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"Well, slave, did you do as I requested?" The Goddess lay on her bed; a short, sexy top barely covered her voluptuous breasts. She was naked from the waist down. As she spoke to her slave he tried desperately to reach the place of his worship, the pussy that owned him. She kept him inches away, restricting his upward movement by the firm pressure of her leg on his shoulder. His pathetic groans at being denied his true goal in life resounded throughout the bedroom. "Slave? The Goddess asked you a question."

She had to chuckle. She knew how helpless he was when finally granted this position. To expect him to be able to function, think, or even speak while so near her beloved pussy was absurd. All of his senses were completely filled with one burning, all encompassing passion. He had to get to the shrine. He had to worship her golden, nasty pussy. His feeble mind could think of nothing else.

"Yes, yes. I did as you requested." He stammered between moans. She chuckled again. He was almost at the point of tears. Her training over the years had paid off royally. He would do anything, everything to feast at the shrine. His latest instructions had proved that point.

"Tell me about it, slave," she commanded as she carefully applied nail polish to her fingernails. He tried again to move closer only to be frustrated by her leg. "Perhaps we should take denial to the next level." She laughed again. "Maybe I'll find someone else to worship my golden pussy. Maybe someone who really knows how to please me. Maybe the next step of denial is to not allow you anywhere near my pussy. Remember, you didn't rate very high on the chart of good pussy lickers either."

He recalled the list she made of where he stood with her other lovers. He was at the bottom.

"Actually the only chart you rated high on was the slave one. You make a decent slave."

As he mumbled his answer she thought back to her wicked challenge. As another step in her total control over her insignificant slave she decided to test him further. Over the years he had demonstrated his obedience to her by following many humiliating demands. She recalled making him dress as her French maid and fucking him in the ass with a dildo, turning him into a lesbian slave for her amusement. That scenario lasted over a couple of years before she tired of it.

There was the time she bid him to kiss her foot in a parking lot and once in Nordstrom's to publicly demonstrate his obedience. His embarrassment, while doing nothing for her, completely cemented his status as a slave for him.

It was strange the way this debasement thing worked. The more she embarrassed him, the more he loved her. The more she humiliated him, the more he wanted her.

Of course, the crowning achievement to firmly establish their relationship was turning him into her personal clean-up slut. Once, way back at the beginning, he wanted nothing more than to put his pathetic, tiny cock into her awesome pussy. Now, because of her training, he was satisfied with getting her ready and cleaning her up after an awesome fuck by one of her studs.

She had to admit that the role of Goddess was very acceptable, apparently for both of them.

The insignificant slave got what he wanted, to serve at her altar. She got what she wanted, clothes,money, devotion, the royal treatment and then after the slave got her ready, a good fuck from one of her black studs.

The slave seemed turned on with the fact that she got what she wanted from someone else.

"He must have known, even then, how inadequate he was," she thought.

On a whim, she decided to see if she could push him further. She wanted to demonstrate her power so she told him to confess his role as her slave to his latest girlfriend.

Lisa was younger than the Goddess and lived with the slave in a typical, vanilla relationship. The Goddess decided to prove her control over her little slave by demanding that he confess to Lisa every single significant detail of his slavehood.

She waited while the slave revealed his confession.

"I did as you said," he said, lovingly licking the exquisite thigh of the Goddess. From his position, he could smell the sweet fragrance of her womanhood. Its intoxicating aroma was driving him crazy with desire. All meaning in life revolved around reaching her beloved pussy.

"Go on." She pushed him with her leg. His inability to concentrate was partly her fault. If she hadn't gotten him so hooked on her pussy maybe he would have been able to carry on a conversation like a normal person, but the slave was very simple-minded.

"I waited until we were both naked, like you told me, so she could see my reaction when I made my confession. She was concerned, I guess, because I was sort of embarrassed when I started."

The Goddess smiled at her reflection in the mirror. She looked particularly enchanting dressed so seductively and with a naked man between her thighs, even if the man wasn't the kind of man she preferred. "I'll bet."

"So I did like you said. I told her that I was your slave."

"Slave? Just a slave?"

"No. I said I was your pussy slave."

"Did you have this conversation at the appropriate place and under the appropriate conditions?"

"Yes, I did like you said. I waited until we were both naked and in bed before I told her."

"What did she say when you told her that you were my pussy slave?"

"She was shocked. She didn't understand what I saying, so I had to explain it. I guess she didn't understand what the term meant."

"I think the fact that she's with you proves that she's not the brightest woman on the planet."

"No," he admitted. "She's not exceptionally bright."

"That figures, I mean she's with you after all." The Goddess chuckled again. She moved one leg so he could get a better look at her pussy. He groaned. "Go on."

"Anyway, I tried to explain. I said that by being your pussy slave meant that I would do anything you wanted just to be at your pussy. She asked what I meant by anything, so I told her, like you instructed, that I would rather kiss your pussy than fuck her."

The Goddess smiled again, thinking he followed instructions well, even for a simple slave. "I bet that went over well."

"It went over about how you figured it would."

"Go on. I imagine she wasn't very happy with you about now. Besides being my little pussy slave, did you tell her the rest?"

She could feel the heat rise on his face. "Yes. She pushed me out of bed and covered herself so I couldn't see her nakedness. I had to sit on the edge of the bed, completely nude. We just sat there for a while. She seemed to think about what I said. Finally, she started asking a lot of questions."

"Good for her, maybe she isn't quite as dumb as we thought."

"At first, she had a hard time understanding my need to serve. I explained how everything I did was for your pleasure. The only thing I got out of it was serving. She asked if after I licked you if I got to fuck you."

"That's a natural question, most couples fuck. Most men fuck, but then, you're not most men. Did you tell her that I don't permit you entrance to my golden shrine?"

She could swear he was blushing. "I told her that I seldom was allowed to put my cock inside you."

"Good boy! No need to describe seldom as once in a blue moon, but let's get some terms down right. Let's not call that little thing you have a cock though, that sounds too manly. Let's refer to your little appendage as a cockette. What did she say to the fact that you aren't allow to enter me?"

"She was stunned."

"Some things are beyond small minds."

"She asked why."

"Of course. It was too much to think that she would understand. Did you tell her why you are not allowed the privilege I grant my studs?"

"I told her that you didn't like my cock, er...cockette, that it wasn't big enough and that I didn't last very long. I told her that you thought my little guy was pretty much a waste of time."

The chuckle that came out sounded very malicious. "Good. Very good. How did she take that?"

"Well, even though she was still angry at me, she laughed."

The Goddess chuckled loudly. "She's not as dumb as I thought. Maybe she understands your little problem better than I thought. What else did you tell her?"

A moment ticked by. His tongue snaked out and licked her smooth thigh. "She asked me how I got off if I never was allowed inside you."

"Oh boy, here it comes." She moved her leg slightly to allow him to creep upward. When the tip of his tongue could just reach the far end of her clitty, she held him stationary. A couple of tacitly approved licks kept him obedient.

"I told her that I always have an orgasm while kissing your ass."

"Let's discuss terms again. Kissing isn't exactly the word, is it?"


"What should it be called?"

"Worship," he whispered.

"That's better. Remember that, I don't want to have to remind you again. Getting back to your little girlfriend, how did your confession about kissing my ass go over?"

"Terrible. She was disgusted."

"Poor baby. No one understands that little peculiar perversion of yours, do they?"


"It doesn't surprise me. I don't imagine too many people understand how someone could get off by worshipping someone's ass, even one as gorgeous as mine. How did she take that nasty confession?"

"Again, not well. At first she was disgusted, then she called me names. I think it's pretty much over between us."

"Well, I did her a favor. Maybe she can go out and find someone who can take care of her sexually now. Did you mention the clean up service? That would clinch it I would think."

His tongue stretched to its farthest point. He was humping the bed, a sure sign that he was getting into the humiliation. "Yes, I did. After she got through insulting me and yelling at me she wanted to know if I did anything else, any other perverted, disgusting things."

"Good for her. By the way, since you were naked, how was the little guy reacting to her insults?"

He ceased the motion on the bed. "You know how. He got excited."

"How excited?"


"Which in your case takes him from his usual two inches to maybe two-and-a-half." She laughed. "That must have showed her how perverted you really are. Was she smart enough to understand the connection between the insults and the turn on?"


"How do you know?"

"She pointed at it and laughed. She said she had never seen me so excited. She said it was almost big enough to use."

"But not quite."

"But not quite. She made it clear that we would not be doing that any more."

"Good for her, maybe there's hope for her after all, but get back to the clean up. How did she react when you told her about that disgusting trait of yours?"

"I had to explain it a couple of times because she didn't understand it at first. So I finally told her how I cleaned your pussy after you fucked one of your studs and it was full of his sperm."

"I can imagine that hearing her boyfriend gets off sucking the cum of one of my lovers out of my nasty pussy really put her off. What did she say about that?"

"At first she just shook her head. Then I could tell she was thinking about it. She started getting interested."

The Goddess shifted, offering access to her pussy for a quick lick. The slave dove into paradise. A moan of pleasure sprang from his throat as he feasted at the folds of her pussy.

"Maybe she shows some potential after all. Did you explain how turned on you get cleaning the juices out of both of my holes after my encounters?"

He shivered. The embarrassment was consuming him. Time to remind him of his place, she thought as she opened her thighs again for a quick lick. One taste and he was back under control. How easy, she chuckled, how incredibly easy.

"She made me describe all the explicit details."

"She made you? I thought you were in charge of your little relationship. Sounds like the shoe is on the other foot, or maybe the panties are on the other slut. Go on."

"She wanted details about your lovers."

"Details? And get it straight, they're not lovers, they're studs."

"She wanted to know how big your studs were, how many times they did it to you, all the details."

"I see. Because she was dissatisfied with you, she got turned on by hearing about real men, real cocks." She patted his head as if he were a good dog. "She's learning. The next man she's with will undoubtedly be a big one. But then anyone she has after you has to be larger, doesn't he? I wouldn't be surprised if she called you after her next fuck. See if you would clean her up, too. Nothing a woman likes better than a good clean up after an awesome fuck. Did you tell her that that was your only real purpose in life?"

"No, but I think she figured it out."

"What did she do then? Did she throw your worthless ass out?"

"She wanted to leave."

"I'm sure."

"But I tried to get her to stay."

"Oh, this should be good. Tell me more."

"I begged her to forgive me. I plead with her to give me another chance. I promised I would make it up to her."


"She got this real mean look on her face. She said she would consider it if I would lick her ass right then."

The Goddess erupted in peals of laughter. "Good girl. Despite the fact that she actually considered you to be some kind of lover it appears she's learning. What did you do?"

She heard him sigh. "You know that I have never licked anyone else's ass but yours. You know that. It's not the same with someone else. No one else has that power over me. I couldn't do it. Not at least without your permission. It didn't seem right."

"Good boy. Maybe someday I'll allow you to kiss someone else's." A delicious thought cam to her. "Tell you what, dickless, you call her back and tell her that you'll lick her ass if she has someone else fuck it first. How's that? But enough about her. Chances are you'll never hear from her again. Let me tell you who I confessed to."

"You told somebody about what we do?"

"Of course. I told you that confession is good for the soul. You had your turn and I had mine. Besides, you know you get a real kick out of it when I humiliate you. It keeps you in your place." She let him sneak another taste. The tip of his tongue felt so good on her sensitive clit. "I told Liz."

He looked up. "Liz? What did she say?"

"It's the strangest thing. It's just like when you told your girlfriend, she didn't believe me. I went over and over it, but I'm afraid that the only way she'll believe it is to see it."

"See it?"

"Yes. She thinks I'm making it up. She wants a demonstration. So next time I use you be prepared for some kinky behavior."

"What are you planning?"

"I've been thinking. I have some ideas. First, you'll strip down, take all your so called manly clothes off and just wear a frilly pair of panties. Pink, I think. Maybe frills. To make it interesting, you'll have to buy them. Tell the salesclerk that they're for you, that's always good for a laugh. I'm not sure whether you should go to Victoria's Secret or Sears. Whether you should get laughed at by a pretty sales clerk or a matronly old lady. Anyway, while dressed in your femmy little panties, you'll serve Liz and I some wine. We probably should rent a hotel room, a nice suite at some expensive place. While Liz and I drink, we'll watch television, why don't you bring some of those black on blond pornos that you've accumulated? Of course, while we're drinking and watching, getting comfortable and aroused, you will be on your hands and knees. I think we should use your back as a table. That's a particularly poignant statement of your status.

"We'll start our demonstration with you doing my toenails, while Liz and I sit back and enjoy the wine. After they dry, you'll lick my toes, sucking each one individually like it was a miniature cock and you were a cock-sucking whore. After you get every little piggy clean, you will lick the rest of my feet."

As she spoke, she let him crawl upward so his mouth covered her mound. Trained with hours of practice, he slowly and softly caressed her folds as if they were precious gems.

"Of course, you will conduct the entire performance on your knees, so she will see how well trained you are." She suppressed a groan as his tongue sent bolts of electricity through the nerves of her arousal. She grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. Not yet, pet, she said to herself, we need to make this one last.

"I'm even thinking about showing her your oral skills and have you lick me off while her and I talk. Of course, the coup de grace will be when I turn sideways in my chair and let you have access to your special treat. I expect she'll be quite amused to see you rub your little dickey off on the rug while tonguing my beautiful ass."

"You'd make me do all that?"

"Of course, I would, just to show her my power over you. I see how excited your getting. We both know that the worse the humiliation the better you like it. Oh, by the way, she couldn't believe it when I mentioned how miniscule you are. She always thought you were average to above average for some reason. When I told her how you rated in comparison to all of my other lovers she got a big laugh. She wants to see it, just because she has never seen anything so small."

"You told her how small I am?"

"Naturally. She needed to know. It's time to take you down another notch. If she's aware of your...deficiencies shall we say, then that will put her above you on the scale. It's payback for all those times you've acted so superior around her. It's time to show her how inferior you really are. Nothing puts a man in his place like letting women know about his lack of size. Excuse me; I called you a man, my mistake. I informed Liz how I make you sleep in the little boy's room after I'm through with you. Little boy, with a little boy's cock. Liz wants to see you get me ready and clean me up after my next fuck. Would you enjoy doing that for her? Of course, you would."

"Would you make me do that?"

"I'm not sure what I want you to do next. I'm considering telling Tony about you. You know, I mentioned a long time ago about having a sex slave, maybe I should inform him of the details. Maybe I should invite him down to my new home, tie you in the closet like a dog so you can listen to the sounds of a good fuck, something you've never experienced, and then after he leaves you can come out and get some real fresh cum to clean up. After he's done, I should be very sticky and there should be an awful lot for you to clean up."

"You wouldn't do that to me, would you?"

"Why not? You do so love being my clean-up slave. It solidifies the position you have earned, you know, at the bottom so to speak. That would be a nice treat for you. Maybe I'll let Tony fuck my ass so you can clean his cum out of my ass. How does that sound? I think you'd like that a great deal. I think you could cum just by fantasizing it, couldn't you?"

The groans were loud.

"I thought so. Why don't you work toward that goal? Why don't you find some very expensive incentives to persuade me to indulge in some of your warped fantasies? The fact that I'll enjoy the experience shouldn't dissuade you from trying to persuade me."

After the session I realized we had taken another significant step. Over the years, the Goddess had taught me well, taking me down the path of total depravity until I was hers to do with as she wished.

I thought back to tell-tale signs along the way. It started when she realized that I loved licking her pussy. There had been the fatal time at the beach, when we were still married. She was clad in a sexy outfit. As usual, I worked my way down her exquisite body to feast at her shrine before we finished in our customary manner with me plowing away.

To my surprise, she rolled over after I ate her to climax. With her gorgeous ass in my face I was lost. Succumbing to this act of debasement, I worshipped that glorious shrine. That started me on the road of my surrender.

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