tagNovels and NovellasDerby Line Marriage Ch. 09

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 09


Patrick was glad to be back home in Montreal. He sat at his computer trying to make sense of the events on his trip to New York City. Googling "Chelsea" brought descriptions of the neighborhood. It was a hotbed of LGBT activity. So that's what those lesbians were warning me about. Patrick opened the website of the Chelsea Art Museum. It featured a collection of nude paintings. The first had a Rubenesque lady reclining nude on a couch. Patrick's dick began to awaken. The second piece contained two slender women splashing each other in a pool. Their perky breasts dripped with drops of water. The third painting featured a standing woman in a leather corset. Before her knelt a nude woman with her tongue on her companion's clitoris. This image brought Patrick's timber to full mast.

The next exhibit on the website was entitled, "Brazilian Bodies". It started with a photograph of a toned, smooth Brazilian man. The stud's dark dick contrasted with his light tan skin, drawing Patrick's eyes to it. Patrick's breathing became more labored. The next photo showed a muscular man who was as fair skinned as Patrick. The model's foreskin covered his flaccid penis. Patrick slid his hands into his pants to rub the crown of his own cut cock. He wondered what it would be like to feel the other man's turtle neck. The last beauty was a lithe black man riding a horse. Patrick felt his shaft. It was still rigid despite the change from female models to male models.

Patrick had always sought women in the past. Responding to a man's body was new to him. Perhaps the encounters he had experienced in New York had stirred something new. His thoughts went back to the young man who approached him in the bar. The man had told him to embrace his desires. Patrick closed his eyes, and his imagination drifted from the young man to Benjamin. Benjamin had told Patrick in no uncertain terms that he did not fuck married men. Patrick had no intention of cheating on his wife either. Day dreams, on the other hand, were another matter. Patrick pictured the virile American lying on his stomach in Patrick's bed. He imagined his cock sliding between the stranger's ass cheeks. Patrick googled "gay ass" to bring up porn images. He browsed pics of young bubble butts and firm muscular buns. His cock began to soften as his lust waned. Ah well. I guess I'm not gay after all. Men's asses don't really appeal to me.

It was just as well. Francis, Patrick's wife, would start her fertile days tomorrow. Patrick had to save his sperm for her. They were trying to conceive. Every month, Patrick fucked his wife like a rabbit during her 18 fertile days. During her infertile days (the 5 days of her period plus 7 days after that) they refrained from all sex. Patrick was forbidden to orgasm. No sex, no foreplay, no masturbation. He had to keep his sperm for breeding. When they first started the routine half a year ago, it was difficult. By now, Patrick was accustomed to the restrictions. He might fondle himself now and then, but he always stopped well short of cumming. His semen was reserved for his wife's womb. Patrick felt that the frustration of days without release would be worth it. He longed to start a family with Francis. They had expected to conceive in the first month or two. When Francis failed to get pregnant, they sought medical advice. The doctors cleared Francis of any fertility problems. Patrick's check up was next. He had gone to Columbia Presbyterian in New York City to get the best medical care possible. He and Francis were still waiting to hear from them about the test results.

Patrick went to clear his head with a cold shower. The water flowed over his bare body. He looked down at his legs. Regular marathon training kept them trim. He flexed his midsection and admired how his six-pack moved. Then he rubbed his arms with a soapy hand. They were solid but thin. Running was great for developing his gluteus, hamstrings, and core muscles, but it did nothing for his upper body. Patrick's mind wandered back to the image of Benjamin's body. He imagined what it would be like to have Benjamin's massive biceps. He spread soap around his flat chest. His fingers went through the small tuff of curly red hair in the center of his otherwise smooth torso. Patrick wondered how it would feel to posses Benjamin's bulky pecks. His slick finger tips traced the base of his chest, pausing briefly on each of his small, pink nips. Patrick was happy with his body. His wife found it pleasing, and that was enough for him. Still, he dreamed of what it would be like to have Benjamin's impressive muscles, how it would feel to walk onto a room and turn every woman's head. His manhood began to rise at the prospect of having a dozen females admire his physique. Patrick quickly chastised himself and shut down that train of thought. He finished his shower, dried off and walked to the living room wearing only a towel.

The phone in the living room rang. Patrick picked up the cordless hand set. "Hello."

"Hello. This is Columbia Presbyterian. Is Patrick O'Connell there?"


"Mr. O'Connell, we have the test results from your vist."


"It seems as though there is a chromosomal defect in your sperm. They are unable to fertilize an egg. Even ICSI would not help. I am sorry for the bad news."

"I see," said Patrick very disappointed. "Thanks. Bye."

Patrick returned the hand set to its cradle and sat on the couch. He looked down at his body, a body which had never failed him before, a body which he now knew was defective. He opened his towel to look at his genitals. He felt betrayed by them. He cupped his testicles. All I want is sperm that works. Other men have that. Why not me? Patrick squeezed his balls. His dick started to grow. Patrick grabbed it angrily with his other hand. Waiting for tomorrow to orgasm seemed pointless now. After half a year of denying himself, it was good to take matters into his own hands again. Patrick gently pulled his nuts downward with one hand while his other hand brushed over the front of his dick. He spit on his tool to lube it up. Slowly, he spread the spit along the sensitive nerve that ran along the length of his shaft. He spit again. His fingers were a blur along his rod. They got every part of it slick. Patrick began to jerk with determination. He closed his eyes. He wanted to leave his problem behind. He wanted to leave his broken body. Once again Patrick imagined he was Benjamin. He pretended he was a strong, fertile buck. He dreamed that is was Benjamin's cock and balls in his hands. In his fantasy, his wife's pussy replaced his hands. She would place her hands on broad shoulders for balance as she rode a thick, powerful cock. Francis would gaze at his bulging arms and brawny chest with lust. Patrick felt a churning in his cum factories. For the first time in months, he did not stop masturbating at this point. Instead, he jerked himself more violently. His cock twitched as a heavy load traveled from his nuts to his piss hole. The jizz splattered onto his six-pack. Patrick told himself he was Benjamin filling Francis's pussy with fertile swimmers. A warm post orgasm relief spread over Patrick as he toweled up the mess.

Patrick was fully dressed by the time Francis came home. "Hey honey. How was work?" he asked as he gave Francis a peck on the cheek.

"Rough. Some folks in Bountiful stopped by our Vancouver office. They want to hire us on retainer. I had to spend an extra 2 hours at the office researching their situation and the relevant statutes. How was your day?"

"Well, work went well, but," Patrick paused. He looked down grimly. "I got some bad news on the phone today."

Francis placed a concerned hand on her husband's arm. "What is it?"

"Columbian Presbyterian called. My tests results are in. My sperm is defective."

"Oh." Francis cried as she wrapped her arms around Patrick. "I'm sorry."

Patrick hugged his wife back. He kissed her gently on the forehead.

"Perhaps there is as silver lining to this," Francis said as she looked up at Patrick. "Now we can loosen up a bit. We don't have to wait until tomorrow." Francis rested her palm over Patrick's crotch. "There is something new I've wanted to try." Francis deftly opened Patrick's fly. She knelt in front of him. Her lips pressed against Patrick's briefs and sucked in air. Patrick gasped in surprise. Francis pulled down her husband's pants and underwear. Her tongue started at the base of his cock and glided up the turgid shaft. She tugged down on the foreskin to reveal Patrick's cockhead. Francis kissed the mushroom tenderly. She guided it into her mouth. Patrick sighed as his wife sucked him for the first time. He watched her take 5 inches into her mouth. Another 5 inches remained exposed. Francis gagged slightly as Patrick's cockhead pressed against the entrance to her throat. She bobbed up and down on as much as she could while jerking the rest with her hands. Soon Patrick was moaning in ecstasy. Francis pulled up until only 2 inches remained in her mouth. She flicked her tongue rapidly just below the cockhead. This pushed Patrick over the edge. He shot ropes of semen into her mouth. A novice at cock sucking, Francis let a few streams dribble down her chin. It was no problem. She was sure she would get better with practice, and she intended to get much practice from now on.

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