna used her fingers to penetrate Denise's pussy as she licked her clit.

Denise began to moan and gyrate as Jenna explored her snatch.

Jenna got up and removed her black dress and shoes, exposing her hard body.

She returned to Denise's pussy as her other hand slid down to her own pussy.

Both began to moan softly as their pussies were being played with. "I want you to eat my pussy, Denise!" She moaned as she stood up in front of her.

Denise sat up and grabbed around Jenna's hips, placing her hands on Jenna's perfect ass.

She laid Jenna on the clean white carpet and began to kiss Jenna's soft lips.

She kissed her all the way down her body until she reached her clit.

She massaged her pussy gently with her tongue as she held Jenna' s legs with her hands.

"I want to fuck you!" Jenna moaned as she was getting her pussy eaten.

Denise rose to her knees and brushed her hair from her face.

Jenna grabbed a box from the table and pulled out a large dildo and a harness to put it in.

She assembled the strap-on as Denise began to suck it to get it ready.

She laid down on her back on the carpet as Jenna slid the flesh colored dildo into her.

Denise lifted her legs as Jenna fucked her.

They kissed as Jenna went in and out of her with her fake dick.

Denise's orgasms grew louder as she got fucked.

Moments later, Jenna was ready to give her a shot at fucking her.

Jenna removed her strap-on and placed it on Denise.

Jenna laid on her back and Denise slid the fake member into Jenna's warm slit.

Jenna began to moan louder as Denise pushed in and out of her.


Denise was awakened by her alarm clock.

She was fully nude and drenched in sweat as she sat up.

"Wow, what a dream!"

She brushed the hair from her face and got out of bed.

She put on her white robe and walked out the balcony to look out toward the ocean.

The telephone started ringing.

Denise picked it up.

"Hi honey, it's me, I'm on my way home!" Charlie said over the phone.

"Okay, I'll meet you at the airport!"

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