tagNovels and NovellasDerby Line Marriage Ch. 03

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 03


Patrick grunted as his 10 inch cock passed his wife's cervix. It was 12 days since he was last allowed to ejaculate, and now he was pounding her pussy with a vengeance. Francis hooked her legs around his. Beginning her fertile days with the missionary position had become a bit of a tradition over the summer. So was following the act with breakfast in bed. Francis gazed at the breaking dawn through the window of their humble one bedroom apartment. Patrick quickened his thrusting and leered at his wife's bouncing bosom. Hungrily he bent down to suck on her dark nipples. She stroked his hair tenderly, wondering what it would be like for milk to flow from those breasts. The sensation of Patrick's cock throbbing in her womb told her that he was filling it with his seed. She hoped that this month's round of effort would bear fruit.

Patrick kissed his way to the center of Francis's breasts, and then started to proceed downward. Francis patted him on the shoulder. "That's OK, honey. You have all day to please me. Right now, I'm looking forward to those eggs and pancakes." The dutiful husband, Patrick donned his robe and headed for the kitchen. Francis sighed. Her hand continued where his mouth had left off. Her fingers slid downward to spread through her course pubic hair. The index and pointer teased her pigmented labia. Her middle finger sampled her moist vaginal canal. Globs of her husband's cream glided out onto her palm, a remnant of his presence even after he had left.

Francis pressed her jizz covered palm against her vulva and rubbed her husband's man juice onto her clitoris. The firm nub sent a wave of pleasure through her as a reward. Francis parted her thighs and closed her eyes to concentrate on the feeling. Her middle finger replaced her palm on her clit. She made circles around the lubricated button. A padded fingertip pushed aside the hood to access her bald man in the boat. Rapid shallow breaths heaved her chest as she buzzed her clit with abandon. Hot and wet, Francis was ready to dive further.

Her index finger and pointer crept along Francis's outer pussy lips while her middle finger teased her inner folds. Several languorous strokes brought soft whines from her mouth. She clamped her mouth shut to keep the low whimpers below the din of Patrick's cooking. The sound of a spatula transferring eggs to plates warned her that time was short. Cautiously, she sent three fingers between her beefy curtains to prepare her canal. Her pinky joined the endeavor once her womanhood was loosened up. Rocking her fingers back and forth, she braced herself for the final step. Bit by bit her thumb entered her steaming cunt, followed by her wrist. Francis held her breath, overwhelmed by the tingling delight emanating from her twat. Quickly, she removed her fist and gave a fugitive glance out the bedroom door. "Honey, we have some lemons in the bottom bin of the fridge. Could you please make me some fresh squeezed lemon aid to go with breakfast."

Francis moved her fingers against her sensitive inner labia, determined to make those extra few minutes count. Pinching the folds between her thumb and pointer, she rubbed them against each other. Her hips bucked up against her hand. Her fleshy palm rested against her tired clit. A familiar sensation started to build inside her. Francis bit her lip to keep from moaning as her vaginal muscles contracted. Rivulets of her cum mixed with Patrick's streamed out of her nest. Relaxing in the warm afterglow, Francis stared up at the bouquet of flowers drying upside down above the headboard. Footsteps in the hallway interrupted her daze.

Patrick entered the bedroom with a tray of breakfast. He placed it on Francis's lap and sat on the bed by her feet. "Thanks for the great fuck this morning. After breakfast it's your turn, I promise."

"I have faith in you, dear," Francis replied as she sipped from her drink.

Patrick smiled. "How is the lemon aid?"

"Orgasmic," Francis grinned.

"Good." Patrick patted his wife's calf. "We better make the most of today. Classes start September 8th, and there is no way I can skip teaching a lab section." Cutting a pancake with the side of his fork, he delved in.

"I know. It's great having you available during breaks, but I wish you could take a vacation day once in a while like a normal person." Francis wrapped a spoonful of egg in a pancake and lifted it to her mouth.

"Well, that's the trade off in academia, flexibility during the breaks and an iron clad schedule the rest of the year. The department head will spit nails if I take a sick day without being my death bed."

"Mm, that reminds me, when is your next doctor's appointment with Dr. Herven?"

Patrick looked down frowning. "He wants me there September 17th, but I don't think I can take off from work. I wish his clinic had hours on the weekend. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Maybe we should just forget about conceiving until next summer."

"No, I'm already 28. If we put this off for another year, we'll have to start worrying about my fertility as well. Why don't you make an appointment for Thanksgiving break at a clinic in New York City. This is worth jumping the boarder and paying out of pocket."

"My parents are expecting us in Sherbrooke for Thanksgiving. If we bail on them, we have to promise them Christmas."

"I think I can swing that with my folks. Grandmama will be happy to see me on Thanksgiving without, as she says it, l'envahisseur Anglais. She still hasn't forgiven you for the Seven Years' War."

"It's a deal. Now spread your legs," he commanded as he disrobed. "L'envahisseur Anglais wants to inspect his conquest."

Francis put the dishes aside and leaned back with her thighs parted. Patrick pressed his palm against her womanhood. Slowly, he glided his fingers along her full pussy lips. He bent down to inhale the musky scent of her jizz filled twat. Then, he nibbled lightly on her love button. The clit began to grow from his talented tongue lashings. Encouraged, he pushed two fingers up her cunt.

Francis stretched up her hands to fondle the bouquet above her. Every month she received seasonal flowers to celebrate her ovulation. Her index finger traced the edge of an inverted gardenia. She gasped at the feel of a tongue lifting the hood of her clit. Her digit lingered along the smooth gardenia petals before sliding between them. Francis fingered the fragile style, brushing the stigma along the way. She relaxed under her husband's care as he explored her tunnel. Content, she purred.

Patrick sent a third finger to search out his wife's G spot. He grazed his teeth along her outer labia, and then licked at the redness. His tongue pressed between those folds to tease her inner lips. The moist cavern before him shook in delight as cum flowed into his mouth. Nibbling his way up his woman, Patrick positioned his cock above the steaming honey pot. He slapped her clit with it a couple of times before gliding his scepter into her welcoming hole. Looking down tenderly, he plowed her fertile furrows. His pelvis crushed her vulva with each forceful thrust. Grinding hard against her, he released his seed into her waiting womb.

Francis closed her legs to hold onto his baby makers after Patrick pulled out. He laid by her side with an arm around her waist. "I always make good on my promises," he told her.

"That you do. I'm such a lucky wife. Every month, you give me a bounty of flowers and fucking. When we get that new house we should plant those gardenias in the back."

"Not that species. It's an African shrub. Non-native ornamental plants wreck havoc on the local ecosystem."

"Mmm, maybe we can keep it in a pot inside. I love the feel of it."

"Sure. As long as we keep it indoors the neighborhood is safe."

"Great." She pecked her husband's cheek. Patrick placed his hands behind his head and let his wife do the work. Francis licked her way down his taunt torso. She sucked on his foreskin. His rod began to grow again. She jacked his shaft.

"Suck it."

Ignoring the request, Francis licked her husband's tool and teased his piss hole. Then she straddled his waist and guided his manhood into her. Plunging down, she rode her man. "Common and give me another dose of your sperm."

Patrick groped her breasts and thrust upward. His pace quickened to a crescendo. His wife's hands rested over his. Her warm folds enveloped his penis. Her familiar womb opened for his 10 inch cock. Vaginal juices from another orgasm streamed down his balls. With a growl he released his own juices into her belly. Lovingly, he looked up at his wife's beautiful face. Francis gazed straight ahead, admiring the African gardenia.

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