tagCelebrities & Fan FictionDiane's Anal Adventure #1

Diane's Anal Adventure #1


This a celebrity parody; in no way should any inferences or conclusions be drawn about the character's activities or sexual preferences. This a work of FICTION.

Diane had concluded her business and was checking her make-up in the ladies' room mirror of an exclusive Dallas, TX restaurant when the door opened and a striking, elegant-dressed black woman wearing dark sunglasses entered and joined her at the sink. "Love your dress," Diane purred, flashing one of her trademark smiles.

"Do you really?" the woman replied in a low, throaty voice. She turned to face the voluptuously-titted brunette, then leaned forward suddenly and kissed her, hard. Shocked at first, a second or two passed before Diane responded, giving in fully to the sexy lip-lock. Their tongues darted and teased as the mystery woman lifted her hands to cup and knead Diane's heavy, bra-less tiity-jugs, her fingers plucking expertly at her hardening nipples. Without warning, the ebony seductress broke the kiss and spun the surprised Ms Poppos so that she faced the wall, then crowded up behind her, her palms sliding to resume fondling her partner's enormous knockers. "I'm gonna fuck you in the ass, bitch; what do you think about that?" she whispered, then fastened her lips on Diane's neck and sucked hard, causing the sexy wench to gasp and shudder uncontrollably. Within a few seconds, Diane's flimsy dress lay pooled around her high heels, revealing the lacy black garterbelt and sheer black stockings she wore beneath. "You must have read my mind, sugar," Diane's partner chuckled, as her eyes feasted on Diane's luscious curves. "Spread your legs," the mystery woman commanded, and when Di quickly obeyed, she pushed a two fingers into her wet, seeping gash.

"Please...," Diane whimpered, getting hotter as the invading digits expertly plied her weeping cunt.

"'Please'," her tormenter mocked, working her fingers deeper into Diane's slick tunnel, "Please WHAT, cunt?"

"Pl-pl-please, don't be so rough, ma'am," the huge-titted webmistress pleaded.

The sexy black woman laughed out-loud, then leaned forward and whispered, "ROUGH is exactly what you're gonna get, sweetie. Down on your knees."

Diane knelt submissively on her hands and knees. She heard the rasp of a zipper; and turning her head, her eyes widened at the sight of the huge black rubber dildo her "captor" had strapped around her slim waist. The dark-skinned beauty stepped-out of her trousers, folded them neatly, and placed them on the counter, along with her blouse, leaving her naked except for a red half-cup bra, matching french cut panties, black pumps, and the menacing black cock. She checked her watch, then said, "I would make you suck it, but I have an appointment in half an hour. Don't worry, though: I promised you a butt-fuckin', and I always keep my promises." She reached into her purse, extracted a small jar of Vaseline, then knelt behind Diane. Scooping a large gob of lube onto her middle and index fingers, she coated the massive-jugged vixen's puckered "brownie" with a generous amount of Vaseline, then pushed both fingers ruthlessly inside. Diane whimpered; her asshole stung and burned as the slickened digits pistoned in and out of her rectum with no regard for her discomfort. Diane bit her lips, trying her best to relax her nether-hole against the invading fingers. The dominant black beauty slipped her other hand underneath and rubbed the ball of her thumb along Diane's erected clit, strumming it like a guitar player.

The combination of the two fingers in her ass and one thumb rubbing against her clit had poor Diane's pussy leaking like a faucet by the time the mystery woman decided that she was loose enough to accept her big cock. She dug her fingers into the smelly crack between Diane's cheeks and yanked them apart, and crowding up behind her, aligned the greasy tip of her fat cockhead against the panting brunette's brown pucker. The massive-jugged harlot groaned as the pressure against her pooper increased; she battled to relax her sphincter and admit the giant probe until, finally, it popped past her anus and into her hungry rectum.

Diane hung her head, gasping for breath as her partner slid the rest of the thick monster into her aching butt; by the time it was buried securely in her back-door, the woman's groin was tight against her backside. After a few seconds to let her get used to the huge invader, the black woman began pumping her hips, slowly at first, then faster and harder until her cock was moving easily in and out of the sexy wench's stretched ass-hole. Little sparks of lust replaced the discomfort as the millions of nerve endings in her inner ass responded to the hard, driving thrusts. Grabbing a meaty hip in each hand, Diane's new friend kept up the steady pounding; every so often, she would deliver a stinging slap to either of her wobbling buttcheeks, making Diane cry out in her lust-crazed frenzy.

The only sounds in the room were the slap, slap, slapping of the mystery woman's thighs connecting with Diane's ass, and the panting, grunting, and groaning of both women as they raced toward climax. "I'm cumming!" Diane barked, "I'm cumming in my ass!" as the sparks roared to life and swept over her, engulfing her in a hot, blinding wave. The "sista" never missed a stroke as her own orgasm crashed through her; she kept pounding-away at Diane's gaping anal grommet until the brunette could no longer support herself on on fours and fell onto her stomach, still cumming like a mad fool.

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