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Depths Of Desire


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From the depths of my ever-growing desire he crept into my life; his warmth illuminating my heart, sending chills into the very crevice of my soul. His touch so gentle yet at the same time, burning my flesh; liquid fire rushing through my veins, giving me a fever that no medicine could ever conquer. My heart skips beats, playing a tune never before it dared to play. A Samba that vibrated and echoed to the very core of my existence....

I was entranced, mesmerized by this unseen force that crowded around me. This nuclear bomb that had threatened to melt any resolve and independence I had remaining. His eyes beckoned me, haunting me in my sleep, taking over my dreams and twisting them into forbidden temptations. His lips taunting me, yet never moving, making me quiver with agonizing anticipation....

My throat closing, strangled around a silent moan as his hand strokes me, caressing the symphony he started with just one look from his smoldering eyes. Unconsciously my numb hands fumble with the buttons to my blouse, my eyes burning from the heat that has suddenly filled the room. Another moan shatters the solitude of my resolve as he rips away my remaining blouse, the precious silk tearing under his strong hands. I feel alive and yet at the same time catatonic, propelled by an unknown force, driving me towards this hurricane of intense sexual wanting. Every hair on my body tingles from the feel of his breath on my neck as he inhales the scent of my long dark curls.

I hear his voice as if in a tunnel, then I feel him kneeling in front of me, my eyes unfocused, and my mind racing, unable to comprehend what he said. I shiver to the feel of a wet tongue flicking my bare breast; and realize that some how in this intense state of my mind, my bra had been pushed down, releasing the round firm mounds it had encased. Again the tongue wetted the dark tip it had searched out, tracing the hard nub with expert skill.

A deeper moan finds its way past my arousal swollen lips as his mouth encloses over the nub and sucks it with the hunger of a newborn child; his tongue flicking to the rhythm of the Samba, his teeth pulling till I gasp aloud. My hands no longer numb but tingling; finding their way to the golden waves upon his head, my fingers twisting tightly, grasping hold of him, bringing him closer.

My body shakes with a surprising release, my fluids dampening the thin cloth sheltering my womanhood from the outside world. I can hear him sigh, his mouth leaving my naked breast, forcing the bra off roughly. My body trembles with need, the first release only the beginning of what was to come. I feel his hands working my belt, sliding it from my waist, I hear it clink against the hard wooden floor, and then his hands work the zipper to my slacks. My knees shake as I stand up, him controlling me with every demand, and I obeying without any hesitation. The slacks hit the floor, pooling around my feet as the cool air bombards my heated body. I hear him groan in approval, his hands caressing the bareness of my legs.

His voice is sharp, cutting me, drawing me in as it orders me to remove the damp panties. Slowly I roll the thin material down and step out of them. Now nude to his eyes, body lit with passion, wet and aroused, standing before him as he kneels. He gestures for me to lift my left leg, placing my foot in the chair I was once sitting. The glistening petals of my sex opening to him, allowing him to see the full bloom of my private garden.

He leans forward inhaling my scent; licking his lips, a sinful smile crossing over his features. As I watch, his tongue snakes out and tastes the full length of my folds, causing me to cry out, hand grasping the back of the chair, the other his shoulder. Again he tastes of my fruit, his tongue exploring every crevice and fold it could find, dipping into my inner well, drinking of my juices and lapping at the center of my pleasure. His lips wrap around my aroused peek, coating it in warmth, pulling with his teeth causing me to dig my fingernails into his clothed flesh. Tears flood my eyes, my breathing rapid, body shaking as his mouth assaults me. His tongue flicking faster and faster as my legs weaken....

I gasp, gritting my teeth as I feel a finger probe me, slowly entering my cavern, then another following it, both plunging into the source of the wetness that is dripping down my pale thighs. Two fingers sinking into my depths then returning, over and over again as the warmth of his mouth suckles me. My hips moving on their own, grinding against him, my gasps uncontrolled matching his rhythm; I whimper feeling molten lava spring forth from the volcano he created. All at once I scream, body tremors with another release, my legs giving out as I slump forward on him.

He stands holding me up then wraps his arms around me, lifting me off my feet as if I were as light as a feather. His strong arms carry me into the next room; I snuggle close inhaling my own scent from him and smile dreamily, my body weak, sensitive to his touch, throbbing, my blood pulsing loudly in my ears. Gently he lays me upon the bed, his eyes taking in the splendor of my nakedness, caressing my breasts, his mouth suckling each nipple before drifting down to my stomach. His tongue once again dips into my well, causing my hips to rise up, legs trembling. Finally he slows his assault and gets up from between my thighs, his eyes holding mine as he slowly removes his clothing.

His manhood stands out, pulsing and swollen with need. He wraps a hand around its width, stroking upwards slowly as he looks me over. I shiver, hips rising to him, transformed into a Wanton Woman. He climbs up between my legs, his fingers parting my folds as his other hand guides the head to my opening. We both cry out as he slowly sinks inch by inch into my waiting wetness. Groaning he pulls back till he almost leaves me, my body clutching him, trying to hold on, then he plunges forward quickly, gasping as our hips make contact.

He pulls back and positions himself on his knees, his hands gripping my ankles, bringing them to rest upon his shoulders as he plunges forward again. I can hear myself calling to him, my voice desperate, begging for him to fill me. He answers by pulling out and thrusting deeper into me, faster and faster, our cries echoing through the walls. His face twisted in a mask of ecstasy as he pounds me harder and harder with each thrust. I can feel him expanding as my walls tighten around him. I clench as a torrent of my juices soak the blanket beneath my convulsing body. Curse words escape his mouth as he explodes deep inside me, joining me in my third release of the night. He continues to thrust into me until every last seed fills my womb then he slowly pulls out, leaving a trail of evidence of our passion along the bed.

Just as I was about to finally catch my breath I feel my legs being pulled apart as his head dips between my thighs hungry once more. His tongue cleansing my folds of our combined juices, dipping into me and tasting himself then wrapping his lips around the highly sensitive and still aroused peek. I cry out with every other breath as he brings me to one last quick release with his mouth then rises to kiss me with passion. He crawls up beside me and his arms encircle my exhausted body, rocking me gently to sleep. My eyes grow heavy and I slowly drift off, traveling back from the depths of my desire....

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