Diary of an Oversexed Woman


When it came to pleasing Natalie everything flowed so easily, as if I had been with a woman many times before. Her body was so soft and warm and I really enjoyed sucking her nipples. Going down on her, my first time with the experience, was amazing. Natalie's aroma filled my senses and she tasted delicious. I made her come several times and came one myself while going down on her.

Sex with Natalie was the most erotic experience I had ever had. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I never imagined how sensual lovemaking could be. Yes, I said lovemaking, not sex; because we connected emotionally as well as physically. Her kisses were soft and gentle, her touch tender and warm. We kissed, nibbled, caressed, and licked each other well into the early morning. Natalie's mouth and tongue were fantastic, and we licked each other on and off throughout the night. I lost count how many times I came.

There were lots of memorable moments from that night but the most memorable was Natalie's musky aroma and sweet perfume that stayed with me long after I left her bed. I prolonged showering because I didn't want her scent to dissipate. That night was one of the most fulfilling sexual escapades that I ever experienced, and it opened up a whole new world for me.

Friday, July 23rd, 1999 -- Brown Sugar

I began fantasizing of having an interracial encounter after chatting with about a couple of women I know that had slept with black men. They told me that how it was because the men were really good in bed and that it being taboo added to the eroticism. From that day forward it was a fantasy that I continued to dwell on for some time.

I was out one evening with friends at a nightclub when I bumped into Derek, an old high school friend of mine. Derek is an attractive black man. Back in the day, Derek was our star running back that earned him an athletic scholarship to Rutgers University. He's well built, with broad shoulders and a strong chest. Derek has an infectious smile and a kind, inviting demeanor; he had chiasma.

Derek and I caught up on things and reminisced about old times over a couple of drinks. When we got up to dance I was really impressed at how nimble the big guy was on the dance floor; he had some really good moves and I had a tough time keeping up with him. I was having a great time and as the night progressed I knew exactly what I wanted with Derek. I seeking opportunities to touch him, placing my hands on my waist and hips, pulling him close and teasing him with my eyes. I began fantasizing about sucking Derek right there on the dance floor, and between those thoughts and the hot dancing, I was getting pretty turned on, so I suggested that we step outside for a break to cool off.

The July humidity didn't help to cool us down much, but a light breeze and the fresh night air provided some relief. Anyway, I finally got up the nerve to suggest that we go somewhere quieter and less crowded. Deked agreed and suggested that we go to the Marriott lounge just down the street. He said that the lounge quiet and subdued. I told Derek that I'd meet him there after I said good-bye to my friends inside, which I did quickly

I rushed to get to the hotel before Derek because I decided to get a room. Perhaps it was a little presumptuous on my part, but I figured after a couple more drinks I shouldn't drive home anyway. I checked in at the front desk then rushed downstairs to the bar. I found Derek sitting at a corner table sipping a beer. I order a glass of white wine at the bar and joined Derek.

We talked for a while and ordered another round when I asked Derek if he came here often. Derek chuckled and said that he'd been at the hotel lounge a few times but never stayed at the hotel. I swallowed hard and asked Derek if he was curious what the rooms looked like. I remember Derek looking a little dumbfounded, so I stood up, slipped him the room key, and walked away. Derek entered the room about 5 minutes later and found me laying on the bed in just a slip and panties.

Hotel sex is always hot, but it's even hotter when it includes something taboo like this. We both took a much need shower before sliding between the sheets and I wasted no time showing off my oral skills, giving Derek a long blowjob that lasted with a creamy mouthful of Derek's warm cum. I really got into going down on him and he lasted a long time. Derek later told me that it was the first time that a woman ever let him finish in her mouth, and that made it all the more hotter.

Derek was also quite large. He fucked me from behind because if gave his huge cock the easiest entry. He filled my pussy with his semen within minutes of entering me, and before the night was through I sucked him off one more time. We really enjoyed each other and it was a very hot night.

Monday, March 17th, 2003 -- Two are Better than One

My boyfriend Tom introduced me to watching porn with him. Tom was really into it and although I had never watched porn before, I have to admit, it turned me on. We especially liked to watch group scenes with threesomes and foursomes; all that semen flying around, very hot.

On night we were watching a very hot threesome scene with a woman and two guys when Tom asked if I ever considered having a threesome with two guys. This was something I hadn't done but thought about trying, so I told him that I'd be up for it with the right guys. Tom was straight as an arrow and wanted no part of being with another guy, but was agreeable to fulfilling this fantasy for me. As a voyeur of sorts, Tom was especially excited to watch, he admitted that he wanted to see me in action with another guy. Lucky me.

When Tom asked me about potential partners I immediately suggested his friend Doug. I was attracted to Doug the first time laid eyes on him. Tall, dark, thin, with deep blue eyes and a thick head of curly hair, Doug was definitely a looker. Without any reservations, Tom said he'd make the arrangements.

The following week we went out to celebrate St. Patrick's day. Tom and I met after work for dinner and drinks at Shannon's, a popular local Irish Pub in town. After downing a few black and tans at the bar, guess who walked in, none other than Doug. I immediately looked over at Tom who gave me wink and a sly smile, and I knew that this was more than mere coincidence. Doug joined us and we ate, drank, and drank some more before heading back to Tom's place. I had just enough of a buzz to let my inhibitions run wild, and wild they ran.

When we got to Tom's apartment he cracked open some beers and put on a porn move, the first scene being a threesome with a girl and two guys (obviously pre-planned). I sat between Doug and Tom when Tom began caressing my inner thigh. Before long Doug cloned Tom's moves on my other thigh, and I tilted my head back to enjoy the attention. I was getting very turned on.

After the scene ended, with the woman getting a double facial, we were all pretty turned on so we moved into the bedroom. Doug continued seducing me with Tom in the background, watching and rubbing himself through his pants. I have to admit that it was pretty hot watching Tom while Doug removed my clothes. Doug started by unbuttoning my blouse button by button while I unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. Doug pulled down his zipper and let his jeans drop to the floor. Next, Doug unhooked my bra from behind and instead of removing it, let it dangle while his fingers slowly unzipped my skirt and lowered it to the floor.

I unbuttoned Doug's shirt, removed it, and kissed him deeply. Doug lowered my bra straps as we kissed and I felt it fall between us. Skin now touching skin, we simultaneously removed each other's underwear as we continued kissing. As we stood naked, I kissed my way down Doug's chest and stomach. When I reached his very hard cock I wrapped my lips around it and began sliding my mouth up and down his pole.

After a few minutes of sucking Doug gently bent over and lifted me by my elbows. He laid me on the bed, knelt down to position himself between my legs, and began kissing my thighs. I looked over at Tom, now with his pants removed, and saw him stroking himself. The sight of Tom jerking off excited me and I felt me heart beating rapidly. When Doug's tongue found my slit I grabbed the top of his head and pushed him into me. Doug licked me inside and out and up and down and I quickly came, my body shuddering against his face.

I lifted my head and begged Doug to be inside of me. Without hesitation Doug mounted me. He slid right into my wet pus. I was so excited that I came again within seconds of Doug entering me. I was flaring my head back and forth and I could hear squishy sounds as Doug and slid in and out of me. I caught a glimpse of Tom who had exploded all over his hand. Oh my God that was so hot to see that I immediately came again, the third time in about ten minutes. Doug, sensing my orgasm, increased his rhythm and yelled that he was coming. "Cum in my mouth, cum in my mouth" I shouted. Doug pulled out of me and crawled up on my chest and unleashed several streams of warm semen that splashed my face and hair. I lifted my head to take him into my mouth and pumped what remained in him into my mouth and down my throat.

That night I experienced anal sex for the first time. I was straddling Tom when Doug crept behind me and slowly began to enter my ass. Doug told me to relax and once I did he was able to penetrate me fully. Having two hard cocks inside of me was an indescribable feeling. I came twice before Doug blasted my back with more of his hot semen. I slid off of Tom and blew him until he came in my mouth.

It was a hot night that I won't ever forget.

Friday January 4th 2008 -- Four is Never Too Many

My marriage to Chris may not have been perfect, but for the seven and a half years our sex life was damn near perfect. We made love twice a day on our honeymoon and our lovemaking frequency didn't end when the honeymoon was over. We had sex almost every day and Chris introduced me to an endless variety of eroticism; toys, lubes, vibrators, blindfolds, cuffs. We made love in every conceivable place in and outside of the house, and in every conceivable position. The best part about our sex life was that I got to improve my oral skills, and John always happy to oblige.

After a few years we hit a brick wall when it came to experimentation. Chris would often tell me that he got really turned on thinking about me having sex with another man, or another woman. We shared our past experiences which included group sex but we remained monogamous to each other. However Chris was really pushing the group sex thing so finally, after lots of discussion and persuasion, I agreed to give it a try.

We investigated local spots and clubs, considered cruises and islands that specialized in that sort of thing, but decided that our first encounter should be limited to just one other couple. We knew that my friend Jennifer and her husband Geoff had swung in the past, so I called Jen and shared our desire to explore swinging. I asked her if she knew of a couple that would be a good fit for us, and Jen said that she did know of couple and offered to introduce us. A few days later Jen called and invited Chris and me for dinner to meet Amanda and Craig.

Chris and I were a little nervous when we first met Amanda and Craig. Craig and Amanda were about ten years younger than us. They were an attractive couple. Craig was similar in stature as Chris but with a few more pounds; I could definitely see myself with Craig. Amanda was attractive as well, also a little heavier, but with a nice figure and sexy sandy blond hair. We enjoyed Amanda and Craig's company and we felt is if they did as well. Nothing was mentioned about a potential encounter until Craig pulled Chris aside as we were leaving, gave him their phone number, and told him to reach out if we were interested in getting together. As soon as we got to the car Chris told me about his conversation with Craig. We were both excited and definitely wanted to get together with them soon. We went home and had amazing sex afterwards.

About a week later Chris came home from work and told me that he had talked with Craig and that we were meeting them for dinner at the Hyatt the following evening. I wore my favorite black dress and a black slip, braless of course. Chris wore a blue dress shirt and blue dress slacks. When we arrived I spotted Amanda and Craig right away. Amanda was dressed more casually, wearing a pretty silk green top and a pair of white capris. Craig sported a brown sweater and kaki slacks.

Dinner conversation was fabulous and I felt very at ease. After dinner we made our way to the bar and Chris bought us a round of drinks. About half way through our drinks Craig finally broke the ice but suggesting that we take our drinks to the room. We nervously followed our new found friends to the elevator.

Once we finished our drinks Amanda removed all but her bra and panties and knelt on one side of the bed while Chris encouraged me to do the same. I removed all by my slip and panties and knelt in front of Amanda. We began touching each other while the men stood behind us, Chris behind Amanda and Craig behind me. Both Amanda and I turned around and Chris got to watch me go down on Craig while Amanda did the same with Chris. Chris was so excited that he came really quickly, shooting ropes of cum into Amanda's hair and back. Amanda joined me and together shared Craig's cock until he popped in my mouth.

I got to be with two men at the same time, a first for me. Chris fucked me from behind while I sucked Craig's hard cock. It was very hot because Chris came twice. The first time he spurted cum all over my back and the second time came inside of me while Amanda licked his balls. All the while I worked on Craig with my mouth and tongue until he filled my mouth for a second time. Before the night was over Amanda and I also got into it with each other, much to the delight of the guys. I got really turned on when fingered her and found that she was hairless! I only saw that in the movies. Afterwards she got me off three times with her hot tongue.

Unfortunately we never got together again as couples because Chris and I decided to split up shortly after, but I got to see Craig and Amanda again.

Saturday April 19th, 2008 -- Three's Never a Crowd

My second threesome was with Craig and Amanda. Amanda called a few months after our initial encounter to tell me that she heard from Jen that Chris and I split up. We chatted for a while about the break up then asked if I would be interested in getting together with her and Craig. She confided that they were talked about getting together with me for a threesome without Chris, but didn't know how to make that happen. Although you can say that we kind of did that already, this time would be different because Chris wouldn't be there. Not having Chris around would allow Amanda and me to concentrate solely on pleasing Craig without the added pressure of Chris wanting in, and that's what Craig really wanted. I was flattered, humbled, and excited, and agreed to meet them at the Hyatt again the next night.

I met them in their room this time, and when Craig answered the door in a white robe, a glass of white wine in his hand, and Amanda was sitting on the bed in a very sexy white camisole, I felt a warm bolt shoot between my legs. Craig poured me a glass of wine and I meandered into the bathroom to change. I returned a few minutes later wearing nothing but a frilly navy blue teddy that I had on under my blouse. Amanda immediately put down her wine glass and motioned for me to join her on the bed.

Sex with Craig and Amanda was better the second time around, and without Chris around, Craig assumed a more dominating role. He directed the activities for entire evening, and we obeyed. First, he convinced us to take a warm bubble bath together, then he asked Amanda to shave my pussy. I was a bit reluctant at first but Amanda ready and willing, so I acquiesced. It ended up being one of the most erotic things I've ever done. When we were done I was completely void of any pubic hair and my skin was as silky smooth as Amanda's. Once in bed, Craig had Amanda and I give him a really hot double blowjob. We went down on him for like an hour before he came on our faces.

I don't know why, but Craig and his dominating approach really turned us on. He had Amanda go down on me and Amanda really got it, licking me a really powerful orgasm. Then Craig had us get into a sixty-nine and watch us lick each other for a while before Craig entered Amanda from behind. He fucked for a while before penetrating her anus. I looked up in amazement as he slid his cock deeper and deep into Amanda's ass; I had never seen that so up close before. Amanda moaned and moaned and came right before Craig shot his cream all over my face and chest. It was very hot.

I spent the night with Craig and Amanda. The next morning Craig had us go down on him again, but this time he had me lay on my back and knelt directly over my face, giving me full access to his balls while having Amanda lay on top of me to suck him. We sucked and licked him for a very long time until we shared another creamy load.

Yes, three definitely isn't a crowd.

Now it's time for me to make some new memories. I'm looking to participate in an all our, full swap orgy. The thought of multiple hands, mouths, cocks and pussy's all over me gives me goosebumps. This is tops on my bucket list and I'm hopeful to fulfill this fantasy soon. With a little luck, you'll be reading about it in the near future.

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