Diva Las Vegas Pt. 02


As Mary-Margret gave me head, Janie latched onto one of my balls and suckled it gently, using her long tongue to taste it. I looked down and saw both their pretty faces looking back at me. Mary-Margret threw off her glasses so that they wouldn't get in the way. She had sexy hazel eyes. I felt like I was getting close to coming and wanted to hold off. I took a deep breath and pulled back from the two eager mouths that were pleasuring me. They both looked disappointed. "I'm way ahead of everyone here. Let's get you ladies caught up. Let's get you out of that dress Janie," I said.

I lifted Janie up by her delicate hand with its pretty pained nails. I kissed her mouth and tasted my own cock on it. She kissed me back hard. I fumbled for the zipper on her dress. Eventually, I found it and began removing her frock. She was thin and fit and only wore a black bra and panties underneath the tiny garment. She had budding natural boobies which were a result of her taking hormones. I felt the urge to see her nipples so I unhooked her bra and freed her B cup boobs. They were a little bigger than my wife's. Janie's nipples stood out erect. They were smaller than most women's but long and pointy. I slid down and took one of the pink buds in my mouth. I suckled her nipple which made Janie arch her head and moan out loud.

Mary-Margret went behind Janie and took hold of her panties. She slipped them down her perfect legs. Janie was left standing in just her stay up fishnet stockings. Janie's erection sprang up and whacked my own boner. She was hard as a rock. Her cock was about the same size as mine in length and thickness but had a wicked curve to it. She reached down and grabbed both of our cocks and stroked them together. The flesh on burning flesh felt incredible and the saliva on my cock lubricated the skin on skin friction. I sucked Janie's other tit while she stroked us both. My hands grabbed her rock hard ass and squeezed her sexy buns. Mary-Margret slipped out of her panties and took mine up from the floor. With all three pairs of underwear, she tossed them to the wives sitting on the sofa. The girls let out a whoop of glee at receiving the gifts. Roxanne made a big show of rubbing the silky material all over her face.

Mary-Margret returned to us and took Janie's face in her hands and kissed her. The two of them made out while I drifted down to my knees in front of Janie and kissed her exotic curved cock. I looked to my wife who's eyes were bulging with anticipation. I knew what she wanted me to do. I opened wide and tasted a strange cock for the first time. I let my tongue do the work, licking every inch of Janie's meat slowly. I explored her shaft and the pointy helmet head of her circumcised prick. I licked down and tasted her smooth shaved sack. As I bathed her cock with my tongue I felt something poking at my cheek. I opened my eyes and saw the fat purple head of Mary-Margret's cock staring at me. Her stiff cock was six inches too but really thick with angry veins pulsing on the shaft. It was framed very nicely with her black stockings and her black silk slip on her body. I grabbed Janie's cock and stroked it while I opened wide and took a long, slow suck on Mary-Margret's monster. I looked up and saw the two of them still kissing passionately.

I started alternating between them, sucking one for thirty seconds or so and then switching to the other. I heard Anne call out, "Come on you sissies, all three of you can be sucking." My wife giggled and clapped at her statement. Mary-Margret broke away and started maneuvering us around. Janie was all flushed and excited and let her friend handle her. She laid Janie on her side on the floor. She then positioned me with my face in Janie's lap. Mary-Margret then got down and straddled Janie's face while placing her own in my crotch. She started sucking my throbbing erection. Janie had already took Mary-Margret's cock in her mouth. We completed our daisy chain circle when I lowered my lips back onto Janie's hooked member.

The three of us sucked each other in our tight little circle as Anne and Roxanne cheered us on. I was afraid of being the first to come so I concentrated hard on blowing Janie, trying to get her off first before Mary-Margret got me off. Janie's legs were spread and I could see her clean shaved pink asshole. It looked adorable so I wet a finger in my mouth and started playing with it while I blew her. Janie moaned and spread her legs wider. I pressed in with my wet finger and Janie's ass hungrily took it. I could feel Mary-Margret really massaging my ass cheeks too as she sucked me with her hot mouth.

My wife yelled out, "Okay, everyone turn and switch." It was a bit awkward but the other two ladies were already moving. I rotated too and was on all fours as was Mary-Margret who was now in my face. Janie was under me quickly and had latched onto my prick. Mary-Margret had her head down on Janie's curved cock and was sucking her. I was stuck. I couldn't reach Mary-Margret's cock while both of us were on all fours and I didn't want to turn over because Janie had my cock in her mouth and it would have been awkward. Instead, I had Mary-Margret's sweet round ass facing me. It was wide and round like a natural woman's. Her cheeks were a lot like mine, even better. Her crotch was shaved smooth and her little pink asshole was on full display. I leaned forward and kissed her ass cheek. She seemed to like it and wiggled her ass at me. I kissed it again and gave it a long lick. I turned to look at my wife.

She encouraged me, "Eat it Holly. Lick her sweet ass."

Anne finished swigging some bubbly and added, "Go for it Holly. Mary-Margret is a real ass slut. She loves anal." I smiled back at the women and dove into Mary-Margret's ass crack. I spread her cheeks wide and rimmed her pretty pink hole with my extended tongue. I wanted the women to see everything. They clapped and cheered. Mary-Margret moaned her enjoyment. I plunged my tongue deep into her anus and licked it deep. She pushed her hips back into my face. I ate her ass like it was dessert. I was really into it. I spit on it and got it nice and juicy.

I licked and licked the sensual ass in front of me. Janie continued to give me expert head. I was getting close to coming when Janie finally released my cock from her mouth. She buckled and twisted as she hit her orgasm first. She spewed her semen into Mary-Margret's mouth who easily swallowed her friend's load. Mary-Margret licked Janie's cock clean and pulled her two fingers out of Janie's butt. I knew what I wanted next and got up on my knees behind Mary-Margret. She wiggled her sexy bum against me, teasing my hard on which was close to bursting. I placed the tip of my cock against her wet, anal opening. She encouraged me by pushing back. The crinkled little pink mouth expanded around my shaft as I pushed forward. She was tight but it didn't phase her at all. She pushed back and encouraged me, "Come on Holly. Push it all the way in. Fuck my ass. Give it to me!"

She really was an anal slut. She grunted and moaned as I plunged balls deep into her forbidden ring. It was volcanic hot. Mary-Margret wiggled and arched impatiently. She wanted it bad. I took a long deep breath and concentrated. Then I started to pump her fantastic ass. "Oh my god. Fuck yes. Pound my ass Holly. Pound it!" she screamed. I gave her what she wanted. I grabbed hold of her garter straps and started pumping hard and fast up her butt. We found a rhythm and I could feel her asshole squeezing me nicely.

I turned to see how the wives were enjoying the show. Things had changed. Anne was on the floor in front of my wife. Anne had removed her own pants and blouse. She was wearing just a white bra and panties. She had just finished pulling off Roxanne's pants. Roxanne was untying her tie and opening her shirt. Anne tossed Roxanne's pants aside and pulled down my wife's panties. Without any further foreplay, she buried her face in Roxanne's crotch and started eating her pie. My wife arched her back and ran her fingers through Anne's shoulder length blonde hair. Anne must have found her clit because Roxanne was going off right away. The excitement and anticipation must have had her really worked up.

It was more than I could take too. All the sexiness hit me at once I couldn't hold back anymore. I shot my load deep up into Mary-Margret's bowels. I came and came, filling up the redhead with a gallon of pent up sperm. Mary-Margret groaned with delight at being filled up. "Mmm. Thank you baby. That was awesome," she whimpered.

Janie had regained her senses and returned to us on the floor. The three of us shared kisses as we watched Anne get my wife off with some intense pussy licking. Roxanne was screaming and bucking wildly as she humped Anne's face. Just as Janie cheered, "Go Roxanne go," she came with a juicy squirt all over our hostesses face. The three of us all cheered the exciting orgasm. Janie went over and kissed her wife. She licked the girl cum off of her glistening face. I went over and kissed my wife too as she came down from her orgasm. I helped her out of the rest of her clothes. She then excused herself for the bathroom. Anne quickly got up and followed her.

Janie and I then realized that Mary-Margret hadn't got off yet so we jumped her and attacked her penis with our mouths. The two us sucked her smooth, shaved balls and her meaty cock. The girls then returned from the bathroom, both fully naked with the exception of strap on harnesses. The big black dildo that had ravished me the previous night stood out ten inches long from my wife's groin. Anne was sporting a bright blue rubber cock which was also about ten inches long. The girls lubed up their dildos with a bottle of love gel that Anne had. Both women had devilish smiles as they were about to take control of the situation. Anne walked up behind me. I was on all fours, sucking Mary-Margret's cock. Anne looked over to my wife and asked, "I'm sorry Roxanne. Do you mind if I fuck your Holly?"

My wife giggled. "Not at all Anne. Do you mind if I fuck Janie?" she replied. Anne laughed as she grabbed my hips and forcefully pressed her blue cock against my rosebud. Roxanne was likewise doing the same to Janie. I opened my mouth to scream but Mary-Margret shoved her erection deep into my throat. Anne pushed harder and I felt my sphincter muscle expand around the appendage. I could hear Janie moan as Roxanne penetrated her tight ass. A tear rolled down my cheek as my asshole was ripped open by Anne.

Luckily, I was still a little loose from the night before. It didn't take long for me to adjust. To help, I tried to concentrate on sucking the hard cock in front of me.

Soon Anne was all the way inside me and she started to pump in and out. It started to feel real good. Before long she was pounding my ass. I could also hear the slapping sounds as my wife pegged Janie with her monster black dildo. The women seemed to really love fucking us. Janie and I struggled to suck Mary-Margret's cock as we got pummeled from behind. She took charge and started fucking our faces. She would pump Janie's mouth for a few minutes then switch to mine and then back again. After a few rotations, she pulled her cock from Janie's mouth and squeezed out her orgasm with her hand. Cum flew from the tip of Mary-Margret's cock and splashed Janie's adorable face. She then pointed it at me and I was greeted with a jet of cum on my nose and into my wide open mouth. I swallowed what I could. I imagined that my face was as glazed as Janie's was which was a lot. Janie and I licked Mary-Margret's cock clean of all her dripping cream.

Janie and I then turned our faces to one another and made out passionately, sharing Mary-Margret's sperm between us. We kissed as our wives fucked the shit out of the other person's ass. The women continued to fuck us like jack hammers. They high fived each other as they did. My ass was taking a beating. In the event my cock had returned to hardness. I could see that Janie's had too. Janie reached under herself and stroked her curved cock as Roxanne fucked her. I took up the idea and did the same to mine. I felt like I could come again soon.

Mary-Margret was getting very turned on from the ass pounding Janie and I were taking and was feeling left out. She started begging the women, "Please ladies, can I get some of that action? I'd love for the two of you to fuck me." She really was an ass slut. I think I was becoming one too.

Anne and Roxanne exchanged looks and decided to grant her request. They simultaneously withdrew their dildos from our aching butts. My asshole was stretched open and remained gapping for several minutes. Anne told Roxanne to lay on her back on the bed. She did so with her big black cock sticking up, glistening with lube and fresh from Janie's butt. Mary-Margret seemed to know what to do and straddled my wife, facing her. She lowered her juicy round ass down onto the huge rubber cock. After the fucking I gave her, she seemed to take it easily. She impaled herself right down to the root. She let out a gasp and sigh of pleasure. She then raised herself up so that just the tip was in her butt. She leaned forward over my wife and the two of them started kissing.

Anne climbed up on the bed behind Mary-Margret and between my wife's legs. She brought her rubber cock up to Mary-Margret's asshole and tried to press it into the already filled hole. I thought that it would be impossible for her to take both of them. I could barely take one of them. Anne worked slowly and I had a feeling that it wasn't the first time Mary-Margret had taken two cocks up her ass at the same time. I was shocked to see it happen though. Anne's dildo eventually slipped in right next to Roxanne's. Mary-Margret's asshole was stretched wider than I could imaging. Then Anne started pumping.

I looked at Mary-Margret's face which showed an expression of pure joy. Roxanne began pumping her hips too as they double fucked the sexy redhead. Janie was on the other side and started kissing her. The two redheads kissed hard. I got closer and Anne was looking at me. She leaned toward me and I kissed her. We made out while Janie and Mary-Margret did the same. I then felt a tongue on the head of my cock and realized that Roxanne who was on the bottom of the pile was at eye level with my cock and Janie's. She took turns sucking on both of us and pumping our shaft's with her hands. It was one, great big, huge fuck.

I couldn't hold out much longer. With my wife sucking my cock and knowing she was sucking another one too, as well as watching Mary-Margret get fucked in the ass by two huge dildos and kissing with a busty blonde woman I just met the day before, it was too much. I let go and came all over my wife's face. She sucked and swallowed my seed. Janie soon gave in too and unloaded her orgasm on Roxanne's face, adding her sperm to mine. Mary-Margret came again too, having a prostate orgasm that I had only heard about before.

The girls withdrew their dildos from Mary-Margret's ass and the five of us all collapsed on the bed. I kissed my wife and cleaned her face with my tongue. We shared the cum between us as we laid there exhausted. Mary-Margret was right out cold. Anne was on her back and Janie was eating her pussy. Roxanne and I drifted off to the sounds of Anne having an orgasm on Janie's face.

Some time in the middle of the night, Roxanne woke me and we gathered up our things and left the room to go back to our own. We left the three others on the bed, a total mess and sound asleep. Back in our room, Rona and I had a shower before hitting the sheets for some much needed sleep. There was still more Diva's convention to go.

End of part two. More fun on day three coming.

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Wish the girl was me getting fucked

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Excellent part 2

An excellent story can't wait to read the next chapter

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great story

Fantastic 2nd chapter. I would love to do exactly this with my wife and some CDs, TSs and other women and men. Please continue. I can't wait to read the next chapters.

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Great part two,

This story is smoking hot. It certainly got me off.

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Way sexy!

I'm sure you got a lot of guys hot with this chapter. It's been awhile that we get this hot of a story. Thanks and looking for more, soon, I hope.

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