tagBDSMDenise Seduces Brenda

Denise Seduces Brenda


(Hi I am Denise! I wrote about my step mom Sally in a previous story. I was also taken by my English professor Ms Meyers in another story! I want to share my roommate's story with you now! So enjoy and get off with me!)

At first I had to masturbate alone fantasizing about lesbian sex to get off. I did not want any other lovers but I soon grew too horny to resist. Sally even encouraged me over the phone to find a lover. Sally taught me to use my masturbation times as a sex magic ritual to concentrate my sexual energy to bring a lover into my mind and my life.

Having showered naked for several months with my hot looking blond roommate Brenda, I was fixated on her body and I secretly wanted her. I began to fantasize during ritual about her. Brenda seemed to flirt with me too but never opened up to me in a sexual way. One Saturday night we were bored to tears with nothing to do. After drinking several glasses of wine, I asked Brenda to take a shower with me. Nastily, I decided to seduce Brenda and finally eat her blond shaven pussy. I stripped off her clothes and we ran naked to the shower laughing madly. I soaped her body for her using my breasts as sponges to rub and massage her naked body. Brenda did not resist me washing her pussy. Even when I washed her ass crack and pushed a finger into her tight hole she only giggled like a child making a face at me when my finger pushed inside her. When it was Brenda's turn to soap me she showed no resistance to washing me with her breasts and soaping my pussy and ass crack. Both of us were quite turned on soaping and sharing this intimate time together.

After our fun in the shower we ran back dripping wet to our room. I offered Brenda a few more glasses of wine to get her to relax. We sat on the bed drinking and talking about sex. After getting Brenda tipsy I asked her if she would be open to giving each other a sensuous massage. Brenda's eyes lit up and she even volunteered some nice coconut oil. I poured oil all over her front and got on top of her rubbing and squishing the oil between our naked breasts and into our cracks and crevices. I used my hard nipples to massage Brenda which got her even hotter. I stuck a nipple into her pussy and rubbed her clit hard with it making her squirm all over. Hands began exploring. I loved the way Brenda caressed my breasts stopping to twist my nipples hard as a tease. When I fondled her breasts she only smiled and moaned as I used my hands like soft feathers to stimulate her flesh making goose bumps rise all over them. When I sucked her nipples hard she moaned even louder. Things got hotter when our wet pussies were massaged. I rubbed her blond pussy fur and stuck a finger into her hole and Brenda went wild. We began kissing and caressing each other on the couch forgetting about the massage for the time being. After some deep French kissing I stuck my fingers back into Brenda's hot hole finding her open to all my caresses.

After fantasizing for weeks about eating Brenda, I finally got the courage to go down on her. Brenda was so horny she sensed I wanted to eat her so she encouraged me with helping hands pushing my head into her waiting crotch. I licked my way into her flower sampling her labia petals making Brenda moan and get wetter. I snuck my middle finger into her depths and found her G-spot and began slowly massaging her. As she began to move her hips in rhythm of my finger I began licking my way to her clit my prize of the night. I wanted her to love my mouth so much on her clit she would forever invite me back for more ecstasy. Placing my lips around her clitoral hood I sucked it hard awakening her goddess like a miniature cock. As Brenda got hard I licked her naked clit with the tip of my tongue driving her crazy with lust. Brenda wildly came, as I held her legs raised high in the air on the couch still sucking her clit.

Giving Brenda a hot kiss sharing her come she stuck her tongue in my mouth as a tease. My clit was so itching for action I quickly sat on Brenda's face hoping for some relief myself rubbing my pussy over her mouth. Brenda immediately began yanking my pussy from her mouth and forcefully pushed me off her cursing me to stop my assault. Once I was off her Brenda slapped my face and began to whimper telling me her deeper hidden feelings about lesbianism.

Adamantly against reciprocating, Brenda told me she must refuse to give me any oral pleasure but only wanted me to eat and pleasure her pussy. In her kinky morality, Brenda felt she would not be considered a lesbian if she was only on the receiving end. I told her I understood and apologized for being too forward with her and not being in touch with her feelings. I kissed her hard and told her I was going down on her again. I was so horny I ate her pussy soft and sweet till she came, I kissed her with a mouthful of her come to give her another taste of her own pussy which was a magic way of turning a girl to lesbo sex. I had to come so I masturbated on the couch so Brenda could watch me come as well. Brenda had a look of surprise on her face when I squirted come all over my hands and legs.

Frustrated, by not being orally fulfilled I plotted some nasty revenge. Later that night I convinced Brenda into getting an erotic spanking from me. I told her about my step mom and how she was able to spank me into an orgasmic frenzy. Brenda was turned on as I graphical described how she did it. I was going to spank her while I sensually frigged her pussy. Brenda finally agreed and submitted to a spanking. I took Brenda over my lap and spanked her bottom red, rubbing her G-spot till she came yelling and screaming. As she drowned herself in tears, I reminded her since she liked to receive my tactile attention with my tongue; she could take my sobering spanking then. When I finished spanking Brenda she was mad at me for spanking her so hard. Rolling her over I placed my mouth on her clit which more than made up for her forgotten sore ass.

Brenda did love making out so we always found time to kiss ourselves into a frenzy masturbating like crazy till we climaxed in each others arms. We loved taking showers together at the dorm so we could girl watch and compare our bodies with those of the other girls. It usually made us so horny we ran back naked to our room and I licked Brenda's pussy while I masturbated till we wildly came. One night I was so frustrated after pleading with her to eat my pussy, I pulled her over my lap and spanked her for the second time. This time I used my wooden hair brush spanking her till she begged me to sit on her face. Quickly I obliged her and set my pussy on her face almost smothering her. This nasty bitch surprised me by finger fucking my ass and sucking my clit till I came all over her mouth. Brenda performed like a seasoned lesbian. Brenda never licked my clit again being very angry with me for forcing myself on her. I feared I had awakened a primal urge in her from the past. I apologized to her again sensing her past hurts maybe from and old girlfriend or even a relative. Brenda accepted my apology but did not want to open up to me and share her hurts.

After confessing to Brenda that I was being too selfish with my sexual desires with her I asked her what I could do to make it up to her. Brenda smiled and informed me of her two spankings that I gave her out of my own kinky desires to use her. My face turned red and I had to agree with her I was wrong. Brenda told me she could forgive me if I agreed to a spanking from her at her choosing. I was excited but then reluctant because I thought she would be an unskilled disciplinarian. With butterflies in my stomach I asked her what she had in mind. Brenda smiled and told me she wanted to cool off tonight and cool me off as well.

She led me into the dorm shower. This time we do not need water she told me. She was going to give me a special shower. Grabbing my shoulders Brenda forced me to kneel before her. Confessing to me that she read a letter from my step mom that mentioned golden showers Brenda promised more of the same. Slapping my face she ordered me to open my mouth. Brenda gave me her reprise; telling me just because she does not eat pussy does not mean she has not in the past and just because I am a submissive and trying to be a switch does not mean she cannot kick my ass and control me Brenda warned. Brenda pushed her pussy into my mouth and before I could think began to pee. Order me to swallow and not spill I immediately began to gulp down her warm urine. Expertly she shot only a spoonful at a time until I swallowed a bladder full of her warm pee. My belly soured and I got sick from sucking down so much pee.

Brenda pulled away and slapped my face again. Warning me from now on I was going to be her potty slave .Whenever she had to pee I had to come to her and relieve her. Brenda told me as a reward if I obeyed her demands in a month she would let me come in her mouth. For that I would have swallowed anything.

Ordering me to grab the showerhead and not let go Brenda told me she was going to give me a bare handed warm up spanking. Brenda had big strong hands and I was sure she could pack a good wallop with her palms alone. Concentrating on my tender part of my lower cheeks Brenda whacked me hard back and forth on each cheek. My boobs and hair bounced as she spanked me. I tried to hold from crying out but as I felt the blows double and triple on the same tender spot I began to moan aloud. I only knew I was getting what I deserved form my good friend. With each hard swat I lunged forward from the power of her hand. If this was the warm up I wondered what the real spanking would be like. But I vowed to hang in there and take the licking.

With rosy red cheeks Brenda led me back to our room slamming and locking the door behind us. Brenda took me to bed. Forcing me to lay over pillows she used old nylons to secure my wrists to the headboard. I tried my binding and I was going nowhere. Brenda opened her panty drawer pulling out a leather harness and dildo. My eyes rolled to the back of my head when I saw the size of the dildo. It was made of black silicone and was around eight inches long and a good inch and a half wide. The dildo was tapered at the head to make it easier to push it into a small orifice. I tried to get loose after seeing what Brenda had planned for me but the harder I fought my bonds the tighter they got. Brenda just laughed telling me her knots were just like Chinese handcuffs.

I began pleading with Brenda trying desperately to make some kind of deal to get out of the butt fucking. Brenda reminded me I already agreed to anything to make up for her humiliation. Brenda reminded me that I did not know much about her and that I should trust her to give me a good time. I nervously watched Brenda strap on her black leather studded harness. Slipping the silicone dildo through the ring over her crotch Brenda smiled at me stroking her hot "cock".

I began to remember my first anal fucking in Hawaii being held down by two gorgeous lesbians. My step mother behind me was screwing my virginity into the sand. All summer long when I returned home I was serving Sally and taking her strapon in both orifices. Brenda slapped my ass to wake me up from my daze, reminding me that she read the letters from Sally graphically describing me getting fucked in the ass, so I should have no problem accommodating her slightly larger "cock".

Brenda put several towels under me encouraging me to let myself go once the fucking began including cursing and pissing. Kneeling behind me Brenda grabbed my asscheeks with her long nails pulling my buns apart and began licking up and down my ass crack. I was startled that she was licking my ass and never wanted to voluntarily eat my pussy. Shaking my head I just enjoyed what pleasures Brenda gave me. I wiggled my butt when I felt her slide her tongue deeply into my anus. My step mom and I ate ass all summer long and I grew to love it. I felt so high when Brenda's tongue relit my flame. With her long tongue rolled lengthwise Brenda made it into a mini cock and began fucking my asshole with it. I was in heaven as her saliva slicked tongue fucked me into submission to her.

As soon as I relaxed and my anus was full of saliva Brenda tricked me and pushed the head of the dildo into my anus. Learning from this summer I relaxed and pushed so Brenda could enter me. I felt her sharp nail bite into my cheeks spreading them apart and slowly she thrust her hips forward driving the dildo several inches into my rectum. My anus convulsed and spasmed and I began to fight and attempt to wiggle free. Brenda slapped my ass forbidding me to escape holding her dildo forcefully into my ass. Wiggling her hips in a circular fashion she seemed to be drilling the dildo deeper into my bottom. Brenda began to pour a lubricant on the remaining part of the shaft continuing to press forward on my anal penetration. My anus burned and hurt at first as Brenda forced her way into me. I felt totally dominated and used. Brenda called me a bitch as I begged her to stop and let me relax. She reminded me of how she felt when I sat on her face and forced her to eat my pussy. Stopping only to pull free to grease the dildo then plowed back into my rear door. Grabbing my hair Brenda pulled my hair and forcefully pushed the rest of the eight inches into my butt.

By the time the dildo was all the way in my ass I was breathing heavily, sweating bullets, and shaking with a new found fear of my roommate. Instead of fucking me right away Brenda slapped my asscheeks hard with both hands flying and ground her hips into my behind which drilled the dildo round and round my sore anus. I was crying and wiggling opposite her circular movements my body totally out of sync with hers desperately trying to escape the barrage of slaps and the dredging of my colon. It felt like I had to go to the bathroom after a huge Sunday dinner but I was being refused to go. I fought my bindings but the nylons held fast as Brenda promised. I finally had to give in like a Mustang mare and allow Brenda to ride me.

I took a deep breath and slowly tried to relax as I reverently told Brenda I was ready for her and would no longer fight her. Brenda gave my ass cheeks several more hard slaps making me lunge forward and cry out. She pulled the dildo free with one quick thrust of her hips. Picking up the lube she let it drool down my crack and all over the dildo. Brenda told me to get ready for the best fuck of my life. Arching my hips and opening my legs wider I obeyed her command and relaxed my asshole for her to reenter me. I actually felt better in this submissive role rather than forcing myself on Brenda. I felt Brenda Behind me insert the head of the dildo into me again telling me to get ready for the ride of my life. Pushing the dildo all the way into me it felt as if the tip were about to come out of my mouth. My spine felt as if it was straightened by the dildo piercing my body.

Suddenly Brenda surprised me by turning on the dildo. It was actually a vibrating one that sent chills all through my body including my clit. The vibrations went through my anal membrane to my G-Spot giving me an extra hot thrill taking my mind off my sore anus. I suddenly got home sick for Sally I was fantasizing that she was behind me ravaging my asshole with the bigger dildo. A few tears welled up in my eyes as I missed her. Brenda kept spanking me hard randomly swatting me as she pleased. Once Brenda sensed I was ready she began to slowly undulate her hips driving the dildo in and out of my ass. I felt her reach beneath me and finger my pussy finding my clit. I was dripping wet wishing she had fucked my pussy first. My ass cheeks were sore from all the slaps and my anus was sore from the larger dildo but the ass fucking was beginning to turn me on.

Brenda fucked me like a lesbian nice and slow with sensuous movements that matched her finger rolling my clit. She stopped spanking me once I gave in to her. Brenda told me that from now on she was my cock and that I will be her bitch. Being tied to the bed with a huge dildo drilling my ass I had no choice but to agree. Actually my fantasy about Brenda was coming true but not as I imagined it. My step mom would be happy I was sure. I began to squeeze down when the dildo pulled out and relax when it went back in to enhance my sensations. I found out this summer that bearing down makes my pussy muscles move some and stimulates them as well. Brenda was getting turned on as well because the dildo has tiny nubs on the end that stimulated her clit as well.

Both of us worked up a sweat as we were wildly moving in circles gyrating our hips working together into an orgasmic frenzy. I was so turned on by the domination by being tied to the headboard with Brenda fucking my ass. My full bladder could not hold out any more and I began to pee all over Brenda's hand and the towel beneath me. Brenda began crying out in my ear to let go as she fingered my clit harder. As soon as I stopped peeing I began to come pouring more fluids all over Brenda's hands.

Brenda came as well screaming in my right ear as she bit my lower lobe. Brenda kept her "cock" in me for a while and slowly pulled free unstrapping it from her body. Releasing my bonds Brenda set me free so I could ravish her with my mouth. I was so turned on I French kissed her and went down on her in a flash attacking her clit with my tongue. Brenda held my head into her crotch telling me over and over she love me and never stop licking her clit as she flew off into an oblivion multi-orgasmic dream.

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