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Something to hold on to, to capture this time, this moment she thought. What could she give her fiancé for his wedding gift that would withstand the test of time? What would last forever, and freeze them in this moment of complete joy and ecstasy they shared in the months leading up to the wedding.

Pictures, pictures of her now, before the 10 married lbs would go on, before the stretch marks and weight gain of future pregnancies. Something to remember her in the moment of their joyous love, in that last moment of abandon before they settled into a peaceful life side by side as husband and wife.

She found a photographer on the Internet, a female boudoir photographer. They met for drinks in town and decisions were made, the plans set. After the successful meeting she went home and made her husband-to-be a great dinner and laid a card next to his plate. Inside it told him that she was going to capture the love of his live, the woman of his dreams just as she was the day they knew they were in love. For him to have, to hold on to for life, so that no matter how life changed her, or them, no matter how great or how rough, he would know he'd never lost her. Whenever he looked back at the photos of the woman he fell in love with all those years ago, he would be reminded of the love that had brought them there.

The week quickly sailed by and before they knew it-Saturday had arrived, and it was time. When the photographer arrived Tina and Jim were quite surprised to see that she had brought her husband...Tina was very nervous now, not knowing how she would get naked in front of another man-this was suppose to be about her man, and she feared that this would ruin everything.

"I can't do this-what the hell was I thinking!" Tina grumbled to Jim.

"Yes you can babe, just relax and I'll put on Playboy TV and bring you a glass of White Zin to help your nerves, it's okay these people do this all the time..." Jim replied.

"Great-it's only 11 am-kind of early to be kicking one back, don't you think?" Remarked Tina.

Well, you've paid a lot of money to get this done, and I know you really wanted to do this, so don't let the fact that another guy is here take the fun and excitement out of it...besides she says he's here to help with the lighting and the color filters-someone has to hold all that crap, and help her switch cameras and lens around. Just try to relax, go pick out your first outfit and I'll come in and help you once I get the wine, and get them settled. Jim said.

After the first glass of wine and some loving support and borrowed confidence from Jim; Tina was as ready as she'd ever be to get started.

The first few test shots weren't that great, Tina couldn't seem to get that look-the sexy devil look that she always gave Jim when she was up to something sexy and naughty. And that was what she wanted to capture more than anything. The photographer, Jen, could tell that Tina was way less confident than the night they had met for drinks, so she did her best to help Tina relax and get into a sexy frame of mind.

Well, first things first-forget my husband Wayne is here, think of him as a permanent bump on your sofa over there...secondly, Tina relax, and Jim you stand behind me while I take this first round of pics so that Tina can remember why she's doing this. Let her know with your eyes and comments.

When she's got it right-the right pose position and the right look in her eyes-we want to capture her at her sultry best-because we all now she is scintillatingly hot when she wants to be and a complete teasing flirt. Jen the photographer instructed.

"Okay Jen, we'll do our best," Jim replied.

A few more glasses of wine later and a few sexy grins from her hubby to be...and Tina was feeling okay about it all.

"You have great tits, remarked Wayne the photographer's husband...you should have been doing pictures for years..."

After taking some sexy tease shots in the rocking chair and some window seat bun shots they moved to the stairs ... and that is really when it all started...

Okay so let's start off fully clothed here, and let's use that bottle of champagne I passed in the kitchen and some glasses... and I want you to literally invite me upstairs to your bed with your eyes, tease me-tell me to follow you with your eyes and your body. Then as we go well change outfits, progressively loosing more and more and change the lighting lenses and color hues of the pictures...that should be a good start. Jen directed.

"Okay, this sounds like it could be a little bit fun...Jim-you'll stay behind her so that I can see you too right?" Tina asked sheepishly.

"Yeah baby, I'm right here... you're doing great and I can't believe some of the shots Jen's gotten...fantastic!" Jim replied.

So in a pair of old strategically ripped up jeans and a tank top Tina headed to the bottom of the stairs. She was doing a great job and the photographer, Jen, all the sudden yelled out, "that's it princess take me on the stairway to heaven!"

Tina found that a little odd, but she decided to go with it... after all it was Jen's job to keep her motivated. The pics were coming hard and fast now, and both the men in the room had gotten a rise out of the occasion the very moment Tina's shirt had left her body. But what Tina had yet to discover was how much she was turning Jen on...that was the real mystery that would be solved soon enough.

When the shots on the stairs were all done, Jen wanted to take some more hard core type pics with a few toys and things-so the girls decided they should do these few in the bedroom-alone. Jen had a chain mail vest, a cat-O-9-tails whip and a cloak that she wanted to use for a few of the shots, Tina thought it would be a fun departure for her, she wasn't much of a leather lingerie wearer.

Jen had been noticing that Tina had extremely long and perky nipples all day, when Jim came in to bring some more wine-Jen had him put the chain-male vest on the air conditioning vent so that she could catch Tina's awesome nipples at full arousal.

When Jim brought it back to the door-the fun began. Tina was feeling more than a little okay at that point-so Jen offered to help her with putting the vest on. As she did she grabbed Tina's tits and caressed them gently before inserting them properly into the chains. She took Tina's nipple between her finger and thumb and gave it a hard squeeze and a gentle roll. Then she leaned in and kissed Tina deeply-the way she moved her tongue inside of Tina's mouth was heavenly-Tina thought that if she was that good with her tongue when kissing-she might be interested in finding out what other great things Jen could do with her strong tongue.

Having Jen's touch and kisses to think about made it much easier for Tina to get lost in the last set of pictures they were taking... they did a few nice shots with the chain-male vest and the whip. Then Jen suggested, "Why don't we try some of you masturbating, you know using your fingers-and then maybe using a toy on yourself."

"Okay, I guess we can try that, but you'll have to help me stay in the mood..." Tina replied.

As Tina started to rub her fingers around the outside of her shaven pussy lips, Jen started a verbal critique to help keep things going. "Oh, yeah, babe, that's hot-yeah that's it Tina-rub it-work that clit."

"You like that do you?" Tina replied...and she had one her sexy devil eyes when she asked.

"You know I do, who wouldn't." Jen said as she tried to continue snapping the best shots.

With that Tina decided to temp her a little more-so she shoved a finger deep inside her pussy and decided to just go ahead and get her self off-for real-right there in front of the camera-and Jen-what better pictures could she get.

As Tina worked her fingers in and out of her slippery, sopping pussy lips and moaned to herself she became more and more excited knowing that Jen was watching her. Then as Tina started to cum she drove three fingers deep inside her and moaned the sexiest, most wonderful sound Jen had ever heard. As she finished cumming-she really took the cake by pulling her fingers out and-giving them a gentle lick-then a long, slow suck until they were completely clean.

That was it for Jen... she was no longer thinking like a photographer-the only thing she knew at that moment was that she was so hot, and turned on by this little strawberry-blonde diva with the big tits-her pussy was soaked and she couldn't stand it any longer-she had to have her.

As Jen approached Tina and began to kiss her and fondle her breasts Tina gently opened her legs and guided Jen's hand between them.

"I know you want to taste it too..." Tina whispered in Jen's ear.

"I can't wait-to touch you or to taste your sweet juices" Jen replied.

Jen plunged her fingers deep inside of Tina, and as she did she began to flick Tina's clit with her tongue and run in just inside of Tina's slit.

"Holy shit-your tongue is amazing-I've never felt anything like that before" Tina cried as she swiftly came inside Jen's hot, wet mouth.

"I have been bi for a long time Jen replied-I guess I've had years of practice," Jen said with a smile of satisfaction.

"We'd better finish up these pictures for your hubby-to-be-lets use the double dong to get a couple of toy shots in before we quit." Jen added.

Jen decided to keep the level of intimacy up so she licked the double dong herself and then Tina's cunt again and gently inserted the 2-inch-thick double dong into Tina's hot tunnel. She played with Tina for a few minutes and took a few close-ups of Tina using the dong on herself-then as they were ending the shoot Jen again decided to use her mouth and the dong in combination to help Tina climax again. Tina couldn't believe that she had ended up picking out a bi photographer-what great luck-and great fun-the day had turned out to be. And it wasn't over yet.

That evening Jen and Wayne invited Jim and Tina to a local strip club to view the proofs they were going home to make-Tina had never had nude pictures of her taken before that day-and she knew it was something she would definitely have done again soon-she'd never been to a strip club before either-let alone with her man-it was going to be a fun evening she guessed-who knew what might happen-that could be a whole other story-Tina thought-we'll see.

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