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I knocked up my wife when I was 14 and she was 18, we were young, in love, wasted and stupid (she wasn't using birth control and I refused to wear a condom). Our daughter, Christiana, was born 9 months later since her parents were super religious and would not allow her to get an abortion. By the time I was a senior; I had multiple college scholarship offers and was drafted by a MLB team. The weekend of my graduation was a hectic one, graduation Friday night, State Championship Baseball game Saturday morning, signed MLB contract Saturday afternoon, got married Sunday morning and left for Rookie League play Sunday afternoon. I was in seventh heaven, I got a huge signing bonus, a very lucrative contract and I was married to my "Soul-mate". I was now able to comfortably support my wife and sweet daughter.

We purchased a nice little home in our hometown for the two of them to stay in while I was starting on my way to, in my mind, a Hall of Fame career. I had it all planned out, 2- 3 years in the minors, 12 or so years in the majors then retire. As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men sometimes go awry, and did they ever. On the way back to my apartment after practice, my car was t-boned by a little old lady. One year and six operations later, all the bones in my left arm and leg were repaired but my baseball career was over. Luckily between my signing bonus, guaranteed contract money and a sizable insurance settlement, I was set for life. With nothing better to do, I went to college, got my degree in finance and settled down to a life as a loving and caring husband and father. Christiana had me wrapped around her little finger, while she wasn't a spoiled little brat, all she had to do was bat those sparkling black eyes at me and she knew she get whatever she wanted. While this caused many arguments between me and my wife, she would always forgive me since the make-up sex was in her words "abso-fucking-lutely fan-fucking-tastic."

From the time Chrisy, that's what I called her, my wife called her Christy, started walking I could tell she was taking after her old man and was going to be very athletic. One day when Chrisy was about 3, my wife almost had a heart-attack when she looked out the kitchen window and saw her walking across the top bar of her swing set. By the time she was 5, she was trying all sports. By 8 she'd settled on girls' softball, boys' baseball and basketball. When she was 10, I organized a traveling girls softball team, the Diamond Gals, and recruited the best young ladies in the 5 county area. As tomboyish as she was playing sports, she was all girl with her mom and loved having her hair done, her nails manicured and such which pleased my wife which pleased me since the sex when she was happy was almost as good as the make-up sex.

Back to the travel team, the first year we played in local tournaments and ended up winning 4 tournaments, had 3 second place finishes and 1 3rd place finish out of 10 tournaments. The next year we started playing in tournaments up to a 6 hour drive which was a struggle for some of the parents. After the season was over, I came up with the brilliant idea of converting a couple of old tour buses into travel homes. One bus was for the team, me and the coaches, the other for parents who wanted to save on gas and rooms. Each bus could seat and sleep 14; each had a full bathroom with shower and cooking equipment in one of the storage spaces. The team bus also had a small office/sleeping quarter for me.

It totally blew everyone's mind when I pulled up to the practice facility a few weeks before our first tournament with our new transportation. For the next five years, the routine was generally the same, we'd play in a tourney every other week, the team bus leaving on Friday after school and returning late Sunday evening when school was in session and leaving Thursday after dinner and returning early Monday morning when school was out. The parent bus schedule was left up to them to decide their itinerary. After the games were done for the day, we'd return to the bus, clean up, eat and the girls would retire to their sleeping area to have fun doing whatever girls do. The parents would then break out the alcohol and play cards, bullshit, etc. We also had a few tents in case any of the parents was uncomfortable sleeping in the bus or if a mother and father decided they wanted some "alone" time. It wasn't unusual to hear some loud moaning or moderate screams coming from a tent and did they ever get a ribbing the next day from the rest of the parents.

The most amazing thing about the team was that not one of the girls considered themselves a prima-donna and none of the parents would argue with me or my assistant coaches about were their daughter should play or bat. I guess it came about because they knew my background and my also the background of my assistants, Maggie played on 2 NCAA Championship teams and Robin played in the Softball World Championships. Both of them could out hit, out throw and out field just about all of the parents. Another thing that helped was that of the 12 girls that were chosen for the first team, 9 were still with the team. Not only did the girls get along, but the parents also got along great. It also wasn't unusual for me to walk into either bus and see the girls or mothers in varying states of dress from underwear to totally naked and nobody got embarrassed or upset. I watched the girls go from little girls to puberty to young ladies to teenagers and never had any immoral thoughts about them although there were a few of the mothers I fantasied about getting in the sack. That all changed a few weeks before what was to be our final season since all the girls would be going off to college after the season ended.

It was a Friday night, my wife and daughter went to visit her sister for the weekend and I had spent the past few hours watching sports on TV and pounding down long necks. I had just turned out the lights and was going to hit the sack when I heard a crash on the deck. Grabbing my pistol from the drawer in the table next to the couch, I quietly made my way to the door, slowly opened it and turned on the deck lights. I was shocked at what I saw. There, sprawled out on the deck were two of the best players from the team, Angela and Athena. Putting the gun down, I walked out to where they were lying in a tangled mess of themselves and the deck chairs.

"What are you girls doing here?" I asked.

When I bent down to get the chairs off their backs, I got a strong whiff of alcohol as Angie replied, "Shome boddy shpiked the punsh at the party, coash."

"Let's get you inside." I said as I helped Angie to her feet.

"I'll be back for you in a minute Athena." I said as I walked Angie into the family room and set her down on the couch then went back out to get Athena. Once I had Athena seated next to her twin sister, my mind started racing. What the fuck do I do now? If I call their parents, they'll be grounded for a year and won't be able to play this year and it's too late to get replacements.

Looking at the clock, I asked, "What time are you supposed to be home?" thinking maybe I could sober them up enough before dropping them off.

"Morrow (hic) mornin." Angie burped.

"Sposed to shtay at Shelly's." Athena slurred.

"I can't take you home or over Shelly's in your condition, you'll both be grounded and won't be able to play this year." I scolded.

"We could stay here." they replied in unison.

Hmmmmm, I thought to myself, that might work, let them sleep it off then drop them off near their house in the morning. Hopefully nobody will know what happened and they'll be able to play this year.

"OK, wrap your arms around my neck." I told Angie as I picked her up in my arms. We were about halfway down the hall to the guest bedroom when I heard Angie moaning slightly. Thinking she might be getting sick, I stopped, when I looked down I noticed the reason for her moaning. Somehow my hand had slipped under her halter top and I was unconsciously fondling her firm little tit. When it dawned on me what I was doing, my cock immediately sprung to life. Not wanting to scare her, I continued walking to the bedroom. With each step, I could feel her nipple rubbing between my fingers, getting longer and harder by the step. When I got her to the bed, I laid her down and sat down beside her. I was just about to get up and go get Athena, when Angie said "Shanks coash" as she sat up, threw her arms around my neck and planted her lips on mine, her tongue forcing it's way past my lips. I was now on auto-pilot. Not really realizing who I was with, I threw my arms around her, gently caressing her back while tongue fighting with her. Slowly I unloosened the ties on her halter top, letting it drop away and began gently massaging her firm breasts feeling her moan into my mouth as I rubbed her hard nipples with my thumb. Suddenly, I felt her start rubbing my rock hard manhood through my shorts.

"MMMMMMMM, niiiiice." She moaned as she continues squeezing and stroking my hard shaft.

I was now lost in lust as I laid her back down on the bed and began kissing my way down her throat, across her chest until I captured one of her cute pink nipples between my lips and started sucking on it like a baby.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she sighed as she snaked her hand under the leg of my shorts and wrapped he hand around my throbbing cock.

Ever so slowly, I unzipped her skirt and began sliding it and her panties down while continuing suckling her beautiful tits. As I worked them down, I kissed my way down her torso toward that luscious treasure between her thighs. When I had her skirt and panties down to her ankles, I removed her hand from my aching dick and moved to the bottom of the bed. Lifting her legs so that they were pointing straight to the ceiling, I slid her skirt and panties completely off and tossed them over my head letting her legs drop against my chest. Reaching under her tight little ass, I started kissing my way down her soft legs. As I got closer to her womanhood, the aroma she was emitting was intoxicating. Sticking out my tongue, I leaned forward and licked her tight little slit from bottom to top. When I hit her clit, I though she was going to bounce off the bed she was bucking so violently.


Covering her bald mound with my mouth, I began fucking her with my tongue, she was so hot and wet it was like sticking my tongue into a pot of boiling oil. I continued alternating between driving my tongue in and out of her tight hole and sucking on her clit. I could tell from her ragged breathing and the sighs and moans that she was close to orgasm. I pulled my mouth away from her lovely tasting pussy and placed the blood engorged head of my dick against her hole while continuing to massage her clit with my thumb.

"AW AW AWWWW SHIT!" she screamed as her orgasm tore through her body and I sank the entire length of my shaft into her super tight love canal. I remained still, enjoying the feeling of her vaginal walls contracting on my aching cock. When her orgasm finally subsided, she opened her eyes and looked down and the intersection of our bodies. Looking back up, her eyes were twinkling as she whispered, "So good."

I knew I wasn't going to last very long, so I renewed my attack on her clit as I slowly sawed in and out of her hot wet chamber. I could feel the cum starting to churn in my balls and with one last push buried my entire length inside her. It felt like my balls were being sucked up through my shaft as I exploded filling her vaginal cavity with my semen. The minute the first shot hit her cervix, Angie started thrashing about in the midst of another orgasm. It took all the strength I had not to be bucked off her and onto the floor. I kept myself buried in her until her orgasm subsided then slowly pulled out. Getting up, I went to the bathroom, got a warm wet washcloth and towel. Returning to the bedroom, I gently wiped her swollen red pussy, dried her off and pulled the covers over her since it seemed like she had passed out.

Slowly I staggered my way back down the hall to get Athena not really believing what had just happened. My eyes about popped out of my head when I entered the family room, there was Athena laying on the couch, her knees pulled against her chest, two fingers working in and out of her little cunt and the other hand working the neck of one of my beer bottles in her ass. I could hear soft moans as she pumped the beer bottle in her ass and her fingers in her pussy.

Not wanting to startle her, I quietly made my way to the coach and knelt down between her wide spread thighs. Gently I replaced her hands with mine and continued reaming her butt hole with the bottle and slipping my finger into her hot hole. Leaning forward I inched closer to her mound, when I flicked my tongue across her hard little nubbin, her eyes flew open in surprise as she sighed loudly, "yessss, coach, yessssss."

As I continued assaulting both her holes and clit, her moans and sigs kept getting louder and louder until she screamed, "I'm CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!" Her body shaking uncontrollably, her vaginal walls contracting so hard that the beer bottle was expelled from her ass and landed half way across the family room. Not giving her time to recover fully from her orgasm, I flipped her over onto her hands and knees and buried my steel hard shaft into her tight channel in one stroke and started sawing in and out, her slippery walls caressing every square centimeter of my throbbing shaft. Looking down, I could see her little rosebud opening slightly each time I bottomed out. If she liked the beer bottle in there, she'll love my cock, I thought to myself. On the next outward stroke, I pulled completely out of her pussy.

"Noooooo," I heard her sigh as I lined up my blood engorged head with her pulsing pucker.

"Yeeeeessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she moaned as I pushed forward sinking my entire length into her ass.

I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer the way her rectal walls were massaging my shaft and head so I reached around her lithe little body and started rubbing her blood filled clit and pounding into her faster and faster.

"I'M, I'MM CUMMING AGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She shouted so loudly that it felt like my eardrums were going to rupture as her second orgasm ripped through her body just as I started filling her bowels with my sperm. I just laid there for a moment with my dick still buried in her ass to allow my racing heart to slow down a bit before pulling out and going to the kitchen to get a towel and dish cloth to clean up the cum dripping out of her butt hole and onto the floor. When I finished cleaning her up, she too was passed out so I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom and laid her next to her twin sister.

The next morning I was drinking a cup of coffee when they came in the kitchen both walking a little gingerly. When they got to the table, they both wrapped their arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. "Thanks for letting us stay here last night. And, Coach, just so you do feel guilty, we weren't drunk last night, we just pretended to be, we planned everything and hoped you'd react the way you did."

After breakfeast, I dropped them off a couple blocks from their house and returned to my place to reminisce about the events of the past 12 hours.


The following Saturday, my wife and I had just finished putting away the groceries when the phone rang.

"Yeah, one sec." I heard my wife say.

"It's Maria Giovanni." She said as she handed me the phone.

"Hi Maria."

"Hi Mac. Do you have time to come over, I just completed the schedule of tournaments and travel arrangements and want to go over them with you before I send them out to the team."

Maria, besides being the mother of Angela and Athena, was the team coordinator. She researched tournaments, places to park the bus near them and arranged any group activities like going to ballgames, amusement parks, etc.

"I can be there in about an hour." I stated.

"See you then." Maria replied as we hung up.

An hour or so later, I was at the front door of the Giovani's and was just about to knock when the door opened suddenly and I stepped aside as Tony came running out of the house.

"Hi Mac, Maria's in the kitchen, can't talk, late for my tee time."

"Good luck."

"Thanks" I heard as a car door slammed and tires squealled.

"Hi Maria." I said as I entered the kitchen where she was seated at the counter with her computer and papers spread out on both sides of the computer. I stopped dead in my tracks when I caught sight of what she was wearing, a cute halter top bright yellow linen sundress. I don't ever remember seeing her in anything but baggy sweatpants or baggy shorts and sweatshirts or t-shirts that were at least 3 sizes too big.

"Hey Mac, have a seat and let's get started." she said while patting the barstool next to her, not taking her eyes off the computer screen.

I quickly made my way across the kitchen and sat down on the stool to her left. For the next half hour or so, we discussed the first month's schedule and travel plans. When Maria would lean to her right to grab some papers, her top would gape open and I would get a glimpse of her firm tits. When she would lean to the left, she would press her tits against my bicep and place her left hand on my thigh just fractions of an inch below my throbbing rock hard cock. We were just about finished with month one when Maria asked if I'd like a beer.

"Sounds good." I replied.

When she walked around to the other side of the counter, my eyes bugged out. The sundress was very short, the hem just an inch or so below her ass and tight. That must belong to Athena I thought to myself. Opening the refrigerator door, Maria bent at the waist causing her dress to ride up exposing her bare ass check and a matching pair of yellow thong panties pulled tight across her mound.

"Lite or regular?" she asked as she remained bent over wiggling her ass.

"Re...regular." I stammered.

"Got it." She replied standing up just seconds before Angela and Athena walked in the kitchen.

"Hi coach." They said in unison. "We're headed to the mall, then grab a bite to eat then meeting some of the girls to go to a movie. Be back late tonight Mom." Angela said as they bounded out of the kitchen.

"Have fun girls, love ya,"

"You too mom." They giggled as they shut the front door.

"Where were we, oh yeah, May's schedule." Maria said half questioning.

"Let me grab the papers." She said as she leaned over to the left crushing her tit against my arm and placing her hand on my thigh. Only this time her hand landed directly on my throbbing shaft. Her mouth flew open and her eyes opened wide as she realized where her hand was.

"Oh my gosh, the girls were right, you do have quite a big one." She said softly.

I looked at her quizzically.

"Athena and Angela told me all about last Friday, how they made you think they were drunk, how they tricked you into taking their virginity, how great you made them feel when you put this lovely specimen in them." Maria rambled as she continued stroking and squeezing my dick.

"Wha..." I started to speak but Maria placed one of her fingers on my lips.

"Shhhhh." She whispered as she stood up and reached behind her neck and untied the halter while still massaging my aching cock. Letting the top fall, I was greeted with the site of two of the nicest tits I'd seen in a long time, dark brown areolas, ¾ inch long nipples a couple shades lighter and very little if any sag.

"What about Tony?" I questioned.

"That dickless bastard, he's not golfing, he's out fucking that silicone titted 19 year old receptionist of his." She growled as she unzipped the bottom of the sundress letting it fall to the floor and stood before me in just her tiny yellow thong.

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