tagNovels and NovellasDerby Line Marriage Ch. 07

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 07


Benjamin sat by the Starbucks window sipping his tea and gazing at his laptop screen. Representative Flake's slide show was on the Washington Post website, and Benjamin was enjoying the natural beauty. There was something particularly sexy about a man who could catch his own food. It screamed independence and self sufficiency. There would be none of the obligatory cuddling and cooing during a night with that stud. Just cock to ass until the job was done.

Benjamin's eyes shifted to the folks leaning against the Carmen building. The group contrasted greatly with Benjamin's ideals. Cloistered in an Ivy League citadel, they enjoyed an extended adolescence at their parents' expense. Benjamin recalled his own years as a commuter student at Fordham. Life was much different for the other half of America.

A cute redhead paused from walking to check his map. Something about the man seemed familiar to Benjamin. The man lowed the map, revealing a broad freckled face. Benjamin shut down his computer. Ah, it's the guy from the hot dog stand in Montreal. He looks too old to be a Columbia student. Grad student, maybe. He could be a local. Benjamin packed his bags and walked down Broadway after the man.

"Excuse me, Sir. I saw you looking at the map. Do you need directions?"

"Thanks. I'm looking for the 9 train. I'm not from around here. Tuesday night I head back to Montreal."

Benjamin could hardly contain his grin. "The subway station for the 9 is right there. Hey, let me show you around tonight. I've lived in Manhattan my whole life. It's been 34 years now. I can take you to this great Jazz club I know."

"Wow. Yeah. That would be great. My name's Patrick, by the way."

"Benjamin here." They shook hands. "Let me have your number. I've got a meeting this afternoon, but I'll call you as soon as it's done."

Patrick gave Benjamin his mobile phone number. As the two parted, Patrick's phone rang. He answered it. "Hello? Oh, hey honey. How are you holding up without me? I miss you too. OK. Love you. Bye."

Benjamin crumpled up the paper with the phone number and put it in his back pocket. "Was that your girlfriend?"

"Actually, that was my wife. Why?"

"Forget about tonight," Benjamin told him. "I don't fuck married guys." Patrick watched in shock as Benjamin walked away.

Latter that night, Benjamin was at a leather club in the Village. A man in a chest harness and leather pants approached him. "Hi there, do you like tight ass?"

"Sure. Who doesn't?"

"Well, my sub for one. He's more into cock. He sucks mine like a pro, always hungry, always respectful. Sometimes I let him suck other cocks as a treat. He kind of fancies you. Would you like to breed his throat? Maybe you could tap his ass too."

Benjamin pursed his lips and ran his tongue along his teeth. "That sounds appealing."

"They his holes are yours for the night on one condition. I get to flip you."

Benjamin chuckled. "Tanstaafl, huh? Look, I'm not about to seal a deal without first seeing what I'm getting. Let's rent a room to continue our negotiations in. I just got paid for a gig. I'll spring for the hotel."

In the hotel room, the man presented his sub. "He is a fine specimen, isn't he?"

Benjamin nodded in agreement.

"Turn around. Show the man the ass he'll push open. Wiggle it for him. Yeah, that's a good bitch." The man playfully slapped the sub's bum. Then he addressed Benjamin, "You're looking at the tightest ass South of 14th Street. It's yours if you want. All you have to do is bend over for me."

The left corner of Benjamin's lips rose mischievously. His palm pressed against the dom's crotch. "So far, I've only seen half of what I'm getting. I want to see the entire package." Benjamin unbuttoned the dom's pants. Then he folded his arms across his chest.

The dom proudly peeled off his pants. A pair of boxers soon joined them on the floor. He placed his hands on his hips and showed off his manhood. "This will be pounding your hole all night long."

Benjamin lifted the man's balls and let them fall. "Respectable." He encircled the man's shaft with a thumb and a finger to check its girth. "I think you're right. I think your sub does have a tight ass." Benjamin laid on the bed facing up. He placed his hands behind his head. "OK. Now it's your turn to see what I have to offer."

The dom approached Benjamin. He slid a hand under the small of Benjamin's back. Then he moved that hand downwards. His fingertips poked under the waistband to feel the top of Benjamin's muscular glutes. He tried to slide his hand farther to explore the crack, but Benjamin wouldn't budge. After half a minute, he changed directions and moved to Benjamin's abs. The six pack felt warm to the touch. The dom started breathing more heavily. A treasure trail led his fingers into Benjamin's boxers and the coarse curly pubic beneath.

Benjamin stroked the dom's back. "Go ahead. Strip me." The dom removed Benjamin's clothes. His eyes fixated on Benjamin's impressive basket. Benjamin chuckled some more. "You may touch it." The dom timidly caressed the dick he lusted after. It responded to the motion. Soon it was at its full 7 inches. A bulging diagonal vein ran down the shaft. The rod's 2" diameter made the dom nervous and intrigued. "See something you like?" The dom nodded in agreement. "Ok. We can change the deal. You give me your sub for the night, and in exchange, I give you my cock." The dom hesitated. "Well, bitch. Is it a deal or not?"

"OK," he responded in a horse whisper.

Benjamin stood up. He fished his wallet from his pants pocket and removed a $20 bill. He gave it to the sub. "Go to the bar in the hotel lobby and enjoy yourself for an hour or two." With the sub gone, Benjamin directed the dom. "Assume the position." The dom got into the doggy style pose on the bed. "Lower," Benjamin told him. The dom placed his forearms flat on the bed in front of him and touched his forehead to the sheets. Benjamin walked up to him. He rested his hand on the dom's backside. "Lower," he commanded. The dom pressed his legs and stomach against the bed. His thighs were parted in anticipation. Benjamin shoved a finger into his back door. "Good, bitch."

The dom whimpered quietly. "Give it to me. Please." He lifted his hips to take more of Benjamin's finger into his hungry ass. Benjamin just stood there frozen. "Please, Sir, give me that thick cock of yours." Benjamin wiggled his finger more. "Oh. Yes." Benjamin worked another digit into the hole. "More," the man begged. Benjamin added a third finger. He spit into the dom's crack to lube it. He loosened the fuck hole until he thought it could fit his dick.

Benjamin climbed on top of the dom. He inserted his purple helmet into the man's rear. "Man, you're tight. When was the last time you took cock?"

"About 3 years ago."

"Sweet." Benjamin gave the man another inch. "How about ass? When was the last time you fucked ass?"

"Sunday. I breed my sub a few times a week."

Benjamin went a bit deeper. "Often do you get to tap a new ass?"

"A few times a month."

Benjamin shoved in balls deep. "Tell me about it. Tell me how you fuck all the bottoms."

The dom moaned as he felt Benjamin against his prostate. "Well, the last time was with a fem guy I met when I went dancing alone. He was slim, kind of twinkish. I had him host. His bedroom was a bit frilly. It had a four post bed with lace on the pillow cases."

By now, Benjamin was ramming the man hard. He leaned down to growl in the dom's ear. "I don't need to know the decor. Just skip to the fucking."

"Right. Sorry. I spread him out missionary position and gave him my cock. He squealed when I got it in. After a bit of sawing, he was begging for my cum."

Benjamin pulled out and jerked himself. "On your back." The dom complied. "Legs apart." The dom separated his legs. Benjamin reinserted his dick. He put the man's ankles against his shoulders. "Who's the bitch now?" Benjamin resumed fucking.

"I am," the dom replied weakly.


"I am," he said more loudly.

"You are what?"

"I'm the bitch."

"Yeah, that's right. But you're not my bitch yet. Do you want to be my bitch?"

"Yes. I want to be your bitch. I want to be your cum rag. Fuck me. Please fuck me hard. Breed me. Make me yours. Keep me as your own personal fuck toy. Just call anytime and I'll be ready for your thick, hard cock."

Benjamin slammed in deep, breeding the dom with shot after shot of cum. He pulled out. "Too bad I'm not looking for an LTR." He wiped his cock clean with his boxers. Then he threw them onto the dom's face. "Here's something to remember me by." Benjamin dressed himself. As he left the room he looked at his date. "Your sub should be back soon. He can take care of your nut."

When he reached his apartment, Benjamin emptied his jeans pockets. The back pocket had a receipt from the Starbucks, a spent metro card, and a scrap of paper with a phone number on it. Benjamin threw out the first two items. He sat on his bed staring at the phone number. Recalling Patrick made his cock stir. He put the phone number in his filing cabinet, turned out the light, and went to sleep.

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