tagNovels and NovellasDerby Line Marriage Ch. 10

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 10


Benjamin carefully stepped towards the back of a rented canoe while Isabella sat on the bow to keep it steady. On the other side of the breakwater and a little bit upstream of the canoe, he could see Lock 7. The water cascaded violently over the dam and down the 27 foot drop. Once Benjamin was seated in the stern, Isabella stood up. The shift in weight elevated the bow, making it easy for Isabella push the canoe out into the water. She hopped in. A few rapid draw strokes from her paddle oriented the craft in the correct direction.

"Just stick to J strokes. Let me do the steering," Isabella told Benjamin.

"If you plan on steering, why aren't you in the back?" Benjamin questioned.

"Because you're heavier. The heavier paddler goes in the stern."

Benjamin eyed his pudgy companion. "I'm heavier than you?" A glare from Isabella made him retract the challenge. "Ok. Fine. I'm heavier. I'll just keep paddling, and you call the shots." Benjamin looked at the fields and groves to either side of the canal. He listened to the natural quiet, the dull, boring quiet. "Remind me again why we're on this boat trip."

"Chris wanted to canoe while we were up here. He has a huge contact list, and I want to keep him happy. He's bringing 4 dozen people to the rally tomorrow."

"The depressing thing is you mean 'contact list' literally. What does the guy see in this? It's just a bunch of undeveloped real estate."

"He's an environmentalist. He likes anything natural."

"We're on the Erie Canal. He does realize that it's a man made waterway, doesn't he?"

"He sees it as natural," Isabella replied.

"So he's an idiot."

"He's not an idiot. He's very sympathetic to LGBT causes. Every time we're trying to get something passed in Albany, I can count on him and his network to draw in support."

Benjamin looked back at Chris launching his kayak behind them. "Ok. So, he's a useful idiot. I could live with that."

"New topic please," Isabella requested in a sing song voice. "Blake and Mark will be at the rally. I promised them you would fuck them if they showed up. Keep your calendar clear for tonight."

"You mean you pimped me out for political support."

"Of course. If I pimped you out for cash, we would both end up in jail. Besides, what's the point of you having a big cock if you can't get things with it?"

"You only want me for my cock?"

"Well, if you had friends, I would be using you for your friends. Since you don't, I just use your cock."

"Hey, I have friend."

"Name someone you've talked to in the past year who you didn't need for business or sex."

Benjamin thought silently for half a minute. "There's you."

"Hmm. I'm 12 years younger than you and fresh out of college. I'm more of a protégé than a friend. It's even a bit early to call me that. We just met 1 week ago when you picked me up at the airport."

"We chatted online most of your senior year at UCLA."

"A middle aged man who's only friend is a college kid he met online. Yeah, that's healthy."

"It's not like I was trolling the chat sites. You responded to my ad for a website editor," Benjamin retorted.

"Boy was that a mistake. No offense, but I'm happier on Madison Avenue than with the geeks."

"Sure, sell your soul."

"It's a steady pay check, and it gives me the weekends for activism. Anyway, aren't you the one who says that any honest work is good work."

"You're right. I misspoke. I was just a bit sore at you."

"Sorry. I didn't realize I hit a soft spot. Mingle some at the rally. There'll be good folk there." The canoe rocked a bit. "Heads up. Rapids."

The pair devoted their full attention to dodging the rocks beneath the water. Benjamin's muscular arms delivered powerful strokes, but his ineptitude reduced their effectiveness. Isabella was forced to paddle with all her might to steer the canoe from the bow. Both were grateful when they reached calm waters. Behind them, Chris adeptly glided between the crags. Shortly after the rapids, the trio passed under a truss bridge. Around the bend from that, there was a pier where they docked the boats. The group broke into their packed lunches on the pier.

"Isn't this river great?" Chris asked over this avocado and cashew nut sandwich.

"Personally, I prefer to see more buildings," Benjamin admitted.

"No, we can't build here. Watersheds are very fragile. You can't build on a watershed. Take the New Jersey Pine Barrens for example. The cedars there are very sensitive to changes in the water table. They once tried to build a road in the Pine Barrens. They thought they knew what they were doing. They even added a tunnel under the road so the water could flow underneath it. Only, they forgot about the beavers. Beavers came and dammed up the tunnel. They tried tearing the dam out, but the beavers built another one. Every time they tore one dam up, the beavers just replaced it. Eventually, they gave up. The dam blocked the water. The water flooded the area. All the cedars died. That is why we can never build a road in the Pine Barrens."

"Sure we can," Benjamin countered. "All we have to do is shoot the beavers. You like eating beaver, don't you Isabella?"

"He's joking," Isabella assured Chris. Benjamin declined to correct her. The rest of the afternoon was awkward. The group arrived back in their hotel in Albany, NY near dinner time. Chris parted with a promise to be at the rally tomorrow along with is contacts. Isabella and Benjamin had dinner from room service in their hotel suite. After the meal, they sat on their respective twin beds.

"You look glum," Benjamin observed.

"I'm worried about Monday. We will have plenty of people at the rally on Sunday, but the crowd for dinner Monday with the state legislatures looks sparse. Do you have any lovers who can come on short notice?"

"All my lovers will be on the beach showing off their torsos on Memorial Day."

"Can I at least call them and see if they are free?"

Benjamin looked up at the ceiling with a grimace. "Sure. I brought my contact folder, like you asked. It's in the side pouch of my suitcase."

Isabella dug the folder out from the suitcase. Benjamin looked out the window while she proceeded to call his lovers one by one to ask if they could make it to a political diner on Memorial Day. Two dozen calls later, she paused. "514? I don't recognize that area code. Where is it?"

"I don't know. What's the guy's name?"


"Patrick, I met him last fall in Manhattan. Don't call him. We didn't hook up."

"Someone actually turned you down? What is he, straight?"

"I turned him down."

"But you kept his number. Why?"

"Look, just skip him. He's not going to come. I told him he was unfuckable."

"You didn't answer my question. Ben, I know you. I know when you're hiding a feeling."

Benjamin pronounced each word distinctly. "I don't want to fuck him."

"Ok. So you don't want to fuck him. Do you want to make love to him?" Isabella asked. Benjamin stood up and stared out the window silently. Behind him, Isabella dialed Patrick's mobile phone. "Hello," she said when the voice mail picked up. "This is Isabella, Benjamin's friend. I called to clear up a misunderstanding. You most definitely are fuckable."

"No." Benjamin whispered as he reached for the Isabella's mobile phone.

Isabella held him off while she finished the message. "Benjamin has been dreaming of you ever since he met you in New York City last fall. In fact, he wants to make love to you all night long with his big, black cock. Just be at the Albany Yacht Club for diner this Monday at 4 pm. Benjamin will provide the chocolate desert afterward."

Benjamin's shoulders slumped as Isabella closed her phone. "I'm going to kill you."

"Get in line."

"I'm taking a shower." Benjamin walked into the bathroom and locked the door behind him.

"Good," Isabella shouted through the door. "Blake and Mark will be here soon. I want you to be clean for them. I've got a reputation for keeping a good stable, and I don't want you to ruin it."

By the time Benjamin stepped out of the bathroom, Isabella was gone. Two men laid on one of the beds in each other's arms. Benjamin stood in his towel at the foot of the bed looking at the couple.

"I'm Blake," said the redhead.

"I'm Mark," said the black haired man. "You must be Benjamin. Isabella let us in."

"Well, thanks for joining the effort. I guess it's time for me to pay your fee." Benjamin opened up his towel. Mark smiled broadly. Blake looked shyly at his partner. "What's your pleasure," Benjamin asked.

"Come lay with us," Mark instructed. Benjamin laid naked between the two clothed men. Mark looked at his partner. "Do you like him, my dear?"

"Yes, Mark. He is fine," Blake replied.

"Good. Kiss his body. Enjoy it," Mark offered.

Blake kissed Benjamin on the neck. He rubbed Benjamin's six-pack. Benjamin closed his eyes. Blake's fingers slipped through Benjamin's pubic hair. His fingertips probed the base of Benjamin's root. There was no response. Benjamin just wasn't in the mood. Undeterred, Blake kissed his way across Benjamin's broad pectorals. He licked down Benjamin's abs to his heavy tool. He took Benjamin's dick into his mouth. Benjamin opened his eyes to look down at Blake. The sight of the redhead on his crotch appealed to him. His thoughts drifted to Patrick's red locks. His cock began to expand. Blake sucked harder in response.

Mark disrobed while he watched the scene. Then he rested his head on Benjamin's chest and looked down at this lover sucking the ebony stud. Benjamin draped his arm along Mark's body. Blake began to bob up and down on Benjamin's rod. Mark traced the lines of Benjamin's six-pack. Benjamin kneaded Mark's ass cheek with one hand. His other hand rested on the back of Blake's head to set the pace of the blow job. Blake clamped his lips down on Benjamin's shaft and let him take control of the rhythm. Mark moaned as Benjamin's index finger found his crack. The meaty digit pressed against his bung hole, making the moans grow louder. Soon it was buried two knuckles deep. Benjamin pulled Blake off his cock. "Ride me," he told Mark.

Mark positioned himself over Benjamin cowboy style. Blake moved his mouth down to Benjamin's nut sac. He guided Benjamin's spit lubed cock into Mark's man hole. Mark took a minute to adjust to Benjamin's girth. Then he slowly pushed himself down. The hard pole spread Mark open as it disappeared into his canal. Blake sucked gently on one plumb and then the other. Benjamin smiled up at Mark. Mark gave a wicked grin back. He bounded up and down on Benjamin's sword. Benjamin grasped Mark's dick, letting it slide in and out of his grip as Mark moved his body.

Blake moved to the side of the fucking pair to get a better view. He removed his clothes. Benjamin fondled the man's package with his free hand. Mark's hand joined Benjamin's on his lover. Benjamin thrust into Mark. Mark slowed his pace, letting Benjamin do the work. Benjamin long dicked Mark with quick deliberate motions. Blake kissed Mark deeply. Mark could taste Benjamin's masculine flavor in his partner's tongue. Benjamin placed both hands on Mark's waist to hold the man still. "Suck him, Blake," Benjamin commanded.

Blake placed his lips around Mark's mushroom. Mark rubbed Blake's back. He relished the feeling of being pleasured at each end. Benjamin pushed harder, forcing Mark deeper into Blake's mouth. The combination of Blake's sucking and Benjamin's fucking tipped Mark over the edge. Ropes of Mark's semen flooded Blake's mouth. Mark's anus contracted on Benjamin's rod in an orgasmic wave. Benjamin responded by sending his own cum deep into Mark's back door.

Mark climbed off Benjamin and stood next to the bed with his ass near Blake's face. Blake dived in to taste Benjamin's sperm. Blake's butt waved in the air as he rimmed Mark. Benjamin kneeled behind the man, resting his spear in Blake's crevice. Globs of Benjamin's jizz dripped from Mark's tunnel onto Blake's tongue. Benjamin pushed his obelisk into Blake's hungry hole. Blake pushed back, eager for the rock. Benjamin fucked Blake with the same enthusiasm he had for Mark. The pressure on his prostate made Blake spill his hot seed onto the sheets below. After a few minutes of rough pounding, Benjamin was ready to breed. He slowed down and shot twice into Blake's ass. Then he pulled out and sprayed three more shots onto Blake's back. His swimmers were now making their way down Blake's throat and up his bowels.

"Well gentlemen, I hope that evens up the account," Benjamin said.

The other two nodded their agreement before getting dressed and leaving the room.

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