Dirty Dancing


The Miami night was warm and humid. Just like most Miami nights. After showering, shaving my legs and rubbing lotion all over my body, I dressed in my sexy new outfit and drove to the Grove.

My boyfriend, Derek, and I hadn't seen each other for a week. He'd been away on a business trip. I missed his crooked smile, his boyish charm and his sense of humor. Truth be told, I missed a lot more than that... his muscular body, his large hands, and, well, his amazing anatomy. He called me from the airport and told me to meet him at the Grove at 10:00 p.m.

When I walked into the club, I was feeling sexy as hell. I had on a pleated black skirt that came to around the middle of my thighs and a starched white button-down blouse. Underneath, I was wearing black thong panties and a black lace bra that barely contained my all-natural C cups.

I felt the stares of several guys as I walked up to the bar and ordered a drink. By the time it came, I had to turn down two offers to dance. While sipping on my Midori Margarita, I saw Derek approach me at the bar. He was wearing a black t-shirt, black slacks and black shoes and looked sexy as hell.

Derek made like he didn't know me, like he was picking me up.

"Hello. I just had to come over here and tell you that you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen," Derek said.

"Why thank you, that's sweet of you to say," I replied.

"I'm not just saying it," Derek said earnestly. "I really do think you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen." After a pause, he added, "My name is Derek by the way."

"Hi. I'm Jacqueline."

"It's nice to meet you," Derek said. Several guys at the bar were watching us and had overheard his ridiculous come-on.

"Would you like to dance?"

"Sure, why not?" I answered.

The two guys I'd turned down must've hated hearing me accept so readily, especially in response to what must have seemed to them one of the oldest, crudest lines in the book.

I finished off my drink and took Derek's hand. He led me to the dance floor. Once we began dancing, our eyes met. He stared at me with sensuality oozing out of his very being. I stared back longingly. Oh, how I'd missed him.

After four songs, we were getting hot and sweaty. By this time, we'd been bumping and grinding pretty good, to the point that I was good and wet between my legs, too.

Then Derek leaned into me and said, "Go into the bathroom and take off your bra."

I swallowed hard, a little tentative.

Derek's response was to motion to the ladies room with a slight nod of his head and an even slighter rising of his eyebrows.

I made my way to the ladies room, used the facilities and powered my nose. And I did as my boyfriend commanded.

When I came back out on the dance floor, Derek was waiting for me with a grin on his face. "Well?"

I handed him my bra, which he discretely pocketed.

We re-entered the dance floor and danced a few more songs. It didn't take long for the men around to notice my breasts flashing as I danced. Not only had I removed my bra in the bathroom, I also undid another button. When I came back onto the dance floor, Derek undid yet another.

I could tell Derek was totally turned on. I could feel the evidence bump up against my thigh every time our hips met. The poor guy must have been so uncomfortable. He seemed to adjust himself every few minutes.

During one particularly pounding song, Derek wrapped his powerful arms around my waist and pulled me close. At one point, he held me tight with his left arm, and grabbed my breasts with his right hand. He even slipped his hand into my blouse and tweaked my nipple, which was already standing at attention.

Our steamy escapade continued when, after another few songs, Derek instructed me to go to the ladies room and remove my panties.

This time I didn't hesitate. I was too far gone, too eager to see how far he – and we – would go. Within a minute I was back from the ladies room.

I handed him my soaking panties. His discretion out the window, Derek raised my panties to his nose and inhaled my most intimate fragrance. After inhaling and then exhaling an "Ahhhh," Derek put my panties in his pocket.

We went immediately back onto the dance floor. Sweat was pouring down my neck and back. Liquid was also pouring down my legs. I felt so slutty, so sexy.

After a Concrete Blonde song, we just couldn't take it any longer. Derek looked into my eyes and said, "Come with me."

I thought we were going to take one of our cars back to our apartment. Derek had a different idea.

He led me around the corner of the bar, out the back door and along the side of the building furthest from the street. We were all alone, but we could hear the bass beat of the music pounding through the wall, as well as the voices of the hundreds of patrons at the bar.

Derek led me a few feet down the wall into the shadow of the bare light that hung over the door. He turned me so that my back was to the wall. He stood in front of me, leering.

Derek stepped closer and kissed me hard. I could feel his tongue probing everywhere. I met his every probe with one of my own. After just a week, I'd missed what a wonderful kisser he was.

Derek deftly untucked my blouse and undid the remaining two buttons. He began fondling my breasts, squeezing them together, tugging on my erect nipples. He slid down the left side of my neck and began kissing and gently biting my neck. I was literally dripping onto the sidewalk between my legs at that point.

Then Derek unzipped his pants and hiked up my skirt. In one simple motion, he lifted me up and then set me back down on top of his magnificent cock. He slid right in, all the way. I came immediately.

Derek grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and lifted me up and down on his magnificent shaft. I came twice more before Derek withdrew his cock and turned me around.

I placed my hands on the wall, like people do when they've been arrested. I spread my legs, too, and leaned forward toward the wall.

Derek lifted the back of my skirt and flipped it up on to my back. Then he pressed himself inside of me again and pumped away. With my blouse completely untucked and unbuttoned, my breasts swayed with the incredible motion of my incredible lover.

After a few minutes of this, Derek pulled out again, but pressed down on the small of my back to signal that I should stay the way I was. The next thing I knew, Derek was kneeling behind me. He slid his warm, wet tongue inside of me and nibbled and sucked on my clit. I came again to his delight.

Derek then moved his tongue north and tongued my asshole. After a few minutes of his rim job, Derek stood up and pressed the head of his monster dick against my most private of holes. Derek was patient and slowly eased his way in. At first I took just the head of his dick, but then I gradually was able to take more and more of his length until he was buried balls deep in my poop chute.

Derek pumped me slowly at first. Then he picked up speed until I could feel that he was about to burst.

"I watched porn every night in the hotel thinking of you," he said.

Before I could object he added, "But I never came. I've got a serious case of blue balls. I've stored up a week's worth for you honey, and if you're ready for it, it's all yours."

"Yes, yes," I cried out. "I want your come all over me."

Derek pulled his cock out of my ass. I spun around and knelt in front of him. After just a few strokes with his right hand, Derek cried, "Oh my God. I'm coming!"

And, did he ever come. The first few blasts went directly into my open mouth. The next few blasts hit my lips and chin. The ones after that fell to my neck and chest. When he was all done some thirty seconds later, I was completely covered with his warm, sticky goo.

"Oh my God! You weren't kidding you stored up for me baby," I purred.

I rubbed my hands over my face, neck and chest, massaging Derek's love cream into my skin.

After buttoning and tucking in my blouse and neatening my skirt, I said to Derek, "Let's go home, honey. I want an encore performance, but this time it's my turn to please you."

I expected Derek to jump at my suggestion. He loved it when I gave him head. What man doesn't, I suppose. In any event, Derek surprised me. Apparently my night of being his sex-craved slut was not complete.

"Uh-uh," he said. "We've still got some more dancing to do."

The thought of going back out on the dance floor after what we'd just done, with his come rubbed all over my skin, me still without my bra or panties made me wet all over again. Derek led me by the hand and we went back into the bar, then out onto the dance floor.

As we grinded to the beat of a sexed-up tune, I was unaware of the fact that several globs of Derek's come were stuck in my hair. He told me later that the sight of me dancing that way was one of the hottest things he'd ever seen.

We danced several more dances until I could feel Derek come back to life. I could feel the heat of his erection through my skirt. I could feel it through his pants with my hands as I wantonly caressed him as we danced.

I can't tell which thought was more of a turn on, the fact that we'd just fucked out in public, not fifty feet from hundreds of people or the fact that we both knew that when we got home, I was going to suck Derek off until he sprayed his next load down my throat.

All I know is that by the time we left, I was horny as hell. In fact, I sucked Derek off on the drive home.

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