tagNovels and NovellasDerby Line Marriage Ch. 11

Derby Line Marriage Ch. 11


It was Saturday afternoon near the end of May. Francis was preparing for a night out with her husband, Patrick, and their friends, the Smiths. As she undressed in the master bathroom, she considered her body in the mirror above the sink. She cupped her ample bosom, imagining what they would be like full of milk. She pressed her hand against her stomach and pictured it swollen with pregnancy. Patrick and her had been trying to conceive for a year now with no luck. The doctors said that a chromosomal defect prevented Patrick from impregnating her. Patrick suggested artificial insemination, but that just didn't seem fair. How could she carry a child that was not his? Adoption seemed like a better option, but Francis did long to feel new life kicking inside her. They had kept putting off a decision. At 29 years of age, Francis did not have much time left for indecisiveness. Francis jumped into the shower. The warm water washed away her concerns.

Francis was lost in her shower when a knock on the bathroom door brought her back to reality. It was Patrick. "Baby," he shouted, "we are going to be late. I still need to shower."

"OK," responded Francis as she dried off. "Did you hear from the Smiths yet?"

"No. I'm expecting Richard to call my mobile with the location of the restaurant." Patrick entered the bathroom already naked.

Francis gave him a peck on the cheek on her way out of the bathroom. She selected a velvet black evening gown from the bedroom closet. While she struggled with the zipper in the back of the dress, she heard Patrick's mobile phone ring on his dresser. She tried to hurry, but the zipper was stuck. By the time she got it loose, the ringing had stopped. Frustrated, Francis listened to the voice mail on her husband's phone.

The female voice in the message shocked her. "Hello," it said. "This is Isabella, Benjamin's friend. I called to clear up a misunderstanding. You most definitely are fuckable. Benjamin has been dreaming of you ever since he met you in New York City last fall. In fact, he wants to make love to you all night long with his big, Black cock. Just be at the Albany Yacht Club for diner this Monday at 4 pm. Benjamin will provide the chocolate desert afterward."

Francis felt numb. The sound of the shower from the bathroom stopped, telling her that she did not have much time alone. Francis hastily wrote down the caller's number from the mobile phone screen. Then she deleted both the voice mail and any trace of the call from the call history. Francis pasted a calm smile on her face in time to greet Patrick when he emerged from the bathroom. She looked at him nervously as he dressed in a dress shirt and slacks.

Another ring from Patrick's mobile broke the tension. Francis picked it up. "Hello?"

"Hey there. It's Richard," her friend said from the other end. "We've settled on an Ethiopian restaurant in the city." Francis mechanically wrote down the address and directions that Richard gave her. After saying goodbye to Richard, she turned to her husband. "Patrick, could you clean out the car while I check the map on the web? I want to make sure I have the directions straight."

"Sure," agreed Patrick, oblivious to her distress.

While Patrick was in the garage, Francis got on his computer. She searched the history on his web browser. The URLs brought her to pictures of naked men and gay couples. Francis fought back tears. In their three years of marriage, Patrick had never shown any hit of being gay. She wondered how this could possibly happen. Determined to brave this trial, she went to join Patrick in the garage. Soon, they were on their way to diner.

Richard and Ann were waiting for them at the entrance to the restaurant. Inside, the aroma of exotic spices welcomed them. Woven baskets and wooden carvings accented the orange walls. The foursome got a table near the window. Richard ordered a platter for the group to share. Then he turned to Francis. "Ann tells me that you're going to start helping out at the LGBT center."

"Yes," replied Francis. "MUFF is sending me there to help couples navigate the same-sex marriage laws. C-38 may be the law of the land, but the news hasn't trickled down to everyone. Some of the couples still face discrimination when they tell others that they are married."

Ann spoke out, "I didn't realize folks around here could be that backwards. What type of problems do they face?"

"Sometimes it's a hospital that won't let a homosexual make medical decisions for his incapacitated spouse. Other times it's funeral parlor that refuses to release the remains to a widow. The prejudice usually shows up at the worst possible times," Francis explained.

Patrick placed his hand on Francis's arm. "That's my honey, always there for those in need."

Francis removed her husband's hand. "Thanks," she said dryly.

Over dinner, Ann and Patrick engaged in shop talk from their genetics lab. Richard tried to engage Francis in a political debate, but she was to distracted to give more than a few brief replies to his questions. At a lull in the conversation, Francis announced that she needed the lady's room. Her look to Ann signaled that she wanted her friend there with her.

"Me too," Ann said. "I need to freshen up my lipstick."

Once the ladies were in front of the bathroom sinks, Francis asked her companion for advice, "Ann, what do you do when you think that Richard is hiding something from you?"

"Well, my sister told me that men are most honest in bed. When I need to get information from Richard, I wow him in the bedroom. I give him exactly what he wants. Then I ask away," Ann revealed.

"Exactly what he wants? Hmm. I think I know what Patrick wants. I just have to figure out how to give it to him."

"Use your imagination. I'm sure you will come up with something."

By the time the women returned to the table, their husbands had already paid the check. The couples said their goodbyes and drove home in their respective cars. As Francis drove over the Lawrence River, she broached a new topic with Patrick. "Ann is a very attractive woman."

"I suppose," Patrick shrugged.

"If I leaned that way, I would probably enjoy spending a night with her." Francis' s comment did not get any response from Patrick. She tried a different angle. "Have you ever thought of Richard in that way?"

"Um, no. I can't say that I have."

"There is nothing wrong with being bisexual ... or gay for that matter."

"I know. I just don't like Richard in that way."

"Yes," Francis angrily conceeded. "He is a bit pale." Several minutes of silence passed before Francis decided to try again. "Dear, I think I am ready to try anal tonight."

Patrick's eyes lit up. He palmed his wife's derriere. "Are you sure? I hear it can hurt, and I don't want to make you uncomfortable. Do you really want to try my cock in your ass?"

"Oh," huffed Francis, "I am definitely ready to try anal tonight."

Upon arriving at the house, Francis told Patrick to wait upstairs in the bedroom for her. Then she placed a scarf from the coat closet into her purse. A few feet of rope was next. In the kitchen, Francis found a bottle of olive oil. She grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl. Hubby, you are about to get the anal you deserve.

Patrick was leaning against the mahogany headboard of his bed when Francis entered his dormer. The tiger print sheets made of bamboo fibers felt good against his naked skin. Francis kicked off her high heels and dropped her purse on the floor. She slinked next to Patrick. His hands enjoyed her velvet dress. Her hands brushed his furry pubes. Patrick's fingers found the zipper of Francis's gown. He lowered it to expose her back. Francis shrugged off the shoulder straps so her husband could disrobe her. Patrick's index finger explored the crack of Francis's ass. She responded with a devilish grin.

Francis gently moved Patrick's arm back to his side. "Anal sex is a delicate operation. I want to take my time and remain in control."

"Sure, babe. You can set the pace."

"Mmm. Thanks, but I was think of a bit more than that." Francis took the rope out of her purse. "Do you mind?"

"Ah, I guess it is ok," Patrick agreed.

"Good. Then hold your hands over your head near the bedpost." Once Patrick obeyed the instruction, Francis secured his wrists to the post. Then she took the scarf out of her purse. "Is this alright?"

Patrick's cock flagged a bit, but he wanted to please his wife. "Ok. I'm willing to try it for you. After all, you're willing to give up your anal virginity."

Francis blindfolded her husband with the scarf. "Trust me. You will love this." She sucked softly on his member until it was back to full staff. The olive oil came next. Francis drizzled it generously onto his 10 inch uncut cock. Patrick gasped as she rubbed it onto his skin. A slow, sensuous hand job followed. Over the course of half an hour, Francis's hands on the long rod brought Patrick to several hills of pleasure without ever pushing him over the crest.

"Please," Patrick begged, "start the anal."

"All in good time. Your balls are next. Then we start the ass play." Francis poured olive oil onto her palm, then cupped his nut sack. The oil felt cool on Patrick's scrotum. She tugged and rubbed on his plumbs ever so carefully. Every so often, she took a break to massage Patrick's pubic area. Her fingers would creep up the base of his cock many times, but never quite reach the shaft.

Patrick grew frustrated by the neglect toward his tool. "Babe, you are driving me up the wall. I need ass now."

"Are you sure you want ass?"


"OK. You asked for it."

Francis's fingers were well lubed by the olive oil. She had no difficulty shoving two of them up Patrick's back door. His virgin rosebud clung tightly to them. At the same time, she sucked hard on his cockhead. Patrick felt confused and aroused at the same time. He did not protest this new sensation. Francis glided her lips halfway down his root while she squeezed a third finger up his bum. Patrick's asshole stretched uncomfortably around his wife's digits. He melted from the feeling of her tongue around his mushroom. Soon he was relaxed enough to accept a fourth finger into his brown eye. Francis finger fucked her husband's man cunt until it was loose enough for something wider.

Francis took the banana from her purse and inched it into Patrick's newly inaugurated boy pussy. When it was a third of the way in, she removed the scarf from Patrick's eyes to let him see. "Do you like getting fucked up the ass?" she asked her man.

"Oooou, yes. It feels incredible."

"You like spreading your legs wide for a good ass fucking?"

"Hell, yeah, baby. I could do this anytime."

"Good," Francis said as she quickened the pace of the anal plowing. The thrusts reached deep enough to press against Patrick's newly discovered prostate. An intriguing tingle ran from his prostate up his penis to his piss hole. Patrick rolled his eyes in delight.

"I'm close, babe."

"Great. Cum for me, honey. Feel what it's like to get an orgasm from a cock in your hole." Those words pushed Patrick over the edge. He shot his jizz across his rippled stomach. Francis licked his abs cleaned. Then she untied Patrick and nuzzled by his side. She looked up to him. "Sweetheart, do you ever think about having sex with someone else?"

Patrick looked her straight in the eye. "I promise you. You are the only woman for me."

Francis turned over to hid the dismay on her face. The only woman, but you are fooling around with other men. Patrick spooned her unaware of the metal accusation. "Patrick," his wife said, "I think I should go for artificial insemination."

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