Descendant of Baccus Pt. 01


I jumped up from bed and nearly knocked Carries to the floor. “Let’s get going. Mom and Annie are waiting.”

I didn’t wait for a response. I headed straight for the bathroom to wash up a bit and called over my shoulder for Carrie to head on down. I let her know I’d be right behind.

I raced to wash up and brush my teeth. I changed into a pair of sweats and a tee shirt and literally ran downstairs, taking two and three steps at a time. As I got to the dining room all three were already seated at the table waiting and that’s when it hit me. I often encounter Moments when the loss of my dad is most profound and this was one of them. This time however, seemed more intense and I quickly realized why. The place at the table where my dad normally sat was set. It’s the first time since his loss that I can remember that happening. I also realized the place I normally sat at was not set. Mom was expecting me to take dad’s seat.

I just stood in the doorway in stunned silence as Mom rose and came to my side.

“It’s alright Kenny. Now that you are fully back its time to take your place at the head of the table. You’re the man of the house now and that’s exactly as dad wanted it. Believe me, it was as strange for me to set that place for you but your farther told me many times that this is the way it should be. If anything ever happened to him you were to take his place. I need to honor that wish and you need to do the same. Now, sit and let’s eat.”

Talking about dad pushed everything else aside as I took my new seat at the head of the table. This was so strange. Just sitting there changed my way of thinking. I was the man of the house now. I was responsible for this family now. They were going to depend on me for guidance and protection, and for love. I was really going to have to step up to this and strangely, as I took that seat I came to realize I was ready for this. Deep down, I knew this was what my father would have wanted and I was suddenly determined to live up to his expectations.

I also realized I was hungry and Mom had prepared my favorites. There was a plate full of freshly barbequed t-bones, several nice fat roasted potatoes, a pile of corn on the cob and a great salad, all of which was now being passed my way.

Dinner was excellent and was eaten in delightful silence. I devoured every morsel like a man who had been on a starvation diet for months while my mind began to reprocess the ideas I had been developing in relation to my mental acuity. By the time I was done with my meal and Mom and the girls had begun clearing the table I was back to being determined to get this all out and to get some answers. I was ready a raring to go by the time they returned with coffee.

Once everyone was reseated and the coffee had been poured Mom began to speak. “Kenny, there are some things we need to talk….”

I cut her off. “Sorry Mom but I need to get some things out on the table and it would really help if you just listened for now. I need to be really open about what’s been happening to me and what’s been going on in my head. Some of this is going to be a bit embarrassing I think but please be patient with me and let me finish before you say anything. You two need to do the same because this involves all of us.”

I looked to all three to see that I had their agreement and when I was satisfied that all were paying attention I began.

“I don’t think it’s any real secret that I had sex with Savannah today. I had been thinking about her for a long time and decided a while ago that today was the day I was going to pursue my desire for her. That was the first time today that I became aware of a certain kind of influence I was having on people. She was saying no to my advances while her inner mind was hoping I would take her in hand and make her mine.”

Carries issued a slight gasp at this but a quick look her way kept her from interrupting. I suspected she was going to have a hard time hearing the next part of this.

“Then, at the party, I was dancing with Carrie and my mind started wandering through a series of images that involved me and Carrie and a very intense sexual encounter. I think she sensed what I was thinking about because she started to turn the same shade of red she is turning now and her nipples started to get hard.”

I don’t think Carrie was prepared to hear that I knew she was responding. She was clearly embarrassed and could no longer look me in the eyes. I pushed on.

“Then, just before Savannah and I headed into the guest house Annie and I danced. Again, I had a series of sexual flashes. This time Annie reacted by pulling me closer and grinding her crotch into my leg. I came very close to loosing control and really embarrassing us all. Thankfully, Savannah passed by just at that point and I ran off with her.”

I had come to the tricky part. It was time to lay out my theory on what was happening.

“Now, this is what I think is happening here. I don’t know how or why but it seems that I have the ability to influence people’s thoughts and to read their thoughts as well. I think my fantasies about Carrie and Annie were being transmitted to them and I think they reacted as a result. I also think I have the ability to control this. I think I can consciously plant ideas in someone’s head and influence them to respond, as I would like. I believe I did that with Savannah today and I think I could have dome that with both of you as well.”

There it was. I had admitted to having some wild superiority complex and it was time for Mom to bring me back to reality. What was worse was I had just admitted to having sexual fantasies involving my sisters and that was going to get me hung. I was ready for Mom to drop the hammer on my sick musings and was all the more convinced that I was way off based as Mom held her silence. I could not get the slightest sense of what was running through her mind.

She finally began.

“Kenny, there is some family history that you need to understand. Your sisters already know about this but I had to wait to explain this to you until you had fully recovered. Once you know the family history this will all be a bit clearer. The first thing you need to know is you’re not crazy so just relax and listen.”

“For more generations than anyone knows the men of your fathers family have all had the ability you recognized today. I know you must have thought it was some deviant part of your mind that was making you imagine things but it wasn’t. You have a unique ability and with it you have an awesome responsibility. Your family history is rife with stories of those who did not learn to control their abilities and instead abused all those around them. History is also full of stories of those who used their abilities with honor and were loved by all they touched. Your father was one who used his abilities well. I know you all sensed the attraction he had for people. It is because he was able to see their needs and help them satisfy them that he was so loved. If you are going to be the man your father was you will need to learn that this gift is not meant solely as a means to satisfying your slightest desire. Instead, learn that by satisfying others you will realize all that you could ever hope for.”

She let this hang in the air like the pregnant thought it was and I was almost ready to jump in when she started out again.

“Now, let’s talk about your fantasies. In normal society incest is taboo and for most people that’s a good thing. It would complicate the lives of most people in ways that they would just not be prepared to handle. Things are a bit different in our family and I think this difference may help explain why this power has been passed through the generations.” Your father and I were cousins.”

The stunned look on my faces should have been caught on film. Talk about your dear in the headlights syndrome, I was stunned into a comical caricature of a dumbstruck fool. And still, the best part was still to come.

“There is a tradition in our family concerning how the women are to experience their first sexual encounter. It is based on the simple fact that no man can understand how we need to be taken better than the men in our family. So, each of us are taken first by incest. For me it was with my father when I was sixteen. Your aunt Maggie had her first experience with Uncle Matt because her father had passed away the year before. Your father at the request of your uncle Bill took both your cousins, Jenny and Agnes. Your uncle knew it was time but was still recovering from surgery. Now it’s your turn to help your sisters. They have been ready for almost 2 years now but tradition forced them to wait for you. As long as there was a chance that you would recover they had to hold fast to their virginity and what you sensed today was their pent up desires.”

This just kept getting better and stranger by the minute.

“There’s one more thing you need to know. The women in our family all marry within the family. It will be the same for your sisters and they will depend on you to help them choose the right husband. The men are a different story. They have occasionally married outside the family. It’s been tricky at times since our lifestyle is so different from what most folks consider normal but it has worked out reasonably well. Your Aunt Sara is one of those outsiders but I’m sure you never noticed a difference in the way she is accepted. I love her like a sister and she loves me just as intensely.”

My whole life history started coming back to me. The way we were treated like royalty was now understandable. The closeness of our entire family could now be explained. My sister’s reactions to my fantasies now took on a sense of normalcy. None of this realization made it any less overwhelming. My life was about to take on an entirely different perspective; an entirely new direction, and everything I thought I wanted was about to be turned upside down.

I was being told that I could do with people as I wished but that I needed to learn to do for people as they wished. It was only by taking this path that I would truly achieve my desires. And yet, I was still a horny, somewhat immature 19 year old who was having trouble keeping his big head in control of his little head. Mom seemed to sense my discomfort.

“Kenny, listen to me very carefully. You are going to have to work at this just as intensely as you worked on your recovery. You are going to stumble along the way. You are going to battle with your own wants and desires and you will be sorely tempted to give in. You are 19. You have discovered the joy of sex. Your hormones are going to want to take control. If you have to give in to them do it with us. The three of us are here to help you find your way through this. If you ever feel the need to just let go and satisfy these overwhelming urges come to us. We will do whatever is necessary to help you. We are yours because we love you and want you to be every bit the man I know you want to be. We want you to be every bit the man your father was.

Now that was the topper. I no longer had a simple and loving mother and two sisters. Of course they were still all of that but they were also my harem. They would be there to satisfy any overwhelming urge I had. They would do whatever I needed. I was caught in a whirlwind of thought. I started imagining my Mom, bent over the table, with my cock buried deep in the pussy that delivered me while I also wondered how I was going to find balance in this new life. Mom just told me that I could have anything I wanted so taking her here and now was no problem. But wait; was it a problem? How would Mom feel about it? What harm might I be doing if I let go? All of a sudden I was coming to realize exactly what Mom was saying about the awesome responsibility I now had. I also realized I must have been projecting these thoughts.

“You’ve just learned your first lesson. Stop and think before you act. If you asked I would do exactly what you were imagining. You would have been satisfied for the moment but when you were done satisfying your urges you would have realized how devastated your sister’s were. They have been waiting for two years to have their own very intense urges satisfied and the first thing you would have done was to choose someone else before them. Remember Kenny, think before you act and think beyond the obvious.”

She was right. It was a very valuable lesson and not just because I thought first but because I hadn’t thought enough. I had to think beyond the limited scope of my immediate desire and me. I had to look beyond to all those that might be affected by my choices. I was getting dizzy just trying to make sense of all of this. I needed some time to myself. I knew Annie and Carrie would be disappointed but I needed to gain some composure before I would be able to really meet their needs. I did not want to disappoint either of them so the best thing was to take some time and do my very best to make this right.

I looked over at both of them and had the clearest sense that the only thing they were thinking was who would be the first. Maybe I could sort that out and still buy some time.

“Ok, I think I understand. This is kind of like the saying that nothing good in life comes free. I think I can deal with that. I know I can deal with it if you guys help. It’ll take some time but if you’re patient with me I promised to try as best I can to be as good as I can possibly be. I’m just going to need some time to sort this all out.”

“Mom, it seems the most immediate choice I need to make is which one of these absolutely gorgeous girls is going to be fist to loose their virginity.”

They both blushed at the comment and I sensed that both perked up at my having recognized what they were also wondering.

“I guess the easy answer would be Annie since she’s older but that may not be the right answer. Annie’s anticipation level rose and crashed as the words tumbled from my lips. I thought for a Moment and decided on a few questions first.

“Which of you were first to have your period?”

Annie nearly exploded with “Me, it was me”.

“Ok, I sense that both of you masturbate regularly. Which of you was the first to discover masturbation?”

It was Carrie’s turn to explode. “It was me and I taught Annie.”

A sudden image leapt into my brain. “Who initiated your first love making session?”

They both look suddenly embarrasses and Annie eventually worked up the courage to admit it was her. I looked over at Mom who seemed to have this subtly amused looked on her face. I looked into her mind and realized she was both pleased and amused by the way I was going about this. I wondered if we could converse privately and mentally asked; “I’m thinking Annie should be first. Do you think I’m looking at this the right way?”

She responded in the same fashion. “I’m proud of the way you’re handling this. You’re thinking before you act and I think you’re making the right decision. Just think a bit about how you are going to let Carrie down.”

This was fun and maybe not as overwhelming as I first thought it would be. Now, how do I let Carrie down gently?

“Carrie, you are beautiful and I know you can see that I mean that. You are also the first one I fantasized about today. Both these facts are making this decision very difficult. I would be very lucky to take you first.”

“Annie, you are also very beautiful and the only reason I fantasized about Carrie first was she was the first one to grab me today. My fantasies with you were every bit as intense as the fantasies I had of Carrie. I would feel equally lucky to take you first.”

I suddenly realized what my decision had to be. It was a revelation.

“Since both of you have been intimate with each other I think I would like to take both of you together.” A communal gasp ushered forth. “We are family and have shared more intense emotions than most families ever experience. Sharing this experience just seems like the right thing for all of us at this new point in our lives.”

“I hope this is Ok with both of you. I know it’s not how either of you imagined this so please tell me if you are going to be Ok with this.”

Annie was the first to pipe up. “I think it’s the perfect choice. Carrie and I will be sharing you as we have shared each other. It seems like the perfect solution to me.”

Carrie looked over at Annie with a tear in her eyes and the sweetest little smile on her face. She turned to me and said, “I can’t think of a better solution. I really thought the right choice would have been to take Annie first and I would have been Ok with that. But this, this is perfect. We can be a family in everything this way. I love you.”

Mom was openly weeping. “Kenny, remember this Moment. Never let this go. Let yourself be guided by how you handled this decision and I will always be as proud of you as any mother could possibly be. I love all of you. Now, off with all of you and have fun.

Chapter 4: The Deflowering

I rose from the table a reached out for Annie and Carrie’s hands and was about to lead them to my room when I suddenly realized that wasn’t going to work very well. I had a single bed. Unless I planned on spending the majority of this night on the floor we needed something larger. We needed the guest bedroom in the guesthouse but that had been left in a state of disarray.

“Mom, we’re going to use the guest house tonight. My bed’s to small and this way we won’t disturb you if we get a bit noisy. Would you do us a favor? I’m afraid I left the place in a bit of a mess. If you could straighten things up I know I could use a shower. The girls can do the same.”

“Leave it to me”, and with a big smile she was off to her task.

“Girls, why don’t you both go shower and change. Meet me in the guesthouse in an hour. Oh, and by the way, I would love to see both of you in your sexiest underwear and I’ve always loved the way you look in your riding chaps.” Both were excellent riders and I really did love the way they looked in their riding outfits. There was something about the way they fit that accented all their very best attributes.

Like Mom, they were off in a flash and all smiles. I had bought myself an hour to sort through my thoughts and to get myself under control. I really did want this to be special for both of them and that meant I needed to calm down and be prepared to take my time.

The hour and a hot shower proved to be just the remedy I needed. By the time I had gotten to the guesthouse I was well sorted out. I was also horny as hell just thinking about what was going to happen but I was in control.

I got there ahead of the girls and Mom had done more than just straighten up. I don’t know where they came from but there were fresh flowers in the bedroom and Mom had lit several candles that added a sweet scent of roses and cinnamon. I could not have set the mood any better if I had done it myself. Mom had also set out glasses and a bottle of chilled champagne to help loosen us up. This was going to be perfect.

I went back to the living room with the champagne in hand and waited for my two lovely virgins to arrive and within a few minutes they both breezed in. The vision nearly took my breath away.

Before me stood twin visions of gods best work. Looking at them, it was easy to see how they could be mistaken as twins. They were wearing cashmere sweaters that fit snugly over their full breasts and tan chaps that hugged every curve. They had their riding boot on but left the riding jacket and helmet off. They had their hair pulled back in tight ponytails and both decided to forego the makeup. They represented a near perfect vision of virgin beauty and I could feel my cock responding already.

I rose, took each in my arms and kissed them deeply. “You are both absolutely beautiful and extraordinarily sexy. Let’s have some champagne.”

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