I was on my way towards class and as I turned the corner, I felt a strong shove against my back. After stumbling forward, I turned around and gazed up at a classmate much taller than myself. However, when I got onto my feet, I gazed down at him. Surely he was much stronger than I but at least I had the height advantage because I was a fairly tall teenager. Certainly, I'm taller than this fellow that shoved me just then.

David Ramsey is a fellow classmate with a serious vendetta against me but we all called him Davie. We are both currently juniors in High School except Davie is a year older than I at 18 years old. We used to be casual friends a few years back. Long story short, he hated my guts ever since the seventh grade. We got into a huge disagreement about a matter between us that apparently was never resolved. Things had escalated into a headed feud between both of us and we have been bitter rivals for years.

Davie dug his finger as hard as possible against my chest as he inched closer to my face. He glared up at me, jaws tight and he growled, "Ima' fuck you up, Eugene." At that very moment, I've had enough of it all: the constant harassment, the bullying, the confrontations, and the threats. I was so sick of it.

I shoved him back as hard as I could in retaliation. I lost my cool for a brief moment. However, this felt so good to release all that frustration with the brute force of my push. This sent him back a couple inches at least.

"So, you wanna' fight me?" Davie grinned as he licked his lips. "'Bout damn time."

"I fucking tried to apologize. I tried to reason with you and then y—" I swiftly ducked to the left from an incoming fist to my face. I sidestepped away from Davie and just glared at him with both fist in the air, prepared for anything else. To be honest, I probably looked ridiculous in this stance but I had to defend myself in the best manner as I could. In many other cases, though, I usually used my brains over my brawns as strength. However, I had no choice in this matter.

"Fuck him up real bad! Do it!" a girl loudly egged on. "Do it like we talked about last night, Davie! Fuck him up real hard." Anna Velasco, who is Davie's current girlfriend, stood nearby and watched. She is an extremely beautiful Spanish chick with a slightly chubby build and a busty chest. Almost anyone found her pretty, as I did. Davie was incredibly lucky to wind up with her, though. Her right hand brushed her dark bangs aside from her intense green eyes.

"Hold this for me babe. I'll fuck him up hard." Davie handed Anna his books and glasses. He went in for a kiss and made contact with her. She grabbed the books and tucked them underneath her arm.

"I'm sick of your fucking shit, man!" I barked. "All the threats, harassments, bullying—" I quickly ducked another punch to the face but I felt a surprise blow against my stomach. I nearly gagged, wrapping my arm around my guts. I watched Davie get closer to me.

WHACK! Before Davie had a chance, I blew up his nose with a surprise punch. He lost some steps and landed backwards on the floor. Davie moaned and cupped his nose. I must've fucked him up real bad because he glared at me, misty-eyed like he was going to cry. He choked back his tears and said nothing. Anna bent down besides Davie, and coddled him. In meanwhile, she was also glaring up at me.

I slowly made my way to my feet, after reaching to pick up my books. Breathing heavily, I stared down at Anna and Davie. And then I immediately left in the opposite direction, as I said nothing.


3:00 PM. I got home from school and strolled straight for the house. I stepped into the door and headed for my room. Normally, my mom was still at work during this time. She was a grade school teacher and she was very busy, especially after school. She coached swimming and today would be a swimming meet at her school. My little sister was still at school doing after school stuff. So, I had the house to myself for quite a while.

I logged onto the computer and I pulled up my e-mail account. Apparently, there were several messages from some of my friends about the whole incident that occurred today. Oh, they know? Well, click, click, click. I deleted several messages before I pulled up my other browser.

A private message from an anonymous source interjected that I checked and read out of curiosity.

"Plan B, bitch... I'ma' give you an experience you'll never forget real soon," chimed a private message.

Davie? I simply shook my head and deleted the private message. Afterwards, I thought nothing of it and continued to browse online for a bit more. Later, I went into doing my homework as usual.

Feeling several pokes at my shoulder, I spun around in my chair and found my 6-year-old sister standing behind me with a beam on her face. "Mom said come down, 'cause dinner's ready." Boy, time flew by really fast, almost too fast, though. When I looked towards the clock, it was already few hours since I returned home from school. I was really booked into studying for a big test on Monday. And then my sister finished, "Mom brought home some pizza today!"

I tossed my pencil, while immediately getting up from my chair. My little sister and I made our way downstairs where my mom already had dinner prepared for us at the table. After we exchanged quick kisses, she sat us down and we all ate our dinner as we normally did as a family.

During dinner, I noticed a very brief period when Mom paused from eating with a blank stare. I had thought maybe she was intensely thinking about something. That gaze appeared so hypnotizing, yet so empty but who knows?

Mom fluttered her eyes, snapping out of her blank hypnotic state, and then continued eating pizza as if nothing bizarre had happened. She glanced at me, smiling, and arched her brow, "Is there something the matter, Gene? Anything you would like to talk about?"

I shook my head and disregarded my curiosity, "Nah, Mom."

Little did I know, this is the very last 'normal' night I would be having at least for a long, long time.



Sunrays caught Davie's eyes as they cracked open. He was sprawled on his stomach, legs spread, arms and hands tucked underneath his pillow in a fashion he normally slept, generally being a heavy sleeper. He lifted his head, subconsciously batted long brunette hair from his face, wiped the drool from his mouth, and snorted. Oddly, everything smells very different. Everything feels very different. Everything looks very different. He wiped his eyes with his palms and then slowly gazed around.

Then Davie wiped his eyes again.

"....so it worked?" Davie's eyes scanned around the room in disbelief. He has actually woken up in Eugene's mom's rather large, master bedroom. Davie quickly sat up at the edge of the bed. His now slender, feminine hands reached and felt his average sized bust. Davie slid a hand down to his crotch and felt around there as a quick test. Underneath the silk underwear, he felt pubic hair but no penis whatsoever. He slid a pair of slender fingers onto his clit and softly fingered it. He rubbed a bit harder and bucked his head back. Davie moaned softly but he abruptly snapped out of it.

He brushed his unkempt brunette hair back once more and gazed around. "Oh shit, shit, shit, shit!" Davie quietly crept out of the bed, found a robe nearby and slipped it on. He gently stepped downstairs, knowing that Gene and his sister was still both asleep and tucked away in their bedrooms. Davie grabbed a set of car keys hanging against the wall in the kitchen. However, before making his way towards the car, he grabbed a pen and paper and scribbled down a note. He wanted to keep the suspicions down momentarily and create a good reason why Gene's mom would be gone this morning.

This was the first time that Davie made his way inside Gene's house and yet he knew where everything was located. How else would he have easily found the pen, paper and the car keys? It was as if he had Lori's memories, maybe all of it? Wait, Lori? So that's what her name is?

"Lori... Elizabeth Burke..." Davie smirked, hearing his own feminine whisper. He glanced down at his note and furiously finished it. However, the note wasn't written in his handwriting. The note was orchestrated as perfectly as if Lori herself had written it, in her own neat, feminine, whimsical handwriting. It was flawless.

Going to the store to buy some milk. Love, Mom.

"Perfect," Davie softly giggled.

Davie, now as Lori Burke, grabbed her purse with the car keys and crept outside, not to awaken Gene and his sister. Still dressed in her pajamas wrapped in a robe, she hopped into the car at the driveway and quickly drove off.


"Davie...?" Anna fixedly gazed at Gene's mom when she opened the door at Davie's apartment. She had been staying there overnight, waiting for Davie to show up in the following morning. And Davie indeed appeared right before her, albeit in a different form. So far, everything is going all according to plan.

"Actually, it's Ms. Burke, dear," Mom grinned, stepping closer and feeling Anna's soft cheeks with her feminine hands. She said it as effortlessly, being Lori Burke herself. She stepped closer and kissed Anna intently for a few moments before breaking apart.

"Oh, my gosh. This is so weird and yet so stimulating. This is the first time I've ever kissed a woman, you know...," Anna giggled and she reached forward to kiss some more. Davie, now as Lori Burke, wouldn't want to risk being caught outside with an underage girl. So she broke the kiss and immediately led Anna indoor into his, or her apartment, rather.

The door slammed shut behind them and Anna flopped on the couch. A rather large Rottweiler quickly appeared in the living room and circled around Mom, as if he actually knew her for years. Gazing down, Mom crouched down and petted the Rottweiler as it licked her left cheek. They both exchanged their greetings. Watching the two, Anna brushed her hair aside and smiled.

"So what now?" inquired Anna.

"First, I have to shower but did you bring some clothes or anything?" Mom got up and sat down besides Anna. Nodding, Anna grabbed a bag and showed it to Mom. Grinning, Mom replied, "Good. I'll shower and then get dressed in those. Oh, that fucker will definitely be begging for mercy. And it will be a bonus if I make him cry as well."

"I brought some of the cutest outfits, ever, sweetie," Anna opened up the bag and reached in. She pulled out a short skirt decorated with flowery patterns, a white thong, matching black high-heeled sandals, and a white see through blouse. No bras. Anna smirked, "I think you will look good in these. I know the 'new' Lori Burke will adore these, at least."

"Definitely," Mom said, still grinning. She eyed up high at the wooden shelf, where an old golden bell sat. "And everyone thinks that Davie is on a trip somewhere by himself. However, the body is actually in the bedroom and it should be fine for time being. So, no one will really be wondering on why he's gone for a while. The perks of living by yourself at 18; that freedom to disappear for as long as you want."


On the couch, I was watching cartoons with my sister and I gazed at the clock. It was getting closer to eleven and my mom wasn't back yet. I glanced at the note in my hand and wondered. Somewhat odd that Mom was taking a bit longer than expected but perhaps she had ran into somebody, something or whatever but who knows?

Suddenly, I heard the door lock jerking for a bit before the door squeaked open and shut. Click, click, click, the sounds resonated from a pair of high-heeled shoes making its way across the kitchen floor. And there was a grocery bag unraveling open and the fridge being opened. The cabinets were squeaking and the bowl was being taken out of the shelves. Finally, there was the noise of cereal clattering into the bowl then milk glugging in. The fridge squeaked open again and shut.

Finally, Mom emerged from the kitchen and into the living room.

"Hello, what are you guys watchin'?" Mom grinned, slowly sitting down. She munched down her bowl of cereal. It was quite odd to see Mom eating cereal and of all things, my cereal. She knows how much I love them and how they have my name on it. And Mom doesn't usually eat cereal seeing that she was watching her figure, especially since she's middle-aged.

"Morning mom!" my sister absently waved, eyes mostly glued to cartoons.

"Say, morning mom. We were wonderin' where you were," I arched a brow, gazing at her.

"Oh, I know," she took in another mouthful of cereal. For a brief moment, Mom had this creepiest yet most penetrating stare towards me. And then after she returned to cartoons, she absent-mindedly removed her high-heeled sandals and pushed them aside with her feet. She folded her legs and then took another munch on her cereal. She took a hand to her mouth and then quietly belched.

Mom wasn't wearing any bras underneath her thin white blouse. Her breast and dark pink nipples were so visible underneath that white shear. For a few moments, my eyes just gazed at a pair of nipples. And she was wearing a very short skirt that proudly demonstrated her feminine, smooth legs. Most of all, Mom's fashion choices appeared too immature for her actual age. I grew surprisingly aroused by what I witnessed, while my dick grew slightly intense and my heart started to pound. Luckily, my little sister was oblivious to everything, being busy with cartoons and all.

Mom slurped the milk and then dabbed her mouth dry with the tip of her fingers. She rose to her feet and made her way back to the kitchen. My gaze was fixated upon her as Mom disappeared. Before entering the kitchen, though, she glanced at me with an icy stare and then left. Baffled and curious, I immediately followed her, wondering what was going on.

After following my mom into the kitchen, leaving my sister alone to her cartoons, I entered the kitchen after her.

"Mom—" I uttered.

Mom had already prepared another bowl of cereal. She grabbed her spoon and munched down on it. So strange that she seemed to be on a cereal binge this morning. And that she was acting strangely all morning.

"I think I need to gain weight. I feel a bit too skinny, don't you think?" Mom slid a hand from her hips towards her buttocks. Then I watched her hand move up to her visible chest to stroke it. My dick grew even more intense. My heart pounded and I was growing hotter inside.

"W-what are you doing?" I blinked.

"Feeling myself, dear. Can't I?"

"Mom, stop. And I-I think you need to put on a bra—"

"No I don't. I'm sure you've seen breasts before, haven't you? Do you like my new outfit, hon'?" Mom flashed a grin. "Judging by the sight of your eyes, I'll take that as a 'yes'?" She slid a hand underneath her silk blouse and touched her right nipple. She playfully massaged it. She bent her head back and softly moaned, with her eyes closed. "Oh..."


"...this feels just right."

I stared at Mom in disbelief, not believing what I'm just witnessing in front of me. Mixed feelings rose, my stomach knotted in pure disgust but my dick grew more and more intense out of sheer arousal. Mom had to be drunk, high, delusional, or on something. Something was definitely wrong with her. I was terribly confused, struggling to piece together and make sense of what Mom was doing, what I was seeing and how I'm feeling.

"What...?" I stared.

Mom giggled softly. She removed her hand from her clit after gently massaging it and smelled her pair of slender wet fingers. She grinned, "I smell so good. Fuck me, I so really need to get laid."

Mom snorted, "See, being your mother, I was feeling so trapped for quite a long time. Taking care of this household, especially with your father and I divorced, I had no quality time for myself. Hon', I just need to be me for once, you know?" Mom crept closer and whispered into my ear, "I could use a good fuck every now and then, don't you think... son?"

"But for now, let me go spend some quality time with your sister," Mom giggled as she walked past me, bumping against my shoulders. She exited the kitchen with a bowl of cereal in her hand.

Few moments later, I could overhear a pair of faint laughter erupting from the living room. Breathing hard and very silent, I stared right at the floor. I felt a shiver crawling up into my spine. I was so scared, aroused and very confused. This reality felt very, very different than the one from last night.


That night, my sister was at her friend's house for the next couple of days. I sat down on the couch in the living room, just deep in my thoughts and figuring out what has gotten into my mother.

However, a familiar voice interrupted my thoughts. "Dear, I hope you don't mind but I called a friend over," Mom beamed, walking into the living room. "...not that I ever need your fucking permission, anyhow." She was dressed in a very snug pair of white yoga pants with a matching tight white tank top that displayed her feminine figure very well.

As I gazed up at Mom, as I saw that she was wearing lace thong underneath a very transparent pair of tight, white pants. Mom had also decorated her toenails and fingernails in a shade of hot pink. I grew hot once more and my heart simply pounded very heavily. Inside, I was dying and feeling very conflicted.

"Anyways, I called your father and told him what a bad boy you've been lately. And he is not pleased with you, which I agree. I told him what a twat you've been to me all day," mom sniggered, brushing her hair aside. And as she was applying a shade of bright red lipstick on her lips, she continued, "I mean, how dare you look at your mother this way? So, he and I agreed that there is definitely something terribly fucked up about you."

"M-mom, I-I—," I just couldn't believe the words that was coming out of my Mom's mouth. She never, ever talked that way. She never acted repulsive. Was a terrible prank being pulled on me?

Mom simply smirked, "What? Do you want to fuck me?"

Before I could finish what I was saying, a loud knock from the door interrupted. I glanced towards the direction of the front door and looked right back at Mom.

"Oh look! She's here," Mom sprung on her feet and she went towards the front door. The door opened and there she was, Anna Velasco right at my front door and in my house. However, what came next, I just simply watched in disbelief. Mom and Anna greeted each other with a long, passionate kiss. Inside, my stomach twisted but my dick grew intense. They held hands and returned to the living room; Mom sat on the couch and Anna plopped on top of her.

"My, my. Your mom is a good kisser," Anna smirked.

Mom stroked Anna's hair before delicately positioning Anna face towards her for another kiss. I meekly watched and then my lips quivered, "W-what's going on? I don't understand."

"Haven't you gotten the hint, Gene?" Mom rolled her eyes and got up. Anna climbed off. "Anna, he's not too bright, isn't he? Must've gotten his dimwitted intellect from his father."

"Tell him, Lori," Anna beamed, nodding and egging Mom.

"It's me, you stupid fuck! Davie!" Mom grinned, hands outward and nodding her head. "Like, ta-da! I just hijacked the fuck out of your mom's body. See, I found a way to do it and I did it."

I couldn't believe what Mom was saying; I just shook my head and stared hard at her. After briefly thinking about it, I widened my eyes, starting at Davie as Mom and simply uttered, "Davie? What the fuck?" After today, I was willing to believe anything before waking up tomorrow morning from this terrible nightmare.

Anna howled and laughed.

Mom quickly nodded, "Yes, it's me, son. Your mother. Davie. Or... both. See, you humiliated me so hard yesterday. And you totally got me, I'll grant you that. So, I'm going to do the same to you. You're so going to get it. But you won't be able to get out of this so easily this time, twerp. It's going to be so, very painful for you. And you better like this new mother of yours because she's here to stay for a very long time, at the very least."

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