tagGroup SexDesert Reunion

Desert Reunion

bySassy Susan©

I came out here to southern Arizona after Christmas. I came in a nice motor home that I borrowed from my significant other, Tom, and left my roommate and lover, Mandy, to tend to our home in North Carolina. I came on a semi-sabbatical to visit the land I was born to grew up in, the rural country near Tucson, in the Sonoran desert. I missed the desert and wanted to immerse myself in it again for a while. I settled into the RV facility at the Pima County Fairgrounds, just outside the city.

I continued my work as a contract copy editor via a PC card for my lap top that let me connect wirelessly to the Internet. Not blinding speed but adequate for my needs. I traveled locally, visited the old homestead, did some sightseeing, and wrote and read. And spent a lot of time in email and Instant Message conversations with the women who make up my "Sorority": submissive women who give me control over parts of their sex lives. (See the new series of stories under the heading The Sorority Sisters.)

My cyber girlfriend – and an early member of the Sorority -- Rebecca, told me that she fantasized about coming out here to visit and run around naked with me in the desert and make love in the middle of nowhere. When I told her about the realities of the desert (i.e., that everything out here is designed to hurt you) she said two things: "Why?" and "Could we use your bed and run around naked inside?" As an aside, I recommend her series of accounts of her life with her dickhead ex-husband. You can find her on Literotica under the author name rebeccabrowning. She will make you laugh and cry. She is that good.

Start over; that was a Mulligan. Back to my sex life and the account of this special weekend.

For the better part of the decade that Mandy and Tom and I have been linked, I have led a monogamous life style. We never said anything about it; it just became how we were. But we had never been apart this long, and the separation was beginning to wear on all of us. Finally, they agreed to come out here and visit for a weekend. The purpose was clear, and it was not to go sightseeing.

They flew in on a Friday evening, via Phoenix. They rented a room in a nearby motel (small suite actually), which turned out to be a good idea. We alternated from there to here to restaurants, to here to there, to call out pizza.... Well you get the idea. Be forewarned: this is where my account shifts from PG to XXX. None of us is puritanical when it comes to sensual, sexual pleasure.

Mandy brought our new toy, the feeldoe. Tom brought a straining erection, dripping with pre cum. We ate the light meal I had prepared and then started necking, petting, stripping, sucking, biting, licking and fucking. I brought Mandy to a floor thumping orgasm as she lay on her back on the floor, while Tom took me from behind, my cunt and ass being high and available. He had been too long without nookie and came in me before I came. I stayed in position as Mandy scooted around to get behind me.

Tom pulled out with a little sucking sound, leaving me feeling empty. His fluids began leaking, along with mine I guess, and Mandy went to work. She sucked "us" out of me, came around as I flipped over and shared the goodies with me in a movie-worthy cum swap: Tom's cum, my cum, and her saliva all combined into a pearly-white, translucent, gooey mess -- which she let drool out of her mouth down into mine. (We call that the 'feeding baby bird' position -- head back, mouth open, waiting eagerly.) Long globs of cum with stringy connectors, plopping down onto my tongue and lips and directly into my mouth. Oh god.

When she was finished and we were connected by only a thin string of saliva, I sat up and kissed her, having lost none of the sex glop. Now it was cum passing between us on our tongues and lips, drooling off our chins, plopping onto our breasts. We savored the taste and the texture of it. Finally, she drank some down, I drank some down, Tom had a new erection, and Mandy and I rubbed our coated breasts together with glee. We just sat there on the rug for awhile, getting our breath back, and smiling silly smiles. Then I licked the residual cum off Mandy's face and she off mine, we massaged what was still wet into each other's breasts, and kissed like sisters in love.

Mandy then sat back and watched as I tended to Tom's cock. First, I sat on it and humped him as he played with my nipples. He loves to pinch and pull, and I love to have him do it. Once I had my long delayed orgasm, I swung around to sit on his face and leaned down to gobble his wet erection. Delicious. It's a funny thing about Mandy and cocks. She has no use for them and won't abide one in her – anywhere in her. But she loves what they produce; she, like me, is a cum slut. But this time I was not sharing; when Tom erupted into my mouth I swallowed all of him in two big gulps. The wonderful sensation of his cock jetting his sperm into my mouth, coupled with the feel of his tongue in my pussy, tipped over into a series of gentle climaxes. Without letting go of him, I squeezed whatever was left up the length of his softening penis, sucking it out the tip.

I let the poor guy up for air, and smacked my lips in pleasure. Only then did I realize Mandy was sprawled on the couch enjoying her own orgasm. Her fingers were massaging her swollen pussy lips and she was shivering in a sexual tremor. Her thighs quivered and her tummy pulsed. And then she lay still, breathing deeply. What a beautiful woman she is.

* * * * * *

After flying out here, eating (food), drinking (Margaritas), and a great fuck/suck, they were bushed. So we cleaned up and just sacked out. Mandy and I got the queen sized bed, Tom got the couch (I still don't know how to pull it out into a bed), and we slept until late morning.

Well, Tom and Mandy slept. I had not had to travel, and I was super curious about the feeldoe. So I got up at about six and read the feeldoe instructions. I tried in on, er... in, and soon got the hang of it. There has to be a better word. I inserted the fucker's end into myself and played with holding it in me while "jerking off" the protruding cock. Then I woke Mandy. I pulled the blanket off her, lifted her short nighty, and rubbed my new "cock" on her belly. She smiled at me in that special way and parted her thighs.

With the help of some lubricant and some experimentation, I was able to fuck her to an orgasm. I then kept going until I had my own. We cuddled and kissed gently, and caressed each other --with the toy still in us --and soon fell asleep. Sometime before we woke again it came out of both of us. A mystery.

Saturday we had brunch at Denny's -- a big mistake. Each platter could have fed all three of us. But we took a lot of liquid anti-depressant aboard (regular coffee) and set out for some light sight-seeing. We drove around the eastern half of the Saguaro National Park, not far from the campground. Then we went to the motel. There we got down to some more serious -- well not so serious -- fuck romping. We forgot to hang the Do Not Disturb sign on the door, didn't hear the knock (she said she did knock), and were interrupted by the maid's exclamation. We three froze in mid stroke: me sitting on Tom's cock, buried in my cunt, and bent forward to give Mandy access to my ass. She had the feeldoe buried in it with herself fully attached and pumping. And all of us, of course, buck naked and sweaty.

The look on that woman's face was priceless. We were all frozen as though time had stopped for a long moment. Then the maid started to whimper and apologize and whimper some more. She never looked away, though. Probably had never seen anything like us three in her life. Here was a woman being fucked front and rear by a man and another woman!! How could this be?

Then Mandy started to titter. I had never heard her titter; didn't know she could. And that did it. We three started to laugh and the poor maid turned bright red. We were laughing hysterically, as people do who have lost control, and she was glowing like a stop light. She stood there, bent forward a little, hands clasped together at her breasts, staring at us with all the blood in her small body in her face.

Finally she backed out of the room, never once taking her gaze off of us, and the door clicked shut.

By then we were sprawled haphazardly across the king sized bed, the sheets in a tangle, laughing and laughing. By the time we had recovered and were down to occasional bursts of giggling (Tom would say a man can't giggle), the lust had abated. It took us a good half hour to get restarted. We ended up with me fucking Mandy with the feeldoe, with Tom taking my ass. Since I was face to face with my girl we were able to enjoy each other close up. I love it when she moans into my mouth. The feeldoe is good; it got us both off. Mandy came first, and my DP -- with my part of the feeldoe in my cunt and Tom in my ass -had me cumming right after she did; and my ass milking his cock had Tom right behind me (so to speak). Nobody had the energy to chase that load of cum so I let it ooze out of me as we all lay together recovering.

Not much later, Mandy crawled between my thighs and, while Tom watched from a foot away, began to lick and play with my pussy. Once she had my attention I signaled her to come around over me, and we settled into a comfortable sixty-nine.

We were in no hurry, enjoying the nice sensations of tongue in pussy slit, when Tom returned from the bathroom and suggested we roll over. Well look at that, I thought. He was fully recovered and wanted to play. So Mandy and I rolled over, almost rolling off the bed in the process. (It is such a nice feeling to have a woman laugh deep into your cunt. Well guys, you'll have to take that on spec, I guess.)

Tom, the gentleman that he is, left my ass hole alone and took my pussy from behind, stroking pleasantly in and out of my wetness right above Mandy's face. Just the feel of his fullness in me, and the mental image of his balls tickling her nose, set me off. I came noiselessly, I think. They said I kind of squeaked.

That did it for Tom and he rammed home and stayed tight against my ass while his balls emptied into me. As I felt him withdraw I went back to work on Mandy. I knew what was happening back there now. I ate her with gusto, homing in on her tiny clit and its hood, as Tom's cum flowed out of me.

I could feel and hear Mandy slurping away at me and managed to bring her off while she was drinking us down. She went stiff and grunted -- her thighs tight around my ears. It is so nice and erotic to have a lover cum while you are face deep in her pussy. Then she relaxed and blew a kiss into my open wetness. It sounded so much like a fart that it set Tom off, and once again we went into fits of laughter.

Later, quite a bit later, we got up to clean up. At Mandy's urging, she and I got into the shower. There was too little room for Tom – there was barely room for Mandy and me. But we are close, and this was close in spades. While we were waiting for the water to warm I felt a sudden warm flood on my thigh. I didn't have to look to see what it was. The aroma of her pee filled the small stall. So I reciprocated and wet her down, too. Then laughing, we soaped up and got squeaky clean, giggling all the way. When we climbed out Tom gave us a quizzical look, but we left him in the dark.

So that was Friday night and Saturday. Mandy is now snoring softly and cutely in the big bed, Tom is back in the motel getting solo guy-sleep time, my back is tightening up, and I think I have one more tiny, private orgasm left to enjoy. And one more day with my two lovers before they fly home. I think this will hold me, and I hope, them, until I drive back there myself.

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