Depraved Wife


"Damn, Beth! You suck cock really great! I have never had a woman take all of me so deep like you just did!" he moaned.

That was all the incentive that John needed. He freely began sucking up and down on Frank's hard cock, and if it hadn't been for me needing a hard cock in my pussy, I'm sure John would have finished him off and swallowed it all. But my needs were more important right now. I pushed John away and then told Frank I needed him to fuck me again. He was a little disappointed at first as he said he was hoping I would finish him off with my mouth. The poor guy, 'straight as board' he had said when we first met him, and he did not even know that it was John that had given his cock so much pleasure.

I climbed on top of Frank and placed my pussy down on to his cock. At first I slowly pushed down, but soon I let loose and was riding him like I was on a bucking horse. His face told me everything I needed to know and that he was truly enjoying my movements on him. I thought as he had already come once, that he would take longer this time, but I was wrong. He said later that he had never been able to hold on for long when a woman did what I had done.

As soon as he blew his load his cock wilted, but I was not quite there. I turned and saw that John was once again erect, so I just pushed him onto his back and jumped onto him and continued to get the pleasure I desired. John lasted longer than Frank, so I did manage to get myself off a few times before he filled my pussy with his hot cream. I rolled off and we all lay there for a few minutes before Frank's phone rang.

"Yes dear, I think we have made progress today and things have worked out well! Yes, I will be home soon dear. No dear, I just feel like having an early night as I feel pretty fucked. I think John had me working extra hard today, and I need a rest. Bye, see you soon!" he told his wife as we both tried to hold back our laughter.

We all took turns and showered and got dressed and then it was time for Frank to leave.

"Beth, John, I know you only had plans on this being a one off thing, and I understand. It has been a great time for me and I just hope that we can at least remain friends" he said to us.

Frank was right, it was only going to be a one-time deal and we both agreed with him that it would be nice to stay friends. But deep down inside I had already decided that I could not stop this now; I loved the feeling of control and pleasure that I had received that day from two guys. There was no way now I could ever go back to just having one cock in me at a time. But how would I tell John that I wondered.

I needn't have worried, for as soon as Frank drove off John turned to me and gave me a great big kiss and a cuddle, before releasing me and telling me he had a secret to tell me.

"Beth, you know, until today I have never even considered playing around on you, or watching you have sex with another guy, let alone enjoying it. But Honey, I must tell you, when you forced my head down onto his cock, I almost blew my load at the feeling of his cock going in and out of my mouth. It shocked me, but it excited me beyond belief. If you ever want to do this again, just let me know; if you don't mind, I would love to try sucking a guy's cock again!" he grinned.

I was over the moon with delight at the knowledge that I could have other guys whenever I wanted!

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