Derek Discovers Exhibitionists Ch. 02


"Wow, that was some display, Charlene. Abby's already told me a bit about you. It looks like she wasn't exaggerating."

"What did she tell you, that I'm easy? I guess it's true, and I'm a hopeless exhibitionist too in this little skirt. Did you get a good view of my penis pouch while I was dancing?"

"Penis pouch? It looked to me like you were very nearly naked."

"Think about it, silly. Every girl here has a nice penis pouch tucked up between her legs, just the right size and shape and texture to accommodate a guy's penis. That's all it's for."

"Ok, Charlene, clever name, but it has some other functions. What about babies? They come through there too."

"Well, they do, but that's not what it's for. The baby thing would be easier if the cervix was right up against a girl's front lips, right?"

"Well, I guess you're right, but what about pee?"

"That's right at the front of the penis pouch. You don't need the whole thing for that either."

"Ok, I see you've got it all figured out. And Charlene, you've been flaunting the entrance to your own penis pouch all evening - I think you might want to try it out on the porch with me and Abby."

"That's pretty direct and assuming there, Derek."

"I know, but you look like you're a pretty direct girl. Abby said you..."

"So Abby's trying to set us up", Charlene interrupted. "I'm still amazed at that girl. She actually wants other girls to fuck her boyfriend?"

"Well, yeah, that's one thing I love about her. But she seems to be pretty good at picking up sex partners for herself on her own. We promised to only do it when the other one could watch, though."

"Oh, I see, you're 'faithful'", Charlene replied. Look, here she comes now, and look at the guy she's towing along."

Indeed, Abby appeared pulling the arm of a big bear of a guy, hairy chest, no neck, half-erect cock tip hanging out of his shorts. She invited her boyfriend and his new acquaintance, "Are you two going to join us out on the porch, or do I have to drag Derek there too?"

Charlene answered quietly, "I - I think I'd like to come along, if Derek wants to."

"See, I told you she was easy", Abby teased. Charlene turned away, head down, and nearly blushed, but she took Derek's hand and came along. At the door to the porch they ditched their bits of remaining clothing and stepped naked onto the dimly lit floor, with a few couples already coupling at the corners, far away from the door to the main party. Abby sat her group down right next to the door, where there was still good light, and said that she wanted to try something new and erotic, while her new guy took her. His cock was as huge as the rest of him.

"Derek, this big guy is going to fuck me. We've already been teasing each other, and now it's time for the penetration. Here, lie down on your back, here's a big pillow to prop your head up. I'm going to stare at you, and I want you to look me in the eye while he takes me."

Abby got down on her hands and knees, her swaying boobs grazing her boyfriend's chest, her knees straddling him. Looking back, she invited her new consort to enter her from the rear. He knelt down, anxious to fuck this beautiful and willing creature, but first he teased her by fingering her pussy, already oozing her natural lubricants. Charlene sat beside them tousling Derek's hair with one hand, her boobs suspended nearly in his face. Her other hand found his stiff penis, gently stroking it. He reached over to slide his fingertips along her smooth thigh and into her warm penis pouch. Most of his attention, though, was diverted by Abby's face suspended just inches from his, illuminated by the light streaming through the porch door.

"Derek, look me in the eye. This big guy is about to violate me, he's already got me on edge fingering my pussy, I'm soaked. Here it comes, I can feel the tip of his cock on my labia. It's really huge. It's going to be really tight, and hard. He's fucking me, Derek, fucking your girlfriend."

Abby grimaced while Derek stared at her face, fascinated. Her lover of the moment pushed hard, a little further in with each stroke, while Abby lurched, pushed back, squirmed. She tried to look Derek in the bye, but she squeezed her eyes shut when that penis pushed all the way in, then panted, "Derek, he got the whole thing inside me, he's huge, my pussy is screaming but it feels so good. Kiss me."

Derek's emotions were screaming too, witnessing every nuance of his girlfriend's emotions written on her face inches from his. Finally he glanced at Charlene, who was lost in an erotic haze of her own, then leaned forward and sucked Abby's lips into his. He could feel the undulations as she was fucked from behind, a rhythm of penetration and withdrawal, penetration and withdrawal. She pulled back from the kiss as Derek witnessed her panting, moaning, pushing, crying out. It seemed to him that a lifetime of emotions was compressed into a few minutes of intense carnal engagement, Derek on one end reading everything from her face, her stranger pounding her mercilessly on the other. Charlene's attentions upped the carnal tension, but his attention was on Abby's face, for this moment the most erotic part of her body.

Abby's lover slapped her ass, hard. Her jaw dropped open, her eyes opened wide, her breathing became ragged and desperate as he pumped his load into her with a roar. Her whole body vibrated as her face turned pink, then nearly purple. Derek was drawn hypnotically into her surging emotions, overwhelmed by an intimacy of communication rather than touch. She collapsed on his chest. Her lover withdrew and wandered off while Charlene, the forgotten third party, marveled at what had just happened. "Abby, you're a genius. That was so intense - I could see your face, and Derek reacting to it, telling him everything about your, um, debauchery."

Poor Derek was as emotionally drained as Abby, but Charlene was impatient. She gently eased Abby from his chest to straddle him herself, easing his very stiff penis into her waiting penis pouch. Gently at first, then with increasing urgency, she worked him in and out with her own rhythm. "Look down at my crotch, Derek, watch that lovely penis of yours doing what it's meant to do. You feel so good inside me."

Now it was Abby's turn to watch while Derek and his new friend danced the dance of life. She moved so close to the point of carnal contact that she could see every pubic hair on both of them, separating and merging, separating and merging. The smell of sex was subtly different for each phase. She tweaked Derek's nipples without losing concentration on his engagement with Charlene's pussy pouch.

Derek had been so aroused by his girlfriend's performance that he didn't need much to push him over the edge. He ejaculated for a long time into Charlene's willing pouch, stroke after stroke, while Charlene brushed the tips of her tits on his lips. Wanting to extend this moment inside her he pushed up until finally his limp cock slipped out. Charlene kissed him gratefully, telling him that Abby had been right, he was a great lover. But Derek thought that Abby's first act had set them both so on edge that they couldn't avoid having their coupling feel exceptionally wonderful.

Slipping back into the real world, the three became aware of a somewhat drunk Louise lying on her back next to them, panting with a man on top of her. It wasn't Stan. She looked over and blurted, "I heard what you were saying, uh, this guy has his penis up my, whaddayacallit, pecker pocket. Look, he likes my big boobies."

Watching Louise seemed anticlimactic after the carnality they had just experienced. The evening's lust was over. The three lovers made their way to one of the bathrooms and cleaned each other up, but they were exhausted, so they went back to the porch, found a blanket somewhere, and snuggled naked together. As the narcotic of sleep overcame him Derek mused that this was the best possible sleeping arrangement. He didn't know that his two lovers, one on each side, were thinking the same.

9. The Next Day

As the morning light awoke the three naked sleepers, Abby whispered something to Charlene. She stretched, giggled, and whispered back. Always the one in charge, Abby told Derek, "We're your sex slaves this morning. We'll lift our legs up to our shoulders, like this, side by side, and you fuck us alternately however you like. Dual penis pouches."

That suited Derek fine. He gazed at the two raw, open pouches, waiting for him to enter. The girls looked at him expectantly. He explored the two pouches at the same time with his fingers, feeling Charlene's tight muscles and Abby's warmer, more inviting pussy. Once he got both of them gasping and squirming he mounted one, then the other, comparing the subtle differences in their textures, their shapes, the way they reacted. Charlene's boobs bounced more, but Abby's pelvic skills were in the end more arousing. He exploded into one, then somehow found the energy to explode into the other.

They went and cleaned each other up again, running into Barry on their way back. He said that they hadn't planned on an overnight shift, but looking at them sleeping he didn't have the heart to disturb them. He invited them for a simple breakfast of juice and cereal, but only after they put their clothes back on. Charlene's clothes, though, consisted of a see-through top and a white skirt nearly as short as the underskirt she had worn for the party. She was a full-time exhibitionist. Derek and Abby made sure to get Charlene's phone number and email for possible wild parties in the future. At the table they discovered Barry's real motivation for extending the party - a half-naked girl appeared, a slim thing with black-framed glasses and frizzy dark hair. She said the technical name for the female genital area should be dick dock.

Abby had to visit a special exhibit at a museum in the city for one of her classes, so she and Derek made their way there for the day. Since it was a fine sunny morning they stopped first at a coffee shop that had tables out on the sidewalk. Over coffee and fresh beignets they talked excitedly about their lives, their futures, their expectations and desires. Derek pointed out that it was their one-week anniversary, but it felt like he could hardly remember not having Abby in his life. She felt the same. Both of them enjoyed each other as people, away from the sexual intensity of most of their interactions. Something new was developing, something that can't be measured by sexual intimacy or erotic excitement. After the museum they shared a celebratory dinner at a busy Chinese restaurant that Abby knew about. She invited her boyfriend to stay the night with her at her dorm instead of going all the way back to his house on the coast. It wasn't technically allowed, but the regulation seemed quaint and was no longer enforced.

Abby's room was tiny but at least it was a single. She showed him her books, computer and desk, but Derek was more interested in her clothes closet. Ignoring mild and ineffectual protests he began pulling out garments. One hanger held a red bra-and-panty set topped with fringe that would float around in front of her otherwise bare nipples, and a tiny open-crotch g-string, also decorated with fringe that hid nothing.

"I'd like to see you in this sometime, wench. It's even better than being naked because you're intentionally displaying yourself, calling attention to your naughty bits."

"Sometime I'll take you to a club where I'd be overdressed in that."

"I can't wait. But right now I'm distracted..."

After Derek locked the door, Abby asked him if he wanted to see her tits. He did, of course. She started unbuttoning her conservative but stylish dress, suitable for a museum visit. She had nothing on underneath. It buttoned all the way down the front including the full knee-length skirt. When she got down to her navel she slowly pulled the button panels apart, exposing those perfect round breasts, halos puffing out from their contours, and already-stiff nipples. Derek pinched them; Abby squealed.

"Stop that - I think there's a direct nerve from my tits to my penis pouch."

"That's why I'm pinching!"

She continued stripping, revealing her already-damp pussy, then her ass. She stood naked, trembling as Derek inspected her perfect body.

"Sometimes I'm not sure I can hold on to you, Abigail Hodder. You're out of my league, gorgeous, brilliant, vivacious..."

"That's one of my problems. I'm out of everybody's league, or at least most guys think so. It's only the conceited jerks who ignore that and hit on me anyway. You're different. I think I've found my soul mate - you share my darker desires, luckily we discovered that the night we met, but you're a nice guy and a great lover too. Just being around you is almost intoxicating. It doesn't matter what we do, I enjoy it if I'm with you. It's been sort of a reverse courtship, starting with the consummation and working back to the first kiss."

"Well then let's do it. Kiss me."

A fully clothed Derek swept his naked lover into his arms. Planting both hands on her soft round ass he kissed her and she kissed back, a long tongue-searching exploration. When they came up for breath Abby was flushed and Derek had to adjust his erection.

"Strip for me, Derek. Let's make love."

"You mean you want to fuck, you wanton wench?"

"I want more than that. I think I want to make love."

Abby reclined on her single-size bed while Derek casually stripped. Kneeling beside her he began running his fingers lightly across her back, her legs, her ass while she murmured her contentment. He slipped in beside her and the two savored the effortless intimacy of two people who trust one another, not only sexual, something more.

"Abby, I want to make love to you without an audience. Is that ok?"

"Do anything you want, anything, I'm in your hands."

Derek kissed his fantastic find everywhere, taking half an hour to do it, marveling at his luck. He kissed her earlobes, the little depression behind her collarbone, everywhere. When he finally entered her it was almost an afterthought, a small part of an enormously satisfying relationship. The feelings built slowly, not the frantic fucking of the past week but something slower, gentler, more intimate and ultimately more satisfying. After an extended visit to paradise Derek stiffened and ejaculated while Abby held him tightly and pushed her hips forward for a long time. When they were finished, Derek looked down tenderly at his lover. She had tears in her eyes.

"What is it, my love? Did I do something wrong? Was private sex disappointing for you?"

"No, just the reverse, I never suspected it could be so wonderful. I didn't climax, but I came in so many ways that I can't express. I think all my insistence on public sex has actually been a defense against the experience we just shared. An intimacy with more dimensions than any possible sex, more than I had dreamed. I've fucked a lot, but I was a virgin for real intimacy until now. I love you, Derek."

That night Derek and Abby shared her small bed and all the intimacies that two lovers can share. Holding each other, expressing a developing love, penetrating in private without an audience, lost in each other. Nothing was said, but by the next morning they knew they would be together for life.

Derek and Abby still engage in edgy sex with an audience at parties, with others while the partner looks on, at quasi-legal clubs where every perversion can be experienced. It's something they share as part of a complex, satisfying, permanent relationship.

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