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As the black sedan slid to a graceful stop in front of the house, Simon Devlin looked out the disappointment clearly visible on his thin face.

Devlin; one time accountant to the rich and powerful was now reduced to this small, ordinary looking residence. He was not a pleasant man. Small and wiry with a pinched face and large spectacles that made his eyes look twice as large as they actually were. But this was a misconception. Actually, Devlin’s eyes were rarely still; darting and searching like a fox. The fox-like trait didn’t stop there. His entire personality was sly and cunning. There was no doubt that there was one person that Simon Devlin looked out for – Simon Devlin.

He knew though that this latest predicament was purely of his own doing; in his search for further wealth he had helped himself to the funds of some particularly unsavoury clients. Who would miss a few hundred thousand off the top, he had asked himself? Of course his clients had missed the money and they were not best pleased. Devlin had quickly found himself with a price on his head and there seemed only one way out.

“Doesn’t look too bad.” Devlin lied turning to his wife and smiling weakly.

Not for the first time, Maria Devlin turned away from her husband and looked out of the opposite window ignoring him resolutely. She had no wish to converse with anyone at this time, let alone her worthless husband.

The other person in the vehicle was the driver, detective Bill Anderson.

“Well, this is it.” He said opening the drivers’ door and alighting cautiously. “We’d better get you inside quickly.”

Anderson opened the rear door and ushered the couple smoothly into the house. His eyes flitted from rooftop to alleyway; taking in the surrounding danger areas in his usual professional manner. He was relieved to see the second sedan pull up behind his car – his back up – the cavalry have arrived, he thought with a half smile!

Once inside the small suburban house, Anderson lost no time in explaining the ground rules. He looked at Devlin disdainfully. He had seen his type many times before; greedy and arrogant and had taken an instant dislike to the man. But his job was to protect him and not necessarily to like him. Long ago he had sworn an oath to uphold the law and Simon Devlin was blowing the whistle on some very nasty law-breakers.

“This will be your home until after the trial.” Anderson explained. “We all know that our case against the Minelli brothers hinges entirely on the evidence that you’re going to give. We also know that the brothers in question are likely to stop at nothing to see that you don’t give that evidence. That’s why these guys here will be staying very close to you for the next few weeks.”

As the three burly black detectives stood forward, Anderson could not help see the smile that appeared on Maria Devlin’s face or the grimace that materialized on her husbands’. It was a well-known joke back at the station that Mrs. Devlin had an obvious attraction to the three detectives. She was a good-looking woman – considerably younger than her husband - and Anderson was well aware that the attraction was mutual.

“Wonderful!” Devlin said, the sarcasm dripping off his tongue. “That’s all I need! A bunch of sex-starved cops sniffing round my wife!”

“It’s for your own protection.” Anderson answered tersely. “Don’t you want to be safe?”

“I’m bloody sure that Maria won’t be safe with them around!”

Devlin span around as he heard his wife mumble something incoherently.

“What was that?”

“Oh, nothing.” Maria said with a sigh. “Lets just have some coffee shall we?”

Devlin fumed as he made the coffee and watched his wife flirting outrageously with the three black detectives. Anderson had made his excuses and returned to the station and Devlin was thankful for that at least. Anderson might have been an old man but the way that Maria was acting recently he felt that she would have preferred anyone to himself.

As Devlin carried the drinks through he was met with a resounding blast of raucous laughter – with Maria at the centre.

“What’s so fucking funny?”

“Oh nothing. Danny just told a good joke about an accountant.” Maria replied. She was smiling broadly at detective Danny McCoy.

“Danny now is it?” Devlin spat. “Well, I’m glad that you can all find something to laugh about. It may have escaped your attention, but we are in fear of our lives here. The Minelli’s could come through that door at any moment!”

“And whose fault is that?” Maria’s voice was shrill and piercing, her anger rising. “You’re the stupid fuck who decided to start all this. Just because you couldn’t keep your sticky fingers to yourself!”

Devlin recoiled from his wife’s vicious verbal assault. He knew that he should say something witty or cutting at this point but, as usual, words failed him.

“I’m going for a fucking walk!” was all he could think of saying.

“That’s not a good idea Mr. Devlin.” Detective Jim Kane said quickly.

“Oh, let him go if he wants!” Maria interrupted. “I’m sure the four of us can find something to do here without my husband.”

As Devlin opened the front door he was again treated to a roar of laughter from the other room. He bristled jealously, paranoid enough to think that the jokes were at his expense. He stopped for a moment and thought. Maybe the Kane cop was right. Minelli could have a hit man waiting just around the next corner with sights trained on him. But he couldn’t go back in now, he just couldn’t. Then he remembered the computer in the spare bedroom. It was days since he’d done any work and numbers helped him relax. Perhaps a couple of hours work would be good for him.

Devlin had been working for less than an hour when he heard a noise from downstairs. The advanced mathematical calculations that had been streaming across the monitor in front of his eyes halted as his fingers left the keyboard. It had sounded like a glass or bottle breaking. He could hear muted laughter and guessed that Maria and the three detectives had started on the beer. He tried to dismiss the sounds and return to his beloved work but there was something about the laughter – giggling almost – that kept his attention away from the computer.

Padding quietly down the stairs to investigate, the sounds became more pronounced. His mind couldn’t or wouldn’t acknowledge what he was hearing but, as he neared the door and peeked into the room, he knew that his eyes were not lying.

Devlin gasped as the sight befell him. Maria was naked and kneeling on the carpet and surrounded by the three black detectives in varying different stages of undress. Jim Kane and Martin Reeves both had their jeans down and Danny McCoy had his zipper open. All three men had their long black cocks pointing towards the kneeling form of Maria as she brushed her blonde hair back from her face and reached out for the stiff appendages.

As Maria stroked McCoy’s member and guided it towards her open mouth Devlin burst in through the door.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He screamed. “Get away from her you bastards! That’s my wife!”

Calmly Maria looked up at her husband and slipped the inflamed penis from between her soft lips.

“Just shut the fuck up will you Simon?” She said. “The guys are just being nice to me!”

“Nice to you?” Devlin said incredulously. He had turned a deep shade of red and looked in danger of exploding. “You fucking slut! You’ve wanted this from the first time you saw them haven’t you?”

“I can’t deny it and I won’t. There’s nothing you can do about it either. I’m going to enjoy the first decent fuck I’ve had since I married you, you useless bastard!”

Again Devlin was lost for words. Suddenly he felt a meaty black hand on his shoulder and looked up into detective Reeves’ dark eyes. He could feel himself being moved – pushed towards the sofa – and knew it was futile to resist.

“What are you doing?” Devlin said unnecessarily

“Just sit the fuck down and watch!” Maria laughed. “You might just learn something!”

Seeing little other way of preserving life and limb, Devlin accepted his fate and sat back on the sofa. He could feel the sting of tears as they gathered in the corners of his eyes and wiped them away violently with the back of his hand.

“Don’t worry, man!” McCoy drawled. “This is just a pleasant little diversion. Everyone at the station knows that your wife has been virtually begging for this for ages. They’re even taking bets on which one of us would be the first to fuck her! I guess nobody thought that she would take on all three of us at the same time!”

McCoy’s words were concluded with a deep sigh as Maria took his stiff penis back into her mouth and began sucking in earnest.

Devlin was left to watch helplessly as his wife’s mouth was used for the cop’s satisfaction. The other two detectives also looked on. They had stripped off their own clothes now and were slowly massaging themselves with their hands as they watched.

Maria was working well. Her mouth was open as wide as it would go as she swallowed the thick tool deep into her throat. Devlin could see that the lucky detective had his hands on the back of her head and was pulling her towards him, trying to thrust as much of his cock into her as he thought she could take.

When McCoy’s climax came it took Maria by surprise. Her mouth and throat were suddenly swamped by a great tidal wave of sperm that surged over her tongue. Devlin could see her trying her best to swallow but, inevitably, the creamy sex fluid soon began to ooze from the corners of her mouth and drip onto her pert, naked breasts.

As soon as McCoy had pulled back the other two detectives stepped quickly forwards. Devlin saw meaty black hands as they groped and caressed his wife’s hot, white flesh.

The hands covered her breasts, the mixed colours starkly contrasting. Her legs were being spread wide and her body pushed back onto the floor. Long fingers entered a vagina that Devlin could see was already very wet with arousal.

Maria cried out and arched her back as the two pairs of policeman’s hands continued to fondle her. Devlin could see that her legs were very wide now and, as officer Kane lowered his head and began to lick feverishly at her pussy, he knew that his wife would be climaxing very soon.

If Simon Devlin had ever wanted to see or hear his wife climax at the hands of another man, then he didn’t have long to wait. He watched as her hips rose from the carpet. Her back arched again deeply and her toes curled. Her voice sounded harsh and croaky; beginning with a low howl that steadily built in intensity until it became a high-pitched scream of pleasure. Kane’s head reappeared from between her thighs as she came and joined his partner as they both squeezed and pinched Maria’s long turgid nipples.

Devlin could see that his wife looked a little tired now and wondered if the men had maybe finished with her. But, as he looked at officers Kane and Reeves, their solid erections pointing urgently upwards, he knew that that was very unlikely.

“Time to take some black meat up that tight little cunt, baby!” Kane laughed. “Help me get her up guys!”

The three men worked together and pulled Maria up from the floor and pushed her firmly towards the table. It all happened very quickly. As Maria leaned across the table for support, Kane moved into position behind her. Devlin watched his wife’s face screw up into an expression of pure animal lust as she felt the swollen head of Kane’s massive cock as it pressed against the wet folds of her vagina.

Maria gasped out loud as she was penetrated. She had never felt so full in all her life and even the large pink vibrator that she kept hidden from her husband paled into insignificance next to Kane’s massive tool. She could feel the width of him stretching her

open and, as his shaft rubbed against her swollen clitoris, she cried out as she climaxed for a second time.

Devlin continued to watch fascinated as his wife took the massive weapon from behind. He could hear the animal grunts that emanated from her painted lips as she was skewered so professionally and knew that he himself could never hope to provide her with so much pleasure. He saw Kane’s hands grip her buttocks and the rippling muscles in his thick arms dance beneath his dark skin. Devlin couldn’t help it and, despite everything, he felt himself become warmly aroused.

“Oh yes!…that’s it…just there…mmmm….. fuck me…fuck….me….fuck…MEEE!”

Maria’s words stirred her husband’s erection to further heights, as he sat not able to tear his eyes away from the scene of debauchery in front of him.He watched as, clearly still wanting more, Maria reached out and grasped Reeves’ cock and guided it towards her mouth.

Now with two big dicks inside her, Maria seemed to be in her own private heaven. Her body was being cruelly thrust back and forth as the two black officers took their pleasure from her and Devlin could see her breasts, complete with stiff pink nipples, swing violently to and fro.

Kane’s face was a picture of lust as he thrust himself deeper and deeper inside Maria’s wet pussy and it was quite clear that he was not going to be able to hold out much longer.

With a guttural cry, the black officer suddenly lunged forward and buried himself to the hilt. Devlin guessed that Maria would also have cried out at that point but for the fact that her body had been pushed forward with such force that Reeves’ cock had entered her throat and curtailed any form of communication that she might have made.

Kane’s legs trembled as he emptied himself into Maria’s willing pussy. Devlin watched him twist and thrust his body, spearing Maria and ensuring that his cum drove deep inside her body. She looked almost exhausted now, but Devlin knew that whilst there was still one cop who hadn’t cum, there was no way they were going to finish with her yet.

“My turn now, I think!” Stated Reeves confirming Devlin’s thoughts. “And I’m not going in for sloppy seconds either, she’s still got one unused hole left!”

Devin could hardly believe what he was hearing. Sure they couldn’t mean….? Surely she wasn’t capable of …that?

While thoughts of his wife’s back passage being penetrated flitted through his mind, Devlin watched the exhausted woman being bodily lifted up onto the table. Oh my god, he thought. They are going to do it! Reeve’s is actually going to fuck her in the ass!

As Kane and McCoy assisted their partner by dragging Maria’s legs open and back, Devlin’s thoughts turned back to his own arousal. He knew that he should have been disgusted and jealous – at least concerned – but all he could feel was the heat emanating from his loins. His erection was small but fierce. He knew that there was something deep inside him that wanted to see this happen.

Reeves quickly positioned himself between Maria’s stretched and open legs and inserted two wet fingers into her anus. Devlin heard his wife gasp and knew that, very soon, she would be feeling a much larger insertion.

Reeves twisted his fingers and pushed them deep, widening the woman’s back passage for what was soon to come. When he was eventually satisfied that she was ready he pressed the swollen head of his cock against her hole.

Devlin gasped as he saw how impossible the situation looked. Even with her asshole so dilated, the large black head of Reeves’ tool looked twice as big as the entrance that he intended to put it in.

Reeves pushed. Maria howled out in a mixture of pain and passion. The tiny hole stretched wide and Reeves pushed a little harder. His face virtually dripped with perspiration as his exertion began to show. He leaned forward. More weight pressing his tool inwards. And then suddenly, with a cry from Maria, he was in.

Maria’s toes curled involuntarily as the big black officer slowly eased his tool further into her tight back passage. The pain was subsiding now and being quickly replaced by a warm glow deep in her stomach. She wondered if she would ever feel this full again but suddenly didn’t care. She was being butt-fucked by the object of her most recent fantasy and whatever happened after this she believed could never measure up. Her internal muscles ached as she squeezed the hard rod inside her and she knew that this was going to be one of the most satisfying – if not the longest – fucks she had ever experienced.

“Oh, shit!” Cried Reeves suddenly, confirming Maria’s suspicions that he would not be able to last long in her tight ass. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Let me see it!” Maria quickly responded. “I want to see you cum! I want to taste it!”

Devlin was massaging the crotch of his pants as he heard his wife’s request. His eyes bulged as he saw Reeves, albeit with some reluctance, ease his twitching tool from Marie’s ass. Once separated, he saw the two lovers tumble to the floor.

Reeves’ cock was twitching like crazy and Maria had to move quickly to ensure that her desire was fulfilled. Lying back on the floor she stared up at Reeve’s as he pointed his thick tool towards her.

With a gasp of ecstasy Reeves pulled back on his foreskin and shot the first massive stream of cum directly into Maria’s mouth. She gagged slightly as the full force hit her but was quickly rewarded by several more long bursts of jism as Reeve’s continued to climax.

Eventually, after several minutes, Devlin saw his wife stir as she lay on the table. She had been virtually immobile for the last ten minutes, clearly too exhausted to even move let alone clean off the copious quantity of sperm that now glistened wetly on her body.

“I…I…I don’t know what to say…” Devlin stammered as the three officers dressed.

“I do…” Maria responded – Devlin thought her voice sounded hollow, almost distant – “That was the best fuck I’ve ever had!

Simon?” She looked across at Devlin, “any time you want to turn Supergrass again, just make sure these guys are on hand to protect us, okay!”

“Don’t worry, baby, I will!” Devlin laughed. “But I think there’s a good few days until the trial even starts – plenty more time for you and the boys to play again!”

The End

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